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  1. it's about as interesting as a somewhat chippy FCS game with commensurate production value
  2. I went last year. A disaster for some, but not for all. A thunder storm activated NFL stadium rules and everyone had to go inside the stadium for about 90 minutes. Confusion ensued and some people still waiting outside the venue were turned away. Legit complaints there, but otherwise, it wasn't too bad.
  3. Yawn. Ron's not our guy anymore. But I guess this is the stalk the ex on social media phase of the break up.
  4. If McDaniels can out douche and out coach Sean Payton, I'll take it
  5. Win. It's the whole purpose of the game. Outscore your opponent. But with the money involved, agendas have changed...
  6. Yes. I've seen them around the Mint / Morehead intersection. It's easy to transfer a mobile ticket and I've also seen them holding up the paper tickets that you can get printed at the box office. Mobile tickets have cut down on duplicates and fakes, but there's still a second hand market to be had.
  7. I feel like we already saw the Panthers version, albeit during the Giants and Cowboys game.
  8. His draft pick success is about in line with that person that joins your office fantasy pool that knows nothing and still makes the playoffs.
  9. Were these suggested by Clippy in his old version of Microsoft Word? "I see you're trying to name an MLS team worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Might I suggest Charlotte Football Club?"
  10. I think the league wants some sense of parity with playoff hopes. Otherwise, without divisions, the playoff lineup would be set a few weeks earlier in the season and I would imagine the negative impact on attendance, TV viewership, etc. if we all knew just over half way in the season that teams were already eliminated.
  11. Genius. It's a set up for a bigger payoff. I don't think the Bengals were the real target. It's going to be the Bills next week at Pittsburgh. You set the precedent at the Browns/Bengals game. They get noticed on purpose. Either no one cares and they move on to their real target, the Bills. Or they get noticed and play like bumbling dolts, seemingly no way they would be that bold. Powers that be brush it off and with the footage confiscated, they get to go to Pittsburgh to "re-film" the segment.
  12. The money's in distressed assets... perfect fit
  13. Harbaugh wouldn't make my top 25 list, but he'd have no problem finding khakis in Charlotte.
  14. The arguments on both sides of Rivera seem to average out... which is exactly what we had. There's probably a market out there for teams that would be happy to get back to average.
  15. Predictability... Maybe every once in a while a quick slant to Greg Olsen
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