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  1. HELL no. If he was Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson, MAYBE he'd have a leg to stand on. I wouldn't blame Dallas if they just cut bait and rescinded his franchise tag.
  2. P.J. Walker could surprise some people. With Joe Brady calling the plays, especially.
  3. I'm glad we didn't take Simmons. He won't be a bust, but he won't end up being worth a top-10 pick either, IMO.
  4. Simmons is the most 'meh' pick we can make, IMO. I'm hoping Okuda falls to us, personally. Or we trade down and get a tackle.
  5. If Okuda falls to our pick there should be no debate. We'd be getting a top-3 talent at our biggest position of need. Tua... pass. Fact is, if he falls it'll be because of some fairly major injury concerns. Don't want any part of that. Simmons... I'd honestly take Brown or Wills or Jeudy or even Andrew Thomas over him. He's an OLB; as good as he may be, the positional value just isn't there at #7 overall. Sure he's versatile, but you can only play one position at a time.
  6. The more I think about it and research our options, the more I like Jedrick Wills. I've never been especially high on Alabama OL coming into the NFL, but Wills is an exception and the more I learn and watch about him the more I see a potential stud LT in the NFL. He's got by FAR the best footwork of any OT in the draft and while he played RT in college he more than has the athleticism to play LT in the pros. For me, my top-5 (realistic) players in order of preference for us at #7 are: 1. Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama 2. Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State 3-T. Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn 3-T. Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia 5. Isaiah Simmons, OLB, Clemson
  7. I like Hennessy in the 3rd and Lynch in the 4th. Otherwise, bleh.
  8. But he can only play one position at a time. Also, I'm not sure Phil Snow qualifies as an "innovative defensive mind."
  9. It depends on the win-loss record. If we're in a position to draft Lawrence or Fields, there's no question we do it.
  10. So where will P.J. Walker end up in the NFL this season?
  11. P.J. Walker looked really good for Houston. He might get some looks from the NFL if he plays like that all season. He's certainly got NFL quality arm talent and athleticism. *Googles* Hmmm... he played for Matt Rhule at Temple? He could be an interesting addition to the QB room.
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