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  1. I like In more recent comparisons, Im thinking AB and JuJu.
  2. At least we're not the other ones who see it. That and the ridiculous Ron excuse. Hopefully, some of this news gets back to Ron Ron Maybe it can even motivate Fun Fun I'll just continue to watch our superstar gunner on the punt team and imagine him running a deep route.
  3. Keep Pounding. No need to explain.
  4. Much respect!!! You're definitely a team player
  5. JayNasty

    LUUUUKE mic'd up

    Luke Mic'd Up Link from panthers.com
  6. Nearly... There should have been one or a little more action. I expected for that guy to get his ish knocked in the dirt.
  7. JayNasty

    Will we even miss Thomas Davis

    Hate to say it, nope! Its not a bad thing though, just shows you the talent we have on Defense; especially the LB position.
  8. That's a big NO. Unless he can ball out this year, I dont see it happening. Once DJ and Samuel emerge as our #1a/1b He can take a nice solid contract for a #2 I think he can make more noise as a WR, if he isn't the go to guy. With that being said, this new WR corps. Funch will continue to improve and have a great year. Just not #1 great
  9. Pass rush: Safety Play: Not sure if they were bad last week, but I would like them to step up and make a few big hits/plays
  10. Count me in on the Ward bandwagon. Gotta love his physical style of play, football at its finest
  11. JayNasty

    Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

    He did his job. He may not dominate every snap, as long as he gets the job done. I'll be happy
  12. All aboard the Barron Express