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  1. That may be true but with hope abysmal their QB situation is it's highly believable.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bengals-reportedly-have-no-intention-of-trading-no-1-overall-pick-the-projected-spot-for-joe-burrow/ via http://cbssportsapp.com Per CBSsports: "The Cincinnati Bengals have the top overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and have no intention to trade the pick, per ESPN's Adam Schefter. Cincinnati finished with the worst record in the NFL, which put them in position to draft LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who is the consensus top player this year. Doesn't hurt that the Bengals need a quarterback who can lead the way in rebuilding their franchise."
  3. Guys, we ARE NOT getting Joe Burrow. I just don't see this regime trading up to get him and someone's gonna pull the trigger on him. I'm sure there are more realistic prospect's out there.
  4. With all the holes left to fill what would be the point or gained in getting rid of him just to have yet another hole to fill? Are we paying Rhule all that money to tank a few seasons for high picks? Whatever we get for Cam isn't going to be any immediate help. Let the man play out his last year then draft a QB next season. Isn't the class supposed to be pretty deep?
  5. A college coach coming in their first year and turning a franchise around isn't unheard of... It's just rare. Here's hoping that we get some of that rare luck next season. Our defense needs an overhaul and our offense needs some improvement, mainly on the line and another true WR. Maybe what we have and later get can be coached up. I can't wait to find out.
  6. Tbh, IDGAF who it is as long as the coach is offensive minded for a change and brings on a good supporting staff. Everything else is just fluff.
  7. Happy New Year ya bastards. Regardless of the opinions on this site, I respect every one of you as individuals. God bless.
  8. Live reps would be better than mental reps. They really should give the guy a chance.
  9. I'll still follow him but the Panthers are the only NFL team I've ever followed. I couldn't see myself rooting for another team.
  10. Not much at all. Especially at this point in the season.
  11. We're about to pick in the top ten son!!!
  12. Best way to make up for the craptastic showing our team made.
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