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  1. We really can't say that until preseason at this point. Who knows? Gaulden might actually have improved. If not, a free agent is always the backup *shrug*.
  2. Interesting. What's his role there? I thought he really was.
  3. Plus there's nothing wrong with adding more talent to the field. Some guys are JAGs, some guys are situational.
  4. Gross was a good player but the guy wasn't Andrew Witworth or Duane Brown for us.
  5. Sam Mills (His "Keep Pounding" has defined the Panthers from his time in to the future), Steve Smith, Thomas Davis (He's had an exceptional career himself plus his dedication to the team and community), Julius Peppers (the only home grown HOFer we've had outside of Steve Smith), and above all... Ken Lucas' nose. Cam and Luke are no brainers after their respective careers are done. Other than that, we have nobody that had "exceptional careers" to warrant that honor that spent the majority of their career with us.
  6. This is beyond great!! I'm floored at how good the new owner is to our alumni.
  7. Tackling angles aside, the guy is a ball hawk in coverage.
  8. Seriously? Do you actually read? He said there's a YouTube channel... meaning more than one vid.
  9. I just hope Searcy retires. The guy's brain can't possibly take much more punishment.
  10. In reality, John Kasay should go in along with Steve Smith. He had a monster career.
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001027100/article/chad-reuter-2019-sevenround-nfl-mock-draft-round-1 Chad Reuter came out with his yearly mock. Outside of the 1st and 5th rd picks, I'm very meh about this entire mock. I'd be comfortable with an EDGE or an OT since there is a pressing need for both positions. That's just my opinion though. Enjoy.
  12. NFLPA shitted on that. They didn't want the AAF to have access to young players out of college or something to that nature. Per CBS Sports On Tuesday, multiple reports surfaced that the AAF, an upstart expansion league that kicked off in February, would be coming to an end.Pro Football Talk reportedthat the league would be suspending football operations on Tuesday.Darren Rovell also reportedthat Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon, who invested $250 million in the AAF, would be losing $70 million of his investment. The AAF team officials have a conference call scheduled with the league offices at 1:00 p.m. EST, which will likely result in the ceasing of operations. The AAF will come to an unfortunate end a mere two weeks away from the first-ever playoffs in league history. "If the players union is not going to give us young players, we can't be a development league," Dundon said last week in response to rumors that the league was folding. "We are looking at our options, one of which is discontinuing the league."
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