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  1. IDK, if Wolff can block, he'd be in. Manhertz is not a great nor good pass catching TE. He can barely block well and I have a hard time finding reasons why he is on the team tbh. Upgrading our TE3 would be a great thing in the long run. I'm anxious to see how Ian has developed in the offseason.
  2. To be fair, you bring your hater-ade to most Newton discussions. Just saying.
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/redskins-reportedly-cut-starting-linebacker-mason-foster/ar-AAEKuKV?ocid=ientp Just wondering how the Huddle feels about this guy here. I know we are going to be utilizing less three LB looks this season with the coming of the 4-3 hybrid D but the guy is a tackling machine and won't break the bank. We still have $10,272,059 according to https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/. Aside from Kuechly and Shaq, we don't really have any real talent at LB IMO. What say ye? (Embedded Tweet was meant to be here but I suck at it...) The move is particularly shocking, not only because Foster was a tackling machine last year for Washington, but also because the franchise will be without Reuben Foster (ACL, additional damage) this coming season as well. Last season, Foster racked up 131 tackles, one sack, two interceptions and two fumble recoveries starting all 16 games for the ‘Skins. An eight-year veteran, he should land on his feet with a new team in short order. Washington, meanwhile, must feel very good about fifth-round rookie Cole Holcolm and last year’s sixth-round pick, Shaun Dion Hamilton, to make this move.
  4. If roster sizes were increased, the draft expanded and sped up, salary cap ballooned, and an additional bye week, I wouldn't see why not but would any of those things happen concurrently? No. So that's a no for me dawg.
  5. It's gonna hurt a bit but I'm watching the whole thing. We never got on Hard Knocks and I've always wondered what our team was like behind the scenes.
  6. Deadass... I'm just waiting on Steve Smith's vid. I liked Delhomme and Gross and I didn't watch NFL when Wesley played, I was strictly college football. Steve Smith is the player that started me watching the NFL and the Panthers in general during the 2003 season (I was 19 at the time). Dude was a beast and a legend.
  7. Funch had his moments for sure. I had faith in the guy but he just never seemed to improve his game to where we needed it as the #1 WR. Best of luck to him (no pun intended). It's time for Curtis and Moore to shine.
  8. All liquor is gross and an acquired taste lol! All jokes aside, I'm from outside of New Bern, NC so this is kinda sad that Carolina is going away from something that is really apart of the North Carolina.
  9. I really thought this was going somewhere else. GREG Little signed his contact. Cool.
  10. Captain Munnerlyn was a beast in the offseason too but you see where he is now. IDK, I guess his poor showing in limited snaps killed whatever hopes I had for him. Hopefully I'm eating crow come mid-season and he does prove to be THAT nickel corner we've been looking for.
  11. Question: Why is Corn still being considered an actual option to start? Dude is still garbage and is probably still trying to turn his head around for the ball. I'm not sold on him at all.
  12. Don't be delusional. The QB market is ridiculous. You'd be a fool to think otherwise.
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