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  1. It seems like you’ve accurately diagnosed the situation
  2. Sting... wait... my WCW knowledge is bad. Might be hogan
  3. If it took you two days to come up with this.... you probably shoulda waited a week. Im kidding bro keep writing
  4. You’re lucky Cam isn’t focused on your GF
  5. An unfortunate oversight. Obviously the fan base has been done with this since the end of last year
  6. That face you make when you gotta take a sh*t really bad but you don’t quite make it to the bathroom in time
  7. Hahaha it took almost a day to correct this
  8. I know dude. I’m sad too. I’m about to play some Goodbye to Romance by ozzy
  9. It’s tough to admit that we were heading this way once Ron was brought back. I didn’t want to believe it but this voice in the back of my head kept saying the same thing hahaha
  10. There’s no excuse for losing to Tampa at home this year with the roster we have
  11. All we can hope is that cam isn’t broken yet.... but naw it’s hard for me to make an argument to change your mind
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