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  1. Broku

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    for the love of god please no.
  2. Twice. 2nd time it was to the Saints of all teams.
  3. Have you seen Cam’s numbers this year??!
  4. I’m not disagreeing. What I’m saying is, that if he gets fired tomorrow , he’s a fall guy. If anything fire him after Detroit a few weeks ago. Myself, I’m nervous about the post Ron era and I honestly think we’ll waste more of the “window” with the transition from Ron to whoever’s next. It’s really hard for me to say that Ron should be fired after today’s game. Thats all im trying to say.
  5. Sucks for Ron to be the fall guy on a day that cam threw 4 picks in a must-win game
  6. Stfu this game is still winnable. We have a huge fugging 3rd and 5 here. IF we stop them here I GUARANTEE we tie. Justtttt watch.
  7. Cam has had a terrible day, but he still has a chance to lead this team to a W. can we all lose our collective pessimism and root for this drive to tie the game. please.
  8. Alright 2nd and 17 let’s see if we can force a punt lmao
  9. I thought that penalty was on TD for a second I almost lost my shyt