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  1. Road game on a Thursday night against a playoff caliber team with 2 legit offensive superstars and a strong pass rush. What did y'all expect??
  2. Chardee MacDennis

    CMC worth the pick?

    Someone can correct this if I'm wrong but I think he is in the top 20 YPC, top 25 in rushing TDs among RBs (with Cam as his QB), top 15 in Receiving TDs among RBs, and top 5 in Receiving yards among RBs. I would say he could even be used more. I wonder how high those numbers go if Cam had actually hit him in the flat on the numerous occasions he was wide open and missed due to Cam trying to make the big play. I'd say anytime you have a guy who the other team has to game plan around, he is worth a top 10 pick.
  3. Chardee MacDennis

    Patrick Peterson has asked for a trade

    Another? Who is the 1st? Lol jk
  4. Chardee MacDennis

    Let's say Heinicke needs to play...

    I don't know what Cucked means. Not sure what you were trying to say there, sorry. But yes I have been watching, and I've noticed Cam is not exactly the most accurate throwing on those short routes. He is either too high, too far behind or ahead, or bullet pass on a short screen when it needs to have more touch on it. I've seen multiple bad throws by Cam in this short dink and dunk scheme, leading to this team not being very good on offense. If Taylor is able to make the short throws with more accuracy, and give the receivers a chance to run after the catch or catch in stride, then I think the offense can withstand an injury to Cam and this team can still win a few more games. Not as many as with Cam, but 10-6 down to 6-10 doesn't really change all that much does it??
  5. Chardee MacDennis

    Let's say Heinicke needs to play...

    Depends. Can a game manager type QB be effective with weapons like CMC, Samuel, Moore, Funchess, and Olsen? All comes down to the OLine I think, because the defense wouldn't have to worry about the threat of Cam running and extending plays with his athleticism and natural talent. I don't know Taylor enough to know if he has the arm strength to make "all the throws" that would be required to keep the defense honest. But if he can dink and dunk well enough, scramble for a first down or 2 here and there, and accurately put the ball in the hands of CMC out of the backfield, I think the offense would be manageable. All about the blocking schemes though too
  6. Chardee MacDennis

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    Cam doesn't have time to sit and survey the field because defenses know we have no WR threat, and a weak OL. So Cam was successful in the first few weeks by simply taking the layups, but I am sure he felt out of his comfort zone. Now, to make up for it and take control and do things his way, he is back to bombing stupid passes downfield and getting picked off because he's getting hit as he throws. 5 TDs to 1 Int the first 3 weeks. So far he's up to what, 2 TDs to 4 Ints since he has been back to his old ways?? Maybe follow the game plan Norv lays out and take what the defense gives you, and the offense would look better, feel better, and open the deep game up by taking the short gains early in the game.
  7. Chardee MacDennis

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    Head coach's job to prepare the team, both physically and mentally. Especially mentally.
  8. Chardee MacDennis

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Here's my take: I like Rivera for his confidence. His demeanor. His family oriented approach. His players seem to like him a lot and enjoy playing for him. He seems to let Cam be Cam and doesn't get in players faces when they make mistakes. I honestly think he is a good, strong leader. But not a good head coach at the NFL level. Maybe he should be the defensive coordinator? He just doesn't have the management skills in game, nor does he appear to ever have the team "ready" to play. Scheming is poor, adjustments are poor, playing vets when clearly the younger guys are better and should be out there is not only foolish but also costing the young guys chances to learn and improve even more. To me it's not about the wasted time outs, or hiring Norv, or promoting from within, or his stoic look on the sidelines. It's about coming out for each and every game prepared and focused and ready to dominate the opponent, run the score up, and never let off the gas. Win every game by 40. Have plan A, B, C and D ready to be rolled out in game and changed if necessary. And that simply isn't his mentality and it should be the mentality of your head coach. His supreme confidence that the team can pull out all stops and make a play to win at the end every time, will be his downfall. I don't think firing him mid season is a good idea. They need to play out this year and hope Cam can take them deep into a playoff run. And maybe Cam will forever be attached to Ron, and Ron will be here for Cam's entire career because they were just good enough but never champions. But, Cam and Luke only have maybe 5 years left of being able to carry this team. There are some solid weapons and role players around right now. One more strong off-season, and Rivera realizing the young talent needs to be on the field, should lead to a few highly competitive years. Then when it's time for a new QB, it'll be a new Regime in my opinion.
  9. Wow Cam. Is he dealing with vision issues??
  10. Yeah I need an explanation as to why Cam has stopped taking the layups with CMC, and is back to forcing things downfield into coverage when Funch cannot get open to save his life. And what happened to Moore and Samuel? After they did the dirty work in the early going, they aren't even targetted except on ridiculous downfield sideline throws that Cam can't make anyhow? Norv, Cam, Ron...fix this poo!!
  11. This is on Rivera. His team is consistently NOT PREPARED for these games against inferior opponents. The Panthers should be crushing these guys right now. But uninspired coaching leads to unprepared, uninspired play and a game plan that apparently revolved around killing clock on offense so the Giants don't get the ball often?? Come on. Rivera's lack of coaching skills is killing this game. Welcome to 2-2 and probably an 8-8 season.
  12. Chardee MacDennis

    My one take away...

    Oh yeah, and this evolved offense??? Hahahaha.... Nope. Same ole same ole BS shoved down our throats. Speedy players being utilized properly?? How about Funchess and slow ass Smith running long routes downfield while Cam is fending off blitzers? How about no change whatsoever in the scheme or play design, and barely any change in the playcalling, or in the personnel. And it's so obvious Cam is tired all the time taking too long to get the play lined up because he's constantly getting hit or running for his life, when instead if you put the speedy guys on the field maybe Cam can sit back and take a breather while he watches someone else run after the catch?? And then the threat of that means defenses can't stack the box against the run, so more holes open up for CMC and the read-option. I mean this is elementary stuff, right? Why can our Head Coach not figure it out and evolve? It's costing us Cam in his prime. And it makes me incredibly sad.
  13. Chardee MacDennis

    My one take away...

    And I'm assuming by saying Moore doesn't know how to get open, you are implying that Funchess and Torrey do know how to get open? Because if so, I haven't seen it. Funchess is a decent #2, good #3 WR to have, and can be a great complementary player beside Samuel as a slot #2 threat and Moore as a #1 option. Not sure why Ron and company continue to try to force a college TE into a #1 NFL WR role when he's clearly just not that. And at this point with as stagnant as the offense has looked, relying so heavily on CMC and Cam, I see no reason why Moore shouldn't be lining up as the top receiving option immediately. Make him show you that he CAN'T do it instead of making him prove that he CAN with limited snaps and opportunities to get it done. Just put him on the field, tell him to run the same routes Funchess and Smith are running, and see if he can become a reliable target for Cam. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. Does RR/Norv think that rushing him out there would be bad for his confidence/growth? Is it because they feel like they're on the hot seat to win now and they want the most veteran players out there at all times?? The fastest, most talented players give you the best chance to win. Not the oldest, slowest, most wise/experienced players. Every team around the league finding success lately is doing it with youth and speed on both sides. Not with ground and pound slow old dudes. Ugh. And the sad part is I think Cam would shine if he had the kind of speedy weapons on the field all the time that other QBs have. There's this thing about Cam always being high with the ball when he's "off". Well maybe if he has the chance to unleash his arm and overthrow some fast cats, they would prove they can run under it and score like Ginn did. Rather than having a slow, plodding WR rumble downfield and make 1 obvious cut to get open and then box out the defender to catch a bullet as Cam is getting hit. What about a guy who can put a double move on a defender and blow past him down the sideline? Or a guy who can run a slant where the defender simply can't catch up and make a play on the ball, like every Funchess/Kelvin slant ever. Cam can get the ball out quick and watch the guy run after the catch! Omg that's a thing?? Yep...
  14. Chardee MacDennis

    Official Panthers at Falcons Gameday Thread!

    No. Read my post again. I'm not blaming Cam or saying he is the problem at all. I'm simply saying we aren't winning or being super bowl competitive again with Cam here. So we should have and need to get something of value out of him before it's too late.
  15. Chardee MacDennis

    Official Panthers at Falcons Gameday Thread!

    Exactly my point. Trade the one thing that actually has value so you can begin to rebuild a winning team around a new franchise QB rather than the same old stuff that does not, and has not, worked for the past 8 years.