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  1. Still weak in the secondary. Depth, nickle, and FS all need attention. We are a playoff team now, but i dont see a deep run.....yet.
  2. Wish i hadnt renamed my thread three seperate times.
  3. Im not taking sides here, just like the idea of saunders and omenihu on the roster.
  4. Makes me wonder if we are bringing in (trying to) more than one 285 plus guy.
  5. Thats how i see it anyway. We need not just mccoy but some more big DE guys.
  6. For sure, ill take him in a damn second. Great player
  7. Thats a good retort. Maybe im being paranoid. My thought was just that our starters would kick ass, but one injury could derail us. Guess thats true for most teams though. Seems like there would be a hell of a steep drop off though, which would limit us in using that front.
  8. Thats ok. Just so long as people dont think i was intentionally trolling them, ill take the lumps. Learn to think my thread titles more carefully in the future.
  9. Thanks. i really wasnt trying to stir the poo. I just fret over depth, maybe far more than i should.
  10. Yeah, i guess im so used to watching bama, that i have a fixed vision in my head of what a DE in a 3-4 looks like. Agree the safety needs more attention.
  11. True, true. Im maybe too ocd on depth charts. Can only have so many d lineman on the 53. I guess the Cox could be a potential answer there as well if someone goes down. Just seems like if one were to get hurt it would limit our ability to use that front as much
  12. Thats fair, i didnt think before i put the title together. I see why folks are a bit pissed. Totally not intentional though. Sorry everybody.
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