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  1. nevermind, damn gifs won't work for me. Id be mad......Panthero out.
  2. Id rather have leas production and less headaches. Hard pass.
  3. All good points. The question i always ask is how does the guy make plays. Is he simply further along in terms of physical ability than those he plays against? Has he had damn good coaching (many at the power 5 dont)? Is he a athletic freak? Is he just a player that somehow gets it done? Its that last one thats the hardest to quantify. Ferrell is a known locker room leader and hard worker. Despite his athletic limitations (they arent that egregious) if he is a lunch pail guy then whos to say he wont keep learning the finer points and out smart OL? I love that he comes to work everyday, so few have that work ethic, that alone will carry him a long way.
  4. Agree. Thats the risk as i see it. If we were like philly and looking for a platoon guy, hes perfect. Not sure we are there with our current depth.
  5. His film is very good. The question is how much of that is his current superiority with technique. Will that work against the best left tackles? Maybe. The reason people arent higher is that he doesnt have that athletic pedigree and therefore may have a lower ceiling. If burns gets better coaching many think he can be great. Ferrell is ready to go but may not get much better because he doesnt have that superior athleticism. Hes already great at what nfl coaching can provide him.
  6. Ferrell does have a thing going on with his toe. Not sure if its some chronic thing or not. Terrell Suggs ran an absolutely terrible forty. A 4-3 rush end doesnt need to be fast over 40 yrds. I want to know their numbers on other events to see if they are athletic. Ferrell is an average athelete. That means he has to play with great technique and smarts, which is what all the draftniks say he does. The freaks are vaunted because even late in the game when things get sloppy that doesnt go away but technique can. Ferrell should be a fine player but beating another non athletic jonah williams who is also a technique guy doesnt blow me away. Really reminds me of the guy from Tennessee that went to Philly, Derek Barnett.
  7. Ferrell is plug and play. We need immediate help there. Seems like a no brainer. Burns intrigues me more, but i could see him taking longer to adjust. Plus he fits that more 3-4 olb type. Right now we have one legit 4-3 end in Addison, need another there. Also, need another bruce irvin type. Maybe later in the draft?
  8. in time yes, which is what our current situation gives us. He or Cajuste would be great development guys, that have the skill set and length to play on the Left side.
  9. Um. i'm not flaming you here, but what makes you think there aren't far better OT choices at 16? Little is thought have big time bust potential despite his athleticism. Apparently has a case of the lazies. He'll be available in the 2nd at 47 imo, and better so will Yonde Cajuste and Bobby Evans (may be there in the third). Miller may be about right there and i don't have a problem with that pick, he fits and is likely got a high ceiling having really only played his senior year and from all scouting i've read, he was very good. Miles Sanders will be gone 50 picks before 100, but i like the Grier pick. if we do get sanders at 100, i'd do a backflip though. Great sneaky pick on Haynes. The last two i have no real idea on, but Blace Brown clocked a 4.75 forty. that scares the hell out of me.
  10. Agree on Little but Ford (no way he goes second) Williams Risner (maybe into the second) Taylor Dillard Are going first round, i say four at least. Jmo.
  11. Good analysis, but we've met with the top five OTs, so we are certainly in play for round one.
  12. This all damn day. Prefer Ford, but will take either.
  13. Simple answer? No. Hes capable of being the absolute best, has more talent than anyone. However, he either refuses or is unable to fix the flaws in his game. Injuries are piling up too, but thats on the team as much as it is him.
  14. I could see us trading back in the first, if no top edges are available. Then draft winovich and go about pounding the 2nd round.
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