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  1. Geez dude, did Hogan joining the NWO ruin you emotionally?
  2. Hence why one was available at 64. Hes a middle class mans version, but not some bum.
  3. Tough discussion. Its gotta be between pep, luke, and smitty. Im not smart enough to know who deserves the title. Cam is just a slot below those three. Also, cant forget jimmy clausen.
  4. Hes got the athleticism Rhule likes, but i think hes a more natural fit as a slot guy.
  5. If we are going to play a lot of press man that dude who plays for the Raiders (Gareon Conley) didnt get his 5th year picked up, but hes a top 10 press guy. the catch? Hes terrible at anything else.
  6. Sure as hell did. I posted the youtube video with all of them earlier. I hope no one is trying to make that claim. Rodrique (like most people) is a hypocrite and as a public figure has to own up to it if shes going to put others on blast.
  7. Exactly what i was thinking. What if a player for LA decides to not answer her questions citing racism? I think shes taking a huge risk honestly. Shewas protected here to a degree because Cam is so polarizing in the media. If she pisses off a media darling, it could come back to bite her. Right or wrong.
  8. I appreciate all that you said except the first sentence. Statistically, half in one(two) rounds is significant. Its the same thing with college star rankings. Half of the non-five star guys end up in the NFL, but youd still be a better guesser by only going five star if its 6/10. Its 50-50 ish but one of those comes from a much smaller sample size, indicating a better hit rate.
  9. Tyler Larsen is going to make the 53 man roster. WAY better than some of those other bums mentioned.
  10. how is 6/10 of the starting lineups in the first two rounds "players taken from all over the draft"? i'm not saying we need to go for a guy at 3 or 4, but taking a first round tackle (if your scouting isnt dogpoo) is not a bad investment.
  11. Probably take the OT from Oregon and then take a qb in the 2nd thats not quite ready and sits behind teddy for a year.
  12. Yeah, hes with the bucs now. Forgot that klingsbury had taken over the cardinals. They have murray anyway, but thats not as big a problem if you go the Jameis Winston route.
  13. Arizona would be a good place if his shoulder is healed. Bruce loves to air it out and when hes healthy Cam can throw the rock a long way.
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