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  1. I think a team that might want to trade for him is the Carolina Panthers. They have that new innovative OC who works around his players strengths. Hell who has been more versatile than Cam? Seems like a great fit. Their QB situation right now sucks with Allen and Grier. Also they have no shot at Burrow or Tua. Everyone after would be a huge reach with their seventh overall pick. Hell they may be desperate enough to give up their high second and third rounder. Oh wait
  2. Only real concerning point about the man: You've never heard of Yoda?
  3. At least hasn't said, "Look, I'm proud of the guys because they tried hard, at the end of the day, it is what it is."
  4. Sad to say but I think that's exactly what we're doing.
  5. You guys are shooting way to low. Where's the dude who thinks the Pats will give us 3 first rounders. He should be our next GM.
  6. Grier for TurdBiscuit, throw in both of their 2nds just because we have to pay him.
  7. You're right nerd. Why should we ever want to win again? Fools gold. Draft picks niggga!
  8. And fug off kids. I'm getting old. I saw the first Panther game. 2003 Patriots Superbowl set my happy endings back to tears n not believing I'd ever see it, to 2015 and an absolute juggernaut of steam that only Ron could fug up and this, that was the nail in Cams coffin. Futures boys may get your wish n pencil dickk Lawrence could be on our team. Hope the guys sleep well in their monitors. Just sad.
  9. Rebuild is now officially real. I want to vomit and I hate my life.
  10. This Burrow may want a championship as muck as Mike Vrabel. Nahhhh.
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