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  1. L Dude, I wanted to pie you but you destroyed English at the end. Hell, I'm going to anyway! Maybe I'm wrong but don't think so. Sentiment was there. Not grammar police but that one sat funny with me. Give it to me huddle!
  2. Super Bowl. Stop worrying little pattiwaw. We got this shittt! Enjoy ride
  3. I read that as if you were angry. Probably weren't but funny none the less.
  4. Though I meant no offense. Just wondering if you needed a hug?
  5. Love you're enthusiasm. Just wondering if maybe we could chart some of the things that make you feel giddy. Maybe it's butterfly's, rainbows or a fifth of a sweet scotch. Just wondering what does it for you? You may need a pal. I'm your huckleberry.
  6. Watched that team as a kid. That was special. Amazing our Ron was a big part of it. He really was good. Obviously you get overshadowed by some of the beasts they had but Ron was instrumental in that teams success. He was a solid player.
  7. Hey I guess if you're factoring in the Tykes from practice squads, my local high schools and the pee wees I guess 66 isn't that bad. Good call.
  8. Great comeback but you also have to be real about it. If you're not better than the 66th tackle in the league then you suck and that's far from above average. I think Poe will play well as a 3-4 anchor. His 4-3 play absolutely wasn't worth a third of his contract. Put a shiny spin on that. Hey don't let reality get in the way. I love ya dawg but a pig with a pink bow tie is still a pig.
  9. I mean damn. If every team in the league ran a 4-3 there would only be 64 starting tackles. Not sure how 66th best would be above average. Seems like some really fuzzy math if you ask me.
  10. They also just signed 86' Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, n 82' Riggins. Oh yeah, they threw in 85' Rivera at league minimum.
  11. Problem is, you're the dumb ass team that signed him to that shitty contract Then ate 16 Mill in dead cap this season. Let that sink in!
  12. Must be a Getts nut hugger. Yeah. Great move! They lost 16 million in cap space this year. That's twice Ryan's shitty little brother. Go Getti! Go! Go! Numb nuts.
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