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  1. You could even eat a couple of dubs, before you of course lose.
  2. As of right now, Vegas probably would favor us in all of those games. Problem is if the Bucs come in and sack stomp us, that may be the last game we're favored in. Point is it's way to early to early to tell.
  3. My bad. Hate them both so much my drunken mind combined them.
  4. Why not? No cap limit in NO. Home Depot will gladly cut the check.
  5. Everybody: No one can lose 30 million in one day. AB: Watch this. Hold my beer.
  6. Great point OJ. Now I have to ask you why do you so undervalue people's lives?
  7. Guess it's the new huddle way. No one responds to you but shittts on you. Proud of you kids!
  8. 1.Cam, get healthy 2. Cam, get healthy 3 CMC rule the league (bet he easily gets all purpose yards this year if either 1 or 2 is true). 4 Burns still on Pace for around 400 sacks. Keep up the work Spidy.
  9. I spit beer out of my mouth because I used to do that all the time. Good stuff.
  10. My bad, probably a millinnial thing and I wouldn't understand.
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