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  1. Goddammit Kasay! You can't kick that ball out of bounds and give Tom this short field! Wait. That's not happening now?
  2. Nice to have you on the Huddle PJ. I'd like to see you get a couple more starts this season and see if you can't clean up those Wtf redzone picks. Overall I was pretty impressed with your 1st start.
  3. Anyone else like me? Totally understand the Tank for draft picks perspective but when the game is on I ridiculously want us to win. Like today and I'm sure Jeremy Chinn has to be the first NFL player to score 2 TDs in 10 seconds. I was like blow them the F out now. After several beers and figuring out ways we would blow it, it all came to fruition. Now after my face palm I looked at the tv and said probably for the best. Kind of fun rooting so hard but being able to see the bigger picture. It's like a no lose.
  4. Can't dispute any of that. I think Rhule really runs the show at this point and not Marty. I'll follow him for another year before my haunches are raised.
  5. Totally get the reprehension cause we haven't been able to trust a coach in franchise history. I'm throwing blind faith at this one. Imagine if we landed Mahomes.
  6. I don't watch much college ball but I see his gaudy stats. Sadly I do believe it would take that much to get up there.
  7. I think it's OK if the coaches are 100% on Fields. If not I agree.
  8. Hypothetical. If we are at 7 and Cincy is at 2. Do you trade this year's 2nd and next year's 1st to get Fields?
  9. You just summed up my exact thoughts! My mom looks at the score and time remaining and every week says the Panthers are going to win. Every week I have to look at her and say, mom, that's not real time and trust me, we will lose. Hey it's not Teddy's fault though! Everyone misses the broad side of a barn a couple times a game!
  10. Charmin and Wayne County 1800, does Chinn need 3 touchdowns a a game before you will put the the blame on Teddy? That pass, that my daughter could make was pathetic. Let's blame it on a 55yrd field goal! Oh my. Nice Teddy's mom and dad are on the board though. PS. DJ wants his extra 100 yards receiving back! Stop being apologists for his shitty play. We were all rooting for him but he is not good. Time to let that sink in.
  11. I'll try to be more touch with with your feelings next time SOJA. My deepest apologies. I should have known slang from yesteryear upsets the new age. Oversight on my part. Please feel free to pm me the charity of your choice.
  12. Good God. Long walk, short pier for you my friend. Do the world a favor.
  13. 78 officially. It's already been stated.
  14. Mind you, I really like Teddy right up until he throws for 2 yds. on 3rd and 7. The Tom Brady thing shocks me. I feel if you can't at least threaten deep then it really limits you. Think the Rams exposed that against Tom.
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