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  1. Ok Hernia! You got me. Im impressed.
  2. SmittysLawnGuy

    Kenyon Barner to the Falcons

    And there goes the playbook./s
  3. SmittysLawnGuy

    Bears stole Haha. Wtf

    I mean what's wrong with a Hungry Man anyway?
  4. Hope she is absolutely full of shittt. Ive dealt with some of these moves with a weak stomach. This one would take the f'ing cake. She's wrong. Won't allow myself to take that road. Fake News!
  5. Had to go down that way. He definitely wants more than were willing. Hope has to be, he is the only one that believes he is that valuable. Then lets low ball T.E. chip boy.
  6. SmittysLawnGuy

    Brian Burns

    All 4 have crazy stats. So this has nothing to do with the underwear olympics.
  7. SmittysLawnGuy

    NFL Combine Thread

    You have to know you're that slow. Just skip the damn run. Hell, 4th rounds better than udfa.
  8. SmittysLawnGuy

    Brian Burns

    Exactly my favorites too, even Wilkins. Torn between Sweat and Ferrell as well. This could end up playing out nicely. Bet Burns shot up Green Bays board if that weight sticks. Hope the QB's kill it as well.
  9. The never ending cap space, duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh.
  10. SmittysLawnGuy

    Brian Burns

    I was really down on Polite and Burns coming into this but I believe this opens things up quite a bit. With these weights they could end up ahead of Ferrell and/or Sweat. It could also put them in play for us especially if there's anything to this 3-4. I may be a little optimistic considering how much water weight you can add in a short time. Lets see if they look like pumpkins in drills tomorrow.
  11. SmittysLawnGuy

    FA intro draft strategy

    He nailed a 3 down 5 to UNLV! How could you forget this? Other than NC States win against Houston, probably the best game ever played.
  12. SmittysLawnGuy

    Potential risers and fallers at the combine?

    I don't think Clelin Ferrell will wow at the combine and would be the perfect selection for us. Potential may not be through the roof but seems like a solid starter right out of the gate. Would gladly take Sweat as a consultation prize. One of them should be there.
  13. Defenition: Hurn Dog. Meaning: 3 good draft picks makes up for 11 years of ineptitude!
  14. I wouldn't sign Big Bird for free and don't give a crap about his politics. He sucks.