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  1. Scroll down, there are no new threads. So lets delete threads because some ass doesn't like the thread content. Bunch of Karen's up in here.
  2. Even old people. Florida must be a right to live state! Someone forgot to tell the Reaper!
  3. That made me laugh hard. Think I'll start doing the same. 1 month ago when we were good 75% of people wore masks. Now were the hot spot of the world, Its 25%. Disgusts everything in my soul.
  4. Crying on the huddle. Didnt see that coming. Well Kasay kicking the ball out of bounds in '03 made me cry as well.
  5. I feel you man. My mom is my best friend so she isnt allowed to die. I hang out with her everyday but it only takes one of my kids to fug it all all up. I can only say so much to them though about caution. I cant lock them in their rooms. Kind of feels hopeless.
  6. My mom lives across the street from me and is 76. I have 2 late teen kids. One works at Dominos. I'm terrified for her mostly I always do my part but it only takes one kid to destroy all of our measures. That's what these young fools are doing. What do you say, oops I killed gramma.
  7. Also want to say, I'm Ok with beaches being opened. Spread is much less likely. Idiots going to gyms, bowling alleys and packed indoor bars need to ask for assistance!
  8. I will say the testing metrics are severely flawed. Notice the avg. age infected has dropped from 70 yrs old to upper 30's. That clearly shows we are testing more people. The death rate will get lower as we test younger people. The end game will always be the hospitals. No matter if its media trying to scare everyone or the Pres. N Desantos saying we've won. I imagine with us Florididiots, at 10k+ a day. The hospitals a month from now, will be in shambles. I could totally be wrong. I hate politics in general. Lazy Joe or Totally tremendously Trump, if this virus gets back to our old people which it will, Florida will destroy all death records in the US. Oour beaches were open today. My city has more new cases than some states. Why we are not at least in full face masks blows my fugging mind!
  9. 11,500 new Florida cases today. Republican National Convention and NBA come on down! Brilliant!!
  10. A big incredible mote. Probably the most incredibly great mote ever.
  11. 10k in my great state of Florida alone. Congrats my fellow Floridians! Where 3/4 of the people weren't wearing a mask at the grocery store today. Keep up the good fight. We might as well be number 1 at something other than age. Morons.
  12. Cant find Brooklyn's original post but that has to be the dumbest shizz I've ever read. Hey let's just print more money and we can all meet in Hawaii! We made it up anyway. Let's make it better.
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