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  1. jfra78

    Cam Continuously Save Us

    Strange that our Franchise QB should have to save us.
  2. i think most watched the whole game, the gameday thread was active to the end.
  3. jfra78

    Late Games Thread

    why they play sweet caroline in KC?
  4. yeah whats his record against them without steve smith? Blood and Guts
  5. I really dont understand how a fanbase who has had Weinke, Buerline, Collins, Reich, Peete, Testaverde, Moore, and Carr as their starting QBs could ever complain about Newton. We are Lucky to have such a talent.
  6. Lol the browns are bout to do the same to the Bucs
  7. jfra78


    We won! all else doesnt metter till next week
  8. fug that its not clear at all
  9. actually it looks like the ball doesnt touch the ground
  10. Hard to believe the D is going to lose this game