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  1. Hated the call and was hoping when he called TO, that he changed his mind. We want him to have balls yes, but not in that situation where there isn't enough time to fix it if it goes wrong.
  2. jfra78

    So, what will it take..

    Beating the Saints at home
  3. jfra78

    Paging Simon Cowell...

    They Nailed the first 2 quarters of the season going 3-1 in each. This Third quarter is abysmal, much like the third quarters of our games. If Ron doesn't right this ship and finish these last 2 quarters well he won't make the cut. I personally think he has to go 10-6 to keep his job. 9-7 or less won't cut it because that will be a losing record second half of the season.
  4. i think it all depends on his second half performance. It saved his job a few years ago it will probably end it this year. we started 6-2 if we end 3-5 or worse, I think hes gone. I also think if ron goes so does hurney.
  5. Is this reactionary? Probably so, but I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now. With so many of our starters most likely retiring or moving on after this season, I feel like this was our last real chance at a Suberbowl. So should we scrap this team, and if so who is safe? To me its obvious that Newton, CMC, Luke, Jackson, Moore, Addison and Moton are safe. Included in this gut would be the coaching staff and the GM, we have a new owner, its time for some new blood in the front office.
  6. Yeah some players had good individulal stats, but they all lost and so did we. Everyone associated with the Panthers are losers right now.
  7. I disagree, Cam is a popular player even outside of this fanbase. After players retire, we tend to think back more fondly of them then when they played. Cam will be known for revolutionizing the QB position., every QB similar to cam will be compared to Cam. Besides Marino will be forgotten with the new generation just as every other great QB has before him, hell Im 40 and I only remember his last couple years.
  8. jfra78

    The good news..

    I agree i dont think this team will make it out the first round, let alone has a chance to win the conference. But, I do want to get the 2 consecutive season monkey of our back. Just hope a winning season doesnt keep the same HC and GM around.
  9. No we deserve Cam, Cam doesnt deserve some of these fans. I think the Majority of the fan base understands how much cam has given this franchise. Same old idiots spewing the same old narative.
  10. jfra78

    I'm going to need this

    I have a feeling they make one for every team
  11. Even if I didnt know who he was, if I met Pep he would get every bit of my respect
  12. jfra78

    I'm going to need this

    I mean I want it, but could never wear it
  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000988862/article/fines-roundup-rams-dl-donald-suh-fowler-all-fined of course he was......