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  1. lol you change independent to anonymous, you change PED to steroid, clearly you have a motive. Peppers is will be a 1st ballot HOFer so suck it. Im not replying to anymore of your posts tonight. Good day sir.
  2. yes in the article it says he failed it in training camp
  3. He is Probably a Saints fan
  4. It was definately Ephedra, you need to stop deluding yourself http://a.espncdn.com/nfl/columns/pasquarelli_len/1460692.html
  5. already answered that question......
  6. https://www.nflpa.com/active-players/drug-policies There are hundreds of substances listed. Ephedra is listed as a stimulant not a steroid. You need to stop slandering Peppers name.
  7. On exactly what do you base your contentiom the Peppers did take steroids? Please be specific.
  8. You keep saying steriod suspension when it was a PED suspension. We get it, you dont like Pep and dont want to see him get in the HOF. Too bad he will get in on the first ballot. To answer your question, they really only been doing PED suspensions for about 30 years, and of the ones who have served it Peppers is the only one worthy of being a HOFer. Peppers never lost a step after he served his suspension and never tested positive again for PEDs.
  9. I think I remember a time when Nails would talk about things other than Hardy. I wonder if Hardy hacked his account.
  10. It wasnt steroids, it was Ephedra. And 99% of his body of work was done after the suspension, that has no factor on him being a hall of famer.
  11. jfra78

    Had a vasectomy

    I know a guy at work that had a kid in his late 50s. Can you imagine tryinb to raise a teenager in you 70s? Doubt he will ever be able to retire. I had one after my second child because I didnt want any more.
  12. The season isnt over yet. The only reason we heard about TD is because TD told us. We have no idea what the teams plans are with Pep, but to speculate that they are leaving the decision up to him is dumb.