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  1. In love with Love and wouldnt be mad if he was our 2nd pick
  2. Cam is still here, he can answer the questions if given a chance
  3. Its not really buying a vote. He already knew how they would vote so he backed them. Any of us can do this with any candidate as well.
  4. He was being nice to an old man.
  5. I cant see giving a second contact as a RB. As a fully converted WR maybe.
  6. Nine inch Nails did it better
  7. Lol guaranteed to go to the shitter now
  8. We dont know that he cant either, it would be wise to know before moving on.
  9. If anyone ever decides to use 89, they better be the greatest reciever in the history of the sport. If not Smitty will dog them, this is why no one has chosen the number in Carolina.
  10. It really doesnt matter how many times a number 1 QB has won a superbowl, because thats not what bekng asked of the Panthers. The Panthers would have to give up a kings ransom for said pick. So how many teams have mortgaged thier future to pick a QB #1 and then have won a superbowl with that QB. I have a feeling the answer is 0
  11. LOL, must ever thread be about Cam? I love Cam and want him to be here next season, but this is over obsessive
  12. Breach of contract, which im sure "someone" could take care of
  13. He is just one of those dudes who cant be happy unless everyone else is miserable, so he shits on everything
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