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  1. Micah Parsons sitting there for the taking and we pick the Blaine Gabbert of this draft. Reaching for a QB will set this franchise back
  2. Shaq is the 14th highest paid Linebacker and is ranked 12th among linebackers in total tackles. Seems he is paid perfectly, by the last year of his contract he will be a steal
  3. He looks like any normal person who just recieved this as a gift. Kinda reminds me of this kid
  4. It may be easier to get a decent defense and O line than finding a QB that can single handedly carry a team
  5. Although I feel as though Teddy isn't the future for us, I would like to see how well he plays with better line play and better defensive play.
  6. Nope, but there is a Sugar Tit, South Carolina
  7. We're doing a turkey breast, small ham, dressing, fresh green beans, and cranberry sauce(from the can). After dinner we're putting up the tree. Probably decorate over the weekend
  8. As mentioned if Giants win East, they will pick 19 or higher
  9. Whoever wins NFCE will get draft position 19+ regardless of record
  10. Have to work but its cool, just doing small at home Thanksgiving anyway this year.
  11. His only problem is that he isnt reliable red zone target
  12. Panthers win division at 11‐5, Teddy goes to Probowl with 5k yards 30 tds.
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