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  1. Tua, Okudah, Brown, or Simmons in that order. Tua and Okudah will be gone so Brown will be the choice
  2. They so embarassed to be in the unis, they wont show their faces
  3. Starter at DL and CB. Future starter at C/G. Rest bpa
  4. Lol it was around just long enough to screw the saints and help us.
  5. I dont see 4 QBs going in the first 5 picks
  6. Did i say first? And I dont watch CNN or any "News" channel
  7. His biggest mistake was getting rid of the pandemic team Obama put in place
  8. For having the #1 pick, it was very strange at the time not actually knowing who the pick was before the draft. Before then it seemed most teams already were working out contracts for the #1 pick before draft day. Richardson was pushing hard for McCaffery so I think everyone knew, if he was there we would take him
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