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  1. Any fan of 80s hair metal should watch this film. I feel like its to drum up interest in a reunion tour.
  2. I wonder why everyone thinks we are solid at WR. DJ Moore is going into his second season, that I s usually not a good thing for WR. Samuel has missed significant playing time every year. Smith and Wright are Jags. I'm not saying pick at 1 but we are defiantly not solid at WR
  3. lol he probably leaves the keys in the car with the door open hoping someone would try
  4. jfra78

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    not forever, we were originally a 3-4
  5. I think it has more to do with who we are going up against. Rams don't have much of a fan base at this point
  6. I don't think we should play the if Cams shoulder only lasts half a season game. If Cam can't go the whole season we ain't winning poo anyway. Might as well fix everything else and hope his arm holds up. IMO Backup QB is the last thing we need
  7. jfra78

    Montez Sweat has heart issue.

    As long as it's DE
  8. lol im just having fun, HS was so long ago
  9. Ya I'd rather have a 109 game win streak in football over 7 years
  10. i agree, greenville is just a few mins away
  11. Independence >>>>>>>> West Chatlotte