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  1. Glad a lot of contracts are up after this season, it will give the new coach/GM the freedom to do what they want with the roster
  2. I go would have to track him down and pay him to come back
  3. Tinderbox makes no sense on a football forum, plain and simple. All the crap in there just spills into the main forum. These people creating alts just to post in the tinderbox will have no reason to create an alt to do so. Turning a thread into a political thread should be moderated as well
  4. I think you can un ignore most of those, I only know of one of the posters on that list
  5. I saw this pic, I said in another thread that it was disturbing and i hope he gets help
  6. The problem with the Tinderbox is you guys have your little wars over there, then they spill over into the main forum. 90% of us have no idea what's going on because we don't step foot in there
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