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  1. Since I am color blind, I have no problem with this.
  2. He will finally be old enough to get that call now as well
  3. Cam was injured. Injuries are part of football and something you cant plan for. If a player gets injured, they still earn their paycheck. So yea he earned his paycheck.
  4. In the beginning you almost had to be dying in order to get tested. Now just about anyone can get tested, including asymptomatic people who would have never been tested before. Deaths is also misleading because there have been advances in treatment.
  5. Or 5th since the TE will be on the field more than him
  6. And one of the reasons he could get wide open is his hands and our ability to not be able to connect downfield.
  7. They didnt give him poo, it was his paycheck and he earned it.
  8. No you can't be completely safe, that is obvious. It's about reducing the risks. It's a very simple concept, easy to follow and really not a big deal to put on a mask for 30 mins to an hour while you're shopping.
  9. The same people who wished Olsen, TD, Ryan Kalil, and many more panthers well when they went to other teams, are in here hoping Cam fails at the Patriots. Why can't you just say "good for Cam, hope he does well" and leave it alone? The dude was easily the best QB this team has ever had, he deserves more respect than this from the fans.
  10. Even if there is no season, he will be under contract with the Patriots for the following season
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