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  1. I think it is another one you haven’t mentioned. Norv. Garcia was talking the other day on how fluid the offense is being run under Allen. How consistency is so important to OC. In Norv’s system when the QB hits his drop the ball should be coming out. (And yes I know the split times of their releases.) My gut tells me Norv is very content while maybe RR or Hurney wants to go back to Cam. Either way the SF game could give us a good indication what that direction could be.
  2. I still think this was the best response on a podium ever. Some of Mora’s responses would also rank up there. post your favorites.
  3. Awesome. I watched tape on him and the kid from Virginia that is on Falcons PS predraft and was impressed with their return capabilities. Kid is a little jitterbug and will be fun to watch. Also has good hands unlike Ray Ray.
  4. Can I just state again what an awesome problem to have. We picked a dude off a scrap heap and he is turning out way more valuable than originally thought.
  5. We actually won this trade. Ramsey ran Perry Fewell out of Jacksonville and right into our arms. Then he got himself out of Jacksonville. Too good to be true. Jags will always Jag.
  6. Still a lot for Allen to prove. But if he shows he is legit My head says Allen My heart hurts to let our future HOF QB ride off into the sunset. But what a problem to have. Plenty of other teams like the Titans would like to have our dilemma.
  7. Also can we give props to our media team this year? They are balling! So refreshing from the stagnant old JR regime.
  8. If Daley can hold up against that SF D line I will crown his ass. That is gonna be a test.
  9. They also have OL issues. This could be a really low scoring sack fest.
  10. Damn that wonderful preseason Wr depth has gone to poo.
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