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  1. Good draft verge. But can we get one WR? Although I guess I would take moss. I saw the Panthers met with Knipp yesterday. But since he has 18 screws in his shoulder I think he goes undrafted. I am also hoping to trade down a couple spots for Kinlaw.
  2. Good football players who are not in the 5th percentile in athletic ability.
  3. we think Greg is very talented and has a good chance to be a very good player, and maybe has some position flexibility.” That last point could indicate that the Panthers will try Little, who played only left tackle through his entire collegiate career, only practiced (when he wasn’t hurt) at left tackle last season and is a long-legged, long-armed tackle prototype for whom Hurney traded up last spring while touting as a hopeful long-term solution for the Panthers at left tackle, at a different position. Like guard. SO WE TRADED UP TO 37 LAST YEAR TO SELECT A KID WHO WE ARE GOING TO PLAY AT LG. AND IS ATROCIOUS AT RUN BLOCKING???? IM SURE CMC IS THRILLED ABOUT THAT.
  4. Face Timing CB prospects from Minnesota. Possible late round big nickel prospect. Click Here
  5. Interesting. The nurse I know is in Virginia. She posted this on her Facebook looking for someone to make one for her.
  6. Here is also another option your wife could make for nurses. Had a nurse friend post this because the masks are making their ears raw from all the hours worked. it uses a button to strap the mask instead of their ears. Good thing you are doing
  7. Here is the entire article. Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert reportedly held meetings with officials from the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers via FaceTime ahead of the 2020 NFL draft. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network noted that with in-person meetings banned because of the coronavirus pandemic, teams have started using technology for their pre-draft discussions with prospects. Herbert is the consensus No. 3 quarterback in this class, behind presumptive No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa. The Chargers have the sixth pick in Round 1, and the Raiders have Nos. 12 and 19. NFL teams are permitted three calls/FaceTime sessions with a player per week. Those sessions cannot last longer than an hour, per a memo sent to NFL teams on how to handle the pre-draft process during the pandemic. The Chargers, having sat out the free-agent quarterback process after missing out on Tom Brady, appear likely to draft a quarterback in Day 1 or Day 2 of the draft. They allowed Philip Rivers to leave in free agency and have not made a move for Cam Newton or Jameis Winston, two starter-level quarterbacks still available on the open market. The Raiders have Derek Carr on the books and signed Marcus Mariota as a backup earlier in March, but head coach Jon Gruden's affinity for young quarterbacks is well-established. If Gruden likes one of the guys near the top of the draft, he has the assets to move up and grab one. Carr would then become trade fodder, with Mariota perhaps slotting in as a stopgap early in the season. Herbert was a four-year starter at Oregon, combing archetypal size and a strong arm with above-average athleticism. While his college career was never remarkable, he closed it out with Offensive MVP honors in the Rose Bowl and an MVP in the Senior Bowl. From a physical perspective, Herbert and Utah State's Jordan Love are the most talented quarterbacks in this class. If he finds the right system, it's possible he will wind up being the best signal-caller of the 2020 draft.
  8. Interesting article. For one reason we could be in site of that trade up. Raiders have the 12th and 19th picks. But there is also a rumor that teams have Herbert over Tua due to the injuries and not being able to do medical. The other interesting part is that teams are able to FaceTime prospects. NFL teams are permitted three calls/FaceTime sessions with a player per week. Those sessions cannot last longer than an hour, per a memo sent to NFL teams on how to handle the pre-draft process during the pandemic. Would love to find out who we are talking to.
  9. Yes. Take advantage of WR deep draft draft. I would also like to see how Hemingway does. Brady doesn’t use in line TE’s supposedly. And Hemingway could provide depth there. coupled with DeValve being able to play TE and the occasional reps at FB. Let’s hope Thomas has a breakout year. Would be great going forward.
  10. This contract doesn’t stop us from drafting a WR in this draft. I wouldn’t look for one early. But late is possible. Quinton Cepheus in the 5th could be one.
  11. If I am correct DeValve only got $720k last year. He will be below that threshold. what I am interested in is Irvin’s salary.
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