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  1. Jags and Washington won. So we are in first place for Trevor right now.
  2. Well it may be an interesting season to watch. No expectations and at least the offense looks ok.
  3. Looked like Pride jumped the crosser. He probably was supposed to stay back. Boston had to play catch-up.
  4. I want to see Rasul take the field with ## on his jersey. Hell I would buy one.
  5. Brand new team. It will be interesting seeing the starting day line up and how playing time is broken down. 2020 is just confusing.
  6. I’m guessing his hands in the receiving game could be his downfall. If Brady’s offense has a based around him catching the ball he could have just not gotten better at that. He was working on it last year. But you don’t easily change stone hands.
  7. And so it begins. Good luck to him. Hope he gets a ring.
  8. I know some people are hating on this but these are the types of signings I want to see. I want to see what the supposed “ultimate motivator/ teacher “ that Rhule is supposed to be work magic with some of these guys. No team can sign nothing but pro bowlers. I want to get young underachievers and work some magic with them. Some will work out. Some will not. But it is worth it to find a couple gems before they take off.
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