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  1. Teddy has already outpaced my expectations for him. But since I foolishly hopped on the Kyle Allen bandwagon will let the season play out. But I am very hopeful.
  2. Since I mistakenly hopped on the Kyle Allen wagon last year I will wait and see. But I like what I see so far.
  3. The nail in the coffin. Falcon fans can eat that! Makes me feel like
  4. This has been the best pressure with only rushing 4 in years. Hope Burns is ok.
  5. Funny thing is he came out of college with pass blocking being his strong point and he couldn’t run block.
  6. Agreed. Phil snow needs to get some props.
  7. I watched Little on a bunch of plays specifically yesterday. I thought he was better than what I was anticipating. But that bar was pretty low. hopefully he continues to progress. He still lunges too much and has his pads to far over his knees. That’s an issue if he can’t fix that.
  8. While I am looking at getting a top 3 pick next year with the current panthers roster, it is still a wonderful start tot he season watching the Falcons absolutely collapse in 3 straight weeks. Bears under Foles just put up 20 unanswered points in the 4th quarter. So amusing.
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