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  1. Oh well. Since we have a month here is something for you trolls to pass the time.
  2. Being indicated for a specific disease or treatment is just a guideline for physicians many times. From being in the industry physicians use all kind of things for off label uses. Sometimes it isn’t worth the investment from a company to struggle through the FDA process to get a indication for a disease state that is not that prevalent. But that doesn’t stop physicians from using it for treatment. And doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
  3. IMO Mayo isn’t worth 3 mil. He was out of position for his run fits constantly. Maybe he could get better but for 3 mil no thanks. AJ Klein he is not.
  4. In this slow time this content couldn’t come at a better time. Here is a really cool film breakdown of DJ and Samuel. Man I hope they explode this year.
  5. Man I like McCoy. Replacing him with Suh. Give me a break. If McCoy was a panther for his entire career he would be in our hall of honor. I hope he sticks around for longer than just this year. Such a good guy to replace TS with in the lockeroom. And his play ain’t to shabby either.
  6. Speed guys always have an advantage until the pads come on. Intrigued by how he and Miller will look in Spartanburg
  7. Here is what I am talking about. Before his left arm was away from his body. Now it is in tight. That will help reduce the.m stress on his throwing shoulder and provide him a quicker more accurate release.
  8. So here is my take on the new mechanics. This is coming from a guy who has caught multiple major leaguers in Baseball and have worked with throwing mechanics my whole life as a catcher. It’s not exactly the same but I do think I understand what they are trying to do. It’s nothing drastic. It’s not like we are trying to fix Blake Bortles throwing motion. However, if you are watching his throwing arm you are watching-the wrong arm. Just like a pitcher his throwing arm is initially directed by his left arm. If you watch the vid he is making a concerted effort to keep his left arm very close to his body. That is different than old cam. Keeping that arm close to your body will keep your left shoulder from flying open. That will provide a much more accurate release point and and put less stress on the overall rotator cuff by not having the throwing arm open wide in a larger arc. It’s should translate into a quicker and more repeatable release point To compensate for this his footwork will have to be better. And he will have to step into his longer throws. He tends to sit on his back heels many times and rely on his arm Time will tell if he can incorporate this all together or will he revert to his old motion when the bullets are flying.
  9. That would be 2 years in a row with 4th round potential long term gems. That the kind of things I want to see. I also think Scarlett and Godwin have some potential in the future. Not looking for a whole out of them this year.
  10. Grier’s accuracy in short quick routes is supposed to be his strength. He puts the ball where the receiver is in perfect position to keep running. I hope this continues. Would be great if we had a quality backup with trade potential in the future.
  11. Question: Why the fug are half the people on the huddle more concerned about thread titles than the actual content?
  12. So this could be the best news I have heard this offseason. Ian rappaport is reporting Cam has changed his mechanics and delivery. While I love Cam he sometimes drives me crazy with his undisciplined mechanics. If he is healthy and has bought into doing everything, including fixing his mechanics, this year could be outstanding. Be interesting to see him throw tomorrow.
  13. I correctly pointed out that you did not do your homework on our upcoming defense and how McCoy will fit in. Creole Troll.
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