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  1. And so it begins. Good luck to him. Hope he gets a ring.
  2. I know some people are hating on this but these are the types of signings I want to see. I want to see what the supposed “ultimate motivator/ teacher “ that Rhule is supposed to be work magic with some of these guys. No team can sign nothing but pro bowlers. I want to get young underachievers and work some magic with them. Some will work out. Some will not. But it is worth it to find a couple gems before they take off.
  3. Not that I am huge on this deal. But I haven’t gotten to use this in forever.
  4. And to think that RR refused to put one decent safety on the field.
  5. Actually develop players who are not drafted in the first round.
  6. That has been my prediction. Don’t know if it is enough for Trevor Lawrence. But at least a shot at Fields or Lance is definitely in the cards for next year.
  7. According to Bleacher Report we will get Trevor Lawrence. Carolina Panthers Other than star tailback Christian McCaffrey, the Carolina Panthers will be hardly recognizable in 2020. Free-agent addition Teddy Bridgewater will replace longtime starting quarterback Cam Newton, and stalwart middle linebacker Luke Kuechly retired this offseason. The Panthers also have a new head coach in Matt Rhule. Carolina's 2020 opponents went a combined 127-127-2 last season, which could help the new-look Panthers stay competitive in a tough division. But they aren't likely to compete for a division title, or even a wild-card spot. Instead, the Panthers can only hope to play spoiler against the Saints, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings, especially since they face all those teams on the road. Prediction: 3-13 Jags finish 4-12.
  8. I sure as hell hope that the Saints have something to play for in week 17.
  9. Yeah. Still not feeling optimistic if our starting corners remain the same. I think we will play hard but we are trying to implement a new offense, defense with no offseason and a ton of new players. And a coaching staff that will have some learning curves in the NFL Im sticking with 3-13.
  10. Week 13 bye. Those rookies on defense are gonna be gassed by then.
  11. We have a ton of Safties for the first time in a decade. And virtually only one starting CB. So I would say we will have 3 Safties with one playing the big nickel.
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