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  1. My thing with Gano is that it seems he always has some nagging injury every season. I guess I have no tolerance for a kicker who is hurt a lot. May just be overplayed in my mind but every year after he struggles we here about some kind of injury.
  2. Yes it was a mind numbing game to watch for the most part last night. But I was excited to see Scarlett show that his game can translate to the next level. He ran hard. He has enough wiggle to make guys miss. And showed decent hands to assist in the passing game. I love to watch punishing runners. And he certainly brings that to the field. If he continues to build on his performance the next couple games we may have found a guy that can actually spell CMC for a series without being a liability. Here are a couple GIF’s from college. He looked just like this last night. Decent vision and the ability to drag defenders to the first down line. Having a guy to punish the defense and be able to run the clock down at the end of a game after CMC has them gassed will be a pleasant addition for the future
  3. Couldn’t have come at a better time. Hoping he and Miller will become bookends of future. He truly has the highest potential to become the next Mack or Miller from an elite athletic ability. Lucky he dropped to 16.
  4. Hey. The good thing is that New England will have absolutely nothing to gameplay against for the 3rd preseason game. It was such a mess The NE coaching staff won’t even be able to watch the film.
  5. I have been intrigued by him since we drafted him. At first take I was like wtf? But after I watched his tape, I like how he runs. One of his first runs of the night reminded me of his run against Tennessee. Bouncing and dragging people towards the first down marker. Love how hard he runs. This is why I jumped on David Newtons comment that he was loosing ground to Holyfield when Scarlett was hurt. It was clear last night who has the better upside. Holyfield is a nice story and I like the kid. But he is a plodder. He doesn’t come close to the matchup issue that Scarlett provides. I have been saying it for a while. Scarlett will be the #2 on this team to spell CMC.
  6. So I would not call Carters 7 tackles a positive. He was exposed the whole first half in coverage. I can give a pass to smith in coverage bc he is 240 lbs. but Carter is 225 lbs. what he is supposed to do is be good in coverage. He was victimized last night. Now maybe he isn’t up to speed from his knee injury in the spring. But overall the tape doesn’t lie. Confused by him last night.
  7. I’m not thrilled to say the least right now. You might not agree with this but I am gonna give Grier a little bit of a pass right now. He was a 3rd round pick for a reason. The game is just way too fast for him right now. He needs a redshirt year. I will hold longterm judgement on him right now. Allen on the other hand has a full season under his belt and looks as lost as Grier. Yeah he was an UDFA, but even his passes looked like ducks out there. Next 2 games will be interesting to see who can calm down and handle the speed of the game.
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