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  1. You made the correlation between population growth and GDP not me. You wont address them because you have no reply. My comment about the "top 3' was to debunk your notion of that correlation. If your point is correct why did West Virginia not grow? Because there is a big difference between growing he economy for a few as oppose to growing the economy for the population in general.
  2. Not if you think Cam will be available after the draft. And I think that possibility to is high.
  3. Uggg... OK... This conversation is all over the place. First inflation, then rapid growth, which it wasnt, Ugg.. first it was inflation, now its population. and no there is not a direct corrolation between Wrong? I only posted data from the the federal government. Secondly there is no direct correlation between PERCENTAGE population growth and PERCENTAGE GDP growth. West Virginia had the highest DGP growth by percentage in 2019 and LOST population. And the premise is just archaic and dumb to begin with when you consider to top 3 (THREE) people have more wealth than the bottom 162,000,000! And its way more complicated than that. The way consumer goods variables used to calculate inflation now are considerable different than they were just 50 years ago. Examples: communication expenses should be weighted for more now than they were in the 1960s. Its next to impossible to have a job without a phone now. Not so in the 1960s. Medical cost are almost impossible to compare now than they were 50 years ago simply because the way people consume medical cost is way different. And on top of all that in the 1930s - 1970s you had whole swaths of the U.S. citizens that werent even considered in this data.
  4. Not really, here are stats. And clearly you are wrong regarding rapid expansion from 1913 to 1971. What about the great depression of the 30s? https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/inflation/historical-inflation-rates/
  5. So to be clear...are you saying that i flation on avg is higher now than it was prior to 1971?
  6. Funny. You cant dispute the examples I gave. Secondly, I wont provide any personal information to make my point. So tell me specifically. If a player knows hes hurt, and the coaching staff tells him to go in, should he? Secondly are college players wrong for not playing in games? Yes or no.
  7. My post was to point out being good at a job was not enough and there is a down side to capitalism as a rebuttal. Prior to my post there were statements about "serfs" , "If you dont have a good job then you simple are taking advantage of the american dream", "they said you would have a job about nursing", so on and so on, but for some reason you wanna try to call me out about "dicing up the country". It started waaay before I posted. Seems like you are butt hurt about something I stated. Sorry if the truth hurts... well so be it.
  8. I was simply using an example. Not dicing the country into little groups.
  9. Somewhat agree. But having watched him for a couple of years I think if he was tasked with concentrating on what position he would be great at that as well. I think he is THE can't miss in the draft.
  10. Sounds like you don't understand it's a business so I wouldn't expect you to understand the commitment that professional players must make for to ensure the longevity of their careers. . At the end of the day "your team" doesn't give a crap about you personally. And very few teammates do. History has shown that. For example the NFL and specifically owners covered up the impact of CTE until the public exposure was to great. Tepper doesn't care about the long term health of Cam or any other player. Tepper is there to make a profit. Players need to take care of themselves. A clear example of what I am saying from the players perspective is the fact that top talent in college football refusing to play in bowl games. Jaylen Smith was a lock for a top 5 pick until he was hurt in a bowl game. Now every year multiple players refuse to participate because they understood they need to protect their careers. So stop it with that rah rah none sense. Its a business and players SHOULD make business decisions.
  11. Yep. The whole US is all about Texas so you shouldnt be scared.
  12. Yes it was. Til the "everybody can make it if they try hard none sense came in".
  13. Texas has more debt than what? Again, in general states that have supply side economics (lower taxes, less government support) are less likely to have better debt to gdp ratios. Texas is an exception for a very specific reason which is about to crash now. They are very dependent on consumer tax. No tax on wages. So there will be a double hit to them. Texas has performed well because they have given great tax breaks to corporations which has bought in jobs, and they have a huge service base economic sector. Furthermore look at states that have strong supply side policies, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky until recently, Tennessee all are at the bottom of the debt list AND with very little safety net. So Texas is the beacon on the hill for so called conservatives now, but history says it wont last.
  14. There are plenty of examples where a team asked a player if "he's ready to go" and the player said no. If you are player and a coach ask you to "go in" and you know you are putting yourself at further risk then you are just stupid.
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