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  1. He did. Again people are not having it. People vote against their interest all the time. And especially in the US if they think someone else is getting a piece of the pie who they deem underserving. Its kinda like the counter argument to student loan forgiveness. "I paid mine, the youngsters need to pay theirs." When it's completely different circumstances.
  2. No they dont. The US citizenry love the Insurance company paradigm. Most adults over the age of 40 are not having it. And did I say it was dumbass? My point was if you cant get all of what you want then get what you can then work forward. And as long as you have insurance companies you really are not solving the problem, because they are the problem.
  3. Yes it was the heritage foundations plan. Ironic huh? .But out of that came pre existing conditions, a several other popular options. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But again there is a snowball chance in hell the US adopts anything better? Zero. Just look at the opinion polls. The vast majority of people are just against it. Never let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of progress.
  4. Pretty much any legislation that has been passed to help people has been done by democrats. And when you consider how much legislation that has been blocked by republicans its no comparison. Tell me... what happened to repeal and replace? Republicans cant even submit a plan for healthcare.
  5. I get what you saying. But the cornerstone of Bernie's platform, universal healthcare would have never passed. I work in healthcare outcomes / healthcare global supply chain, and I a a firm believer in socialized medicine, but if you talk to the average person in the US, regardless of party affiliation and especially if they have corporate sponsored healthcare, they are vehemently against it. The US is just not ready... yet. Insane but true.
  6. Does that mean he can tell others how to vote. By LAW there had to be vote once the confirmation was opened. Or should he have pulled a McConnell?
  7. George Bush's first term was much worse that Trump's and George's second term was nothing to write home about either Your statement. Or did you forget that quickly?
  8. What does Bush's presidency have to do with what Trump does? Zero! Why do you keep trying to confuse issues? Trump's 4 years suck. Period.
  9. The vote was 52 - 48. Joe Biden had 4 votes?
  10. You make valid points regarding Israel. Do you think Biden would have met with Kim? Do you think Biden would disagree with the intel community regarding elections? Do you think Biden would agree with Trump on the wall? DACA? Do you think Biden would invite Putin to the G7? Do you think Biden would align himself with Trumps policy regarding the Kurds? The Paris Climate Accord?
  11. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/02/biden-sanctions-relief-iran-coronavirus-162016 You are trying to read into something that isnt there. No where is it stated that they would not got back to the status prior to Trump's decision to pull out of the agreement. It states that Iran would need to stop its march forward to a nuclear weapon. Then there could be support. BTW I think the whole thing is full of BS. If I was the president of any country that had natural resources the first thing on my agenda would be to arm with nukes. How you gonna tell me I can't have any when you have 5k?
  12. So tell me what has "conservatism" given us say since Reagan took office for example? That's a large enough sample size.
  13. Interesting.... Are Farmers better? The deficit? Steel workers? How about the coal industry? Surely tarriffs???? no...maybe Trump's standby comparison.. world respect? naw not that either? Ethics? I know transparency????...ughh exhausting.
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