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  1. you can't be serious. Are you ? comparing a player that has played 2 games to the GOAT who has played 271?
  2. Are you saying the video came out before his foot was examined? So he didnt know it was hurt?
  3. yeah ...irs not like they lost 3 starters last year on their olin
  4. Mahomes is the best player in the league and theres no close second
  5. He had plenty of velocity Thursday. Say hes lost 10%. Who do you think has more velocity at this point Brees or Cam? I'll say easily Cam. My point is he could have been better in the past and even better now if he would have simply honed his craft.
  6. And thats the problem. You guys are so impressed with his arm strength. But no qb can be consistently accurate without good mechanics AND it puts unnecessary strain on your arm. Im sure Cam has been told this but he like you guys are just enamored with his physical tools...thats not enough.
  7. There has been so much talk about Cam's arm, legs, foot, the Oline... but no one mentioned his throwing mechanics. They still flat out suck. Until he fixes that, which I doubt , he will never be consistently accurate. Especially down field.
  8. None of that explains missing open receivers
  9. Cam has NEVER led his team to back to back winning seasons.
  10. So you want a 30 yr old QB with a history of shoulder injuries to run more....that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  11. One of those guys has never had a defense and will go to the HOF
  12. The year Cam won the MVP was an outlier....take out that year , then take out his worse year and that is who Cam truly is.
  13. I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or stating this in support of Cam LOL!
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