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  1. Im no insider or anything, but if we decided to go with a new coach keep an eye out for the Steelers. Yes Tepper's old team, if they fail to make the playoffs they could get rid of Mike Tomlin. Wouldn't be surprised if he replaced Ron if we decide to go that route.
  2. The fact that the Chiefs are 5-0 with one of the worst defenses in the NFL is scary. If their defense can play solid, they will be the best team by far.
  3. Take yo non believing ass to another board with that crap.
  4. Nah, I was totally wrong about this one.lol I didn't realize the Chiefs had one of the worst defenses in the NFL.
  5. Brees is not even close to retiring. Dude still has a lot of football left in him. Manning was on his last legs when he got his.
  6. I think the Chiefs offense would easily drop 60 on our defense if we played them this year.
  7. I got the Chiefs in a blowout tonight. I think they show the world they are without question the best team in the league.
  8. I would sell my soul for Von Miller.
  9. People complaining about the defense, our biggest problem is the D line gets no pressure on the QB. They will continue to suck if we don't address this problem. The problem is finding a good pass rusher who is available. Those guys are important so its going to be hard to find an impact player at that position. Who's available?
  10. lol these Luke fanboi's on here are ruthless! It's nothing wrong with telling the truth. Luke has not been his normal self this year. Guy is missing tackles every game. It happens, hopefully he gets better as the season goes along. Chill out guys, its a long season. The real problem with the defense is the Dline we have zero pass rush!
  11. If somebody say anything but Dline, im going to question if you watch our team. We need a pass rusher in the worst way.