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  1. Im talking the last few years, not a damn preseason game.smh My goodness people wake up! This O line is poo, we have no true leader on that line. Trent Williams is vocal and is known to call out his teammates for protecting his QB. We need someone who will take the responsibility and be that guy on the O line. We have a bunch of softies with no motor. Someone needs to protect Cam's blindside and the answer is not on this roster.
  2. Our franchise QB Cam Newton is breaking down right before our eyes. If we have any hope of him returning to the glory days we must protect the face of the franchise. Watching that preseason game last night and our O line was trash! Cam will not last half a season playing behind that crap. All I ask if for you to be the owner you said you were going to be. Please Mr. Tepper can you fix this O line. Unlike JR, I believe in you and know you will make a way out of no way. Please get Cam some protection up front. It is sad how the media is now looking at him as a injury prone QB on the decline. We all see it, the O line can't block. All we need is a leader for that group who plays nasty and will not tolerate Cam getting hit every other play. That guy is Trent muthafugin Williams! Please Mr. Tepper lets make one more move to get this problem solved. This O line needs a leader and a tough guy at that. Trent Williams is the key to our success moving forward. We must protect Cam. Get Trent Williams and lets win this Super Bowl!
  3. Time to bump this thread. Give up a 1st round pick, we have to protect Cam at all costs. This O line needs a true LT.
  4. I want to see if this Curtis Samuel hype is real. He has been the talk of camp, lets see if those skills translates on Sundays. Of course I want to see if Cam shoulder is back right, so a deep ball or two would be nice.
  5. Of all the QB's why are you worried about Russell Wilson? How about we worry about the collapse of Drew Brees and Matt Ryan?
  6. You telling me Tyrod Taylor is not better than what we have currently at backup QB?
  7. Tyrod Taylor was a FA and we chose not to even pursue despite knowing Cam's shoulder would be a huge question moving forward.
  8. Sign Kaepernick as I have been saying for the last 2 years. We don't have to change the gameplan and Kap can still run the rpo plays Cam runs. He is better than what we have now and he knows how to play QB on this level. Right now we just need a QB with experience. Grier was a wasted pick and will probably be the 3rd string QB this year. Allen just is not a NFL QB. We need help!lol
  9. lol Grier has no type of coordination, he just throwing poo all over the place.lol
  10. Grier is not ready, did you see that easy pic 6? The only reason Grier is getting hype is because he was a 3rd round pick. We could have got him in round 4 and use that pick on a better player. Grier is a project, we need a legit backup who can hold the fork down if Cam gets hurt.
  11. We need a backup who can escape pressure. Kap at least provides something that is a sure thing. He can also run the rpo plays we run with Cam. The only thing I hate about Kap is that it would put a lot of unnecessary attention on our team.
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