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  1. He will still be good, I just don't think he benefits from a 3-4 defense. I expect his tackles to go down and he will see a lot more blocks this year from O lineman.
  2. Anybody concerned about Kuechly in this system? He has to take on more blocks with one less extra lineman. Not sure if he will be the same player in a 3-4. Which is why I think OLB will be our pick. We need another playmaker at the LB spot someone who can run and tackle. Not sold on our LB core besides Kuechly. Shaq has his up's and downs. Not consistent enough to be counted on like TD was. Would not be shocked if we go LB in round 1.
  3. I know there has been talk of us using the 3-4 scheme. So is this official are we going to a 3-4 defense full time? If so I think DE is off the board in round 1. I could see us going after a OLB in round 1.
  4. Trill OG

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    lol he will not be the pick. We still going Dline in round 1 buddy. It's much easier to find a OLB in the later rounds and still get good production.
  5. Is this guy still good? Haven't heard from him since his Seattle days. I still think DE is our main priority. Irvin will probably be a depth guy.
  6. Depends on if we are done in FA. We could easily sign another veteran FS for a decent amount. I think we go Dline in the 1st 2 rounds. Our pass rush needs to be addressed. We can have the best DB's in the NFL if the QB isn't getting pressured eventually WR's will get open.
  7. I would be fine with that. Use the draft to focus on Dline and grab another OT in round 2.
  8. Wishing death on a man because he is a dirty player? Im not here to judge, but this is extreme.
  9. Trill OG

    Montez Sweat has heart issue.

    For him yes, for us it's great news. Star had a similar condition. This will scare some teams off a little, hopefully he drops to us.
  10. Trill OG

    Lets talk Nickel

    Only way I think we go DB is if in this scenario if Greedy Williams falls to us. Otherwise I think we are going DE or DT.
  11. Trill OG

    Lets talk Nickel

    We could have the best DB's in the NFL. It doesn't matter if we don't get pressure on the QB. When a QB has all day to throw eventually someone will get open. I wouldn't be surprised if we double dip at DE or at least a DE and DT in the 1st 2 rounds. We need to get a pass rush before anything else. This is a passing league, DE's and DT's are becoming the most important positions on defense. Look at guys like Donald/Mack/Watt are getting paid compared to other defensive players. Pass rush! We need em!
  12. Trill OG

    Post FA Draft (Final)

    I would be surprised as well. If he somehow manages to fall out of the top 10, I would be disappointed if we didn't trade up to get him. Especially with our need at DE. Sweat has been my top target before the combine, just so happens he killed the combine and his stock went up. Before the combine most had him as a mid first round pick, now most mocks have him as a top 5 pick.lol
  13. Trill OG

    Eric Berry Released

    Oh look steven8989 with another "this player is not happening" response. Im shocked!
  14. Trill OG

    Willing to Trade Down?

    I agree. If Montez Sweat falls, I would trade up to get him in a heartbeat. Dude is a freak athlete with the right coaching he could be special in this league.
  15. Trill OG

    Eric Berry Released

    Cmac followed him to. If we were somehow able to sign Berry, this would make the draft so much easier. Basically focus on Dline and maybe another OT.