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  1. Tyrod Taylor was a FA and we chose not to even pursue despite knowing Cam's shoulder would be a huge question moving forward.
  2. Sign Kaepernick as I have been saying for the last 2 years. We don't have to change the gameplan and Kap can still run the rpo plays Cam runs. He is better than what we have now and he knows how to play QB on this level. Right now we just need a QB with experience. Grier was a wasted pick and will probably be the 3rd string QB this year. Allen just is not a NFL QB. We need help!lol
  3. lol Grier has no type of coordination, he just throwing poo all over the place.lol
  4. Grier is not ready, did you see that easy pic 6? The only reason Grier is getting hype is because he was a 3rd round pick. We could have got him in round 4 and use that pick on a better player. Grier is a project, we need a legit backup who can hold the fork down if Cam gets hurt.
  5. We need a backup who can escape pressure. Kap at least provides something that is a sure thing. He can also run the rpo plays we run with Cam. The only thing I hate about Kap is that it would put a lot of unnecessary attention on our team.
  6. Going to Miyabi, will probably get me a steak n shrimp entrée with broccoli.
  7. It got us a 15-1 record and a SB appearance in 2015. How quickly they forget. Relax!
  8. When Cam scores a TD on the opening drive tomorrow night, this thread will be forgotten. You guys overreact over every little thing.
  9. I just realized one of the greatest defensive players in NFL History played for our franchise and I never knew he did. Who remembered Reggie White in a Panthers uniform?
  10. People laughing, but this is pathetic on our part. I don't understand why we are still using Wofford as our TC site. I went on a recruiting visit there in 08. Obviously things change, but they shouldn't be hosting a NFL franchise. If we want to give SC exposure to the team just move it to South Carolina university. Under Armour would love to have one of their top athletes with a Under Amour based university im sure. Wofford no disrespect is a awful campus. I just hope they upgraded their dorm rooms since 08 because they were terrible.
  11. At this point im convinced Curtis Samuel will have 1000+ yards receiving. Seems like he is due for a breakout year. You can't be the talk of camp all summer and not produce on the field. Im expecting a Samuel to enter the conversation as an elite WR this year.
  12. Is he still good? Seems like he has been in the league forever.
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