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  1. lol I wish they never got rid of the 2k series. It would be the top selling sports game in America if 2k ever made a comeback to the NFL.
  2. I have a lot more free time on my hands and I want to get back into playing video games. This is for the gameheads. As a guy who hasn't played Madden since my middle school days back in 04, give me a reason why I should purchase this game? Also which system PS4 or Xbox 1?
  3. Actually took a campus visit during my high school days. Even as a 1a player, I thought the campus experience was subpar.
  4. No disrespect, but I cant wait until we move away from Wofford. Anything associated with Jerry Richardson should be banned from the team. Let some other small campus get a chance to host a NFL team.
  5. If McCoy doesn't choose us, any chance we take a gamble on Eric Berry. We can afford him easily now. Obviously he has major health concerns. But we have ignored FS for a long time. Why not offer him a 1 year deal for say 5mil? Crazy how we now can afford to go after a big name via FA or trade now that we have cap space.
  6. This is great news regardless if we sign McCoy or not. Im sure their will be another solid player get cut before the season. If that happens we easily have the cap space to go after that player. We can also make trades for big salary players who could be on the trade block. *So for the people all in on McCoy don't get to sad, we could still be players down the road.
  7. Any word on Josh Norman getting cut from the Redskins?
  8. Just to even get a meeting is a positive sign for a franchise moving forward. We would have never made this type of move with JR as the owner. Tepper is really going after the bigger names since his short stint at owner. Hopefully we sign McCoy he can really help our defense. People forget just a few years ago he was the best DT in the game. Even now he is still a impact player, and on our Dline he would probably be our best player.
  9. Great news, hopefully we can get a visit. I think playing in the same division as his former team could play a huge factor.
  10. We can afford him, the issue is can we get a meeting before he makes a decision? McCoy/Poe/Short is a good start at D line. Add those young speed rushers and our defense could be better than expected this year. I would offer him 11 mil 1 year deal. McCoy is still an impact D lineman, and he is a leader. He fits the Panthers organization for sure.
  11. Would be a good signing but we have no cash.
  12. Burns legs needs strengthening for sure. His number 1 goal this offseason should be adding weight and getting stronger.
  13. We are running a 3-4 for sure. You don't draft Burns and Miller if you don't plan on using them to the best of their abilities. We have long athletic LB's who can rush the passer and have the ability to drop into coverage. We needed speed and we finally got it on defense. Burns is not a traditional 4-3 DE and not a 4-3 OLB(though he could probably play it), this pick was made specifically for a 3-4 defense. Drafting Miller in round 4 was the seal of approval. *Forgot we also signed a 3-4 OLB in Irvin.
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