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  1. Trill OG

    Devin White LSU

    No way he is even being considered. No more BPA type picks. We need sure fire starters!
  2. It will be if we keep running McCaffrey into the ground.
  3. CJ Anderson can get playing time with Todd Gurley, but can't see the field with Christian McCaffrey. Our coaching staff totally disrespected his talent as a downhill runner.
  4. Coop was a game changer for that offense. People can hate on the Cowboys, but you can't deny they are complete on both sides of the ball.
  5. Cowboys were my SB pick. Im sticking with them. I just think they have a complete team. We will see tonight. Can't wait!
  6. lol I totally forgot Kelvin Benjamin was on the Chiefs roster. How fitting he has done nothing so far.
  7. Colts are a year away. If they played against a QB that could pass they wouldn't even be playing right now.
  8. Perhaps Hill makes him look slow and lazy?
  9. Trill OG

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    People thinking this paves the way for Shaq Thompson? I wouldn't be so sure he is a lock to come back. We cut him and save 9 mil. You telling me I couldn't find a cheaper option in FA better than Shaq Thompson? I think we may have a new group of LB's next year with Kuechly.
  10. These type of threads are going to look stupid when Cam bounces back next year with a healthy shoulder.lol
  11. His decision wont be swayed by the message board, but his decision can be swayed by his agent and whatever business endorsements he has off the field. Cam is a star, he could want to go to a bigger market before his career is up. Imagine how much his stardom would blossom playing in a market like New York. I wouldn't be shocked if he left Carolina or at least test the FA market when he becomes a FA.
  12. How quickly people forget what a healthy Cam Newton can do in this league. You fans act like it wasn't just 3 years ago when this man was the MVP of the league and led the Panthers on a Superbowl run with nothing to work with on offense besides Greg Olsen.smh If Cam shoulder is healthy we are in the playoffs right now. How can people give up on after 1 bad season? At least let the man get his shoulder right before we make these silly statements. I wouldn't be shocked if he left Carolina when he becomes a FA in 2020. He is really to big a star to be playing in Charlotte. People must forgot how little attention we got before we drafted Cam. They only talk about in the media because of Cam Newton. Yet his own fans are ungrateful.smh
  13. Doesn't matter, they already beat probably the best team in the NFC. They have the gameplan to beat New Orleans.
  14. Cowboys are going to the Superbowl. That Saints game made me a believer. They have the best rushing attack in the playoffs. If it comes down to passing they have Prescott and Cooper to make a play. The defense is solid. They have a complete team this year.