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  1. Poe was the same way in Atlanta last year. He hasn’t looked the same since his back injury a few years ago.
  2. Ball4life

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    Their 1 game out of the playoffs with 8 games to go.
  3. Ball4life

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    All im saying is Takk is a good player and I don’t think he’ll be a fluke like Beasley.
  4. Ball4life

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    Takk’s first year starting and he has 5.5 sacks in essentially 6 games. He’s much better than Beasley. Reed is nothing more than a decent depth guy but graded well against the run last year. (Not sure what his run grade is this year)
  5. Ball4life

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    Falcons are 1 game out of the playoffs with 8 games left...and Deion Jones is back soon and now Irvin is signed.
  6. Ball4life

    Ron on the Hot Seat

  7. I said the Falcons aren’t healthy like you claimed. That’s not blaming injuries. You clearly didn't watched the game. Matt Ryan dominated the whole game...it had nothing to do with any prevent defense that you’re talking about.
  8. Yep. Saying the Falcons lost a close game to the Bengals sure is silly!
  9. Lol what? He said the Bengals dominated the Falcons. Not sure why that post bothers you..
  10. Falcons were not healthy. Not sure why you keep saying this. The Falcons offense is top 6 in the NFL (29.0 PPG). That isn’t the problem with the them right now. And the game was back and forth between the Bengals. Green had 78 yards....Boyd had the better game. You have some weird delusion about the Falcons. It’s strange. Whatever you said the opposite is true. Lol
  11. 1 point loss = dominated?
  12. You just said the Falcons were healthy and blamed the Panthers loss on injuries. Lmao
  13. With Grady Jarrett ruled out i wouldn’t doubt it at all. I would load up on Falcons and Steelers players on your fantasy teams. Lol
  14. Julio, Ridley, and another star WR? Would be unstoppable!