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  1. I’ll never forget that one time the Kyle Allen led panthers almost beat Green Bay in GB in the snow.
  2. I’ve been conditioned to expect nothing to happen. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  3. I’d be happy with Tua. He can sit behind Cam for a few more years.
  4. He is a below average athlete by NFL standards where at his position you are routinely called the most athletic position in the NFL.
  5. DJ is only 22. CMC and Samuel are both under 25 as well. We don’t need Superman trucking through defense Cam. We just need older and wiser Cam to get the ball to these playmakers. We will be alright. Please come back Cam.
  6. So the organization has more time to conduct an adequate coaching search. It gives them time to evaluate prospects the rest of the year.
  7. I feel you. This organization from the top clearly isn’t prioritizing a winning product. Why should we care if they don’t? There is nothing wrong with that.
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