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  1. Bet you were one of the ones protesting the quarantine with your 300 dollar poorly built AR that you have no idea how to effectively zero.
  2. Are you implying Trump is a superior diplomat of foreign policy than fuging James Mattis?
  3. When the exchange of goods and services is more valuable than human life, this is what happens (“Looting and rioting”). I support that poo 100%. I just wish the minorities would (all) arm themselves like the white red necks that did in front of the capital.
  4. Won’t buy another madden. Until 2K gets or shares the license I’m all the way out.
  5. Everyone is hyper focused on Fields and Lawrence. Newman and the kid from NDSU are solid, potential franchise QBs in the next draft among others.
  6. Dang I didn’t realize it took almost 3 months to arrest the guy that did that and the local attorney general drafting a memo filled with blatant bias defending him. thanks for sharing.
  7. Seriously fug off. This man was just murdered in broad daylight and your thin blue line fraternity behind it still hasn’t been arrested. fug you.
  8. As noted above, that very statement has been repeated on here several times for the past decade. It never happens.
  9. Saints fans are delusional about this guy lmao. They really expect him to be a franchise qb.
  10. Drew Brees circa 2014: “pressure up the middle is the one thing I hate.”
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