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  1. Yes the poor baby got a boo boo on his thumb. Apparently everyone thinks it is game keepers thumb.
  2. Lol at Brees. He will lick his fingers raw standing on the sideline stewing.
  3. Founders all day session ale. Lower alcohol with great taste so you can drink all day while watching the games.
  4. We seem to have a set game plan and are reluctant to deviate from or make adjustments to that plan as the game unfolds. It's mind boggling.
  5. With a body like that I don't give a damn what she looks like in the face.
  6. The OP should have his new thread privileges revoked. Nothing but constant click bait.
  7. Word is he has a bad habit of showing up late to team meetings and also tested positive for pot.
  8. Swole kicker hasn't proven anything yet. This situation could still be a real poo show.
  9. I think one of the biggest issues is putting guys in the wrong position. Williams to right tackle, Moton to left, maybe Little at left guard would seem like a better lineup. Hopefully Paradis comes around some after more practice time.
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