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  1. Start Grier for the rest of the season. We really really really need a QB upgrade.
  2. Wow! I’ve never seen back to back tds by a defender before.
  3. Don’t want. Mediocre arm strength won’t translate.
  4. It was an ok read until you started the Marty section. Marty is the ultimate sycophant and has no business being employed by the Panthers.
  5. Weatherly and Okung have been pretty big disappointments. They seem to be mailing it in.
  6. When did we start taking anything Joe Person says seriously?
  7. Interesting and somewhat flattering comments about Rhule: Which coach has done the most with the least? • Panthers coach Matt Rhule didn’t get a single Coach of the Year vote, probably because you don’t get that sort of award without a winning record. But he was mentioned by eight different personnel people in response to this question. “Rhule has his team in every game, they look sound, and seem to play good, complementary football,” said an AFC exec. This is a guy who was coaching at Baylor a year ago and had no offseason to implement his culture and schematic approach. Impressive.” An NFC exec added, “Competitive in every game with a young, rebuilding roster, and without their best player [Christian McCaffrey] for a good majority of the season.” And then there was this from another AFC personnel director: “Rhule’s right behind Brian [Flores] in terms of getting a very thin and young roster to compete at such a high level in Year 1, with no preseason. Regardless of record, no one expects an easy day at the office facing Matt and the Panthers. Future’s bright in Carolina.” https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/11/12/nfl-midseason-report-patrick-mahomes-michael-jordan-covid19
  8. I will be surprised if he is back with us next season. I realize he had very good reasons to opt out but with a new coaching staff I believe his chances are slim to none as far as being brought back.
  9. These guys don’t quit. We have a talent discrepancy compared to most teams we play. With an upgrade in talent at a few key positions the Panthers will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.
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