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  1. Tolbert is trolling here. Cam controlled the time line of his surgeries. It’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise.
  2. Rivera is just cashing checks at this point. Like the poster above said, he will improve them to a point of mediocrity, then it will all implode.
  3. Well he is a JAG, but I could live with those numbers. It just seems like a large contingent of folks on here think he will be Clausen level of suckitude.
  4. 3500+ yards passing, 2-1 TD to interception ratio, 7-9 or better record.
  5. If Teddy balls out this season will you eat your quota of crow?
  6. I don’t understand how anyone can watch Jimmy G and think he is better than Teddy. Jimmy G is on a Trubisky level of bad.
  7. I just don’t think they are top tier QBs. Stafford has been cursed to play in Detroit and puts up numbers, but they are perennial losers. Wentz is a bitch and is disliked by his teammates, plus he is fragile and is hurt often.
  8. Teddy and Stafford and Wentz are all JAGS. Interchangeable parts. Teddy will be fine with the new system. All he has to do is get the ball to our weapons.
  9. I would love it. I wouldn’t have to work hungover on Monday due to tailgating on Sunday and going to the games.
  10. Great athlete at a position of need. Great pick. I love seeing us grab these high end athletes.
  11. Speed speed and more speed. I like it!
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