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  1. Ron will be canned at the end of this season, I think it’s fair to say that is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Guys need to realize they are playing for jobs from here on out. Whoever the next coach is will be looking at the tape of these last 6 games with a very critical eye.
  2. We are going to have to knock Matty boy around all game long and make him poop himself again.
  3. I was shocked that Tepper kept those two on board after last season. I guess Ron and Marty groveled enough at the 3 day meeting they had with Tepper after the season. I believe Tepper decided to give them one more season so he could get the business side how he wanted it. If great things didn’t happen with the 2019 season then heads will roll. Primarily Ron’s and Marty’s.
  4. The sooner you guys realize that Cam isn't coming back, the better off you will be. Come to terms with it.
  5. WTF was Winston doing there? Trying to kill Jerome Boger?
  6. The Saints have no honor or integrity. That will be their downfall.
  7. The sooner the Bears admit their mistake with Trubisky the better off they will be. He is an albatross on the neck of the franchise.
  8. NFL is so fugging corrupt. It's disgusting.
  9. If we keep winning, each week you will see a "leaked" report that Cam is still rehabbing his injury and isn't ready yet. Makes it easier on the coach not to have to answer the question about putting Cam back behind center.
  10. You cannot bench Kyle at this point. The team is on a roll, don't mess with that.
  11. Sorry for your loss Ellis. Your mom sounds like she was a wonderful woman. You will always have her in your heart.
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