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  1. It’s one fuging game. On a short week. With a qb who was limited all last year and missed 10 days after NE game. Rams game, lucky we had a shot. Yesterday, hopefully a fluke Cam. Oline needs work but damn, we’re not 10 games into season. At least Cam can throw now, just has to work on timing. Hurney did an awesome with what he had to work with, give it time. As a panthers fan, all you have is optimism. Loose that and you’re not a panthers fan since we’ve never won a super bowl - optimism is the only thing that keeps us a fan. Chill the fug out. (Disclaimer, I was at the game and haven’t watched the replay yet of how bad the throws actually were. I doubt I can/will). Keep on pounding
  2. Downside if you don’t use the wallet, the Panthers app you still need internet to access. What if you get a phone call while your in line and the Panthers app has to reload, could be lagging especially with all those people jammed into a tight space. Once it’s on the wallet no more need for internet
  3. We rolled in to north gate with 30 mins to game time. Usually security gate is backed up. Got through it pretty quick. We moved through ok until we were about 10 ppl away. A bills fan with his 4 kids and wife held up everything. He had all the tickets on his phone and none would scan. Stood there for 10 mins. Lines to left and right were backing up all the way to the metal detectors. From what I’ve seen if you don’t have one of latest version of iPhone it shows a barcode in Apple wallet(wife had an iPhone 7 at fan fest and it had issues scanning). Have newer iPhone it has the “hold near” technology seems to work no problem. Its the scanning a bar code that seems to be biggest issue, they had to have multiple scanners come over to try to scan. It’s going to be a nightmare come regular season with attendance doubled. Guess we’ll have to leave earlier, Tailgate killer
  4. True and 100% agree but 90mph after 500ft of braking is far better than 60mph with 20ft of braking
  5. Cruise control set to 14 over on highways. Insurance doesn’t get affected til 15 and cops know that. Pain of insurance going up is worse than ticket usually. It’s not the speeding that kills people these days it’s the incessant need to swerve in and out of lanes to get one car ahead and ride bumpers (while texting on top of it). Knee jerk braking causes way more wrecks from what I see on 485 and I’m on it every other day from Huntersville to Ballantyne. Tailgating needs tickets more than speeding does
  6. Simple analogy. Lets say I open a brewery. People love the brewery and spend tons of money at the brewery as well as Uber, taxis, hotel rooms because they can’t drive home....I should ask the government to fund part of the cost of building my brewery because of the extra dollars generated in taxes at all these other venues. This is only a discussion and proposal because it’s on a much larger billion dollar scale. It’s utter B.S.. Apply it to any business. Currently local governments(aka TAX dollars/OUR dollars) pay incentives for persuading mega corporations to come make MONEY in their city. It’s a house of cards in the long run. It won’t stop till it falls. How about I just be happy with the money I make with my brewery (insert billion dollar sports team) and leave the greed out of it.
  7. Who gives a fug about superb-owl being in their city. News flash 99.9% chance your team ain’t gonna be playing in it. Not sure about anyone else but I’m not paying $1000 per ticket to see 2 other teams play in my teams stadium. Build a 2 billion dollar stadium to host a single Super Bowl, 12- 15 years you get the chance to host another one...oh no wait there’s 5 other stadiums newer than yours. Want another one? Build a new stadium and so the cycle continues. Just a salty psl owner on verge of loosing psl with new stadium. Move the team bc you don’t get the deal you want? Call George Shinn and see how well that worked out with the city of Charlotte . Revamp memorial stadium for MLS, it holds 17k already.
  8. Absurd my ticket cost has gone up $500 in 4 yrs.(2 tickets) along with that, same parking lot has went from $300 to $600 for the season. Pricey hobby we have for 10 home games
  9. 514 row 4 = $2000.23 for 2 tickets. Not sure the breakdown. I think last year preseason tickets were around $45 each. I think we’re around $100-110 per regular season. Was just looking at 2015 stubs I saved and they were $74.50 for same seats (sad I won’t be getting that as a keepsake) but I think that was before they reduced preseason ticket price and inflated regular season to balance
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