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  1. And 42-year old Brady is consistently towards the top in QB1 snap count for the preseason. I would take a third of their Super Bowls and be happy.
  2. Still remember the post where Jeremy proclaimed it was an absolute steal of a signing. Lol.
  3. “Panthers and Bills have been grinding on each other...” guess who just said that
  4. So toxic around here. Can’t even enjoy a simple preseason game thread.
  5. Let's hope that carries over to the regular season because it's likely he'll end up #1 on the depth chart at some point in the season.
  6. Unintentional I'm sure... but I'd agree he's dangerous. Especially to his own child.
  7. I think you need to include Odell, whom I dislike greatly, and then you have your top 5 alongside Thomas.
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