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  1. I'd take a one-armed Moze over Torrey.
  2. I found the hissing from his pet snake in the background a bit distracting.
  3. You do not understand my point. A trend is not one year; hence, check more than the past year.
  4. Look at his trend on yards per reception. It refutes your above mentioned premise.
  5. I'm optimistic as hell, but I can't help thinking we are only going to scrape the potential of these two players: 1) Curtis dealt with injuries/heart issues his first year and a half in the league 2) DJ Moore was considered a practice squad talent by our coaching staff for half of his rookie year 3) Cam's shoulder is a major concern... might not even be able to take this offense to the next level I predict they'll be primed for a major contract just as they begin to hit full stride.
  6. How was a major production like this kept entirely under wraps?
  7. My only hesitation was having the RB position eating that rookie pay, but at this point, I just consider him a playmaker that primarily operates out of the backfield.
  8. Those power plays... one second I (and the announcers) are thinking we are about to be awarded a power play and then Boston gets the call. That was some fugery.
  9. Panthers' success depend entirely on Cam's arm at this point. No glaring roster holes, but still need to hedge bets against the possibility of Cam falling apart.
  10. I hope the players have tasted this success and are now addicted to it.
  11. Which is why, outside of potential Super Bowl win(s), he's only getting in if his unique rushing ability is consider Hall of Fame material.
  12. Cam's Hall of Fame claim will come down to his absurd rushing/TD numbers for a QB. It will depend heavily upon how that skillset is factored into the argument for a QB.
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