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  1. ChibCU

    Eric Reid fined for hit vs TB

    God... once upon a time ago (seems like a few years), I thought this team found the missing puzzle piece for a Super Bowl run when Reid was signed. I think my Panthers' optimism tank is gonna be on running on empty for the next 3-5 years.
  2. This shouldn't be remember or factored into the future business operations of the franchise. Get off the Huddle, Hurney.
  3. YAC do not happen with Funchess.
  4. At least this wasn't another "I believe we can win the Super Bowl" thread. Did you really believe that? If so, need to step back a bit and take off the Panthers shades.
  5. He can't throw a hail mary anymore. He either has a permanent shoulder injury or needs to rehab it back to 100%.
  6. What does this response even mean? It's like you are responding to someone else's comment. That last line is weird, dude. Question his IQ as a man? Huh?
  7. I would most certainly trade a busted shoulder and a few concussions for multi-millions. Plenty of manual labor jobs make that trade for just a livable income.
  8. The 5-2 is Washington's special move.
  9. ChibCU

    David Newton On Rivera

    I prefer a head coach that did not just walk out of Doc Brown's 1985 time machine.
  10. This pipe dream needs to be squashed.
  11. Red zone territory should be Cam Newton territory: empty backfield, play-action pass, or designed QB run. Cam is the greatest QB threat (run + pass) in the history of the NFL. CMC can be utilized more effectively in the passing game when we are in the red zone.
  12. I've heard this the entire season about our dline... apparently refs across the league are targeting our group OR our dline is just underperforming.