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  1. I loved that video back in the day. Roger wasn't playing games. You know the football player was supremely confident in his ability to dispatch that 160 pound dude.
  2. His full-force shove on that little guy did way less than I would have expected.
  3. The aggressor (and loser) in a street fight. He should be expecting some phone calls. http://m.tmz.com/#!article/2019/03/16/carolina-panthers-lineman-street-fight-taylor-hearn-knockout/
  4. ChibCU

    Kenyon Barner to the Falcons

    A dozen or so times. One fumble. Nothing major. I actually don't mind a ST player that can provide that role while also being emergency RB. Saves roster space.
  5. ChibCU


    The dude was healthy last season. A healthy scratch.
  6. ChibCU


    Hallelujah. Goodbye, Speed Bump. If Hurney moves on from Torrey Smith, I'm counting this as a near perfect offseason.
  7. ChibCU

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    You can’t honestly say you are certain JR had no influence on Kalil signing.
  8. ChibCU

    So, is Moton LT now?

    Too early. Jinx is in.
  9. So it's confirmed Moton to LT?
  10. Do you want him on the roster for Week 1?
  11. Now drop Kalil, Slide over Moton to LT, and draft a rookie RT. Scheme on right side if needed to help with pressure or sign another Clark-like replacement off the couch.
  12. So I was "retarded" in predicting that the franchise would have been better off parting ways and getting value to fill other positions of need. Got it. Sure am glad we had him dropping passes and eating up playing time from our better, younger receivers. It's silo thinking like yours that Hurney subscribes to.
  13. For someone that far behind in the receiving pecking order (Moore, Samuel, Wright, Olsen, CMC are ahead), it is atrocious for $5 million. The sixth-best receiving target hardly gets playing time and even less targets.
  14. You're also the one that emphatically said it would be "retarded" to trade Funchess.
  15. A team has given Funchess $10 million guaranteed following an expedited fall from the active roster last season. We should have unloaded him for draft capital. An extra pick sure is needed with all of these glaring holes we need to fill.