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  1. Umm did you write that or some uninformed journalist? 1400 for ivy league... he was the slow person in class.
  2. We definitely need to start the GM search as soon as possible. Coaches aren’t that important when going into the early offseason.
  3. Well, there are a couple dozen drafts across the league each year that might as well have never happened if the measure of success is a Super Bowl. Truth is, outside of the Patriots, the majority of players drafted by franchises don’t influence a Super Bowl.
  4. Looks like he was nervous and doesn’t trust the line to hold, which resulted in missing an open man.
  5. Your definition of the word fact is odd. I recall recently losing a game to the Bears in which the Bears offense mustered like 100 total yards.
  6. I was complaining about how we dumped so much of our salary cap into two RBs. Not that they shared the load.
  7. We need a few seasons of tanking. Just let Cam, Luke, and CMC go to different teams.
  8. This post is literally advocating for physical violence in response to words. Sheesh.
  9. It's an absurdly outlandish sentence. I wrote it as if it was a Pimpdaddy quote. Hence, the -Pimpdaddy at the bottom. Those two components should make it obvious. Catch up.
  10. If you didn't detect the intent of that post, oh well. It is pretty evident that I was mocking Pimpdaddy's characterization by coming up with an even more outlandish one and then attributing the statement as a Pimpdaddy quote.
  11. Pointing out the absurdity of Pimpdaddy's comment is apparently too much for you?
  12. Haymaker with the helmet as a weapon = a little extra.
  13. What? Do you even know what the basis of your argument is anymore?
  14. He pressed a soft piece of material on a player. -Pimpdaddy
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