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  1. Congrats NC9 you chose a career politician over an Iraq war veteran.
  2. Just a reminder there is an election redo, because Mark Harris got caught commuting election fraud.
  3. I'm old enough to remember when Republicans used to care about the National Debt.
  4. He was in Iraq, tough guy. You know those people conservatives love to act like they care about.
  5. So is McCready a Liberal Democrat or a Greedy Capitalist? He can't be both.
  6. People too dumb to realize automation is taking their jobs, not brown people.
  7. GOP sunk a ton of money into the Bishop campaign to save this seat.
  8. That's a power move to leave it on a cliff hanger like that, without a guarantee of a second season. I guess they knew they had a really good show.
  9. If the GOP had any honor they would let McCready have the seat. They got caught cheating. I hate the fact that there are Dan Bishop signs everywhere.
  10. What do you think ADHD drugs are?
  11. Oh I get it! His last name rhymes with Greedy. Is that all you got NCGOP?
  12. Loved the show! Can't wait until next season when, my girl Aya Cash, plays Stormfront!
  13. As Bart Scott once said, "Can't Wait!"
  14. Person with sense: "You really should have stricter gun laws in your country." American: "fug YER STUHPID BEEETCH"
  15. These people might want to look at Bernie Sander's voting record. But none of that matters, Bernie Sanders is old and white therefore he must be racist.
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