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  1. And change your name too. Who the hell cares about Jim Bob Cooter? Is he even still in the NFL?
  2. I'm still wondering about TX. It might be fool's gold or it might actually work out this time.
  3. I'm from the Philly suburbs. Montgomery, Delaware and Chester county will go Biden. It's up to Bucks county. If that county goes Biden, he's got PA.
  4. LOL Trump's head just exploded looking at that map.
  5. I don't think he's losing PA. Philly suburbs are coming out in droves to vote for Biden. Really doesn't matter what the rest of the state does.
  6. Can we please get rid of these idiots Nov 3rd.
  7. If you want someone good to follow for polling data, go to 538.com. Nate Silver was one of the few people who said Trump had a path to victory in 2016.
  8. I'm from the Philly suburbs originally. They are voting Biden. You lose the Philly suburbs you've lost PA.
  9. If GOP loses TX they may never win another presidential election.
  10. You can add Kelvin Benjamin to that list by not fighting for that pass that resulted in an INT, that Cam had to make a tackle and screwing up his shoulder.
  11. LOL I would pay to see the smoke coming out of Trump's ears right now.
  12. I am burning through this show like a hot knife through butter. I liked season 1, but lost track of it for some reason. All season are on Amazon now. Season 2 is just as good. This show is my binge for the week. Can't wait!
  13. The Trump Admin is Roberto Duran and COVID is Sugar Ray Leonard. "No Mas"
  14. They literally have no action plan for the virus besides wishing it away.
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