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  1. fitty76

    Stan Lee RIP

    Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of was no more dumb cameos? RIP
  2. fitty76

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    We fought a world war against white nationalism. We shouldn't be polite to them now because they're on TV.
  3. Democrats need fresh ideas.
  4. fitty76

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    F him. He's a white supremacists. I'm all for annoying Nazis.
  5. fitty76

    Bye Bill James

    Finally got this piece of human garbage out. Not crazy about a 9-0 Democratic Charlotte County Commissioners though. But Bill James was such an embarrassment to the city. Now if we can get 9/11 truther LaWana Mayfield out. Are there any non-asshole Republican who can run against her?
  6. fitty76

    Have you voted yet ?

    I'll be treating these women as servants then.
  7. fitty76

    Have you voted yet ?

    If you are a woman and voted for Mark Harris, explain yourself. Just interested. Do you see yourself as a servant?
  8. fitty76

    Have you voted yet ?

    Bill James finally lost. That's a bright spot.
  9. fitty76

    Have you voted yet ?

    That is the ONLY reason most people vote Republican.
  10. fitty76

    libtards mock vet IED injury

    I like guys who didn't lose an eye in war.
  11. If I were a coach I would NEVER burn a timeout for a delay of game penalty in the 2nd half. No matter the situation. It's 5 yards. Teams nowadays can make that up no problem.
  12. The show is a lot funnier than I would have thought. It doesn't get too silly, but there are a few good laughs in a show like this. I love banter between Belmont and Alacard.
  13. Is there a rule here about posting Fake News?
  14. fitty76

    Have you voted yet ?

    When I think Trump voter.
  15. fitty76

    Have you voted yet ?

    Had to vote all Dems this year. Can't bring myself to vote GOP again until they get their house in order.