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  1. Good points. There is a lot to unpack here... I’m not sure Chip was ever as loved by his players as Rhule is. So many players in the league that he coached came to the Panthers and mentioned him as the main reason (granted they aren’t super stars, but Robby Anderson is good and turned down more money to play for Rhule). Teddy has been healthy for the past two years and looked pretty solid the 5 games he played last year under a similar offense Joe Brady wants to run. Plus Joe Brady has already coached Teddy before and wanted him as our QB. Cam got hurt the past three years now. His throwing shoulder got injured and he couldn’t come back from it. Two years later he injured his foot and still can’t throw the ball because of it. We still don’t know if his shoulder can make it over half a season. Teddy’s shoulder is 100% and his leg injury (as bad as it was) was years ago. The bottom line is if any of the other 31 teams thought Cam was going to make it all season he would have got a contract earlier for more money. He was a former MVP at the most important position in all sports. Teddy’s contract isn’t all guaranteed and can be voided after year 2 with minimal salary cap damage. I can see where you are coming from, but there has been logic behind most of these moves.
  2. These red flags aren’t as bad as you are making them out to be. I hated releasing Cam, but apparently every other team thinks he is an injury risk as well and we weren’t about to try him for a 3rd year in a row at $20 million. The contract he signed doesn’t come close to what we would have paid him. Rivera needed to be let go, might as well do it right away and see what kind of staff was around him. The last thing we needed was him winning a few meaningless games making it more difficult to fire him. Retaining Hurney, I could see either way. This Hurney has been better at contracts and it looks like Rhule was overseeing a lot of the draft now, so you don’t have to worry about his 2nd/3rd round misses... Rhule was a hot candidate whose specialty was rebuilding, which seems like a good match to me. I see you no NFL experience point though...
  3. He has done some things I like. Took a chance on Reid, didn’t overpay vets to stay, gave Rhule a longer contract to help build a team, moved the teams practice from that terrible field, seems to be very visible and available to the players, moved on from Ron who was keeping us in mediocracy, wants to use more analytics in coaching/recruiting, is willing to spend money on facilities and staff. He really hasn’t done too much to make me not like him?
  4. We have a weak looking roster, but it has a lot of young talent. I’m excited to see the young defense develop over the course of the season. Burns, YGM, Brown, and Chinn have a lot of potential. I think Rhule’s rebuild is going to have a solid foundation after this season.
  5. Most of those quick passes he has pressure in his face. When he has a minute it looks like he throws it 5 yards and beyond. Just take what the defense gives you isn’t the worst idea.
  6. Yeah with the depth of next year’s QBs class, I think trying to establish a winning culture is important. We will have options even if we pick in the middle. Do we have a roster to dominate? No. Does our roster show our staff wants to be competitive from the beginning? Yes. These players are some of the most competitive people in the world. If you march out there with Grier at QB and no FAs and watch CMC fight through 8 man boxes, that can crush the culture of this new regime.
  7. A one year deal is great for Apple. Light it up and someone is going to pay him big money. As for the “Tank for Trevor” nonsense. How are you going to tell players like CMC, DJ Moore, Shaq etc that you aren’t trying to win games this year to draft a rookie with potential? You want these players to just throw away a year of their potentially short careers? It sends a bad message to the team and can ruin its culture.
  8. Yeah all things considered including gutting our roster. It cleared up our cap for the future. I mean our offensive line is at least all capable starters who were playing last year. I think they might start off rough, but be solid by the end of the year once they get some chemistry.
  9. I think they did the best they could realistically. Are they going to be the best unit in the league? No. Once they gel they should be an average to solid unit. Okung is an upgrade and LT, Schofield should be better than GVR, Paradis should hopefully be better after another year of conditioning on his leg, Miller is decent but a downgrade from Turner and Moton should be solid if not better with experience. Throw in Little and Daley developing from last year and we have some potential sprinkled in there. A lot of these players are one year rentals or on the last year of their contract (I think we extend Moton). They are simply placeholders until we overhaul the unit next year. Hopefully we extend Moton and see something out of Little or Daley in year 2.
  10. It says he is projected to be better than the XFL elite PJ Walker.
  11. And Trey Lance is on the homepage of ESPN.com with McShay picking him as one of his 3 QBs in the top 5 of next year’s draft. Lol crazy right?
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