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  1. Brown is number one on my list. Brown and Short returning will instantly make our defensive line better. It will also help Burns pressure the qb more. Throw in a FA DT/DE and we would be looking solid.
  2. Beef up both lines and see how our QBs look with a solid line and new coach. Who knows Allen or Grier might thrive under this staff if Cam can’t stay healthy. If they all look bad we will actually have some protection for our rookie the following year.
  3. With Luke and potentially Cam being gone next year, CMC is our franchise player. He is a captain and leader of this team. To me it’s a no brainer...
  4. I see where you are going with this, but I don’t see him as a “Rhule” type player. Too many distractions with Jameis. I feel like it would be a frustrating season. He will look great and then terrible while having us draft in the middle next year.
  5. Let me know when he hires Luke.
  6. So the people who want Rivers want a slower older version of Cam that throws more interceptions and can’t avoid a sack. Got it.
  7. Then you take Jamie Newman. There are a good number of prospects in this coming draft.
  8. Beef up the trenches and see what Cam can do his last year of his contract. There will be many options next year (extend Cam, sign and trade him, draft Lawrence, draft Fields, someone else has a “Burrow-like“ year and we draft them)
  9. The number of Panthers fans that hate Cam Newton blows my mind. Do you realize what all he has done for this franchise? You saw the team without him this year, and it was terrible... That’s the kind of offensive line he has had most of his career and kept us competitive when he was healthy.
  10. Hopefully Miami gets Tua at 5 and Chargers take Herbert. 3 of the 6 ahead of us getting QBs would help a top player fall to us.
  11. Why would they make this up? If they were willing to trade it they would leak it to start a bidding war.
  12. Tua was the better college qb without a doubt and Eason will not and should not go in the top 10. If he is there when we pick later, he is work a look because he throws a great deep ball and out OC likes to air it out.
  13. https://www.panthers.com/news/undrafted-rookie-linebacker-jordan-kunaszyk-earned-his-way-onto-53-roster
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