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  1. It seems like a low risk/high reward of a move. I would like to see what the guy can do behind a solid offensive line. Watch him end up a Patriot and light it up...
  2. It’s good to have some proven vets as bridges. Maybe not foundation for KK, but I think he stays unless there is a deal too good to pass on. Brown and KK together, would be fun to watch...
  3. Brown, Short, Burns, and Shaq would be a good foundation for our front 7. Our secondary would still be scary...
  4. If we could get a solid CB, I’d feel a lot better going into the draft...
  5. Our defensive line stays as is?
  6. Curtis has a chance to thrive is Joe Brady’s offense. I kind of wish we would extend him before his price tag goes up...
  7. I think it’s Daley who wins it and Little backs up Okung at LT. I think Little still have potential to be our LT of the future if he can stay healthy.
  8. Moore is the best WR prospect we have had since Smith. We would be dumb to trade him...
  9. Bears, Lions, Broncos, Raiders, Cardinals, Chargers, and Redskins all seem beatable as of now.
  10. I’m kind of excited to see CMC catch his passes quickly and with space.
  11. Boston is a better FS, better range and coverage skills. Bell is better at run support, but can’t cover. Apparently our defense wants the FS and SS to be interchangeable, which makes Boston the better fit...
  12. If someone named Chad has something smart to say, I will be surprised.
  13. He will get signed. It might take someone getting hurt at camp, but he will get a chance... I could totally see him on the Steelers. Big Ben gets hurt easily, is getting up there in age and has a very similar style as Cam in the pocket.
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