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  1. Luck never loved the game and competing like Cam does.
  2. If we think our line can’t handle the Rams to the point where we sit our franchise QB, we aren’t going anywhere this year anyway. If our line is that terrible and he gets hurt we go into tank mode and will have a new staff next year with a high draft pick.
  3. We don’t have the money for him. I really wish we would put Little at LT with Williams at LG. Gets Van Roten off the field and Little should get better as the season progresses.
  4. Just wait until our 4th string tackle misses a block in our final preseason game. It’s going to get down right manic...
  5. So we are going from “Cam is never playing again” to “we better not play him against Donald?” Him playing week one is a good thing right??
  6. Looks like Little was in the concussion protocol. Hopefully he can play next game. He needs all the practice he can get.
  7. 1. DJ and Samuel are solid. Will be streaky at times because they are young, but Cam dodging linemen because our offensive line was playing poorly us not on either of them. That’s why they didn’t get many looks. 2. Our line played like crap, but should get better as the season progresses. We have a new center and this unit is not use to playing together yet. I am concerned about Little getting hurt, because I thought he was going to be the starter before the season was over. 3. Ron was not calling plays because it was a PREseason game. He was mainly evaluating players for depth. His job is on the line and he will be calling plays in the regular season. I think Cam had a minor injury and starts week one. Our offensive line is going to look much better in the regular season and Shula is going to open up his playbook. Ron knows how to run a 3-4 and will have our defense ready to go when the season starts. Scarlett is the perfect compliment to CMC and Burns will be a stud!
  8. I’m sure his foot was hurting. Could have been something minor. I see him limp frequently after being sacked, and continue to play. They pulled him from a PREseason game and you think his career is done. I’m just saying relax and wait and see what the injury is....
  9. It could be just a precaution. Everyone needs to relax until we know what the “injury” is....
  10. No one knows if it is a seriously injury or not. They pulled him from a preseason game, not that big of a deal. Not to mention the line was playing like crap. He should be sat even if he is healthy.
  11. Because they pulled him from a preseason game in which the line was playing like poo for a “hurt foot?” If this was a real game he would have kept playing...
  12. I wish they would put Little at LT with Williams at LG. I think you want your best players starting...
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