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  1. Building a nice athletic roster. I wish Monk could develop into a consistent scorer...
  2. Press coverage with our defensive line =
  3. Donald and Suh made it to the Super Bowl. They didn’t have Luke calling the plays too...
  4. I think Lucas is Luke. This is so beautifully written... I laughed, I cried... it was a real emotional journey of a post.
  5. I was about to post something very similar!
  6. I think DJ fits the role better. I like him better to catch the ball in tight coverage. Seems like the stronger WR with a little less speed... I can see Samuel being our number 2 and homerun threat.
  7. I just caught the “white” part. Read right over it...
  8. You can make an argument for best in the league right now, but all time.... not yet.
  9. McCoy and Short as our DEs would be great, but I think he will cost too much...
  10. This is the beauty of the draft, OTAs, Training Camps etc... It gets us excited about the potential of our young players. Will they all be great? Of course not! However, we as fans can still have our favorites and hope they do great. No need to rain on our parade. I hope they all do great and win us a Super Bowl! I mean honestly, what else are we going to be talking about on a Panthers Forum this time of year?
  11. I feel like Miller and Holyfield will be our steals of the draft...
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