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  1. ForJimmy

    AAF Forum

    I say we post all AAF stuff in the Tinderbox, I hear it’s nice there...
  2. I’ll possess your tall receiver...
  3. Our extra 3rd is the earliest I would take him. We need offensive line and defensive end with the first couple picks and possibly a FS...
  4. Now we need to draft or sign a ballhawk FS. Gaulden can be back up SS and compete for Nickel (like he played in college). I would love Fowler and a C to get signed just to give us some new talent on each line before the draft... (still not sold on Williams’ knee).
  5. Draft White and trading Shaq would be ideal in this situation.
  6. ForJimmy

    The case for BPA all day

    Oh it would definitely be shweet, but it would leave a hole elsewhere. A DE, LT, LG, C, or S rated slightly below the WR or TE would help this team much more.
  7. ForJimmy

    The case for BPA all day

    WR or TE early. Our other needs seem much more pressing to waste an early pick on a luxury pick...
  8. I wouldn’t mind Robert Quinn for the right price... Quinn Short Poe Addison with our early draft pick rotating in doesn’t sound terrible.
  9. Allen is undefeated as a starter.
  10. ForJimmy

    Bucky Brooks Mock Draft 1.0

    I’m all for this pick. Can be an edge on the 3-4 or DE for a 4-3 with the right amount of weight added. He has a high motor which is one of the most important things to look for and success against top talent.
  11. I can’t see us getting Clay Matthews since we are trying to get younger... He is still a solid player, but should be declining every year at this point.
  12. Don’t know much about him, but if he is a solid LT, we should run to the podium to select him. Sign Clark for cheap as a back up and cut Kalil June 1st. Pick up a solid FA center and let Larsen compete for LG... Can you imagine CMC behind a solid line?!
  13. ForJimmy

    Hate to say this but...

    I hate it, but the Saints make sense. Ginn and Klein are already there and they are in win now mode with a good chance to be in the Super Bowl...
  14. We have no 4-3 defensive line depth either. This makes it a good time to try to switch it up. However there will be learning curves and issues the first season switching. With Rivera being on the hot seat, I’d be surprised if he completely overhauls the defense...