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  1. Facts. We have our PG of the future and PJ looks like he might be the real deal too. Just need Bridges and Monk to take the next step.
  2. You can replace Cam with most QBs in this topic. The soon to be MVP of the league is better than most QBs already...
  3. Herbert reminds me of the Chicago qb. Never really beat any tough defenses and has all the “tools” but lacking fire/leadership.
  4. When we had Short and Poe healthy with McCoy both Shaq and Luke looked great. All linebackers need a solid line in front of them so they aren’t taking on offensive linemen while trying to make tackles. We will get Short back, but McCoy and probably Poe need to be replaced. Shaq’s speed and the linebacker spot is something that can’t be coached. With the cap increase coming this deal won’t keep him at the top of his position for that long. Cam’s deal looked like a huge deal when he signed, now it’s considered a bargain.
  5. Fewell may want to actually call the defensive plays to showcase his skills. Defense is his specialty. Unfortunately our defensive line is going to be hard to hide. I’m really curious to see what Scott can do with our offense. He is a young offensive minded coach who has been around football his whole life.
  6. I think we only draft one in the first if a talent like Tua or Burrow (won’t happen in a million years) falls to us. Outside of that we roll with Cam with Grier/Allen/FA/late round pick behind him. If Cam doesn’t work out next year there are already several qb prospects in Fields and Lawrence who we can look at. I’m with most people in saying we beef up our trenches this offseason. I mean Tepper said last year how important it was and it’s why we drafted Burns and Little.
  7. New owner who will do what it takes. Franchise players in CMC and Luke. Young talent in Moore, Burns and possible Bradberry (if resigned). Descent amount of cap space. Option to try Cam for a year or trade him and save another $20. Expectations won’t be as high as in Dallas. I’d say it looks pretty attractive...
  8. I don’t see Cam doing this. Maybe the Falcons because that’s his hometown, but not the Saints.
  9. 100% agree. Do you think Bradberry’s value has dropped slightly due to the poor defensive play lately?
  10. I think it’s more of a sustained success. Not the one good one bad thing of our past. To keep the salary cap right (correctly past mistakes like Kalil) and continuously develop young players takes longer.
  11. There haven’t been many big name left handed QBs come out if the draft in a while. I think most of them play baseball because of its advantage against hitters...
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