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  1. I would be ok taking Pitts at this spot. I wouldn’t want to trade up to top 10 for Lance. If we are in the middle of the first and Lance is there, I wouldn’t mind taking him if our staff thinks he is their guy.
  2. I guess we will see in the near future. If Hurney just nailed this draft/offseason by himself we won’t need to hire a new GM. We would just extend him. If not, then it looks like we will be in the market for a new GM.
  3. I mean he is going to give credit to the GM regardless, because technically that’s his boss. The fact that all of these rookies are getting show much playing time shows you they are Rhule’s guys. Brown, Chinn, and Pride all have had solid playing time since week 1 with Roy getting rotational snaps as well. You think Hurney just randomly picked a DT in Roy that happened to play under Rhule? These Free Agent signings like Robbie Anderson that happened to play for Rhule I’m college and have specifically said he is the reason they came here must also be Hurney’s doing as well since he is the “GM.” I mean Rhule says “we” brought in FAs on offense we liked.... I’m not super down on Hurney, but I think he has been somewhat nerfed down this offseason knowing we are signing a new GM soon and he will either have a different position on be somewhere else.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29099072/panthers-matt-rhule-first-use-all-7-nfl-draft-picks-defense%3fplatform=amp It tells how Rhule specifically wanted defensive players who played hard and fast (sounds like Chinn to me) and wanted to go heavy on defense. Mainly you can tell it was different than past Panthers drafts in which Hurney participated in.
  5. This draft wasn’t all Hurney. I’m sure he was involved in the first round (where he usually has success). Kenny Robinson seems pretty out of the ordinary to be Hurney not to mention Rhule coached against him in Baylor vs UWV, and obviously Roy was Rhule. YGM and Chinn seem to fit the Rhule model of high motor, smart players who can play multiple positions. Hurney is going to say we wanted these players and he was happy with who they got, because that is the smart thing to do. What else is he going to say, “I was against drafting this guy, but the guy under me, Rhule, wanted him?”
  6. Honestly I wouldn’t be mad if we get a top OL, or LB in the draft and take a QB like Jamie Newman in round 2/3 to develop and learn behind Teddy for a year or two. I would love to extend Moton, resign Okung to a short deal if he takes it, draft a top interior OL/C in the first and with the 2/3 round take a developmental QB and solid LB.
  7. Our entire draft, 2 firsts, and Burns? Seems a little high...
  8. And they have like 4 offensive linemen that would start for us.
  9. Aaron Rodgers was pressured all day and look how he played. Very similar game stats as Teddy. Not implying Teddy is near Aaron’s level, but just showing even the best QBs struggle with constant pressure, especially if just the front 4 can generate it.
  10. I don’t think Bradberry wanted to play here.
  11. He is solid. Offense line, linebackers, and safety are much bigger needs. Can we upgrade the QB position? Probably. However these needs should be fixed first unless a stud falls to us in the draft.
  12. Probably because the Bears have a good pass rush. Need some mobility back there...
  13. In theory, but players can hold out and demand more money. CMC got paid before his final year without even holding out.
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