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  1. They have a terrible line. Cam might finally have a solid one here...
  2. 1. I want to see how healthy our line is. If Turner and Little are healthy and Cam has practiced all week with no “rest” days then perhaps. 2. It’s already been said, but it’s a chance to see what we have in Allen.
  3. He is also tied for 3rd in INTs behind Baker and Winston. They never get to run the ball because they are always behind.
  4. I think Daley played both in college while Little was strictly LT.
  5. Yeah let him practice and continue rehab while playing Allen against the Niners. If Allen looks bad, Cam steps in.
  6. The “game manager” role isn’t really Kyle’s fault. With the way CMC and our defense is playing, it’s the role Norv has designed for him each game. I’m not in favor of putting a recently injured Cam back in the time up against the Niners front seven (especially if Little is still out). I say let Cam get his reps in practice if he is healthy and let’s use this Niners game as a test for Allen. If he lights it up against the Niners then sit back and enjoy having two great QBs on our roster.
  7. Please read everything I wrote. HEALTHY Cam WAS a great qb. Allen IS playing great. I said it’s a great spot to be in providing Cam can come back healthy. People were disregarding Cam’s past career as a Panther so I posted a link countering it. It’s possible to have two good players on a team that play the same position. Kind of like the Eagles situation when they won the Super Bowl. I hope Allen goes undefeated and takes wins is a Super Bowl. I would be equally happy if healthy Cam comes back and wins us a Super Bowl.
  8. It’s about facts. Cam was great when healthy, Allen is playing great now. People trying to state otherwise else are reaching. It’s a great problem to have as a Panthers fan.
  9. Someone stated Cam wasn’t good at playing from behind just saying the stats show otherwise when he was healthy. I was using Rodgers as a reference to show how clutch Cam was.
  10. https://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/31017/overlooked-cam-newton-as-clutch-as-brady-rodgers-and-brees Healthy Cam was very clutch (this is from a year ago). He had 17 4th quarter comebacks and was higher than Aaron Rodgers with less games played. Allen is playing great, but let’s not let that take away from how great Cam was for the Panthers when he was healthy...
  11. Cam is great (when healthy obviously) and it looks like we might have something with Allen. This is a nice position to be in, just sit back and enjoy the wins.
  12. Little LT Daley LG Moton RT could lock up most of our line for years.
  13. He looked great today. Last couple weeks had me skeptical. It will be interesting to see how he does against the Niners. He really hasn’t been fully unleashed by Norv yet either. If he proves to be a solid starting qb and we get Cam healthy, we should be able to flip one for some nice draft picks!
  14. I almost like watching better when we are on defense. This defense has been fun to watch!
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