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  1. Panthers win by 10+ points. Defense is not at the top-level. We have to wait till week 6 to see them shine. Big play on a pass to Thomas Nice gain on a pass to Armah CMC less than 100y from scrimmage, but he scores his first TD this season.
  2. Funicula


    far too early to say so
  3. I like this signing in so many ways. I'm really, really excited.
  4. Moton - VR - R.Kali l- Silatolu - Robinson my prediction, not my wish
  5. Panthers win 48-24. The Offense will shine from the beginning. Cam with 4 passing TD to 4 different receivers and 1 rushing TD. CMC 150 y total with 1 receiving and 1 rushing TD. Pick 6 by Luke Geno 2/3 FG, 6/6 PAT
  6. I'm interested in the draft players last year, of whom we have not seen much yet: Moton, Samuels, Hall and Elder. Also I want to see my favorite pick from this year Ian Thomas.