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  1. Jee-zus fugging Christ, Cam's hurt in the 1st quarter of his 1st preseason game!
  2. Thanks for posting, but I am not going to waste my time watching.
  3. This alleged assault allegedly took place after the "victim" bought Lemon a drink. I have no idea what actually happened but this has all the hallmarks of a gay, liberal celebrity being set up for money and/or attention.
  4. And that, to me, is the most shocking thing about this story. You would think a player would have a better whip....
  5. I want to see some excitement on our punt return and kickoff return teams, but no fumbles and no injuries!
  6. Was not at the game but remember it well. Pat Terrell was renting the house 4 houses away on my street that year, and when he got back from the stadium that night all the neighbors were out in the street cheering. Was an awesome feeling.
  7. Agreed. The fact that Richie Incognito came out of retirement to play for this train-wreck of a franchise just confirms how the bottom of the barrel was scraped to put together this team.
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