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  1. Trump supporters are a mix of single-issue voters (anti-choice, gun rights fanatics), religious nuts, wealthy anti-tax voters, elderly white Fox News zombies, terrified that immigrant caravans are coming to murder you and white nationalists/racists who believe the only real racism is reverse racism against white people. There is literally nothing Trump could do that will change their minds about him.
  2. Call me crazy (you won't be the first) but I think we could sweep the Ain'ts this year. Kamara isn't playing well (I know, he is on my FF team) and Teddy Bridgewater is no Drew Brees. Our defense is looking tough and CMC is having a season for the ages.
  3. No disrespect at all to Cam, but to paraphrase Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, you don't mess with a streak. We ride with Allen until he is hurt or plays poorly. It might be quite a streak!
  4. Jealous of you trans-Atlantic bastards. Have fun and keep pounding that warm beer!
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