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  1. It's amazing how much weight he has lost since he played. Will probably add years to his longevity. Great player, well-deserved honor for him.
  2. Fan equity, the kind that can be deposited into a bank account, is the only type that NFL owners care about.
  3. If Business Class has empty seats, you can sometimes upgrade from coach last minute for $500 (I did this last month from Amsterdam to Philly). Having said that, the difference between full-fare, advanced purchase Business class and coach for a transatlantic flight is typically more than $1500, sometimes a LOT more. I have to fly for work, have been doing it for more than 30 years, and I can tell you that the experience flying in coach has degraded dramatically over that time span. I stand a towering 5'9" and on my last flight my knees were touching the seat in front of me, even when it wasn't reclined. I can't imagine how awful it it must be for someone Cam's size to be crammed into coach for a 10 hour flight.
  4. My hot take: He might actually be worth it. He was a beast on my FF team, and that is what's important.
  5. He left $520k worth of jewelry alone with two random women? If you stole everything I own, including my house and cars, you wouldn't get $520k worth. Fearless prediction: He will be bankrupt or dead 5 years after he retires.
  6. This is what happens when you get dressed in the dark so as not to wake up the woman.
  7. I wish they did. The truth is, the Democrats keep bringing a pillow to a gunfight. Example: Think if the parties were reversed, Republicans wouldn't have already started impeachment proceedings?
  8. Trump Lie # 300,394...
  9. Even if you agree with the Republican/Trump "I got mine, screw you" policies, you have to admit he is a terrible human being. Childish, lazy, impulsive, selfish, corrupt, shamelessly self-dealing and dishonest, dangerously ignorant and susceptible to flattery by people that don't have the US's best interests in mind. We will be lucky to make it to 2020 without an economic crisis or war brought on by his foreign policy naivety, his 5-second attention span and his inability to learn anything.
  10. I ran a 5k race two years ago. Came in 4th for my age group - and got a stress fracture in my right foot, and found out I also have plantar faciitis and bone spurs (real ones, not the imaginary Trump-type). I am able to run again but not as fast as I used to and never pain-free. I don't think you ever completely recover from foot injuries and while I hope I am wrong, I doubt you will see Olsen ever get back to his 3+ year ago form.
  11. From his Fox "News" interview on D Day: Laura Ingraham: What could you do to unite the country at a time of great polarization? Trump: So, I think success should unite the country. But I will tell you, the more successful we’ve come, the more angry people like Nancy Pelosi, who don’t have what it takes, they don’t know what’s going on, they get angry. … We have Pelosi, we have crying Chuck Schumer—who’s a disaster by the way, he’s a total political, you know, jerk—but we have Schumer, we have all these people, they come out and they talk about ‘tariffs are bad,’ so they can, you know, they hurt my negotiation, because I go into the room with the Mexicans, I’m asking them for everything. So sayeth The Great Uniter.
  12. Blatant, malevolent ignorance combined with narcissism and a touch of cognitive decline.
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