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  1. This fall will be a great opportunity to get back in shape, instead of vegging on the couch watching football.
  2. "I'd like to report a grown man in a crop top..."
  3. Who knows if fans will be allowed to attend games or if there will even be a season this year? PSLs are really a rip-off anyway, when the team owners get to decide the meaning of "permanent"..
  4. Aaaaaand, this is why the second wave is coming and will be worse than the first wave. How many deaths will it take for you to stop calling it a hoax? Fearless prediction: you will stop when you get sick or when a family member dies from Covid-19.
  5. I saw on the news this morning an "anti-mask" protest in Arizona, led by a Scottsdale city council member. Arizona has the fastest rising rate of infections in the US. I used to be skeptical that the NFL season would even be delayed. After see this level of stupidity, I will be surprised if there is any football played this year.
  6. When I was growing up, the only porn I has access to was my father's stash of Playboys in the bathroom cabinet. Now with a click of a mouse, you can find websites where any and every form of depravity is celebrated. I'm no prude but you have to wonder about the long-term, corrosive effect of this, especially for adolescents.
  7. 85940839_2755836464464194_8560403496384331776_n.mp4
  8. Cam will eventually get signed, probably after a starter gets injured. Fair or not, Kap is done.
  9. "Mr. Jerry" has his $billions from the sale of the team and considering his replacement ticker and age, probably won't be around a whole lot longer. Why pick a fight with another billionaire over what has to be the ugliest piece of bronze on earth?
  10. Good riddance, it was an embarrassment on multiple levels.
  11. Talk about tone-deaf... We're in a weird place as a country right now, with a Conservative American Taliban that sees the flag the same way the Afghan Taliban see the Quran, as more important than human life.
  12. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The first amendment doesn't say anything about private enterprise censorship.
  13. As a cancer survivor, with a low lymphocyte count and who is in the high risk category, I sincerely thank you for this. I wish people would stop seeing mask wearing as any kind of political statement. The virus doesn't care about your politics (or mine).
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