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  1. Greatman77

    Why do you love the Huddle?

    I love it because the wacky, bipolar nature of the posters feels like a family reunion for me.
  2. Whiney thread is whiney...Moving down a few picks in the draft isn't that big a deal. Retaining the current coaching staff after this seasons epic collapse worries me a lot more than draft position.
  3. The sound that you hear is the bottom of the QB barrel being scraped..
  4. I want the same thing from this game that the Saints fans want: No injuries. Please.
  5. Greatman77

    POLL: Who's The Least Shítty President Of Your Lifetime?

    Obama was the best and most dignified president in my lifetime. I did better financially under Clinton, but that had more to do with the rise of the internet than anything he did (but he did leave a surplus for Bush, which was quickly squandered).
  6. Greatman77

    Heinicke to IR

    Heart-breaking news for the kid. I give him props for playing in obvious pain.
  7. Greatman77

    Happy Christmas Eve, Huddlers!

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals!
  8. That should about do it for the game/season
  9. How polite of Captain to escort Sanu into the end zone at a discreet distance :P
  10. Aaaand...Rivera wastes another timeout.
  11. If anything happens to CMC, we have ZERO offense.
  12. Greatman77

    Eric Reid on another drug test

    I wonder how many NFL executives would test clean. Not even joking.