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  1. Holy poo, who was the brain-trust behind this genius personnel move?
  2. Greatman77

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Buckle up people! The Mueller report has just been submitted to Attorney General Barr.
  3. Greatman77

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I think both statements are true.
  4. Greatman77

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I believe, and it breaks my heart to say this, that it doesn't matter, at all, when the Mueller report comes out or what is in it. Trump is not getting impeached and he won't lose any followers. After all we have seen in the past two years: All the indictments, all the unexplained and undisclosed contacts with Russia, the fondness for authoritarian dictators, the bizarre behavior (still talking about McCain??)etc etc etc, he still has job approval ratings around 90% among Republicans. The Trump cult literally doesn't care if he is a criminal, a racist, a Russian asset or all three. They love him for owning the libs and giving voice to white identity grievances. Sometimes I think the civil war never ended.
  5. Greatman77

    9th District re run: dance of the assholes

    Do Trump's 3 marriages and multiple affairs with porn girls degrade his marriage?
  6. Greatman77

    NFL: Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Dude has issues. Hard pass. Next stop: Oakland Raiders.
  7. Greatman77

    Browns the new super team

    It's a shame the Browns couldn't have built this "Super-Team" when Joe Thomas was still playing. Imagine being a Hall-of-Fame caliber player and suffering your entire career with the Browns...
  8. Yep. If you disagree, name 10 better current NFL head coaches.
  9. Greatman77

    Elijah Hood Resigned

    Probably, but I am rooting for the kid. He went to high school with my kids and by all accounts is a really good guy.
  10. Per Panthers Twitter. Hope he recovered completely and balls out in 2019!
  11. Greatman77

    FBI Agent Peanut

    This thread is nuts
  12. This. It's one thing to patronize a high-end, adult escort. It's a whole 'nother deal to have sex with someone who has been trapped in a sex-trafficking situation. Much worse crime and much worse karma.
  13. Greatman77

    Breakout Panther of 2019

    Manhertz. You heard it here first. Hey, I like long-shots...,.