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  1. The Steelers offered Bell long term deals before and after the 2017 season. I think both deals would have made him the highest paid RB in the league. He turned both deals down. Prior to the 2017 season he said he wanted a contract that reflected his value as a #1 RB and #2 receiver because he was 2nd on the team in receptions in 2016. I don't remember the exact terms of the deal but I don't think the Steelers were being stingy with their offer. It's hard to overlook the fact that he is one suspension away from missing an entire season and to date he's never started 16 games in a season. I understand Bell wanting to maximize his earnings, but I don't think he's going to get what he's looking for on the market next year. After seeing what he's done the past 2 years, I think he and his agent have probably turned off numerous GM's around the league. That said, the Franchise Tag needs to go...and if it doesn't, it shouldn''t be used more than once.
  2. Luke will still be starting at MLB. I'm assuming Shaq will be around as well. "IF" Davis does retire (and I'm not convinced he will) that will leave a hole at one of the OLB spots. The previously mentioned players are both former #1 choices. I don't know if Carolina can justify a 3rd #1 pick at LB based on the needs of our team. Then again like you mentioned in your post...Marty loves LB's. If the next Von Miller or Kalil Mack is on the board when we pick (we need more pass rushers) or there's a LB capable of covering TE's ( a must in today's game) picking a LB may not be such a bad thing. Whoever we draft at #1 needs to be an impact player form day one, especially if its on the defensive side of the ball.
  3. Well said. Although an argument could be made for signing a Safety if there is a can't miss prospect on the board when we pick. We could use a true ball hawk on the back end. It would be a tremendous boost to our secondary to pair him with Eric Reid. At least we know we don't need to draft QB, RB, WR, LB, or TE in the first round next year.
  4. SCO96

    Amari to Cowboys for a 1st Round Draft Pick

    I have to give it up to Gruden and Raider FO. Acquiring 3 first round picks in what should be a deep draft class next season is brilliant on paper. If they hit on all 3 choices they could have a solid group of guys locked up for 5 years minimum. If they hit on the 2nd and 3rd round choices things could turn around out there in a hurry.
  5. SCO96

    Amari to Cowboys for a 1st Round Draft Pick

    He's better than Bortles, that's for sure. But, I don't think Jacksonville wants to (or is able to) deal with that $100 million dollar contract Carr signed a couple of years ago.
  6. Hey, you left out the best part of Gettlemagic's 2016 draft, the 1st round selection of Vernon Butler, the most disruptive force at DT in the NFL
  7. The Bucs are in a bad situation. At the end of the season they have to decide whether or not to pick up Winton's 5th year option. If they don't pick it up he can be a free agent after the 2019 season. Of they pick it up he'll be around at least thru 2020. Based on his play and his off field behavior I wouldn't blame Tampa if they decided to move on. Would any of you try to build your franchise around Jameis and give him a 25-30 million dollar per year deal (probably with guarantees around 50 million or more) based on his track record in Tampa?
  8. I heard Chris Conte won't playing anymore tonight. Does anyone know why? Did he get hurt on the brutal stiff arm earlier in the 1st quarter? I wouldn't be surprised if he got a concussion on that play. It's ironic how the NFL does everything possible to protect offensive players but have no problems with those players hitting defensive players in the head with stiff arms. If these new rules hold up I'd actually support defensive players if the started lobbying for the removal of the stiff arm.
  9. SCO96

    We need a safety

    I can see why you feel that way after seeing their respective statistics 3 weeks into the season. But, if the Panthers and Falcons had switched picks in the draft I think Moore would have better stats with the Falcons than Ridley would have with the Panthers. There’s no guarantee Ridley would see much playing or get that many targets if he were playing with us. We all know hesitant Rivera can be when it comes to playing rookies/young players at the expense of less talented veteran players. If Ridley were playing here I doubt he’d be starting and he’d probably have stats similiar to Moore’s.
  10. I don't think we're gonna have too much trouble scoring points this season because of the talent on offense. Our defense unfortunately looks like it's gonna keep a lot of our opponents in the games this season. How ironic is that?
  11. Good point. Wade Phillips is one of the best DEFENSIVE coordinators in the NFL and has been for years. No knowledgeable football fan will dispute that. But, his head coaching resume has been mediocre/average at best.
  12. I can see why Steve Wilks could be on the hot seat if his team continues to play poorly, but did the article say why Sean Payton is on the list? If the Saints beat Atlanta this week they could possibly be in first place (if Tampa loses) heading into game 4. Or, did you accidentally type Payton instead of McDermott?
  13. Good points. Butler seem ok as rotational player, but smart teams don't (or shouldn't) use 1st round picks for role players. The Panthers were coming off of a Super Bowl appearance when they chose him. First round choices should at worst be solid starters,; not regularly out performed by undrafted FA's like Kyle Love (who has been a great pickup BTW) On the surface it sounds crazy to cut a 2016 1st round draft choice at the end of his 3rd year. But, I could understand the reasoning if such a move were made. Would the team (the D-line in particular) be that much worse in 2019 if Butler wasn't on the team? His 2019 cap hit is only 2,671,618...which is the same as his dead cap hit. (https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/vernon-butler-18978/) If the team had a more promising/equally player on the roster or could acquire one through the draft, FA, at a reasonable cost, I think releasing him might be the best option.
  14. https://frontofficenfl.com/2017/03/27/nfl-rookie-contracts-explained-fifth-year-option/ Every player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft will automatically have a Fifth-Year Option added in his contract. This option cannot be separately attached to the player contract. The option allows a team to retain a player’s rights for five years rather than the standard four, which is the bonus of selecting a player in the first round. In order to extend the contract, the team must inform the player during the period between the last regular season game of his third contract year and May 3 of the next League Year (Art. 7, Sec. 7, (a), 31). ----- There's been a lot of talk about whether or not the Panthers should try to retain Devin Funchess after his contract expires at seasons end. I think a decision of equal importance is what to do about Vern's contract. Devein, for all of his issues, has been the more productive player. Butler certainly hasn't lived up to his draft position in the first round. Do you guys think the FO is going to try to keep him for two more years make up their minds after the end of his 4th season?