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    Don't forget about Nick Chubb. He almost rushed for 1000 yards last season.
  2. This was a good move. We need to get younger at FS. If we could find a rangy/athletic ball hawk to pair with Eric Reid it would do wonders for our pass defense. I just hope we can find an affordable FA or hit the jackpot in the 2019 draft. I don't believe an adequate replacement for Adams is currently on the roster.
  3. Great comment, especially the line about the scheme. If you are a RB who is required to tote the rock 25 times per game, you'll take more punishment than a back who splits carries. I believe Emmitt Smith once said getting tackled in a NFL game was the equivalent of a car crash. Tom Brady said the same thing on a late night talk show right after the loss to Philadelphia in the SB. Imagine getting hit like that almost every time you touch the ball. The role has diminished now, but lead blocking FB's took a beating back in the day. A CB in a man to man scheme has a much more difficult job than a CB who primarily plays zone...although both are difficult in today's NFL because you're constantly reacting to the receiver in front of you while backpedaling. A Safety who primarily plays center field isn't as physically challenged as the S who plays in the box and fills the enforcer role on the defense. Some TE's primarily block, while other hardly ever do so. One poster already mentioned the lineman on both sides. They get pummeled on every single play. We all will agree that the LT is the hardest position to play in pass protection because you have to be strong, agile, and good with your hands to handle the freak edge rushers in the game. I think a 3-4 NT is more difficult than the 4-3 tackle because your responsible for covering 2 gaps and taking a double team on every play. The more I think about, there really isn't an "easy position" in football. I do feel the WR's take less physical punishment throughout the season. They take shots going over the middle, but not like they use too. The best receiver isn't going to touch the ball more than 6-7 per game. Marvin Harrison holds the reception record for a season (143). Over the course of a season that averages out to 8.9 receptions/touches per game. Some RB's get 9 carries/touches in a quarter. TO caught 20 passes in a game once, but the great backs usually touch the ball 20 times every game.
  4. Hey, could you elaborate a little more on cap ramifications for trading Kalil? I seriously doubt there is a team that would give up a lot for him. But, assuming someone did wouldn't the new team be responsible for a portion of the contract?
  5. Since you brought up Vernon Butler, does anyone know if the Panther are going to exercise his 5th year option? I think a decision has to be made during the off season between his 3rd and 4th year. Based on Butler's performance since entering the league I can't see why they would. But, our front office hasn't proven to be all that effective in building a consistent winner with their personnel decisions. How else do you explain not having back to back winning season since entering the league in 1995?
  6. I have to be honest with you. I have no idea who that is. Is he currently on the roster?Or, is he someone we may be targeting down the line?
  7. Outside of Wright, Samuels, and Moore I don't think we have anyone on our depth chart that's irreplaceable. I think we could use a taller receiver on the roster. Tall receivers are great for throwing the fade routes at the back of the end zone. We also have a QB who isn't always the most accurate passer. If we had a guy who could go up and get some of Cam's errant throws and provide a wider catching radius that would actually be beneficial to our passing game anywhere on the field. We can't rely on Greg Olsen or Ian Thomas to provide that element. Greg can't seem to stay healthy and is on the back end of his career. Ian was a good pick, but he isn't cut from the same mold as Jimmy Graham, Kellen Winslow Sr and Jr, or even Rob Gronkowski. You can line those guys up outside and not miss a beat. So to answer your question, YES. I think we would be wise to acquire a taller receiver via the draft or in FA if a capable one is available and we can afford him.
  8. I actually enjoyed the game on some level like you did. I applaud any team that can shut down their opponent in today's NFL which is heavily weighed in favor of the offense. Both defenses played well yesterday. I didn't react positively to your post is because you're probably right about the competition committee doing something else to handcuff defenses even more in the off season.
  9. You just made my point. I didn't see any adjustments in the 2nd half. Belichik is known for taking away what you do best. The Rams thrive off of their running game to set up big plays down field on play action passes. Gurley is clearly hurt. I knew early in that game that he wouldn't be a factor. McVay needed to adapt his offense to the flow of the game. He didn't. The Pats came after Goff all night long. I don't recall seeing one designed screen pass to a running back all night long. If you take away Gurley's one catch for -1 yards, Goff only completed passes to 4 guys last night, and none to a TE. Belichik lives to take away what you do best. Going into the game I would have had plays designed to free up the TE or slot guy knowing that Cooks and Woods would be getting special attention all night. Goffs a mobile guy, they could have tried to create a moving pocket to counter the pass rush. Does anyone remember seeing any draw plays? I didn't. The receivers were bunched up all last night. He should have spread them out more to created better spacing. That may have also opened up more running room for Gurley or Anderson. How about going to a no huddle offense. Move Woods or Cooks to the slot instead of on the edge to get a better matchup. If the Pats had moved Gilmore inside then you have a chance to go outside against a weaker CB. Belichik had his guys play strong gap control to take away the Rams cutback runs. Why not just man up on the LOS and call some dives, traps, off tackle runs or counter plays to diversify the running game. I'm not saying any this would have guaranteed a win, but at least the Pats would have had to adjust on defense. On a lot of those plays last night every receiver was covered. It looked as if NE knew exactly what they were running before the ball was snapped.
  10. I honestly think the Rams could have won that game if it weren't for the mid season injury to Cooper Cupp and the late season injury to Gurley. If these guys were healthy and had started the Superbowl the Pats couldnt have played the same scheme. It's hard to stop both wideouts and a good slot receiver and a upper echelon tailback Eddlemon tore up the Rams yesterday, and the Rams still held them to 13 point by basically shutting down the NE wideouts. Even without Cupp, an effective running game with Gurley could have almost guaranteed a victory. The Rams lost this game because they were out coached, not because they were less talented. Can someone tell me one adjustment McVay made in the 2nd half? I didn't see one.
  11. I made a typo in the original post. The Pats have been to so many Super Bowls lately that I forgot they lost to the Eagles last year when I typed the original post. They've won 3 of the last 5 title games and haven't missed the Super Bowl since Peyton Manning retired (who had a 3-1 record vs Brady in AFC title games)
  12. No team has ever won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years except the 70s Steelers. I can see that changing next season. 1) Belichik and Brady are coming back. 2)I think the Pats have about 10 picks in this year's draft 3) They play in the AFC East and will almost certainly give them a home playoff game and probably a bye. 4) The only team that appears to have any chance of beating them in the AFC playoffs is KC, which won't be able to do so without significantly improving their defense. Even if they get home field advantage it won't mean anything. Seriously, how do you score 31 points in the 2nd half at home and still lose a game after picking the opposing QB off two times? 5) Overall, the AFC is weak. The Pats lost 5 (4 AFC and 1 NFC) games to teams that didn't make the playoffs (Jags, Lions, Titans, Steelers, and Dolphins) and still got the 2nd seed in the playoffs this season. 6) I don't see a team in the NFC I would pick to beat the Pats in a SB game heading into this off-season. How do the rest of you feel about 2019? I'm expecting more of the same.
  13. Goff isn't the engine that makes that offense thrive. It's a healthy Todd Gurley and believe it or not... COOPER CULP, their slot receiver. When those guys are on, that Ram offense is hard to stop. There was a big drop off in their explosiveness when Culp tore his ACL. Once Gurley got hurt their offense became average. Pats fans were saying all week that a their worst fear was Todd Gurley, not Goff, having a big game. Once I saw that Gurley wasnt going to be on the field for most of the snaps I knew Goff wouldnt be able to put the team on his back and win this game. The defense kept things close. Had the Rams been able to get a pick 6 or turnover that led to points ; or if the special teams had a big play in the kick return game the Rams could have won this game in spite of Goffs performance. Holding a team to 13 points should be a guaranteed win in the Superbowl. For them to lose this game is as bad, if not worse, than the Panthers losing SB 50 to a Bronco team that had less than 200 yards in total offense.
  14. A healthy Cam poses matchup problems for the Pats. He can thrown the ball downfield, scramble to keep plays alive, and run it if he has to do so. Until Mahomes showed up this year, the AFC really didn't have a threat like that for NE to deal with with the possible exception of Deshaun Watson (whose was coming off a knee injury this season). When you factor in that Rivera is actually a good defensive play caller it's understandable that he's had success again Belichik when the defense and Cam have played well.
  15. The Saints would have scored more than 3 points, but I doubt that defense could have held Brady down when it counted. Plus, the Saints need another weapon on the outside or in the slot. When Michael Thomas is contained (like he was in the NFC title game) Brees really doesn't have another threat. We all know Belichik tries to take away what you do beat and would have designed a plan to neutralize Thomas. If the running game wasn't on the Saints wouldn't stand a chance.