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  1. I think this sums up things perfectly. If I could give you more than 1 positive ranking if I would.
  2. Good comment. I feel the same way. After watching this video I can see why the 3-4 front seems to be becoming more popular in today's pass happy league. A great 4 man d-line pass rush is ideal but those type of players don't grow on trees. And, even if you do put together a great d-line for a couple of years, by the time their contracts need to be extended you'd never be able to pay them all. This video shows that you don't have to have extraordinary pass rushers to create pressure and confusion on the defensive side of the ball. I'm really looking forward to watching the defense Rivera puts on the field this year.
  3. I've watched nearly every game CMac has started in Carolina. The run blocking was much better last year. He (and Stewart) didn't have much room to run in 2017. Last year the O-line was opening holes consistently all season long w/out Norwell (and D. Williams for that matter). I think some of this was due to Christian adjusting to the the NFL and getting physically stronger. Some was due to R. Kalil getting healthy. If Cam hadn't got hurt, there is no way we don't finish above .500. We probably would've won 10-11 games and made the playoffs. My point was paying Norwell $13 million would not have made us significantly better even though he is a better player than Van Roten.
  4. I don't think this has been posted by anyone here yet. I going to paste the first half of the article. Follow the link if you want to read the entire thing...it's pretty short. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/06/after-big-contract-with-jaguars-andrew-norwell-let-my-teammates Last year guard Andrew Norwell signed a five-year, $66.5 million contract with the Jaguars, which at the time made him the highest-paid guard in the league. The return on the Jaguars’ investment was not good. Norwell missed five games with injuries, didn’t play particularly well in the games he did play, and admitted that he had a poor first year in Jacksonville. “It’s no excuse, but it wasn’t my healthiest season,” Norwell said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I battled through it and ultimately had a significant injury there and that ended my season. I was very disappointed. I’m not going to let my teammates down like that again.” ------ I was NEVER in favor of paying Norwell that type of money. I'm glad the Panthers let him walk last off-season. I can't see him ever living up to that contract even if he maintain his health going forward. I don't think we really missed him last year. CMac rushed for over 1,000 yds and Cam was having a great year until the shoulder injury, which Norwell's presence wouldn't have prevented. Our 2019 O-line could very well be better than any of the squads a he started on...and the money we saved on his contract has allowed us to build a deeper team in my opinion.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. On paper the d-line has improved which should improve the pass rush. A better pass rush leads to more rushed/errant throws which leads to more INT opportunities for the secondary. James is good enough to start on well over half the teams in the NFL. Quality CB's are hard to find, so I tend to lean towards resigning him before the season ends if possible.
  6. James Bradberry is heading into the last year of his 4 year deal. He'll be a FA going into the 2020 season. What do you think the front office is thinking in terms of a possible contract extension? He's a hard guy for me to evaluate. Overall he's been fairly solid. He doesn't give up a lot of big plays and is a decent tackler. But, I don't think anyone would classify him as a shutdown corner or a play maker. Last year he only had one interception; and he only has a total of 5 in 3 NFL seasons. The top CB's in the league command over $10 mil per year. Is Bradberry worth that? At the same time, if we let him go it could come back to haunt us like the loss of Norman did. Outside of D. Jackson I don't think we have any dependable CB's on the current roster which means we'll have to draft someone in 2020 or sign a pricey FA. I know it's early, but do you guys have any thoughts on upcoming issue?
  7. Gotta disagree with you on this one. I realize that Gettleman was looking forward to the time that Starr and Kwan's contracts would be up. He knew he couldn't sign them both and was looking for a replacement at one of the DT positions going forward. No problem with that at all. My problem was with WHO he selected. I don't think Vernon Butler had 10 sacks during his collegiate career. Nothing about that suggests he would have been able to replace Kwan's production at the 3 tech DT position if we had been unable to sign him to an extension. He also wasn't stout enough to play a 4-3 NT and tie up blockers like Starr. During the 2016 training camp I remember a Panther official saying that VB would not be playing NT and would be used as 3tech DT like KS. I scratched my head saying "he isn't a good pass rusher, and won't see the field as long as we have KS. If KS leaves he'll never generate that type of pass rush. He also isn't big/strong enough to replace Starr. He'll never be more than a backup unless he can play some DE (which we knew he couldn't in a 4-3 defense).If you have to make a decision on whether to keep a pass rushing DT over a space eating DT in today's pass happy NFL, the smart choice is to keep the pass rusher because they're harder to find. And, that's what the Panthers ultimately decided to do. Last year was telling. We let Starr go and signed D. Poe even though we had a 1st round DT on the roster. I knew then that the Panther would be crazy to pick up his fifth year option. Had G-Man picked a NT capable of replacing Starr's production, no one would have been upset with taking a NT with the 2016 pick. Unfortunately he didn't. We would have been better served trading back to pick up additional picks, which may have actually allowed us to come out of the draft with more than one decent player (Bradberry)
  8. Dude, we don't even belong in the bottom 6 in the NFC
  9. Combine data I found on Jerry Rice's 40 time in 1985 According to Bill Walsh in an oft-quoted interview, it was a 4.59. According to Gil Brandt, it was no better than a 4.55: "We timed Jerry in the 40 nine times,” said former Dallas Cowboys general manager Gil Brandt, “and he never got under 4.55." Later on Rice was quoted as saying he didn't know how to run the 40 yard dash. According to the combine stats, Jerry Rice was slow WR. Of course, those of us who saw him play remember that his game speed was among the best we've ever seen for a receiver. Game film and live action should always carry more weight than combine drills when assessing a player. Some players have the ability to excel with pads on in game situations, even though their combine data may suggest other wise. Other players with "great measurables" tend to do the opposite. If you want to see how good Little is in pass protection and run blocking, take a look at the film and see how he did week in and week out against the best competition in the SEC PS...those links listed above do not work.
  10. He's the first person I've seen that gave us a grade that low. I hope Burns (and defensive coaching staff), Little, and Grier hear/see these comments and prove this guy wrong. You have to be self motivated to have success at the NFL level, but it doesn't hurt to have a little chip on the shoulder to push you to greater success. He pretty much insulted everyone I just mentioned earlier. I would have loved to have a strong prospect at FS picked in the early rounds. Outside of that, I can't gripe too much. And, we can still pick one up on FA market. The other weak areas (pass rush, OLine depth/Possible starter at LT, and a solid backup for Cam) were at least addressed. We don't know things will pan out but I don't see how anyone could grade us below a C...and even that's too low in my opinion.
  11. As I said earlier, I haven't followed the O-lineman as closely as some of the other positions because I was assuming (perhaps wrongly) that the Panthers would be looking for a d-lineman in the 1st round. I need you to enlighten me. Who are the top 3 rated OL in this years draft? Which lineman do you think will be available at 16 who are as good as better than Dillard? You spoke highly of his pass blocking, which is what we desperately need. Is his run blocking better than Kalil and Clark? I don't think the two guys I mentioned are highly rated players, yet CMac was still able to rush for 1,000 yds this season. Do you think time he'd spend with Matsko before the season would be enough time to improve the run blocking?
  12. There may be plenty of OT's available at 16, but are they capable of playing at solid level at the LT position in the NFL? With the exception of Michael Oher's 2015 season, our LT situation has been a mess since Jordan Gross retired after the 2103 season. I'm not saying I'd make this move. I don't know a lot about this year's class of LT's. BUT, if Dillard came in and solidified the LT position for the next 5-7 years I don't see how anyone could look back on this move and say we gave up too much to move up. I'm guessing we have to give up a 1 and 3. That would still leave us with selections in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to address the DL and Safety positions. If they could make a move like this and give up a 4th and a later round pick instead of a 3rd, I'd go for it, even though I'd be inclined to take a DL for the pass rush.
  13. I'm curious to see if we'll have an increase in offensive PI calls. If a receiver is pushing off to get open they should be flagged. Being a defensive back is arguably the hardest job in football, so I'd like to see more balance on the PI calls myself since all of the rule changes usually favor the offense these days.
  14. Don't forget about Nick Chubb. He almost rushed for 1000 yards last season.
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