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  1. SCO96

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    I think a majority of the country feels the same way. Each year I tend to watch fewer and fewer games. I faithfully follow the Panthers but the AFC end product is a foregone conclusion: Belichik and Brady will come get a playoff bye, play for the AFC title, and end up in the Super Bowl. Some team will have them on the ropes (Seattle, Atlanta, KC etc) and do something stupid to snatch defeat from the hand of victory, thus allowing Brady to win the game by completing a last minute drive for a win. I know Peyton Manning wasn’t everyone’s favorite player, but at least he served as a barricade to the Pats steamrolling the AFC every year and high stepping to the Super Bowl. He was 3-1 against Brady in AFC title games. If it weren’t for Manning, Brady could possibly have 8-10 rings. Do you guys realize that Brady has played in every SuperBowl since Manning retired?
  2. SCO96

    Go Rams, obviously.

    I feel you man. NE would have never been in the 2001 SB to play the Rams if not for that fluke/bogus call. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Rams get to the SB via a bogus call and knock off the Pats? History would repeat itself with but this time the Patriots would be on the short end of the scoreboard.
  3. SCO96

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    What you’re saying isn’t revolutionary by any means. It’s actually common sense. If the ball is coming out in under 3 seconds then you need to prevent the receivers from getting clean releases or cut off the passing lanes with the zone. For some reason 95% of the NFL can’t seem to do this. After Mike Vrabel coached the Titans to a win over the Patriots his season he said in order to slow down Brady you have to take away his first read. Rodney Harrison said what you pointed out in part A of your post....you have to press those receivers. Julian Eddlemon got clean releases all game long. He’d take a step or two and make an out or in cut and the ball was there. I know playing the actual game is harder than it looks on TV, but it boggles my mind that no team is in the AFC can stop Eddlemon in a big game. If Brady comes back next year the only team in the AFC that even has a chance of beating them for the conference title is KC and that is unlikely if the defense doesn’t drastically improve.
  4. SCO96

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    Good insight in your post. Do you think it’s possible to defend that type of attack in today’s NFL? Do the Rams have any chance of shutting down the NE offense/short passing game in the Super Bowl?
  5. You know what else was missing in KC yesterday? Any resemblance of a pass rush. As for KB, you are probably right. I doubt he’ll be in league at the start of the next decade.
  6. Well technically the players from those teams (except the ageless Brady) are gone, but since the actual franchises still exist you can call it a rematch. I remember when the Cowboys beat the Steelers in 1995. The two teams hadn’t met in Super Bowl games since the 1970s (1975 and 1978). I think the old time Cowboy fans from the 1970s were more excited about finally beating the Steelers for the win than they were about winning 3 SBs in 4 years. I checked out a Rams site earlier today and a lot of their fans feel are saying they look at this as a chance to get revenge for their 2001 loss that launched one dynasty and kept a potential dynasty from developing.
  7. Interesting question. The Pats do have a tendency to play a team more than once in Super Bowls. If their past history is any indication of this year’s game, the may end up on the wrong side of the score board. They have never won a rematch against a team they previously played in the SB. The Giants beat them in 2006 and 2010. The Eagles got revenge last year for their 2004 defeat. I hope the Rams keep can keep that streak alive. I have a question for you guys. So far Rivera has had success against Belichik. After watching last nights defensive debacle in KC, do you think Rivera could have called a game that would have kept the NE offense in check? I don’t think there is no dishonor in losing to NE, but KC didn’t seem to do anything down the stretch to contain Julian Eddlemon. Belichik is usually able to take away what you do best. Do you think Ron would have had an answer for the Patriots’ short passing game.
  8. SCO96

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    The Giants were a great defensive team. They were the only team from that era who could go toe to toe with SF on regular basis. They knocked the 49ers out of the playoffs in 1985 and 1986 without giving up a touchdown in either game. And of course they beat them in the 1990 NFC game in Candlestick and only gave up 13 points. Remember who was the DC for those team...Bill Belichick. The 49ers had some great defenses as well. From 1981-1992 or so SF always ranked in near the top in pass defense. I don't think the 1990 Bills would have beat the 49ers but I admit would have made for an interesting game. Even if they had lost, I think you'll agree that a Montana led 49er team would have beat the Chargers in 1994 just as easily as the Steve Young led team, which still would have given him 5 SB wins before Brady graduated college.
  9. SCO96

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    No QB has a resume more impressive resume than Tom Brady. But, I think you're just a tad bit dismissive of Joe Montana (who I hated because I hated the 49er's back then). He had 2 SB's before Jerry Rice was even drafted. His starting wideouts on the 1981 and 1984 SB teams were were Dwight Clark and Freddie Solomon. He once led SF to a victory over the Eagles in 1989 when they were down 28-0 at the old Veterans Stadium. The Eagles had arguably the best Defense at that time (Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Eric Allen, Seth Joyner, Andre Waters, etc) Dude went 4-0 in the SB and never even threw an interception. He's on his way to a 5th in 1990 against the Giants in the 1990 NFC title game. He has his team ahead and gets knocked out of the game by Leonard Marshall and ultimately the NFL for two seasons as a result of a devastating hit from his blind side. He misses all of 1991. In 1992 he plays for the first time in 2 years on a Monday night at the end of the season and takes his team right down the field to score on his first possession. The Cowboys come into Candlestick later that season for the 1992 NFC title game and beat the 49er's while Montana sits on the bench. He was traded away to KC for the 1993 season. He get traded away to KC and leads them to the playoffs both year he's there. He even got them to the AFC title game in 1993. Steve Young loses the NFC title game to the Cowboys again in 1993 but is finally get over the hump by beating them in 1994 and advancing to the SB to destroy the Chargers 49-26. Any knowledgeable fan of that era realizes Joe Montana would almost certainly have had 5 rings before anyone else if he hadn't got hurt, lost his job, been traded away to the AFC while the 49ers were still an elite team, without ever getting a real opportunity to regain his starting job. He may have even had 6 rings (or more) because I'm not so sure the Cowboys would've beat the 49ers in the 92 and 93 title games if Montana were healthy. The Bill lost 4 super bowls in a row from 1990-1993 to the Giants, Skins, and Cowboys. I doubt they would have been any more successful against the 49ers of that era who won more SB titles than the teams mentioned above. If Brady had been traded in 2015 while at the top of his game do you think he'd be on the verge of winning a 6th Super Bowl right now?
  10. It would be nice to have top 10 pick with all the holes and weaknesses on this team. But, unless the front office totally blows this pick (which is possible) we should still get an impact player in the first round. Even if we had higher picks in the other rounds there’s no guarantee we’d nail those picks...especially with Hurney as the GM. If we plan on becoming a winning franchise and challenging for a playoff spot year in and year out we need to get use to drafting at the bottom of the rounds anyway. The teams than have made the playoffs the most since during the current decade haven’t built their teams picking at the top of each round. They’re able to find the hidden gems throughout the draft and shrewdly acquire talent in free agency...which is why I’m ok with Rivera staying if a new GM is hired to build the roster.
  11. SCO96

    Bowl Games thread.

    I don't care what their record was this season, most of the country knew ND wasn't the 3rd best team in the country. They embarrassed themselves on the national stage... AGAIN. If they have a good season next year the people who rank the teams will probably try again to force them into the top 4 and we'll get a repeat of what happened tonight. If they want ND in the playoffs that badly every year then you need to expand the field to 8 teams. 1) That's only one extra game week of games 2 ) You'd likely get most, if not all of the Power 5 conferences involved each year. 3) You'd have a room to add a deserving non conference team to the mix 4) More bowls could participate and increase their relevance. 5) A great team that didn't win it's conference championship (like Georgia) could still get into the tournament. 6) When the pundits inevitably attempt to force ND into the mix there's less chance of them keeping a deserving team out of the playoff. Based on their BCS/Playoff history they'll go out in the first round and we won't have to worry about them making it to the final 4.
  12. I’ve read all of the post on this thread. Some I agree with, some I disagree with. But, all of them have been well thought out. I can tell you guys are knowledgeable about our team and want to see it thrive in the future. Some huge decisions need to be made this off season and I think we can all agree on this...Marty Hurney does not need to be the guy in charge of shaping the 2019 roster. We need a fresh set of eyes to look at this roster to determine who needs to stay and who needs to go. What has the team done in the past that worked and what hasn’t? Are we wasting money on bad contracts and subpar performers that could be better used elsewhere? What needs to be done in order for us to finally put together back to back winning seasons and build a contender year in and year out? Based on his history with the Panthers and his attachment to many of the players on the team, I don’t think Marty Hurney can make the tough choices and build the solid roster we need to perennially contend for an NFL championship.
  13. I don't know why this question seems to have rubbed you the wrong way. Apparently the idea of a white CB in the NFL is offensive to you. I can see no other reason why you would label my premise "Stupid". Based on the tone of your reply, I'm pretty sure I'm a good bit older than you. I've watched football since the 1970's. I can remember when there were several white CB's starting in the NFL. No one said that there was a "Legion of lilly white super athletes" struggling to break thru a color barrier. But, no one can deny that there are no white CB's in the NFL right now, not even at the nickel position. I can remember when Warren Moon won the MVP in the Rose Bowl but wasn't drafted by an NFL team even though it had 12 rounds back then. He had to go to the CFL to prove he could play before any NFL team would give him shot. Many African-american QB's went undrafted or were "advised to switch postions" to play pro ball. The NFL has a history of having stereotypical views when it comes to some things. When I really started to watch games in the late 70's/ early 80's there were two black starters in a 28 team league , Vince Evans (Chicago) and Doug Williams (Tampa Bay). It took a while to get to where we are today. I was only asking the Huddlers if they thought teams would be more open to idea of a Caucasian (or for that matter any ethnicity) playing CB in the NFL in the future. Of course that can only happen if they play the position at the high school and college levels. The questions is "Are some athletes being discouraged because of racial stereotyping". Most of the replies to the post have been fun to read, yours being a notable exception.
  14. I think we definitely need to consider drafting a QB in this years draft. I wouldn't consider Kyler for two reasons. 1) He's a talented baseball player. I thought he was already signed to a minor league contract by a MLB team, but I could be wrong. If he's not fully committed to the NFL team it could cause a problem down the road. 2) I don't think Cam is in such bad shape that we need to draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round THIS OFF SEASON. As talented as Murray is, he won't make it out of the 2nd round. In fact, since he won the 2018 Heisman I can't see him lasting beyond the 1st round. He could possibly go in the top 10. Does of anyone know of any college QB prospects expected to go in middle rounds of the draft (rounds 3-5) that you think the Panthers should look at for 2019 since we really can't afford to pick a QB earlier than that with all of the holes on our team?
  15. I'm glad you actually understood the original purpose of my post. I wasn't trying to start a controversy. Someone had remarked about Christian going over a 1,000 yards in another post on our forum. He stated that Christian was different from the Caucasian RB's have done that in the past. Jim Taylor, Larry Csonka, John Riggins, and Peyton Hillis were considered power backs. He (and I) feel Christian is an entirely different type of runner. 1) He's smaller than all of those guys so he doesn't bowl you over but he hits the hole quickly like most small RB's do. 2) He has the ability to stop and change directions almost without effort. 3)He's a great route runner and receiver. Some scouts at the combine thought he may have been the best route runner there. 4)We've seen him literally leap over defenders while carrying the football so we know he has a great vertical leap. All of the above attributes are what you look for in CB's today. If a white player with a similar athletic profile to Christian wanted to play CB, I was just wondering if a team would give that individual a chance to compete for a job. I was not my intent to start a serious racial debate.