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  1. We don't necessarily need high round draft picks. We need good draft picks. As someone said earlier, certain franchises get high picks every year yet remain poor-mediocre teams. Our front office has certainly excelled in blowing our high draft picks in recent years. Vernon Butler, Kelvin Benjamin, Devin Funchess, etc were all taken early in the draft and we have nothing to show for those choices. Greg Little was taken in the 2nd round 2 years ago and things are looking too promising so far. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NE, Seattle, etc don't pick in the top 10 every year but those teams are always competitive even in down seasons. Heck, NE even has a tendency to trade out of the first round. Granted, they had Tom Brady for the past 2 decades. But if I recall correctly, Brady himself wasnt drafted until the 6th round. High picks are great. But a good front office can find talent all over the draft, thru trades, or via free agency. Then, a strong coaching staff will put players in the position to succeed and game plan to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. I think we have the pieces in place to have a strong coaching staff. I think we just need a better front office. PS: Having Kuechly as a scout may result in us finding those hidden gems in the back end of the draft.
  2. I totally agree that we haven't been run well for the past 15 seasons (or the past 25 for that matter). I also said you were right about 2015 being a year of over achievement. I didn't expect to go 15-1 in 2016. But I certainly didn't expect to go 6-10 either. Atlanta beat us pretty good both times they played us. Seattle beat us by 33 points. The Vikings beat us by 12. The other 6 games we lost were close. 4 losses were by 3 points; and two loses were decided by a single point. If we had kept Josh Norman and actually drafted a couple of players who contributed to the team we would have had a better chance of winning some of those games. Winning just 3 of them would have resulted in a 9-7 record and the Panthers finally putting together back to back winning seasons.
  3. I never said we were an all time good team. I agree we over achieved in 2015. That said, we won our division 3 years in a row from 2013-2015. We made the playoffs as a wild card in 2017. We were in the playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons between 2013-2017. There is no way we should have gone from 15-1 in 2015 to 6-10 in 2016. A strong draft class and better player management in the front office should have put us in a position to at least compete for the playoffs and division crown for the rest of the decade. We let the one bright spot from that draft go this past off-season. Today, as stated earlier, we have nothing to show from that draft even though it was only fours years ago. You can't compete in the NFL consistently with poor draft classes like that.
  4. The Oher injury definitely led to an unfortunate series of events on the Oline and the offense in general. But, I think the worse thing that happened to Carolina was the off season after the SB year in 2015. Not Franchising Norman was a huge mistake. I can understand why Gettleman didn't want to pay Josh the salary that his agent was demanding. We could have kept him for another year, possibly two, if we had used the franchise tag. Josh would have never held out and passed on $13,952,000 in 2016. 1) Josh was at his peak then. He probably would have played hard to increase his value for the 2016 off-season thus making the defense better. With Josh I don't see us going 6-10 after a SB year. 2) We wouldn't have had to draft 3 CB's in the 2016 draft. Bradberry was a solid 2nd round pick. He may have still been taken with the idea that Josh wouldn't be around for 2017. Daryl Worley (3rd) and Zach Sanchez (5th) were WASTED PICKS. I doubt either would have been drafted if Norman was on the roster in 2016. We didn't have a 4th round or 6th round draft choice that year. We finished up by Drafting Beau Sandland in the 7th round. I can't him ever playing a down in the NFL. 3) Vernon Butler chosen with the 1st pick in 2016. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD this selection. You let a great 4-3 NT go in free agency and sign a DT who the coaches say is better suited to play the 3 technique. Thing is you already have Kwann (who was playing at very high level at the time) thus relegating Butler to a backup. Even more puzzling about the selection was the fact he wasn't a great pass rusher coming out of college. I don't think he ad 10 sacks in 4 years in college football. Needless to say, Butler never made a significant impact on the defensive line. We literally have nothing to show for that draft in four years later. This is remarkable because we were in the SB the previous year with Cam and Luke in the prime of their careers.
  5. I find your post interesting because I feel the same way, not just about Panther DT's but the position in general. DT's seem to hit their peak early in their career and decline more sharply than other positions on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive Ends, Linebackers, and a fair number defensive backs are still playing at a high level at 30-32. I can't think of many Defensive Tackles currently in the league who are still DOMINANT as the approach 30. That doesn't mean they can't still be effective, but most of them don't seem to be as explosive off the ball and as disruptive by their late 20's. You always have exceptions. And, as long a NT maintains his strength he can be a force up the middle and in the run game. But, I'd always pick the DE over the DT if I had to decide which player was going to get the big contract (Unless it's an Aaron Donald, Randy White, Joe Greene, or John Randle of course)
  6. I've never understood the hype around ANY USC quarterback. Carson Palmer was a legit starter in the NFL. He was never elite or top 5 at his position, but for several seasons you could make a strong case that he was always a top 15 player, and maybe even top 10. The early injury in his career and the fact that he spent much of his career in Cincinnati negativity affected his career. Outside of Carson Palmer, tell me a USC quarterback that excelled in pro football. I can't think of it of any, and I've been watching football since the late 1970s. Just take a look at names below and you'll see why I have this point of view Rodney Peete had some success but he would be considered a journey man QB. Pat Jaden started for the Rams when I was a kid but ultimately lost his job to the long forgotten Vince Ferragamo. Matt Leinert, Cody Kessler, Mark Sanchez, John David Booty, Matt Barkley, Rob Johnson, Todd Marinovich, and Matt Cassell never excelled in the PROS. I don't think the above list has one pro bowl appearance among them. As soon as I saw Sam Darnold...USC Quarterback...I realized he already had 3 strikes against him. I'd feel better drafting a Division 2 college player or taking a chance on an undrafted free agent before I'd invest HEAVILY in ANY USC quarterback.
  7. The highest paid positions in the NFL (QB, DE, CB, LT) are the ones that are the hardest to fill with above average talent in thru the draft or via free agency. If you have a subpar...or even average...player at any of the above positions it's usually going to come back to bite you sometime during the season. It's easier to find talented linebackers than talented corner backs, especially in today's pass happy NFL. If I were GM during the past off season I wouldn't have had to think twice about which player to retain, Thompson or Bradberry. I would rather over pay a solid/reliable CB than solid/reliable OLB. Even a cheapskate like David Gettleman realizes that.
  8. Is Chud still coaching in the NFL? I haven't heard his name in years.
  9. Evans had a nice block on Fournette's TD run as did the LG. I'm a die hard Panther fan, but that run and the blocking he received was nice to watch.
  10. Nice catch Shady...not. That may come back to BITE them if we can hold them scoreless for the rest of the game and put together 2 more scoring drives.
  11. I liked that comment from Sclerath on Moore's route running. He could gained more separation if he had sold the deep route better. Little things like that are important.
  12. That pick may have cost us the game. They blocking was good and DJ had a step on his guy. The 2nd half momentum was clearly on our side on offense and defense. Unfortunately, the throw was behind him. If the Bucs score we may not have time to come back.
  13. He's the 2nd best running back on our team...that's kind of pathetic isn't it?
  14. I like feeding the ball to our man Christian, but it sure would be nice to see us come out throwing on first down a little more.
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