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  1. Reading between the lines. He thinks Allen has a "live arm" LMAO https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/30/ron-rivera-well-go-into-camp-believing-dwayne-haskins-is-the-starter/ Washington head coach Ron Rivera has talked about having a competition for the starting quarterback job since taking the job early this year. He’s talked about a healthy Alex Smith potentially being a foil for Dwayne Haskins and left the door open for the team to draft a quarterback in April. The team traded for one of Rivera’s former Panthers quarterbacks in Kyle Allen last week and Rivera put him into the competition pool, although he added that Haskins would go into such a competition in the No. 1 spot. “That’s what we’re going into camp believing, but they’re going to compete,” Rivera said on WFNZ, via Football Morning in America. “We really like what we have in terms of our young quarterbacks. Kyle a young guy who has a live arm, understands the game, understands how we do things, so I’m excited about what the potential could be.” Allen started more games than Haskins during the 2019 season, but doesn’t have the perceived upside that comes with Haskins being a first-round pick last year. While that pick was made by a different regime in Washington, it sounds like it still gives him a leg up going into next season.
  2. Hard to argue this take https://youtu.be/tEbnWsQXVHM
  3. Based on best player available: Okudah, Simmons, Brown DT is the biggest need so I would pick Brown.
  4. Smitty - I will always hate Gettleman for cutting him and forcing him to play in another uniform.
  5. I have come to hate the Bills. Some may find it amusing they're always poaching or signing former Panthers but I find it extremely annoying and hope they crash and burn. Just watch, they're going to sign Cam too.
  6. Free-agent quarterback Cam Newton is now waiting for his next NFL opportunity. In the meantime, he’s working out — and sharing his workouts on social media. A set of images and videos includes one in which Newton, after a set of pulldowns (great for the arms, I think it is), says this: “All I know is work. All I know is work. That’s all I know. They gave up on me.” He’s surely talking about the Panthers, who cut Newton earlier this week. And he surely seems to be motivated by the decision to rip up his contract and to make him a free agent. Although Newton seems to be in tip-top shape, the NFL’s COVID-19 procedures make it impossible for teams to give Newton a proper physical, for now. Given his foot, ankle, and shoulder issues of the past, it’s critical for any interested team to be able to have its doctors closely inspect him. No reports or rumors have emerged linking Newton to a new team, yet. The Chargers should be interested. Other teams (Dolphins, Patriots, Washington, Raiders) possibly, maybe could become interested. Surely, at some point, someone will give Newton a closer look and decide to do business with one of the best quarterbacks in the business, when healthy. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/26/cam-newton-they-gave-up-on-me/ https://youtu.be/tEbnWsQXVHM
  7. Sure, I have no ego in this thing we do as fans. It's fun to speculate and for me it makes sense if they truly believe that Herbert is starting caliber. There is no guarantee we will pick high enough in the next draft to grab anyone better and all indications are that Rhule isn't interested in tanking this year.
  8. I think Panthers will not wait until next year to draft the QB of the future, but will do that this year by drafting Herbert and let him learn behind Bridgewater for a year (or two). The rest of the draft picks will be used for Defense. Marty has shown a lot of interest in Herbert. Now he may be posturing for potential trade down opportunities to acquire more picks but I think the more likely scenario is that he gets drafted by the Panthers. How would you feel about that if it happens?
  9. Cam Newton’s exit physical from the Panthers means nothing Yes, Cam Newton passed a physical administered by the Panthers (via a doctor in Atlanta) before the Panthers cut him on Tuesday. No, it means nothing as it relates to his search for a new team. The Panthers wanted him to pass the physical, and Newton wanted to pass it. The physical, as reported by ESPN, was “coordinated by the Panthers and his agency.” Wink. Nod. Cam is passing the physical. This doesn’t mean he’s “healthy,” even though ESPN understandably had to make that declaration in exchange for getting the scoop. Newton’s next team will decide on its own whether he’s healthy, ideally before signing him to a new contract. The COVID-19 procedures make that a major challenge, since a team like the Chargers can’t bring Newton to the facility, and the Chargers likewise can’t send their doctors to Newton. So they’ll either have to trust the evaluation of a neutral doctor before signing him, wait to sign him until the physical can be conducted by team doctors, or sign him subject to a physical at a later date. Regardless, the fact that Newton passed his on-the-way-out-the-door physical in Carolina has absolutely no relevance to the question of whether any other team will be comfortable committing millions based on his current overall condition. The best example comes from the case of Drew Brees, in 2006. Brees, who injured his shoulder in the last game of the 2005 season, failed a physical with the Dolphins. And he passed a physical with the Saints. Newton, despite passing a physical in Carolina, could fail one with the Chargers or any other team. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/25/cam-newtons-exit-physical-from-the-panthers-means-nothing/
  10. This is so strange. If he passed a physical then he must have had trade value, why release him?
  11. Good one! He "shoulders" some, but players have to be protected from themselves. Rivera acted like he had no idea Cam was playing hurt even though it was obvious to everyone.
  12. I hope it does. I hope Cam can resurrect his career and win a SB with NE, as long as it's not against the Panthers.
  13. Cam is a victim of playing for a head coach who was too selfish to sit him when he injured his shoulder: not once, but twice and again when he injured his foot. Cam wanted to prove he was tough and that was stupid, but I lay most of the blame for Cam's career being finished (as a Panther) at Ron Rivera and using Cam's own deception about his injuries as an excuse to ride him into the ground. F U Ron Rivera.
  14. Good value, let's hope Marty doesn't waste the pick in the Draft
  15. Let's see what he can do. Worth a look
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