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  1. In honor of Cam’s birthday CMC posted this video. interestingly, Reggie Bush commented and CMC replied. So great LOl
  2. I remember Jimmy Clausen being a unanimous “steal” in the second round and the media giving us an A+. It really doesn’t matter until we get to camp. If Grier has what it takes ti be a solid backup or a future replacement for Cam, it will be evident early.
  3. Unless the shoulder injury is already career ending and we don’t know it. yet. Let’s hope not
  4. I just hope we can get a solid 5 - 7 years out of Cam and win a SB. That would be a hell of a career. We don't need him to be Brady
  5. Otah at least had talent. When he played, he was really good. I don't think we ever saw any talent from Butler. Terrible pick by Gettleman.
  6. We need to trade back up in the 4th and draft Thompson the Alabama safety
  7. Great value! He should have been gone in the late 2nd - early 3rd round.
  8. Pick 100 Carolina Panthers – QB Will Grier, West Virginia The Panthers get an absolute steal of a value pick in Will Grier. He’s also one of Steve Palazzolo’s favorite QBs in this draft and the highest rated player left on the PFF Big Board at 24. Grier is a rhythm thrower who has the ability to develop behind Cam Newton. Tied for 2nd-highest overall grade in the class No. 2 passing grade among draft-class quarterbacks No. 6 adjusted completion % in the class No. 3 passer rating from a clean pocket among class QBs https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-pffs-live-analysis-of-the-2019-nfl-draft
  9. I still say we draft OL, we need depth due to inevitable injuries. The rest of the rounds I would take Defense.
  10. Predict how many games before we see AB screaming at Carr on the sidelines.
  11. Kind of hard to pay him when you tied up all of that cap money in the worst LT in the NFL - Matt Kalil.
  12. https://twitter.com/E_Reid35/status/1099062237728251904
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