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  1. I wish there was an actual injury that can be pointed to for Cam's shoulder issues. Then you could at least work toward a surgery and recovery. If he's not injured, it makes me feel like his arm strength is simply gone beyond repair and that his career is almost over.
  2. NAS

    Pagano named Bears DC

    Rivera should have hired him as DC and made Washington his assistant.
  3. Pretty sure that Kerry Collins was booed, coming off the field, during a preseason game after Romanowski broke his jaw. Not our best moment as a fan base.
  4. If it makes you feel better, I had a dream that Tepper decided to fire Rivera.
  5. Seems to struggle with the deep ball already
  6. NAS

    Heinike did what? Wtf

    Yep, I remember all the pundits saying we got the steal of the draft by taking Clausen in the 2nd round LOL
  7. NAS

    Heinike did what? Wtf

    Haha, this is so sad. People really hope that everyone else was wrong on Heinicke and becomes the next Tom Brad, Kurt Warner, or heck...even Jake Delhomme
  8. Obviously, we still don't know what it will take to fix his shoulder or if it's even possible. In addition to any potential surgery and rehabilitation of the shoulder, there are other things that Cam needs to do to prolong his career and continue to play at a high level: 1) Work on his footwork and take some pressure off his arm to make some of the throws. He was always able to overcome this deficiency in his game by having the strongest arm in the league before the injury. I remember being in awe when he could throw it 65 yards off his back foot with unbelievable accuracy.. Those days are forever gone 2) Become a better student of the game. Cam is not lazy and I do think he puts the work in, but he can get much better at reading defenses pre-snap and going through his progressions faster. This can only happen with quick throws. 3) Run less. Yes, he'll need to become more of a pocket passer and continue to rely on CMC and other weapons to run the football. He should still be a running threat, especially in short yardage and goal line situations, but should never run more than 5 - 6 times per game.
  9. I am still hopeful Cam may be able to recover from this if he has another surgery. I can't believe this may be the end
  10. for lack of focus to finish close games. Oh, and Ron's t-shirts. That's all.
  11. NAS

    Cut Gano

    His ball doesn’t flutter like Gano’s. At least you can count on him for PATs.
  12. NAS

    Cut Gano

    Yes, we all knew it was a mistake to cut him and keep Gano
  13. I have seen enough from Catanzaro, he can kick the rest of the season. Draft a new kicker in late round.