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  1. I still say we draft OL, we need depth due to inevitable injuries. The rest of the rounds I would take Defense.
  2. Predict how many games before we see AB screaming at Carr on the sidelines.
  3. Kind of hard to pay him when you tied up all of that cap money in the worst LT in the NFL - Matt Kalil.
  4. https://twitter.com/E_Reid35/status/1099062237728251904
  5. Agreed, this is pathetic and to me Panthers are starting to function like the Browns. The HC is really just the DC The DC is really just a DL coach And now the game clock manager is the HC In the few words of Trump: Sad!
  6. Call me crazy, but I think you pay the guy what he's worth even if nobody wants him due to the kneeling controversy. I would feel really lousy about the Panthers using that as "leverage" to pay him less than he's worth as a starting NFL safety. I think he'll only be better next year with Rivera calling the Defense and having an entire off-season training program with the team.
  7. The fact he bases his decisions on score of the game makes me angry. A good head coach would continue to look for ways to get better, including making personnel decisions to be where they need to be to compete in the playoffs. The score shouldn't matter. It was obvious to all of us, even heading into the Pittsburgh game, that the Defense didn't look right, gave up too many big plays, and got lucky a few times earlier in the season.
  8. NAS

    We just hired Everette Brown

    I am mad because it reminds me that Hurney traded a 1st round pick to draft this guy.
  9. I also think Cam should have done what's best for his career and told them he needed a break. But yes, this is a very bad look for Ron and shows he doesn't really care about Cam's overall career. We've known that since he let him play the 2016 season after he tore his shoulder.
  10. Off with his head
  11. I wish there was an actual injury that can be pointed to for Cam's shoulder issues. Then you could at least work toward a surgery and recovery. If he's not injured, it makes me feel like his arm strength is simply gone beyond repair and that his career is almost over.
  12. NAS

    Pagano named Bears DC

    Rivera should have hired him as DC and made Washington his assistant.