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  1. Yes, that too! But makes me hopeful our future franchise QB will have a solid foundation to build on
  2. Watch we will be a playoff team next year
  3. This young team doesn’t give up and gets better as game goes on. They won’t win many games but I am excited about what Rhule is building here. They could have easily given up after 21:0 but made it a game in second half. If not for the interception they may even win this game. Let’s hope CMC ankle is not seriously injured
  4. As long as they take over his contract, I will take a bag of chips
  5. Someone may be desperate enough to win now and may think he can still get back to form
  6. I stand corrected, was looking at the wrong year. Doh!
  7. As much as I would love for them to beat the Bucs and make their fanbase and media implode, I think we will be one step closer to drafting Lawrence after Sunday.
  8. They had a top 6 defense last year. Winston passed for more than 5,000 yards and they were competitive in most of their games. Winston just kept losing those games because he threw too many interceptions.
  9. Not true. Leftwich does a lot and has been calling plays since last year. He has put together a number 1 passing offense last year and number 3 overall
  10. He is highly regarded in the league, yes.
  11. Both are young offensive gurus. Who do you think will have a better career as an NFL coach?
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