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  1. Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn was on a familiar practice field on Tuesday, but he wasn’t on the same side of the field as the players he knows best. Munnerlyn signed with the Bills last weekend and he joined his new team on a trip for joint practices with the Panthers this week. Munnerlyn spent his first five and last two seasons with the Panthers and spent much of that time facing off with Cam Newton during practices. Munnerlyn got a chance to see Newton on Tuesday and shared his thoughts on how the Panthers quarterback is doing after reworking his throwing motion in the wake of last year’s shoulder injury. “It’s like night and day,” Munnerlyn said, via the Charlotte Observer. “His arm looks a whole lot better. You can tell he’s been working. I’m expecting big things.” Munnerlyn isn’t lacking for company in Carolina on that front, but final judgment on how it all came together for Newton won’t come for quite a while. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/08/13/captain-munnerlyn-sees-night-and-day-difference-in-cam-newtons-arm/
  2. Watched it on TV. It was my first season as a true Panthers fan and stuck with them ever since. That defense was so physical, I think Irvin ended up in the hospital for a visit.
  3. I remember they wanted him back in 2011 and even when Ron was on the hot seat. Him and Cowher were always top names .
  4. Did you see Gruden's reaction to Antonio Brown's antics? Shameful lack of leadership. And to think so many on here wanted him to be our HC
  5. I am definitely picking him up in fantasy. I believe he'll be our #1 receiver this year.
  6. It’s not lame at all, loved the Rivera interview and the program
  7. Wow, this guy is a total Douche. He was my favorite running back for years and received so much support for the breast cancer awareness. He has squandered all good will away by being a selfish a-hole.
  8. https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2019/08/01/mls-give-update-on-expansion-situation/ Major League Soccer has issued an update on expansion, and it appears that the Charlotte bid is making a strong case for itself.
  9. I met Luther a couple of years ago at my kid's soccer practice. I didn't recognize him until he mentioned he used to play for the Panthers. Then, of course I remembered him and had a great chat about his playing days. Super nice guy and very down to earth.
  10. Anyone who thinks we're in a position to negotiate just needs to look at the St. Louis Rams. Having a professional NFL team is a big deal and we shouldn't act like we're irreplaceable as a market. I am completely fine with Tepper's proposal. He wants to share the risk and the benefits. Sounds like a fair deal to me.
  11. It's really strange because he had his best year with the Chargers but then was signed in late July again last year with Arizona, and now in late July by Carolina. I don't understand why he wasn't viewed more favorably as a free agent.
  12. Commissioner just talked about Tepper and possibility of North Carolina getting a team, describing our state as hotbed for soccer. He said Tepper has an ambitious plan and they’re not sure where they go with their decision. However, his body language indicates we are the front runners!
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