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  1. Pretty sure we talked about all of these. Way to open the wounds again just as they were starting to heal.
  2. Days of holding any team under 10 points are long gone I'm afraid, not with Eric Washington at the helm.
  3. NAS

    Is there any way?

    It’s my first today sooooo
  4. NAS

    Is there any way?

    That we can limit people from starting more than one new thread per day? (with exception of the admin/moderators)? This is getting ridiculous.
  5. so he's still more of a decoy 68 percent of the time
  6. Les than 20 pts allowed by the defense More than 20 pts scored by the offense. Everything else is cherry on top.
  7. What makes you think they won’t stick rheir heads in the sand? Rivera said at the press conference “sh*t happens”.
  8. Nope, my wounds won’t be licked until we, hopefully, beat Detroit. Sorry to be negative but I feel like this coaching staff has learned nothing from this and it will probably take losing a few games like this until they finally adjust.
  9. I never said there were no personnel problems, but we still have more talent than half the NFL on defense and should never get embarrassed like that. Agree with others that we can’t wait until end of season to make a change. Rivera needs to take control and try to fix it. They need to go back to basics
  10. Thursday night was the worst performance I have ever seen from a Panthers defense since inception. We have the personnel to be a top 10 defense in the league. A defense doesn’t get annihilated like that unless there is an issue with lack of confidence in the coaching staff, specifically the coordinator and the gameplan he asks them to buy into. You can tell this defense has not bought into whatever Washington is selling and, if they don’t fire him, it will not get better.
  11. You've definitely got some sort of premonition stuff going on. Does it ever come to you outside of sports? lol
  12. This loss is primarily on the defense. That was the worst performance I have seen since 2001. We have not drafted well on defensive line last few years.
  13. Respect for Cam’a post game comments. Never been so impressed with him like tonight, in how he handles the adversity.
  14. To make his mark and demand changes. To get your doors completely blown off on national television is not “sh*t happens”. Someone has to be held accountable.
  15. NAS

    What took so damn long.

    You jinxed us