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  1. CMC runs out of gas on break away runs... It may help the WRs cause they aren't used to the air, but CMC needs more training in long distance sprints.
  2. This was a horrible list... My bad. WAaaaaaaay too many resigns. JAGS will walk.
  3. The Chiefs were an offsides away from being in the game.
  4. Being stationary and catching a pass is 1000x easier than running full speed and catching a pass. Cam needs to let some mustard off his balls
  5. I would love to see him go against Cam and to get juked by CMC
  6. YungHamm

    Possible bad news for Byrd fans

    The fact that no other team will sign Byrd and folks cry over him baffles me. Why are we always wanting players that aren't NFL caliber.. Byrd should have been off the roster 3 years ago
  7. I like Allen... Kaep for vet... Don't judge me
  8. Tom Brady arm is gone and so was Peyton Manning... They won by short quick throws all the way down the field. We need an Oline more than a healthy Cam
  9. YungHamm

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    The drives to bring them over the top were because of a defensive offsides and a fluke roughing the passer.... This was nothing Brady did
  10. Another is the AFC East is the weakest football division in the NFL. Brady gets a playoff pass with not pressure every year.
  11. He wasn't garbage. What are you talking about?
  12. So if I call someone a racist and they are indeed a racist I'm the one that's banned?... Oh ummm yeah Greg Hardy.. yeah. cool. Did he win?
  13. I did notice him calling to be replaced after every catch it seemed
  14. Shoulder need REST. Thats it.. He never gave it enough time to fully heal. Like peeling a scab everytime it starts.