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  1. Ask yourself, would you buy stock in a company and pay dividends to strangers just out of love? NO! Same with a stadium. The city will get money and benefits for a stadium so why on earth should the city not help with the investment if they gonna get returns on said investment.
  2. Looked good this time last year as well so I wouldn't take it as a sign. Wait until week 5
  3. What's sad is (and I guess this can be said for any team) is that if QB1 isn't healthy, all of these other spots are for naught. Without Cam we can't move the ball and it sucks...
  4. I honestly hated that he was scolded by teammates for the hard hit. Just gave me a soft vibe about many. I love that he didn't try to play soft especially as a rookie who needs to make the team
  5. With Ron as coach??? I hope he sees 35% of the snaps
  6. I meaaaan I don't see the lie... We are last in our division at WR for sure... then expand out
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