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  1. I remember we took an activity bus to the playoffs and left late that night. Gone are the days
  2. This is not for debate. B12 is found in meat not vegetables. Do your research and prove me wrong if you must. Assuming humans don't eat plants straight from the ground. And I highly doubt Cam is gnawing on a farm.
  3. Not to go on Vegan vs Meat, but Vitamin B-12 is ONLY found in meat. So I hope he is getting a supplement, but TO ME, it would be wise to get your vitamins naturally.
  4. I hope he just retires. Him and TD should have been gone
  5. I would imagine you download the tix to your phone and scan barcode. If you saying that faiils then they could punch in the number.
  6. How is emailing a ticket harder than mailing? Serious question
  7. Cornerback easily. Anyone who has played the game knows this. That's where your most athletic person plays. End thread
  8. Article didn't say he "lost" his job actually. Just that it went to Blaine Gabbert after shoulder soreness.... Reid is a bit sensitive there
  9. CMC runs out of gas on break away runs... It may help the WRs cause they aren't used to the air, but CMC needs more training in long distance sprints.
  10. This was a horrible list... My bad. WAaaaaaaay too many resigns. JAGS will walk.
  11. Being stationary and catching a pass is 1000x easier than running full speed and catching a pass. Cam needs to let some mustard off his balls
  12. I would love to see him go against Cam and to get juked by CMC
  13. The fact that no other team will sign Byrd and folks cry over him baffles me. Why are we always wanting players that aren't NFL caliber.. Byrd should have been off the roster 3 years ago
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