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  1. vv83

    This Loss is on Ron

    Who is the next Kyle Shanahan, Doug Pederson, etc... the formula to win in Carolina is stupid easy to see and I pray Tepper sees it. You have an all NFL D-Line, HOF linebacker in Luke, and an upcoming star in D Jackson. Hell Luke is essentially an on field d coordinator. RR BRINGS NOTHING TO THIS TEAM. We need a young mind who understands how to use Cam, CMC, DJ etc.... Cam is the most dynamic QB the NFL has ever seen and you will not change my mind on that. Can you imagine Cam playing under Pederson? Cam was throwing DIMES out there today. Hire a young upcoming OC who gets the modern day NFL and either let Washington stay as DC or hire the best you can find. We do not need a defensive minded HC it’s completely wasting Cam’s potential
  2. vv83

    Trai has a concussion

    So what’s protocol here? Does he have to sit for being in concussion protocol or can he play if he clears by Sunday?
  3. vv83

    Trade for O'line help?

    Man I was with you until you said dez
  4. It was Amani’s fault hahahaha what can he do right Jesus
  5. Is fox going to switch off this awful titans game or what?
  6. I hate that for you and your family. God bless buddy
  7. Rookies do dumb stuff. Pay the fine, run wind sprints, move on
  8. Igo is just pimpin for clicks with a training camp thread.... how dare he****
  9. vv83

    I believe in CAP

    Good analysis. I think the key is CAP/CMC staying healthy. Like you said, one of them goes down and it could be a very long season for Cam