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  1. you wrong. stupid and wrong. NFL = WWE. It's all rigged. especially high profile games and nationally televised games. See Monday night for latest example. Packers RB falling down and not scoring. His handlers had the under and he took a knee for them. Refs bad. Kept the game within the point spread for Bookies. Sports betting running the game. But you go on keeping your head in the sand. You ain't about that life. you ain't woke yet.
  2. I'll take it. they owe us for the fugging they gave us. So you won't recognize that trophy if it happens that way I guess. Gotcha.
  3. Fug the Broncos and fug anybody who doesn't think the NFL rigged that poo so Manning and Elway could get that trophy. That poo was so obvious. #Cotcherycaughtit #homecookingref
  4. Will can be better than both. Don't sleep on will. Yes it's sarcasm.
  5. they removed his spine and threw it in the trash with Cams amputated foot and KK's amputated arm.
  6. Chief is racist now? I guess its from where you come. In the military I used Chief every day. Hell most of them yelled at me daily. I just give up on humanity at this point. We all need to die by a large meteorite hitting the earth.
  7. Tommy Jone, Liz Frank, Steve Smith, Julius Peppers
  8. I ain't paying him poo, ever, if he doesn't start wearing a scarf on his head.
  9. Cam gonna look good in that Bears uniform next year.
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