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  1. Captain Obvious

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    super bowl is in Miami next year.
  2. I'm amazed the reporter left without a broken jaw. Ice up son.
  3. Captain Obvious

    London here we come

    Can't wait
  4. Captain Obvious

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    Thank God the Saints lost. I can now watch the Super Bowl.
  5. Captain Obvious

    Cam says there was no long hair/tattoo ban

    Is OP a Cambot? Asking for an acquaintance....
  6. Sign him immediately.
  7. Captain Obvious

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Father Time.......is Undefeated.
  8. Is he good at analytics or nah?
  9. Captain Obvious

    Spectrum blacking Fox out for playoff game

    I reddit too while on the front row.
  10. Captain Obvious

    Would you draft this guy?

    Yes. At least we knows he hits people unlike the no tackling trash we trotted out this year.
  11. Captain Obvious

    Albert Breer on Kyle Allen

    Lovey Dovey. Coming back. Oh yeah!
  12. Captain Obvious

    2019 Schedule

    3 to 5 wins next year
  13. Captain Obvious

    So what's Tepper thinking about right now?

    That he really likes Ron's ample chest.
  14. Captain Obvious

    Tepper wants changes... what will we get

    genetically altered stadium turf that will give us an all black field to match our new black helmets.