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  1. yes. i believe this. In my 60 years of living I have never seen a political party throw a 4 year temper tantrum like the ones we have seen the last 4 years. This is just the latest manifestation of that.
  2. just start the season Nov 4. that's when the virus will mysteriously become a small thing if the right party wins the white house. if the wrong one wins the virus will be here for 4 more years and NFL will never come back.
  3. it's May 2nd and we are still undefeated.
  4. Jourdan has already tweeted who we took. Shes been bad about that the last 2 nights
  5. More alcohol than blood in my veins right now. Bourbon going down easier anf quicker the later the night gets. Forgive my drunk ass posts.
  6. Brady and Brees give zero fugs about a push up the middle. I'll leave it up but I probably shouldn't post as drunk as I was last night. Drunk posting is bad.
  7. Been here since 1995. Been on huddle since before the great server crash. Brown cant touch Jenkins. Should have compared him to jason peters instead.
  8. Hurney, rhule and tepper are terrible. This franchise sucks. Fug your poo.
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