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  1. looks at tweet Rivera: lol. How's things going? Tepper: fug off. * throws phone.
  2. I'm all in for Allen for the rest of this year and next year. I want to lose every game in that time frame. It's what it will take to get our next QB.
  3. Dortch? This is the MFer ya'll were excited about? Should have stayed on practice squad
  4. Tepper said something about a tree and apples. Not sure of the direct quote but seems to me he just tipped his hand as to our next coach. Apples. Washington known as the Apple state. Washington University coach that just stepped down. Chris Peterson. It's written in the tea leaves. Just wait for it to happen.
  5. Fine. Stay to the end of the season but don't fug up and win anything and screw our draft pick.
  6. you: rah,rah,rah this team me: fug, fug fug this team Twenty-five years of just wait to next year we will be better. We have all these players that should be good but are just average. Can't string together two winning seasons in a row. Don't tell me how this team is this or that. We suck. Burn this poo down. I don't care who we keep that are on the team right now. They aren't giving much effort. CMC that's it.
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