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  1. why does he have nuthuggers that will come to his defense too?
  2. I hope someone is trolling Schefter. Wow. RIP Early fantasy drafts
  3. just going to take a moment from my keyboard coaching and gm'ing to say.... " missed opportunities." now back to running this team.
  4. Excuse me Mr. Tepper can I please get a thousand? (just in case)
  5. "Shorts And Helmets MVP of the offseason" That is gold. @ellis
  6. donald in week 1 suh week 2 break in week 3 Cardinals Watt in week 4 Campbell in week 5. and on and on. want him to sit for the Year? NFL D don't get easier.
  7. Tepper: Hey OP. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  8. well this is bad news. it seems the apocalypse has been postponed.
  9. Its the freakin preseason baby and I'm about to have me some fun.....bounce, bounce , bounce...
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