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  1. Professor Chaos

    The Remaining Schedule...

    anywhere from 9-7 to 11-5. Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, and Cleveland are all very much winnable. I don't see a way we can beat Atlanta or New Orleans.
  2. Professor Chaos

    Luke Cage S2

    Danny Rand has always been a blue eyed blonde surfer. His race and hair color were the least of the problems of that show.
  3. Professor Chaos

    A tale of two coaches

    Lol Rivera being conservative had nothing to do with last night. They straight up reamed our defense and there was nothing we could do to stop them.
  4. Our offense for the most part looked fine. You can't compete with the other team's offense imposing their will on you though. I'm pretty sure they were scoring at will last night.
  5. Bruh, these are the exact same flaws that Atlanta and New Orleans have been exploiting for years.
  6. Professor Chaos

    Luke Kuechly being a true leader

    The entire defense except for Peppers shouldn't get a single second off. I felt embarrassed to be a Panther fan last night.
  7. Professor Chaos

    What is the next position of need???

    Defensive line.
  8. Tepper cant be happy with that. Everyone knew it was a huge game for him and it's probably the most embarrassing game I've seen since I've been a Panthers fan.
  9. Professor Chaos

    Caping for nazis - a thread about NC Proud Boys

    This guy's ego is out of control and I can not wait to see him get what's coming to him.
  10. Professor Chaos

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    It's bad that I miss Mitt Romney when at the time I thought he was the devil.
  11. Professor Chaos

    Gameday Thread .... Fearless Predictions???

    I'm not even going to respond as to why overall popular vote is completely irrelevant when it comes to individual races state/district level races. Some of you people really show your ignorance. Anyways, I voted for Ojeda and Manchin. I expect Manchin to win and Ojeda to lose. The Ojeda/Miller thing really seems like Trump/Hillary though. Miller supposedly has a lead but I don't know anyone who likes her and I see Ojeda signs plastered all over the place. While I've seen literally ONE Miller sign.
  12. Professor Chaos

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    He seems like he's becoming more of a part of the team. That's really nice to see.
  13. Was that the one where J-Stew had that crazy catch that was called back? good times
  14. There is a woman who is running for congress who refuses to debate and hasn't even spoken to the public, but according to most polls she's in the lead.