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  1. You ever watch Restaurant Impossible? I’d imagine Robert Irvine has never owned a successful Southern food restaurant, so why is he called to help turnaround a a floundering Southern food restaurant in BF, Georgia? Because he has shown the ability to continually help unsuccessful restaurants become successful. Anyone who continuously spouts this “we have no idea what Rhule will do” is ”genuinely” turning a blind eye to the turnarounds he led at two basement dwelling programs. I get that is not the NFL, but it shows an ability to coach players up and put them in positions to succeed on the field. What more could you ask for in the Panthers’ situation?
  2. How many times does the NFL and the networks need to tell us there is a global pandemic going on?
  3. I think the best look the Panthers have worn over the last few years has been the blue jersey/white pants combo. I think that one looks sharp, as does the Color Rush option.
  4. I get the point of the “stay at home” orders for now. Everyone is trying to flatten the curve at this point, as to not overtax our medical resources. However, what is the point of quarantining the teams in a hotel, and for how long would those quarantines be in place? At what point do we go back to life in America/the world?
  5. Don’t like the blue helmet at all. I don’t really mind the silver helmets, but I think they should lost the two half stripes going from front to back.
  6. It’s an extension, right? It doesn’t negate the fourth year of his rookie deal, although it may negate the fifth year option. The Panthers simply weren’t willing to risk the asking price going up if CMC has another season like he had last year.
  7. I knew there was a third RB in my line of thinking. I just couldn’t put my finger on who it was. LT is another great example.
  8. I don’t look at CMC as a Chris Johnson or Todd Gurley. CMC is more like Marshall Faulk or Curtis Martin. The Panthers have obviously gone in on offense this year, and the new defensive guys from the draft will take some time (couple years probably) to get to a point to be a really good defense. While a little high in dollar value, I think this is the right time for a deal like this to provide some excitement during this transition period.
  9. I am not a draftnik but this is what I came up with. Brown, Simmons, Okudah, Wills, and Wirf were all gone at 7.
  10. Not that there is a test for fandom, but one does not ordinarily “wait” for (see anticipate, hope for, etc) their team’s QB to sh*t the bed. What a strange way to be a “fan.”
  11. But one thing Rhule has shown is the ability to coach up lesser talent. He took two basement dwelling programs and turned them into solid programs within a couple years, all while dealing with many of the same players who were part of those programs when they were terrible. One time is an outlier, but he has replicated that at multiple stops. Who’s to say he can’t do that at the pro level? Only time will tell.
  12. I’d say some actually want the team to be garbage for the next few years. At least, that is what one would get from the numerous pessimistic posts.
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