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  1. Regardless, Falcons fans had massive debates concerning Vick and Schaub even prior to the dogfighting.
  2. Again, he’s not comparing Cam and Vick. He is comparing the hysteria of the debates regarding each. It’s not that hard to understand if you take off the “Everything is a slight against Cam” glasses.
  3. It was a really good game. I had been saying all season that I didn’t think Bama’s defense could contain LSU’s new offense. That proved true. Didn’t change my life at all. And nice comeback.
  4. Uh, he’s not comparing Cam to Vick. He’s comparing the extreme nature of the Cam vs. Allen rhetoric to the extreme nature of the Vick vs. Schaub rhetoric back in the day Stop trying to make every little thing a slight on Cam. You’re trying way too hard.
  5. Enjoyed the movie. I left feeling a little unsure about it. I texted a friend saying, “I kept waiting for the descent into madness but once it happened, I was a bit disappointed in how they portrayed it.” I don’t really know how to explain it, but I enjoyed the movie overall. One thing I was disappointed by was the missed opportunity to tie into the Michael Keeton-Jack Nicholson Batman movie when the Waynes were killed. How do you not have Arthur Fleck kill the Waynes and ask Bruce, “Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”
  6. Too many on this board don’t get that. They think the Panthers should pay Can for what he has done, but they can’t do that. They have to pay Cam (and anyone else they sign) for what they are expected to do during the future years of the contract. Your sentiment is dead on. A contract for a player like Cam (long running injuries that affected play) have to include that variable.
  7. San Diego did not trade Brees. Brees signed with NO as a free agent.
  8. Man, this fanbase is becoming the Falcons fanbase circa 2004-2006. That fanbase had a contingent that pulled for Michael Vick above all else and constantly implied extremely negative things about anyone who spoke critically of his performance. The same is true with the Cam contingent in the current Panthers fanbase. It's tiring reading such drivel. The fact is this: current discussions do not include 2015 MVP Cam. That Cam threw one of the best deep balls in the NFL (albeit Ted Ginn often dropped those balls). The current discussion involves a Cam Newton who has not shown the ability to unleash an accurate deep ball for two-plus seasons now. I hope Cam can finally come back in 2015 form, but I'm not counting on it. Cam's 100% percent health billing has been promised over the past few offseason, but it has not materialized. At this point, you have to approach Cam's future with caution. If he can achieve full health, especially in his shoulder, there is no question he is the better QB. If he can't, hard questions, including what to do with a a $20+M contract next year, must be asked. Personally, I could not care less who plays QB in the future, so long as that man gives the Panthers the absolute best chance to win each and every week.
  9. That’s the problem in your thinking. You don’t pay people for what they have done. That gets a team in cap hell. See, Hurney I Years. A team should pay based upon what the player can do for the team in the future. At this point, based on Cam’s recent play and inability to stay healthy, the Panthers should not pay him $30M/year. If Cam comes back and shows that his shoulder can hold up and that it is healthy enough for him to drive the ball down the field on target consistently, then you get up towards that number.
  10. I had my wife completely on board to drive over from San Antonio (where we currently live) for the game. However, Uncle Sam called me out to North Dakota at the last minute. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch the game somewhere up here.
  11. He's talking about the Seahawks internal clock, I'd imagine. If they had an 0730 EST wake-up, it would be equivalent to an 0430 PST wake-up.
  12. Haven't seen Stewart in a while? Have I just missed him, or is he injured?
  13. The last few games (except the Flacons game) have seemed like college rivalry games for the Panthers. What I mean by that is this: the opposing team is simply playing off of emotion and plays very well initially. However, as we have seen, that emotion is not enough to overcome a superior team. The Panthers have done a fantastic job waiting out that emotion and, more times than not, stripping the emotion away through a big play or two.
  14. I don't know if Brandon would do that, seeing that he is a local boy. I went to high school with him in Stanly County. he has stayed with the Panthers this long why not wait it out for the GM job if that is what is next for him? Although he may not have exclusive scouting experience, I have no doubt he has learned the ropes in that regard. He was a sports junkie growing up. He has been with the Panthers for years and worked his way up through the ranks. Plus, he has learned some ways not to do things from Hurney and ways to do things from Gettleman. I would be fine with Brandon taking over after Gettleman and would be extremely happy for a former classmate.
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