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  1. I saw that video of him after the game too... looks like he’s matured ......
  2. I know we need Thomas more , but, I like all three of the picks below him a bit more. Even if they aren’t needs.
  3. I’m just happy I don’t have to hear 3 more games of Aikman and Buck giving Hill verbal bjs anymore. Was it the saints vs vikings or that once in a while gadget player vs vikings?
  4. Chargers better win. Broncos better win. This sweet pick is obtainable.
  5. Is it scheme related or is it the individual players? Because if you’re looking at everything individually- Little was technically good a couple games and had some clunkers. Daley was also above serviceable. Van Roten was highly improved, especially in comparison to how he was. Paradis was given a contract on the basis of being a top five center (but hasn’t played like it). Trai.... this is where I’m a bit baffled . Is he done? When’s the last time he’s been elite? I don’t WANNA write him off, but I feel like his impact has become minimal. And lastly, Moton, who I’ve been big on. Hasn’t been bad bad. How exactly do we fix this? Is it the scheme or players?
  6. I’ve accepted being out for a while now. Let’s be realistic. A high pick probably accelerates this franchise and they’ve a bunch of decisions to make. Does Cam stay? Do we take a top OT in this draft? A lot of good angles to take.
  7. 5-11 is looking more and more possible every game. It doesn’t get easier than Washington at home.
  8. We’re 5-7 and there’s aren’t a ton of teams with 2-3 wins. Play the cards the right way and net an awesome pick.
  9. The real question is.. whatre we doing with a top five pick if we do happen to land it? Qb? LT? Young? Possibilities are endless and all are needed.
  10. Just sayin... the only junkie teams that need a Qb are Miami and cincy... I doubt Washington takes one with Haskins just now getting his feet wet. A lot of solid qbs coming outta this draft.
  11. I didn’t get to watch last week, how bad was wright?
  12. I’ve no idea how we resign him. I mean that in a neutral way, not negative. What is he gonna look for and what are we gonna offer? This is gonna turn out to be one of the weirder negotiations. I think we should be looking at this deep qb class too. Finishing 8-8,7-9 probably gets us one of the guys that falls.
  13. I don’t like the routes that they’re designing for samuel, too many deep go routes. Dj just looks hesitant and not too confident at times, we need some swagger and grit at Wr. Size as well (weird to say after that kb funch debacle).
  14. Norman, bradberry, D Jax, cockrell? Cmon now. Cmonnnnn nowwwwww.
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