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  1. I wonder what we’d be able to get for Kyle Allen though... makes ya wonder doesn’t it. I feel like Chicago would throw an ok pick at it.
  2. Gurleys arthritic knees are gonna hinder him and make him look like a shell of what he was from here on out, I think. And that’s a shame because I think he’s awesome.
  3. It’s completely off topic in relative to Ross.. but.. what do we do with KK? Do we need to pay him what we’re paying him if we’re this productive without him?
  4. I just watched the panthers score zero offensive touchdowns at home, against Tampa Bay, minus their first round MLB, and look questionable. Obviously I don’t LIKE to lose but 3-13 and 6-10 feel the same to me during the season and could mean a world of difference for the future. Look how many deficiencies Cams masked for about a decade, just one player. I’d rather suck for a little bit than be mediocre for a long time.
  5. Just imagine drafting Andrew Thomas or Walker Little then taking Lawrence. Life would be dandy.
  6. That’s not a bad deal. So since I pulled the money before last nights loss, I got equal back to what I put (1000). Now if say I did wanna reput that 1000 down, it’d be for 65000 instead of the original 50000. Which is a win in my eyes. If they come out and absolutely obliterate Arizona. I’ll slight slowly start to open the wallet back up.
  7. No to everything lol. And I seriously am an optimistic dude. The problems are deeper than qb and qb is also a big issue. Lawrence.
  8. Yeah the Oline isn’t great, but his motions look off. Rust is there, sure.. but his fires gone. You can tell. It’s almost like his tanks on E. Idk if it’s the vegan diet or the overall wear and tear but he looks defeated. Im thankful that fanduel let me pull my super bowl bet money off without any loss in money.
  9. I don’t think I’ve seen him do anything besides drive his shoulder into players.
  10. I don’t WANNA suck for another season after this, but I REALLY want Lawrence.
  11. I’m not one of those get rid of cam after every bad thing does kinda guys, but you have have have to consider not tying up a bunch of money in him in the future. And I love the guy. The current regime may be a wash at this point.
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