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  1. I could see teddy B being essentially a lesser version of Alex Smith. Which isn’t a bad thing. Our weapons haven’t been highlighted (outside of the obvious two). I’d love to see what he does with Curtis and Ian Thomas. I do, however, see how well end up picking in the top five. Losing kuechly, bradberry, Addison, both starting DTs (albeit they weren’t spectacular) and drafting only defensive players, in a year like this... is a recipe for disaster. Factor in the qbs that we’re gonna be seeing, the scores will be plentiful. Teddy won’t be good enough to keep up with what the defense allows.
  2. I know he’s more a zone corner, but, is there any reason we’re not bringing Cockrell back?
  3. Would’ve been happy with he or Robertson. Rhule... good stuff.
  4. Ya know, I’ll eat my crow on my previous comment because I really did want Simmons and that versatility all over the field.... but... I did watch the CBS review of our pick and Jones said that Simmons had an awkward conversation at the combine with one of our scouts AND Simmons likes to hit but hated contact. After really thinking and seeing what Brown is gonna add, it does excite me a bit more. At the moment when we’d drafted him , it just felt like getting underwear for Christmas when you could’ve had a gameboy. Come to find out , you really needed the underwear though. I will eat my crow.
  5. It’s terrible because it’s boring and Simmons would’ve been a fun pick because he’s fun. I’m as pissed as the rest but he may be decent. We’re stuck with it so let’s just deal with it.
  6. Lamb, Moore, Anderson, Samuel. A lot of negative on this roster but man that core is filthy.
  7. If Miami were game, I’d send 7 for 18, 26, and next years 2nd maybe? Throw them a 2022 4th to make it prettier.
  8. I hope these coaches are tech savvy. Or set up a queue. I’ve been drafting in fantasy since 2010, if rhule needs me, I’ll step in.
  9. Take Simmons at 7 then trade up to 23 and take queen and turn that frown upside down!
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