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  1. It’s really odd when corner is the strength of a Carolina Panthers defense. Bradberry isn’t chasing as much this year, he’s always glued to his eye, Jackson is a homing missile whenever a ball is thrown his way.
  2. I can’t explain why I feel oddly good against Philly.
  3. This was cams doing. 3 plays where the receivers had 0 chance to make the play... in a row.
  4. This is so frustrating to watch , lol.
  5. This is a joke. Every time there’s an opportunity to generate some momentum.. it’s squandered because of stupid decisions. You have two timeouts and 1:44 and you run up the gut twice?! I don’t get it.
  6. Is he our best safety talent since Minter? I know Coleman was hot cakes for a season and a half but is proving to have been a product. We should be ecstatic.
  7. Lets talk about this oline. It’s pretty ridiculous considering the circumstances.. I don’t want returning players to mess with the chemistry.
  8. Eric4280

    $20 wins you $600

    45/1 up here in jersey. Thinking of putting a solid penny on them, it just feels right this year.