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  1. I’ll be flying in from NJ for the Titans game, so let’s hope the titans game!
  2. I mean if no ones interested I’ll still take em. Nothing wrong with too much depth.
  3. Coach of the year, former mvp that’s looking to be more efficient than ever, one of the top two or three yards per scrimmage backs in the league... and I haven’t even talked about the defensive side of the ball. Losing Zietler may bite them in the behind. This browns hype needs to calm down until something actually happens.
  4. If they genuinely paid attention, the only thing they could question are rb2 and maybe Moores ball security. We’ve got more wr potential than most teams and I don’t think most of these talking heads appreciate what guys like Wright or Hogan do(unless he was accompanied by Tom Brady.)
  5. 19 was pathetic. Everyone feels the same and incredible slow and blah. Cuts and jukes are like unicorns. It’s just not good detailed simulation . The video I’ve seen on 20 LOOKS a LITTLE better but it’s all in all still pretty chunky looking. Funny this thread came up, because I just bought madden 05 and 06. Gonna relive that glory.
  6. Would love to have em but I’m getting closer to accepting that he’s not coming and give Bailey a solid deal. Just a gut feeling.
  7. Is Deionte really that bad? Man I remember he was supposed to go like mid first. If he’s there at the century mark, I’d pull the trigger.
  8. Stating an opinion on what may be the truth isn’t “crying”. Look at what’s available and tell me being up a couple more spots wouldn’t be nice.
  9. Will Zach Allen be there in round 3?
  10. I feel like this is where beating the saints is going to hurt us. I hope they don’t wipe out all that talent.
  11. It’s a cool idea but I feel like whenever something like this is used, it’s super conservative.
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