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  1. https://nypost.com/2019/10/22/dallas-tv-station-kept-cowboys-game-on-over-tornado-warning/ KXAS in Dallas-Fort Worth delayed breaking into Sunday’s Cowboys’ key divisional matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles for six minutes to issue a tornado warning, riling some viewers who accused the local NBC station of putting football ahead of public safety.
  2. Still going through photos (nothing as good yet as what are on the Riot links above). There was a lot to see beyond the game. Here's the only picture I could snag of the Crown Jewels.
  3. Any reason why we wouldn't play both Kyle and Cam in the same game, like what 'Bama did a year or so ago with their dual monster QBs? That would certainly end any debate of who do you start -- the answer is "both".
  4. Glad you found it. I got mine at Tottenham...
  5. if it wasn't evident on TV -- the stadium is really nice. Super easy to get in and out of before/after the game. Except there are no cup holders, and there isn't a lot of legroom in the seats, and they didn't have any game audio on the concourses ... but the stadium is designed that way on purpose, because soccer fans seldom leave their seats during a game. Positives: they can fill a beer in 3 secs, and everything is cashless... and they were still selling beer at the end of the game (and I believe, there was no limit to how many you could buy).
  6. It was a darn good time, all around. And 100% of that was the people who made the London Invasion. Panthers fans were *everywhere* in London in the days leading up to the game; we barely saw any crimson jerseys walking around until gameday. It wasn't just the stadium that felt like a home game, it felt like that walking around town,too.
  7. The pics don't do justice to how much fun the trip was. @RoaringRiot and crew did a fantastic job putting this together, and everyone who went were terrific. [Photo: pregame tailgate]
  8. Can I be real a second, for just a millisecond? Jake has disappointed me [very slightly] this season. I have listened to him doing the color commentary and analysis on the radio broadcasts, and it's not what I wanted to hear. Don't get me wrong -- his analysis is terrific, he's got stories to tell, an absolute great addition to the Panthers Radio Team. We NEED Jake in the radio booth - I don't want him to leave the booth. (And Jordon's been great, too... and did I hear Mike Minter today? I believe I did...) But what I WANTED on the air was to hear Jake do all that broadcast stuff with his frantic cajun accent that we've heard come up in the huddle on game days. Those times when the teammates wouldn't understand a word he was saying. THAT was the Jake I was hoping to hear. At least once on the air. Today's game would have been a perfect opportunity to show that level of excitement/emotion. 'Cause that's the way I was yelling during the game.
  9. THAT was a game. Looking forward to seeing us appear early on Inside the NFL this week.
  10. DOH. My calendar is off. MODS -- please delete this idiocy of mine.
  11. https://www.google.com/maps/@48.994495,-11.10859,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!15m2!1m1!1s%2Fg%2F11fnqbt298
  12. Hurricane? Maybe. It shouldn't affect the game. hopefully. Plan accordingly.
  13. According to https://www.alcohol.org/guides/nfl-drinking-statistics/ , this survey of which NFL FANS DRINK THE MOST, we are lagging behind the competition. Panthers fans are ranked 13th overall, with an average of just three drinks per session (non-game day), and three drinks per session ON game day. The survey says we drink 2.7% LESS on game days vs non game days. (Saints fans are the biggest drinkers on game day, if that matters) But maybe we make up ground with what we choose to drink: local craft beers are our favorites. (Falcons fans prefer straight liquor)
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