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  1. From https://www.stationindex.com/tv/tv-markets (no date on the data) - other NFL markets that are deemed smaller than Charlotte (#24) are.... Indianapolis Baltimore San Diego (whoops - they don't have a team anymore....) Nashville Kansas City Cincinnati Las Vegas Jacksonvill New Orleans Green Bay
  2. Exactly - and we've covered it here in the past. Charlotte is not close to being the smallest TV market when you look at overall coverage.
  3. houston's not bad. They have a Carolina jersey in the stadium admin office display case.
  4. Falsons don't play a game outdoors until mid november. softies.
  5. Always comparison shop. I've found MGM properties to be less than stellar vs Caesars over the years. Wynn is sometimes reasonable if you hit at the right time. (LVH Superbook is just too dang far away to make a one-stop buy)
  6. it wasn't as great. 7-1 on winning NFC South. Something like 12-1 on the NFC (I forget the specific)
  7. Current Vegas odds for Carolina winning the Super Bowl this year: Caesars has us at 60/1. $20 bet would collect $1220. MGM is 40/1 Haven't bothered looking anywhere else.
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/22/cam-newton-takes-vow-of-chastity-for-a-month/ During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Newton alluded to taking a vow of chastity during March. “In March — I hope this is an adult crowd, it looks like it is — no climax,” Newton said. Clips:
  9. I tried listening to the Amazon Prime NFL games with Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer. I liked the variation, but it seemed like they were watching the game on TV rather than being at the stadium. (I blame production for this, not the talent)
  10. AN UPDATE (only because I didn't see it confirmed in the thread, but at least I didn't start a new thread when one already existed): As seen in the press this weekend: "The NFL’s Carolina Panthers are moving forward without longtime analyst Eugene Robinson in the radio booth alongside Mick Mixon and Jim Szoke. Robinson – who was part of the Panthers Radio Network for 17 years – also co-hosts “Charlotte Today” on WCNC-TV, Charlotte. Entercom’s WBT-AM/FM serves as the flagship station for Panthers radio play-by-play"
  11. Saw this in the NRG Stadium administrative offices in Houston. Thought I'd share...
  12. There are backup methods to scanning digital tickets in an "offline" mode. One process requires ticket holders to go to a specific gate as marked on their ticket (like "Gate D1", "Gate D2" etc). individual devices get a download of a specific collection of ticket data directly to the device, and then only scan that set of tickets at that gate. If your ticket doesn't scan, you went to the wrong gate OR it's an invalid ticket. there are other ways, but that's one method in use.
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