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  1. PanthersATL

    Season ticket renewal letter

    As one commenter on this story pointed out? "RENOVATION is better than RELOCATION" https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/02/20/panthers-raising-ticket-prices-building-bubble/
  2. PanthersATL

    Season ticket renewal letter

    (followup - one year he wasn't able to make the trip, but he was able to transfer the digital tickets to me. was pretty easy/seamless to do)
  3. PanthersATL

    Season ticket renewal letter

    When I go to the CARvTB games with my buddy who has TB season tickets, those are all digital AND there's a season ticket laminate available. I *think* the laminate can be used in lieu of the digital tickets... but the other bonus for the physical laminate is that Tampa offers food/bev discounts to season ticket holders via scanning the barcode. Wasn't entirely clear if the digital tickets would work on the scanner too or not.. BUT the takeaway is that this could be the first step to making more season-ticket benefits available in the stadium.
  4. PanthersATL

    What a lousy strategy

    That "advantage" had the game at a 3-3 blowout for 3/4 of the game.
  5. Happened to watch the NFL Networks rebroadcast yesterday, saw the 4th Quarter of the 2004 Super Bowl (Delhomme!!! Moose!), and it still holds up. Even knowing the disappointment of Kasay in the final minute of the game was coming, everything leading up to that still had me cheering for every big play as if it was happening live.
  6. Jennifer Lopez Arianna Grande Mr Worldwide, Pitbull (Gloria Estefan's already played, a previous time the SB was in Miami)
  7. PanthersATL

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    right, it's a hotel/housing thing. last week was ridiculous here -- people ended up at hotels an hour outside of town, and still paid rack rates. Crazy.
  8. PanthersATL

    Anyone have an extra $27k lying around?

    Currently 27.5k. Jeez, I hope the price isn't dropping.
  9. PanthersATL

    Anyone have an extra $27k lying around?

    "Condition: New" seems a bit of a stretch. Perhaps "never worn" would be better?
  10. According to NBC, there's a Panthers 2015 Super Bowl runner-up ring up for sale on eBay. No word yet on which player (coach? other eligible employee?) is hard up for the cash. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/02/06/panthers-runner-up-ring-from-2015-on-sale-on-ebay/
  11. PanthersATL

    Events around the Super Bowl

    all that said -- this morning at the ATL airport was a madhouse. Normally, they get about 60,000 people through security on a busy monday. Today, they expected 120,000 people. Baggage Check was 30 minute wait, the Pre-Check and CLEAR lines were both close to 45+ minutes by themselves, and GenPop was around 2.5 hours. Could Charlotte's airport handle that kind of crowd?
  12. PanthersATL

    Events around the Super Bowl

    it was as exciting as the game. but seriously, that wasn't Atlanta's fault. Everyone knew what it was going to be as soon as it was announced. They've run out of Major Music Acts who'll play for free and would have a Massive Draw on an international scale. That's why they haven't gone down the country route: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/super-bowl/8496109/super-bowl-halftime-show-country-music-headliners I say, bring on country music. It'd be AWESOME.
  13. PanthersATL

    Events around the Super Bowl

    And ditto what @Hotsauce said. Other than a bit of a cold snap early in the week, the NFL festivities were really nicely done and worthwhile way for those in town to celebrate. I didnt' make it to anything other than a party that Greg Olsen was at (see previous thread), but I heard lots of good things from others who did go to all the concerts/parties/showcases/etc. And Arthur Blank didn't even raise the food/drink prices at the stadium for the event. Hate to say it, but good for him. Figure ATL is going to be on the major rotation for future Super Bowls after the way this week went...
  14. PanthersATL

    Events around the Super Bowl

    it's only because we don't use blinkers. It's really not that bad outside of rush hour.
  15. I dunno. I thought it was funny