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  1. This game isn’t going to help Cam with getting on Dancing With The Stars.
  2. At least we don’t have to worry about Ron’s clock management in the last two minutes tonight. though something tells me he’ll screw that up too. #cardiaccats
  3. At least we have a mini-bye before our next game. screw some heads back on straight.
  4. Can the team just go in the locker room at the end of the third and say, we’re out?
  5. Throwing the ball into the stands is a penalty (handing it is okay, throwing is bad). Of course Pitt won’t be called on that
  6. Ive never wanted to buy Tide detergent more. CMC!
  7. Fire Shula (sorry, old habit. Norm’s good)
  8. I’ve never wanted to buy Tide detergent less.
  9. They never did address that blatant face mask on CMC, have they? stupid Fox announcers.
  10. I know that someone likely has the NFL flex/national game schedule rules avail off the top of their head. Looking at December, I see the following: SEAvsCAR - has possibilities, but likelyh won't bump a Viking/GB matchup CARvsTB -- This aint being flexed. CARvsCLE - nope, not this one either NOvsCAR - MNF WOO! ATLvsCAR - could have possibilities vs the KCvsSEA game. Maybe Steelers/Saints would edge up? This one I'm unsure about CARvsNO - this definitely could be flexed up. Aint going to be SFvsLAR. Likely not Eagles/Redskins. Cowboys/Giants aint a draw this season. Maybe Lions/Packers... but doubtful. What are the chances of having more than one CAR game being flexed into SNF as the season progresses?
  11. PanthersATL

    PHEW, We Won PIE.

    YIPPEE (and a relatively soft game vs some others that could have been more demanding on our players -- should make it a little easier to recover in advance of Thurs).
  12. The TEAM MARKETING REPORT website has compiled a list of the beer, hotdog, soda, and parking prices across all the NFL stadiums, and BOA isn't doing so badly in the beer department. According to what they've found -- A 12oz beer at BOA is just $5.50 vs the $5 charged by the Falcons, Ravens, Texans, Lions, Cardinals, and Bengals. The league average is $8.17 for a 16oz beer. Most expensive is the 20oz in Oakland at $10.75. (Everyone heading down to Tampa for CARvsTB will pay $10 for a 20oz) But if you work it all out by the ounce, Panthers fans pay $0.46 per oz of beer, which isn't too far off the $0.42/oz at the low end.... and is significantly better than the $0.75/oz that Eagles fans pay for their 12oz beverage. Stadium average is $0.52 Good news? It's better than most everybody else. (No word on the wine and cheese plate pricing.)