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  1. BrianS

    Mock Draft v1.0

    I tend to agree. I wouldn't waste draft capital on something I could get for cheap in FA.
  2. There are no backup QB's within sane cap range who can come in and win games. Let's face it, if a QB is good enough to win games in the NFL, he *will* be starting somewhere unless he's on a rookie deal. Obviously, people will want to throw around names of QB's who might have something to prove. Great, the problem for them is that if all goes according to plan, coming here will not give them the opportunity to prove anything. Our starting QB is Cam. Everything we hear from the Panthers is that Cam will be fine. We can't know if that's true or not, but from the perspective of a QB who wants a "prove it" deal, it's not where he wants to be. At QB, our task is simply stated, but complex to resolve. We have to determine if Cam will ever be Cam again. If the answer is "yes", then backup QB is something we should be slotting as a developmental role. If the answer is "no", we better be finding our next franchise QB and doing whatever it takes to get him in the fold sooner rather than later.
  3. Anyone who thinks this defense is two players away from being scary again needs to watch some more Panthers games. We need at least four players: DT, DE, LB, S.
  4. I don't disagree, but doesn't that sort of mean we might want to think about bringing him back as a backup? Obviously no one wants him to have to start another season for us, but in limited duty, subjecting him to less wear and tear / injuries . . . we could probably do a lot worse. Yea, I'm looking at you Amini.
  5. BrianS

    Hurn 2.0

    So, which do you think had a bigger impact on our overall record last year: Marty Hurney leading our front office Our starting QB not being able to throw the ball 25 yards downfield Take your time to think about it.
  6. That's the part that scares me the most. We need to get younger. This guy probably only has 2-3 more years of declining productivity before he's out of the league. He's definitely no Julius Peppers.
  7. Agree. I still think it might be fun to have him in for a couple games a year.
  8. Agree, I think free agency has gone just about as well as we could have wished given our cap situation.
  9. You know, that's actually not a terrible shout. Bersin is 6'3", he's not going to take time away from our ascending stars, from all reports was a great locker room guy, and as you said, he does catch the ball. In a WR room with Funchess and KB, Bersin was just more of the same. In a room with Samuel, Moore and Wright, he does offer something a little different. Honestly, if it's a question of Damiere Byrd or Brenton Bersin . . . I almost think the answer might be Bersin. That's scary.
  10. I would much, MUCH rather keep Jarius Wright as our veteran leadership in that room. The dude does nothing but get open, catch the ball and make first downs. With Funchess exiting, it wouldn't hurt us to find another big receiver. Wright, Moore, Samuel are all similar in terms of size. There should be absolutely no doubt that CMC could play in the slot in a pinch. We're good this season with or without Torrey . . . and we have other holes where we aren't good.
  11. Agree, possibly the most exciting back in the league not named Christian McCaffery.
  12. BrianS

    Jason Witten "unretiring"

    I don't disagree, but this isn't the year to cut him. No matter what happens, he won't be with us in 2020, his cap hit is just too big. Our best case scenario with Olsen is that he comes back this year, stays healthly and plays like Greg Olsen again and then retires at the end of the season.
  13. Matt Kalil for AB straight up, done deal. Anything else, hard pass.
  14. The one in Philly was a platform built on the steps of the Philly Art Museum. It was cool. What would REALLY be something is if the NFL draft was the first event in a newly remodeled and covered BOA.
  15. That's what I'm afraid of as well. It's not a question of whether Kalil is a bona fide starting LT. At this point, he is what he is. Yes, we'd all like to see him gone. However, you then create another hole to fill. With 7 million, you get tackles like Chris Hubbard (CLE) or Bryan Bulaga (GB). Are they even an upgrade? Lest we all forget, Mike Remmers is still employed in the NFL at 6 million a season. I want MK gone as much as everyone else, but you have to do the complete analysis. Williams is going to test the market, and even with the injury, he's going to get offers. If Williams walks and MK is cut, at that point your game day tackles become Chris Clark (who is also a FA) and Moton. You have 7 million from the MK cut, and 2 million from Williams to find a tackle, assuming you can re-sign Clark for another year. The tackle market this year in FA is extremely weak once you get past the top 4 - of which Williams is one.