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  1. While not quite the same "rah-rah" guy that TD was, Jstew was always a class act, and I for one am glad he's decided to make Charlotte home. More people like him in our city will never go wrong.
  2. Did you notice how both DJ and Curtis were behind the coverage on that play? It's almost like we had two speedy receivers able to beat their man deep . . . .
  3. Just when you thought it was safe to Huddle without your tinfoil hat . . .
  4. In all fairness, this particular cap mess is largely on Gettleman. The top 5 contracts on the team for instance are all Gettleman contracts - and eight out of the top 10.
  5. BrianS

    Defense wins championships...

    I'm sure there's a site somewhere that could look it up / present it, but it would be interesting to see how many of the rushing attempts by the remaining playoff teams were when they were tied or trailing versus ahead in the game. I suspect that these teams are using the rush to grind out the clock once they get a good lead. Again, I can't find the stats to prove that, it's just a suspicion. It's very clear all of these teams are very accomplished scoring offenses.
  6. BrianS

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    So, let me get this straight, we should be flaming the organization / coaching staff for "force feeding" a player who averaged 5 yards per rush and 8 yards per reception over the course of the season? What?!?! I say keep giving him the rock and let him win us a SB. He was good last year, he was great this year, borderline superstar. If he continues this trend, he could end up in that conversation with Smitty, Davis, Cam, Luke, etc as greatest Panther draft picks of all time. Not to mention everything I've ever seen, heard or read about this guy says he's another Davis / Kuechly as far as sheer person he is.
  7. BrianS

    What to do with Matt Kalil

    As someone to play in a few spots, as a backup, Clark might not be terrible. He's not the answer as a consistent starter, and he's never going to look like more than an awkward stork coming out of his stance, but if he can just hold up for a half or a handful of plays here and there, he's worth it at a minimum salary.
  8. As much as I want us to contend . . . I want us to contend. We only have 6 picks in the draft, and honestly we can only expect to get a couple starters our of those six. If we get two starters and two contributors, that's a good return on six picks. We have limited cap available for FA's. The answer probably isn't on the roster in most cases. Need a C, LT and probably a G. Need two DE's, a DT, probably 2 LB, at least one CB, two S. I don't see how we address all that with the money and picks we have available in this offseason. 2019 is looking like a throw away.
  9. I think we are crazy if we don't at least give Allen the chance to compete, honestly compete, next camp / preseason. He more than earned that opportunity imo. Obviously Cam's shoulder is a huge question mark right now. As the season wore on and teams realized he couldn't get the ball deep our offense regressed. If Cam's shoulder fully heals, 100% no holds barred, our offense next year is going to be *special*. I do think we need to bring in a proven veteran as well. I don't know who. And before some daftie shows up to suggest Kap . . . seriously, I don't think we're interested in a guy, 31 years old, who hasn't thrown a pass since 2016. All politics aside.
  10. Honestly, anyone fired by the Bills is not someone I want to see coaching here . . . unless of course McDermott gets fired. I might even take him over Ron, but certainly as a DC.
  11. Obviously, we need a DC. However, it's obvious to anyone with eyes that Rivera's seat is going to start out warm next season, and he's in the last year of his contract. What quality DC would want to come here under those circumstances? Can we even get anyone better than Washington, given our situation? Honestly, either Rivera needs to be out or he needs to be extended if we want to have any chance of recruiting quality coaches to supplement the staff. This seems like a really tough situation when looked at as a whole. We need a lot of help on the defensive coaching side, and a lame duck coach isn't likely to get the sort of help we need. Thoughts?
  12. Cam Newton hasn't had an NFL arm this season either. I actually think that we'll be more of a downfield threat on Sunday with Heinike than we've been at any time this year. As far as the draft goes, you only take a QB if you really believe in him. It's such a hit and miss thing. Now, if we have a QB we believe in, then yes, take him. Even if Cam comes back next year healthy, he's 30. We'd be blessed to get another 4 years out of him the way he plays the game. It's time to at least start LOOKING for the next QB.
  13. BrianS

    Heinike did what? Wtf

    See, this is honestly what I'm hoping for. I mean, all power to Heinike and stuff, but I want it made abundantly clear what a poor manager and talent evaluator Rivera is. That to me is what will make these last two games a "win", even if we lose out.
  14. Dennis Allen was certainly McKenzie's choice. Obviously Sparano was interim, but you'd assume he was involved there too. I don't know for sure about Del Rio. Also - those drafts.
  15. A lot of folks have been saying Bridgewater recently, and honestly it's not a terrible idea if he'll come at the right price. He should be willing, given he's thrown exactly three passes since 2015 ended.