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  1. CS's problem is our perception of him. We want to see him as the next Steve Smith / Muhsin Muhammed. He's not. CS is Ted Ginn. Full stop. Targeted air yards 15.1 vs 15.5 . . . catch percentage 51 vs 54 . . . cushion 6 vs 7 . . . the list goes on. Curtis Samuel is Ted Ginn.
  2. I do agree, it seems we have a lack of leadership. Luke and CMC are great as they "lead by example". That's absolutely necessary on any team, but it can't be the only thing you have. Eric Reid has a real problem. I think his personality wants to be a leader, but his football credibility has to be pretty crap right now given his play this year. He's been bad in coverage and his tackling usually consists of hitting with a shoulder and hoping to blow the guy up. Losing TD and Ryan all in one year hurt us, then Cam goes down . . . yea we've definitely had some blows to our locker room leadership.
  3. While I share the frustration, there isn't really a good solution. This year the Cowboys are likely to benefit from a flawed system. The Eagles have an opportunity, but it's such a slim one there isn't much point in talking about it. In 2014, we were the beneficiaries.
  4. All I can see when I look at that picture is: Oh, there's Eric Reid getting beat in coverage again.
  5. Doesn't the reverse also apply? If you don't think that playing behind that line will give you a fair assessment of Grier, how is it giving you a fair assessment of Allen? One the other hand, if you think Allen has been fairly assessed behind that line, then Grier would also receive a fair assessment. It doesn't work both ways.
  6. I think we're missing the flip side of this coin. I haven't seen a stat on how long you keep coach / QB together after a SB win. For example, assume we had won it in 2003. How long then do you keep Delhomme / Fox together? What about after a SB loss? For example, the Marv Levy / Jim Kelly Bills. The first four years went: 4-12, 7-8, 12-4, 9-7. The next year they were 13-3 and lost the SB. Do you break up that combo? They went on to three more SB's, and lost all three, for an NFL record four SB's in a row lost. I think the consideration should be: Are we qualifying consistently for the playoffs (say four out of five years)? If yes, ride with what you got. If no, try something else.
  7. That's a lot of numbers that don't tell me anything new. I watch the game, our OLine looks terrible. No need for a bunch of stats to show me what I can clearly see. And it's not just pass blocking. We can't really run block either. If we could blow people off the ball in the run game, there are four games we would have won.
  8. I like Ian, really, I do. But that batted ball . . . smh. He's young and learning, hopefully we haven't yet seen his ceiling.
  9. Jason Campbell - 9 years in the NFL is pretty successful. That aside, as other have said, our issue is not at QB, our issue is that both our OLine and DLine have been terrible this year. Look no further than Nick Foles. The guy is a career backup, but in 2018 he looked like a starter behind a really good Philly OLine. Oh, and he won a SB. So yea. A QB who can succeed behind a crap line is a LOT harder to find than an OLine that makes an average QB look good.
  10. I think the problem with Luke this season hasn't been Luke, but the line in front of him. He's nearly always being asked to fight off a lineman to get to his gap, where in the past, he was very free to roam and be . . . Luke. I realize we've had some injuries on our line, but still, our D line hasn't done ANYTHING this year.
  11. Compared to the other jobs that are likely to be available, it's an attractive opportunity for a great number of reasons.
  12. I dunno, Fewell is an experienced coach in audition mode. Letting Washington call plays would suddenly reflect on him.
  13. The team will do well here. Whether or not football fans care at all, it is a win for the city and MLS.
  14. It's interesting for sure, but lower skill levels generally mean that radical things can be more effective.
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