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  1. Signs were there last season for Tannehill if you looked carefully. Never underestimate the power of bad coaching to suppress actual talent.
  2. I mean, I really didn't need a bunch of stats to tell me that we move the ball well, but can't seem to score it to save our lives. We are a few clutch plays from having the most effective offense in the NFL. At this point, I'm not overly concerned about it. If we're still not scoring our red zone drives in December, then there's a problem. It's sometimes important to remember that this year was never about winning championships or even making the playoffs. This year was about establishing a new team identity. Continue making steady improvements and we'll be fine.
  3. It actually seems like it might be something we're trying to do. Curtis has had a few good games in a row here, which means his value is up. If we are happy with losing him, getting an honest to goodness NFL TE wouldn't be heartbreaking.
  4. In all fairness, the back should have cut that up inside more instead of trying to get outside. But yea, Manhertz didn't do a good job of leveraging his man further outside.
  5. What I like is that he's just as willing to point the finger at himself and his staff as he is at his players. He's going to call out the problems wherever they are. That's a great thing.
  6. What's very clear over the first three weeks is that Rhule is absolutely unafraid of using his ENTIRE roster on game day. Look no further than Marquis Haynes. In the entire 2019 season, he had 210 defensive snaps and it always felt like those were given to him grudgingly. In six games of 2020, he's already got 142. He's had legit chances to show what he can do. I don't know if Haynes will ever be any good. I do know that this offseason we'll be able to say we have given him every opportunity to prove himself. We can then cut him or keep him based on knowledge of what he actually did in real live football games. This is how you find out who your players are. You . . . let them play. It's revolutionary I tell you!
  7. Did someone really just say we're fine at safety . . . is that high level troll or serious?
  8. I think this is the worst part about not having a preseason. Makes it really hard to tell what your backup QB's may look like.
  9. Pretty nice touch on that deep ball too. I mean, I'm not SAYING we might want to take advantage of that with a trick play, but . . .
  10. I disagree. No defense that starts Tahir Whitehead in the middle is ever going to be solid.
  11. Missed opportunities is actually coach speak for "Hey players, stop (*@$ing up." It's a valid observation. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand up if that's your only answer. With the new staff, yes, missed opportunities is still valid. However, this staff applies that to themselves as well. They adjust what they are doing, and what they are asking the players to do. This is the difference. Our offensive line is case in point. They aren't super talented. But we are now not asking them to hold up on seven step drops very often. We are usually getting the ball out very quickly. This changes the behavior of the opponents DL. That DL now slows down their rush, instead making it a priority to prepare to jump and knock the ball down. But it absolutely slows down the rush. Then, when we do call a longer developing play, the opponents DL is slower off the ball, because they are expecting another quick pass. Our OL is being given help by our scheme and playcalling. I don't argue that during Rivera's time here, the players failed to execute the plans put in front of them - many times. What I do argue is that Rivera should have realized that he simply may not have had the players capable of executing those plans, and adjusted accordingly. Rhule and his staff don't seem to have that problem.
  12. Interesting how in four weeks we've gone from being a hard core participant in the TL sweepstakes to out of the top 10 entirely. Honestly, there is nothing about a mock draft at this point that even has the stink of realistic about it. All you can really say is which college players seem to be improving their stock and which pro teams appear to be going in positive or negative directions. Anything else is just spin.
  13. In all fairness, cutting him this year would have gained us next to nothing. Designating him post-June 1 next year however and he "only" counts 6.5 million.
  14. Nice to have known you KK, best of luck in Buffalo.
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