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  1. It's all about the matchups. From an alignment perspective, most likely you're pulling one of your MLB's, but you wouldn't necessarily pull Shaq. Shaq can still play OLB, so having him on the field in a 335 might make sense. I still don't think the point of all this is to run 34 all the time, I still think there are times when running 43 for a matchup might make sense.
  2. I think his usefulness in our new "hybrid" scheme might have been part of the reason we didn't pursue him. He's a backup DE in a 4-3, that's it. He's too small to push inside in a 3-4, not athletic enough to stand up as a LB, so . . . best of luck to him.
  3. Not saying we shouldn't lock Bradberry up, but $12-$13 million seems high. That's Top 10 CB Janoris Jenkins / Stephon Gilmore money. I don't think he's that. I could see 10 million per. That puts him in Aqib Talib / Dre Kirkpatrick territory, which sounds more reasonable.
  4. We hire these seems like every year and none of them ever stick around for long.
  5. Olsen's getting cut next offseason anyway, or at the very, very least restructured. He's going to cost us nearly 12 million against the 2020 cap on his current deal, after his very affordable 6.5 million this year. Or maybe he just retires.
  6. Starters don't come in the third round very often, so sacrificing that pick for a guy in the second whom we believed was a first round talent makes complete sense. Consider that 18 of our 22 starters last year were drafted in the first two rounds by whomever drafted them . . . the outliers were Chris Clark, Greg Van Roten, Trai Turner and Mike Adams. I follow the thinking that Hurney tried to get back up into the first, but knew what the right price was and when he didn't get a taker, he did what he had to do in the second. Old Hurney might very well have traded away future picks. This guy didn't. We still have all of our draft picks next year. We can now go into that draft without any competitive disadvantage. What may or may not have been tried is irrelevant. Our draft, on paper, was a pretty successful one.
  7. Cam gotta know now that he absolutely doesn't have to do it all. CMC, DJ, Curtis, Greg, Jarius Wright . . . even an up and coming Ian Thomas. Cam has never had this sort of talent around him. If he's healthy, we are gonna be super scary.
  8. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Yes, he looks the part. So did Brandon Williams. Remember him?
  9. Sure, we didn't get any comp picks . . . but we still have all of our regular picks next year. Let's not lose sight of that.
  10. While I can't disagree with the history, I think we need to look at the situation. In the past, our coaching staff tried to fit these undersized players into our 4-3 (because that's our system!) and they failed. Not sure why we should have been surprised. This time however, what we're hearing is that we're moving to a 3-4, which gives these undersized players a much more natural place to fit in. One would hope that giving them this opportunity would improve their potential trajectory.
  11. Honestly, this is fine. It's pretty clear Cam isn't "scared" or "concerned" about Will Grier. We shouldn't be either. We should hope that Will Grier becomes a solid NFL starter. He's on our team, he's ours, the better he is, the better we are whether that's by flipping him for high picks later or because he takes over for Cam at some point. As Panther fans, we should be 100% behind the idea of Will Grier being amazing.
  12. Regardless of where they were drafted, Klein and Mayo were good players. Certainly not Kuechly standard, but good players nonetheless. This team has a ridiculously high standard for our LB's, we have had some of the best in the game for our entire history.
  13. There is another Hall dedicated to the tier of player that Smitty and Pep represent. We need to honor Panthers legends, not just NFL legends.
  14. If he could have stayed healthy, Dan Morgan could have been Luke Kuechly before Luke was.
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