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  1. Drew Brees: 6' 0" Russell Wilson: 5' 11" Tua Tagovailoa: 6' 0" PJ Walker: 5' 11" Height isn't really a problem. It comes down to ability. Either he has it or he doesn't. We'll see.
  2. So a 7-9 team that managed 3rd in their division winds up with five prime time games? No bias for Tom Brady, at all. Yikes.
  3. Assume for just a minute that Cam would agree to come back, and I think that's pretty far fetched given what we know of the situation. But for a minute assume . . . Would you really want him? The system he's run for his entire career has been some flavor of Air Coryell. Yes, it was modified to give Cam more touches in the run game, but the base of the system was AC. Joe Brady's system is going to be NOTHING like that. Brady's system is based on high accuracy, quick decision making and timing. It's very like a West Coast offense, many even say it is a West Coast offense. That doesn't scream "We need Cam Newton!" to me. With an entire off season to tune a West Coast offense to Cam's strengths, absolutely, I'd love to see what a West Coast looks like with some Read Option inserted. Cam's decision making and execution on the Read Option has always been really good. But as a mid season addition? No, I'm sorry, I really don't want to see that.
  4. While it's way to early, I do think that if Brown's on the field play is anywhere near that of Sapp / Jenkins we win. From all reports the guy is a champ in the locker room. If he turns into Kris Jenkins with the attitude of a Charles Johnson / Thomas Davis we won this draft.
  5. That team is going to implode. The cap will catch up to them at some point. Probably about the time Brees retires.
  6. The OP completely ignores basic math. Any given year, about 5 guys are selected into the HoF. Every given year, 10 guys are top 10 picks. It's impossible for every top 10 pick to be a HoF player. Honestly, if any given year the top 10 players in the draft yield 3 HoF players its a good year. HoF is irrelevant. Here's a better argument. Jordan Gross will never go to the HoF. But how (*@$ing crucial was he to our team? If Brown simply turns into Jordan Gross, he's completely worth the pick. If he does more, fantastic.
  7. That flag wasn't a flag in the NFL. He hit with his shoulder. It was a hard hit, yes. But it was not illegal. And having a safety that is a consistent open field tackler? Yes please. After watching Eric Reid whiff all year, that sounds great to me.
  8. While I don't know where we'll go in round 2, I can't believe anyone who has taken even a brief glance at our roster would believe we're taking a WR. At any point. I mean, we still have only THREE DT's on the entire roster. I'm certainly not advocating for a Gettlemagicesque double dip, but surely we're going to take one or two more just for bodies. We're going to take an interior O Line. We need SOMEBODY to play corner. We need a LB. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if we took a mid to late round QB. But WR? RB? It's not even on the radar.
  9. That LSU game. If anyone else on the Auburn team could tackle they could have won that game. I never saw LSU even *try* to run at Brown.
  10. If we were truly trying to get the #1 next year we would have been forced to trade CMC. With him in our offense, we simply won't be capable of losing enough games to get to #1. We're going to win 4-8 games next year. I'm not convinced Tampa will be able to protect an aging Brady who had clearly lost a step last year. I'm never sold on the Falcons being anything, I mean, they find a way to throw away even the most favorable position.
  11. Actually, those are people he is being compared to. Chris Simms likened him to Sapp, and another evaluator (can't remember the name) said he was the best prospect since Donald. Time will tell.
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