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  1. Totally agree about our ILB's. Once you get past our starters, we have NOTHING. If we're going to run with two ILB's, we need more investment there.
  2. Correct. Though what a terrible name for that stat (capture rate). Point scoring efficiency? I dunno, perhaps there isn't a better phrase for it. What it boils down to is the percentage of total points a kicker was given the opportunity to score that he actually did score. Butker and Gano have both been very good. At the time the decision was made to keep Gano, there was a history on the table with Gano, and only a single preseason with Butker.
  3. No misrepresentations except yours. We've only paid Gano 1.5 million of his 6 million signing bonus. It's a guarantee, so if we cut him, it's all due. Pretty sure it's 2.5 million this year and 3 million next year if we cut him. The argument in this thread was that it would be cheaper to cut Gano and keep Slye, which I believe I have successfully debunked.
  4. Honestly, this is the result when you decide that NONE of your starters need a single snap in your first game. We looked about one game behind the Bills in terms of getting ready for a season. Seems pretty simple.
  5. It looked to me like Rivera was calling plays, he had the play sheet in his hands. That said, as much as I admire loyalty, it really is time that we had a real DC here. McDermott has been gone too long. Even if Ron is heavily involved, he needs someone who can take some responsibility.
  6. FFS, this again!?!?! I have never seen a fan base so in love with camp kickers. Gano is our kicker this year barring an injury disaster. Here's 5.6 million reasons why.
  7. Real talk comin . . . sorry. What do the Panthers have that's worth trading for that we are willing to trade? I mean seriously. Obviously Cam is not on the table here. 1. Taylor Heinicke: The guy's career NFL stat line is: 36 - 58, 330 yds, 1 TD, 3 INT. He's currently running last in our QB room and will likely be cut in a few weeks. If you're a GM and you trade *anything* for this guy you're not gonna be around next season. 2. Will Grier: Rookie 3rd round draft pick. Has never thrown a regular season pass. Is looking like the third best QB in our room, and very much like a . . . 3rd round rookie QB. If Hurney takes anything less than a 2nd for him, he's gonna get fired. If anyone gives Hurney a second for him, that guy gets fired. 3. Kyle Allen: This guy has the inside track to be our backup QB this year. He's shown some flashes. Given Cam's recent injury history, if we trade this guy for anything less than a 2nd, Hurney gets fired. You don't hand over your probably backup QB. And again, who is gonna give us a 2nd for Kyle Allen. The guy is 20 - 31, 266 hds, 2 TD. I mean, nice stats, but seriously, those stats don't take you from undrafted to worth a 2nd round pick. Listen, I like our QB room. It's better than it's been in YEARS. But there are only so many starter quality NFL QB's in the world. We don't have two on our roster at this point. We have one, and some promise. That's it.
  8. I gotta be honest . . . I had no idea that Manhertz had never played football before the NFL. When you look at him through that lens, the fact that he can block as well as he can is actually pretty exceptional. If he adds good hands and decent route running to his game, he's got a chance.
  9. I want to see QB1 for a quarter, and I want to see CAM not cam. I want to see Curtis and DJ doing WR things. I want to see our first team defense smashing things.
  10. Sapp's problem is that he's trying to compare team accomplishments to individual greatness. Team accomplishments require a great team. I would submit that McCoy has never had that. So let's compare individual accomplishments. Warren Sapp (1995 - 2007, 13 year career) 7 Pro Bowl 4 First Team All Pro 2 Second Team All Pro Gerald McCoy (2010 - 2018, 9 year career and counting) 6 Pro Bowl 3 First Team All Pro 1 Second Team All Pro Give Gerald McCoy a career as long as Sapp's, and it's fair to say that he will likely equal or eclipse those accomplishments. And let's be honest, it's much harder to accomplish the things McCoy has when you are the only "great" player on the team as he has been for his career. I'm glad he's here. I hope the Panthers stay healthy this year and live up to the promise they are showing. How sweet would it be for McCoy to win a SB the very first season after he leaves the Bucs as part of a defense with multiple Pro Bowlers surrounding him? How sweet would it be for us if he has another 2 - 3 outstanding seasons here and retires a Panther?
  11. It's just sad really. Not only did they fail to send anyone to Panthers camp to watch, they didn't even bother reading reports from camp filed by people who were actually there. It makes you question just how accurate *ALL* their reporting is when this is what you get.
  12. Has he lived up to the 1st round label? No, probably not. Would I have him as a backup DL at 2-3 million per season, probably.
  13. Good piece. I hadn't heard that about Robinson, and I'm baffled as well. When you have four guys like Samuel, Moore, Wright and Hogan . . . why do we even need him. I get it. We needed to see some of the guys pan out, but seriously, those four look like locks at this point. That leaves one or two spots and we know how much Rivera loves him some Torrey Smith. After the performance of Godwin in the return game . . . I just don't know if anyone else even has a chance. Heck, I'd even back Levrone over Robinson at this point since Levrone has a bit more size than most of our rostered receivers.
  14. It's super nice to be able to have a debate about which NFL caliber receiver on our roster is going to out produce the other. So happy to have all of them here tbh.
  15. Most fan bases are utterly stupid about their backup QB . . . nope, not us! We're utterly stupid about our backup kicker.
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