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  1. Greg is going to be SO good when he finally retires and goes broadcast. Not quite ready to say "the next John Madden", but he is going to be great.
  2. Exactly. I just can't fathom any Panthers fan who isn't rooting for Kyle to continue to improve for years. Because frankly he's better than a lot of NFL QB's right now. If he continues to improve, we may have just lucked in to the one of the best QB situations in the league. What would teams like Miami, Buffalo, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Washington . . . what would those teams give to have picked up Kyle Allen? Maybe 2015 Cam shows up again and we win the SB this year. It could happen. But, having Kyle Allen on the roster opens up a lot of options for us in the draft and on the roster going forward that we otherwise might not have had regardless of what happens with Cam.
  3. We've been running RPO (Run - Pass Option) with Kyle. It's been ok for us. What you seem to be implying however is the Read Option, where the QB can hand, keep or pitch. That's not something we should do with Kyle. He doesn't have years of experience with it the way Cam does. The *only* reason that works for us is because of Cam. His ability to read the DE / OLB is what makes that whole thing go, and Kyle will never get that.
  4. Here. Sorted by time to throw. Interestingly, Cam Newton is the fastest in the league at getting the ball out this year. Which of course doesn't tell you much of anything. Detractors would say "He's making one read and then checking it down". Fanboys would say "He's getting it out faster than anyone". Either could be right or wrong, and the truth probably lies somewhere in between. When you look at the league as a whole, you see successful QB's from top to bottom there. Aaron Rodgers is second to last for heaven's sake. (Our pass rush has got to look at that and go "Snack time!") But seriously, Time to Throw just doesn't tell you much.
  5. The main thing we need to see in the next game is that we don't lay an egg. It needs to be a one score game. Regardless of what combination of good offense, good defense, etc gets us there, that should be our goal. I think it was Coach Ample Chest who once said "We need to become relevant".
  6. Most of the faults he seems to have are just the result of inexperience. The kid just hasn't seen enough yet. Consider how little football he's actually played since coming out of high school. Very little college ball, five games as a pro plus preseason. What encourages me is watching how much Norv / Scott have improved Cam over the last couple years. He's grown leaps and bounds from the shoulders up. Give Kyle Allen a couple more years under Norv / Scott and you'll have a very capable NFL starter. He just needs experience.
  7. We "can". He's on the Jacksonville practice squad, so we'd have to sign him to the 53.
  8. Agreed. To me, the biggest unknown is what "healthy" will mean for Cam at this point in his career. If healthy means 2015, oh baby. If healthy means the first few games of 2018, still pretty good, and you'd have to lean his way simply for his experience. But as you said, we simply can't and don't know at this point. However, I am incredibly thankful that we can even HAVE a conversation where we can make reasonable arguments for two different QB's on our roster. It means our roster is strong. Good time to be a Panthers fan.
  9. As I've been thinking about it, what we REALLY need to know is whether D Williams can still play RIGHT tackle. If you have Little / Daley capable on the left, and suddenly remember that Williams was actually servicable on the right, suddenly your O Line starts to look REALLY deep.
  10. I think it's more fair to say that Hurney has done a very good job of evaluating talent. Fantastic in fact given the guy never held a scouting job. Not sure who he actually learned from, but someone clearly helped him along at some point. I think it's also fair to say that historically, he's done a poor job of placing the correct value on that talent in contract negotiations. If he cleans up the latter issue, he's got a chance to become a legit GM.
  11. Anyone who says that Kyle Allen is better than 2015 Cam is deluding themselves. Fortunately, I don't think many people are. The real question that rational people (and coaches, and front office personnel) should be asking is: Does 2019 Kyle Allen give us a better chance to win than 2019 Cam Newton? This is a fair and rational question that needs an answer. I think at some point we're going to see Cam again this season. I can't even begin to fathom a situation where Cam never takes the field again. The bottom line is that even if we intend to trade Cam, the rest of the league NEEDS to see what they would be getting. We need to know what we have. If we don't see Cam again, it will definitely send a signal to the rest of the league that Cam may never be Cam again, and that's certainly the last thing we need even in a situation where we are ready to move on.
  12. Not sure how him being the best QB in franchise history has jack to do with his current health or ability. I mean, hey, Joe Montana is the best QB in 49ers history . . . Dan Marino the best QB in Dolphins history . . . neither of them is suiting up, amirite? When Cam is healthy, he should be evaluated for his ability to be a QB for this team, at this time, with whatever abilities he brings to the table. If that means he is Kyle Allen's backup, great, he should embrace that role. He's got 20 million reasons to do so. If that means he is our starter, great, he has a huge opportunity to prove all his doubters wrong. I root for the Panthers, regardless of who is at QB. I want the guy in there who is going to WIN.
  13. Exactly, that was said back in 2017 the week before Cam went into Foxboro and hung 33 on Coach Hoodie's D.
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