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  1. Listen, Washington may or may not turn out to be an effective DC in the long run. I don't know, it's not something that can be known at this point. What I do know is that if in fact our HC - a former successful DC - allows a potential SB season to be flushed because he refuses to step in and help, I for one hope that Tepper is less than patient come February. You don't throw away a potential SB season because you want to support someone who is struggling.
  2. Let's assume for a minute it was some sort of miscommunication. Who is responsible for communicating to the defense what the call is? Who is responsible for making sure that each player understands their assignment for each play? Setting aside this one play for a minute, is this why the Steelers hung 52 on us? We have a coaching problem. We've promoted position coaches to coordinators the last couple times, and when you look at the results, they aren't great. Look, both Wilks and Washington were excellent position coaches, but their promotion to coordinator came with some problems - and it seems that the biggest problem becomes the position groups they left. Last year we couldn't get our secondary to cover . . . the exact position group that Wilks left. This year, our D line is struggling to do anything right . . . the position group Washington left. Now, what you can argue is that our D line has been declining for a couple years, and that Wilks called all those blitzes last year to cover for their inability to consistently pressure the QB. In any event, setting aside the terrible play call or execution of this play - whichever it was - this single call was not why the Steelers hung 52 on us. There is a serious problem with our defense, and it sucks, because for the first time since 2015 I have no doubts about our offense.
  3. You know, I really understand and appreciate the desire to promote from within. It's what every employee in an organization loves. To have an opportunity without moving to another company. That said, it's also incredibly rare that the right person develops to fill a need within a given company at the point the company needs it. This is what Rivera must answer for, hopefully to Tepper. Anyone outside the organization can see that Washington is a terrible DC. Maybe he's just not ready, I don't know. However, the point is that "growing pains" are derailing a potential SB berth for this team. As far as CJ goes, it seems pretty obvious to me that something else was going on. Maybe one day we'll get the real story. But consider you have a team bound for the playoffs, with a real chance of doing well. Imagine the repercussions if CMC gets hurt. The Panthers had a legit feature back on the roster, one who could do most of the things CMC did, without some of the electric plays. And you cut him to "give a career practice squad / inactive an honest chance"? Yea, that's your job right there. Done. Coach and GM both. I hope to hear what really happened one day.
  4. Uh . . . you realize to end up as the #3 seed we have to win our division . . . which means beating the Saints . . . twice . . . in three weeks time. Not saying it's impossible . . . but I don't think it's likely unless Ron has a coming to Jesus meeting with the entire defensive staff and tells them to get their (*@& together or be gone in January. Right now, the biggest offseason move we need to make is to fix our defense, starting with the staff.
  5. BrianS

    Two Backs vs One

    Using Armah on the goal line / short yardage is actually a better choice than CJ. If you put CJ in, you're basically telling the defense "This guy is gonna ram it down your throat". With CMC and Armah in the backfield, the defense can't focus on one guy. That said, I still don't like the idea of waiving a guy we had under contract who was quality depth for us. Heaven forbid CMC goes down, but our backfield is pretty (*&$ing bleak behind him now. I saw CJ as the Jarius Wright of the backfield - quality option that we probably don't want on the field all the time but who could 100% do a job for us when called upon.
  6. BrianS

    NFC South

    Not sure how to get at it, but I think an interesting stat to look at would be how often the team with the best division record has won the division.
  7. This was actually where I turned the TV off. We were still (score wise) in the game, but there was no way we were winning once that happened. It seems small, but our DC doesn't have any idea how to call a game, and the NFL is not the place he should be trying to learn it. It's a real shame we're going to lose a fantastic D Line coach because of it.
  8. Our owner just tossed this little grenade in a pre-game interview on the field . . . "I would be very surprised if we weren't practicing indoors by next summer" I love this guy.
  9. BrianS

    Check this chart out

    Up until this year, the league wasn't all that bothered about Cam. It was clear that his style of play combined with the way he was used would lead to a shorter than average career. If I was the rest of the league, the changes this year would terrify me. With Norv calling the plays, Cam's career may have just gained another 3-5 years. We may have Cam around for another 5-8 years the way he's now able to give the ball to other playmakers and have success. Cam has the potential to be our first ever career start to career finish HoF'er. The only way it could be any sweeter is if Luke manages to stay healthy and becomes our second. Imagine the bedlam in Charlotte if those two go in together.
  10. The smart move is to make no move at all . . . until we need to.
  11. BrianS

    Luke mic'd up yesterday...must listen

    Seems that Luke may have a future in coaching after he hangs it up. He seems to grasp the obvious very quickly.
  12. How about we just relive that magical moment in cinamatic history:
  13. The really sad part of the whole story is that it's all his own fault. Everything that's wrong goes straight to the feet of KB and his awful attitude. If you put JStew's attitude in KB's body, you'd have a perrenial Pro Bowl talent.
  14. Steelers are incredibly tough at home. Put it on a short week and it's going to be a very hard game for us. It's going to come down to our defense. If they can keep us in this, we can pull it out, but we really need those guys to show up.
  15. Kudos for the Ghostbusters reference. What I love most about this offense is that even though I watch it every week, I still don't know where any given play will end up nor who will have the ball. I can only imagine how an opposing DC must feel when he starts watching film. It's also protecting our QB far better than the previous schemes did. Yes, he still runs, but when he runs now it's not uncommon for Cam to be untouched for 5 yards, giving him the ability to slide early and save the wear and tear.