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  1. It was obvious they were forcing him to trade. They immediately released statements regarding how cam will be in our hearts and put out a tribute on the website before anything else happened like what?
  2. He’s old and done people. Get over him and get out of your feels. Goddamn bunch of hurney 2.0s up in this forum
  3. They might announce a 48hr nationwide quarantine tomorrow
  4. Except for the fact that in order for corona virus to not spread, other people will need those products as well, but you carry on hoarding
  5. A lot of these team writers and journalists are full of themselves because they get inside info on what’s going on. Giving snarky comments to fans asking questions and what not. Clean house and get more deserving journalists/writers/reporters. Good riddance!
  6. We only got him for one year or two max before he gets hired as a HC by Cincy. Gotta go all in and win the ship soon!!
  7. Tag all the numbnuts that are crying about getting rid of turners unmotivated a**
  8. It’s okay, y’all take awhile to understand. You’ll come back acting as if you knew this was a great trade from the start when Okung plays great. Granted he only played in 6 games last year but he only allowed 5 pressures and 0 sacks. I think he’ll be fine
  9. His play was deteriorating, we jumped shipped before he had no value left!
  10. The people claiming Okung is old are the same ones wanting 25yr old Kalil over 36yr old whitworth. How’d it turn out for you guys huh? Smh yall never learn. Just cuz he’s old dsnt mean they can’t play at a high level
  11. Everyone relax! We’re not trading a 5 time pro bowl OG for a 2 time pro bowler 31yr old OT Straight up. We shud be receiving some picks back in return like a 3rd to even out the deal
  12. We needa go all out for hooper in FA
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