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  1. They’re wrong every year, yet that “expert” label never seems to go away
  2. Wish they would have done the Panthers this year instead. We boutta kick some ass
  3. Cut Torrey and Poe. Neither has lived upto his contract, Butler can be a cheaper backup option
  4. Everyone is forgetting the cap break we get once Kalils release goes through in June. If we cut Smith, we’ll have enough money to sign both McCoy and Tre Boston.
  5. I feel we’re going to sign him, just waiting for Kalil’s Cap savings to come in. Give it some time.
  6. I feel like there’s animosity amongst the Panthers fan base on the Will Grier draft selection because they feel he’s here to take Cam Newton’s job. It’s not true, barring an injury to Cam, Will isn’t starting. Best case scenario, we can groom Grier and if he lives upto his “really good” potential analysts are raving about, at the end of his rookie deal, depending on Cam’s health and future, we either resign Grier to be the QB of the future or we ship him off for draft picks. An extra QB with potential is a good asset to have.
  7. It’s great to have a good aggressive mind like him involved. Panthers had a great draft. Would have liked a safety but I’m sure they will address that from the FA pool. Draft grade: A
  8. Y’all dramatic as hell. Obviously if we haven’t drafted a safety, we’ll pick one up via FA. Most probably Tre Boston. Chill out damn
  9. Hey, quick question. What do these reactions mean? Pie, beer, frappe, eggplant etc. thanks!
  10. I understood what you said, broke it down, and responded perfectly. Go back and read it. This response of yours doesn’t say anything. You’re just responding to say something back. Pretty useless comment. None of what you said proves Little would have been there at 47
  11. Y’all calm down. Gardner and Hooker are still on the board. If they can drop 13 picks, with probably every team already fulfilling their needs at safety via previous drafts, rounds, or FA, we should be able to get one of them.
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