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  1. Yeah trade Cam, QB in his younger 30s, for a noodle armed Rivers whose now 38 years old. Cowherds an idiot. Chargers better throw in a couple of first rounders and seconds for us to even consider this blasphemous idea
  2. I hate to say I told you so.....but I told you so. All these Kyle allen fans just live in the moment, he throws for 4TDs and suddenly he’s the next coming of Tom Brady. Chill tf out and leave this huddle. Y’all are a headache and dnt know crap
  3. Shoutout to all the fans who knew Cam was and is the future of Carolina and Kyle Allen is nothing more than a backup.
  4. No! Y’all wanted Kyle Allen’s nuts in your mouth, you got them. “AlLeN iS tHe FuTuRe Of ThE pAnThErs” LOOOOOL
  5. Why though?!! Kyle allen is the future of Carolina LOOOL
  6. Where are all the Kyle allen truthers hiding????! Get exposed! I say we banish all these dumb allen nuthuggers from the huddle!
  7. Kyle allen being exposed as being nothing more than a game manager
  8. Kyle allen ain’t nothing but a game manager
  9. I know that Kyle Allen isn’t the Brady half the, now quiet, fan base praised him to be. He’s just a game manager, Ik you allen lovers can’t admit it but it’s the truth. Better you learn it now
  10. The moment I called Kyle Allen will struggle while half the fan base was touting him as the next Brady yee hawing
  11. But where did all those ppl go that wanted to get rid of Shaq to make cap room LOL bunch of sheeps on here
  12. I feel Allen struggles against the niners and the whole fan base that’s drunk in allen koolaid will come to their senses that he’s nothing more than a game manager. QB1 needs to start as soon as he’s ready to go
  13. LOL Numbnuts on this thread don’t realize setFreexX is saying Allen isn’t as good as he’s being made out to be. *facepalm* smh
  14. People who believe Allen>Newton are mindless people who live in the moment. Allen is a low tier starting quarterback, whose basically being a game manager and Cam is a superstar when he is firing on all cylinders. Allen exploits terrible defenses in cardinals and Bucs but struggled against Texans low tiered defense. Enough with the Cam Newton is going to be replaced by Kyle Allen
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