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  1. Rick101

    Lighten Up....

    I feel good. My status has been upgraded to being one of the persons that belong in a 1% of being cured with a new type of treatment. One day at a time is how I take it. As far as being new here I've been a Huddler since the first night of existence. I was the original Panther for Life, t31, t38, t48. Somehow my accounts keep coming up missing. I just started this one after becoming a big Rick & Morty fan which explains the dog. Lastly I will never stop Pounding! :-)
  2. Rick101

    Lighten Up....

    I was diagnosed with the C word back in June. I was also given 2 months and its been 4. All I hope for is to see my boys make a good Super Bowl run and the other chips can fall where they may. #keeppounding!!!
  3. Thanks for posting Doc! How is it that each season everyone forget we pray for wins during September and October especially when the team are dealing with the injury bug. Every Panther fan should know that November ball is when this team get rid of all the kinks and began to play lights out football. We are in good shape so far. RELAX!