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  1. When rebuilding you sure better make sure you have good lines or you are just wasting time. It will take a few years at best to shore them up. Start now. It takes a lot of people to have two good lines. Start now and it will pay off.
  2. There's only a handful or so of those in the league.
  3. September 22 1996 vs the Niners. My first game. The second home game at Ericsson Stadium. Panthers win.
  4. Wanting to be the worst team speaks volumes. Just pick another team.
  5. Sure, but that's not what this is about. This is about Cowherd being used by the team to deflate the Cam to Chargers talk.
  6. The publish date shows it was after the combine. You can click the links at the top to see the older versions with their publish dates.
  7. We have no lack of playmakers but a void of talent on the DL and secondary.
  8. More realistic would be that Cowherd has a source and he's just creating drama to fill slow sports time. It would serve the team no purpose.
  9. Given that the point went way over your head I don't think you are in any place to making blanket statements about what any team should do in the draft. You missed the entire subject matter of what was being discussed based on your answer.
  10. I disagree. QBs are rarely the best players and regularly get drafted high base on need. Just look at the drafts to see this is obvious. There is a very well understood position importance hierarchy in the draft.
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