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  1. Even if they were 7-2 we should be upset with that performance.
  2. It's because the guy hasn't formulated a coherent response in years.
  3. Yep. At least watch the game you are spending your day online discussing.
  4. Not sure if its related but the last few years of social media emphasis has been a bit over the top. So much produced content of these guys. Seems distracting and that's on the owner. Lots of valid nitpicks when the team gets worse over the season.
  5. The only thing I could expect him to say is that Rivera has been kept go.
  6. Dont think I've heard of owners making statements after games too much. I don't expect anything like that.
  7. It's really easy to speculate on stuff like this without knowledge but simply saying the words doesnt mean there is anything to it. That's certainly the huddle way though. Message board guy questioning doctors means absolutely nothing especially given the tendency to take the pessimist view on literally everything and everyone.
  8. I mod a group on FB. It's not fun but that's why you have an understanding of what the heck the point of having mods is.
  9. My thoughts are they have their meetings and walkthroughs in the morning. Then they have a check in at night. They might have a meeting then. If you have any info to suggest he missed check in let's hear it. Until then you are making poo up to stir the pot.
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