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  1. Some truth there but nobody but himself decided to scramble in a preseason game. He stated himself it was a bad decision....and a fluke on top of that.
  2. Obviously both situations are a big risk. Football games can technically occur without fans though. On the track this country is on there is a reasonable chance there won't be games either.
  3. Racists are going to be pouting for sure. It's just not fair
  4. Nothing will shock me. From not making the team to them winning the Super Bowl with him.
  5. Most places I have been have been quite good. It's completely based on the demographics of the area. Unfortunately there isn't much the restaurant can do. If these people aren't respectful of the law and the establishment then you can bet they are not being careful everywhere else they are the rest of the time. It's best to stay away. This is going to get uglier. I honestly can't fathom that people are this stupid.
  6. After seeing the redneck families and groups going out to eat with zero regard for the current mask requirements I am done eating out. My optimism of a few weeks ago has been destroyed. If only the politics of stupidity only affected the individual. They get what they deserve but the people putting in honest work and effort don't deserve the destructive outcomes.
  7. Maybe people liked Rivera more. That's pretty much how respect works regardless of how good you are.
  8. Percent positive tests are trending up.
  9. Americans have been restricted from entering since the beginning. However, as they ease restrictions Jul 1, travel from the US is still not permitted. There is a specific list of countries that will be granted access. I never should have left Thailand in March. This place is a dump.
  10. Y'all are free to follow him to New England.
  11. He's perfect for the type of passing game displayed.
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