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  1. They are noticing because he had a very good season. That wasnt the case before
  2. When have they hired like this? Who was it and when. I dont recall this being a frequent thing.
  3. Typically the starting QB is very important to the success of the team. It doesnt suck, just the way sports are.
  4. Time to move on. If you needed an explanation.
  5. What's next? Sign Kerry Collins to a 1 day contract?
  6. Which should be a good hint that he was let go for non football reasons.
  7. You couldn't possibly post on the huddle every day for 9 years and not know who Bucky Brooks is.
  8. So you, an alleged fan of the Panthers, are getting whiney because 2 sources like our draft. Is this what we've come to here?
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