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  1. Moo Daeng

    Just think on this a moment...

    Pretty obvious they are in very different stages of sliding. Not saying anything about Reid situation but those are different. The first was clearly initiated before the slide was evident.
  2. You have no idea what he saw based on comments to the media. I promise you that you don't see things he doesn't. Come back to reality.
  3. Until Gettleman was canned and he didn't have to battle stingy Dave
  4. Well, if you don't care if they score 100 on our exhausted defense. Hurry up and get sacked sounds fun
  5. Moo Daeng

    What took so damn long.

    well fug can Norv play DC?
  6. Moo Daeng

    What took so damn long.

    I was thinking the same earlier in that this would be interesting to see how he handles this.
  7. Moo Daeng

    What took so damn long.

    I was agreeing with you. Sorry for not being clear Obviously he can do what he pleases.
  8. Moo Daeng

    What took so damn long.

    follow your own rules.....
  9. Moo Daeng

    What took so damn long.

    kiss of death every time
  10. Moo Daeng

    The Best Panthers Bar In The World

    Its depressing to go out and watch games in the Carolinas so people stay home. It's a bad cycle. I've had more luck interacting with knowledgeable panthers fans in Montana than NC.