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  1. I think they just did't want to invest money in a Center. Teams can't keep everyone. It just seems like Elway exaggerated the health angle when he caught some flack for losing Paradis.
  2. Everything says he's expected to be cleared for camp. Nothing is happening now so there is nothing to report.
  3. Rookie salaries are based on formula that uses the rookie compensation pool and draft position. I can't find anything that mentions position as a factor. This is almost always about guaranteed money distribution.
  4. You should watch the documentary. Blowing leads isnt the QBs issue. It got to where he could not be effective he was efficient and effective the vast majority of the season. Defense couldn't stop late game comebacks. People were demoted, fired, and the whole defense changed up and retooled. It's as obvious as can be
  5. My takeaway is that we don't pay attention. Newton's shoulder issue started much earlier. It was talked about in media, in press conferences, by Rivera. Yet we were certain it was the Steelers game. Also that his shoulder was not the issue with this team.
  6. A wake up call to those who thought they know what goes on with the team.
  7. I'm going to make a hype video of grocery shopping.
  8. Gaulden Little Scarlett Miller Not sure what Thompson has to gain in camp. Hes a starter. Anything he can prove is on the field game days. Samuel has already shown what he is capable of. If he can just stay healthy I suppose it shows something
  9. Camp will give a lot of opportunity to see his arm and in a way where they can test it exactly as they see fit. I sort of doubt he plays that game.
  10. It wasn't a cheap shot. It was going after the QB and the football. https://www.steelers.com/video/highlight-watt-jars-ball-loose-with-big-hit
  11. I was at most of those early games. I never saw fur coats or suits. I saw rednecks, fights, people tumbling down the walkways, cocaine being done in the stands and in the bathrooms. People might not have known not to get loud when on offense but it was a bit wild at times.
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