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  1. Chud was an assistant in Indy and the OC for 4 years after. Then out of coaching and now back in college at BC. He didnt get shafted, or disappear because you didnt know that. He didnt perform at a level worth any attention.
  2. They were 15th in yards and 29th in points. Where are you getting 6?
  3. Gross Matos might be listed 1 but he didn't start last week.
  4. Whether I use my laptop or phone it either ends at the Sept 15 post game podcast of the Sept 11 pre game podcast. Then when I turn off wifi and use mobile data it shows up. Must be some screwy caching on Apple's part.
  5. Too early to know. You can't really criticize Leftwich for working under Arians when Brady was a passing coordinator for a college team and an offensive assistant before that. Both could have great futures. I don't see the need to compare now.
  6. Now the Raiders game review podcast is gone.... now the Raiders game preview is gone... now the above is back....seems different each time I click
  7. The Bucs preview is not listed there. The most recent is Sept 15
  8. I don't see this one listed at he link. I am likely just blind
  9. Billy M is a tough listen. Everything is "fine" and "as expected" and a fantasy stat. ZZZZZZZZZ
  10. I don't know. I think you should find one who ever said we would have a monster DL during the first game without any preseason. My guess is nobody ever said this and you are creating a strawman argument.
  11. You answered the question yourself. Young players developing is not in the same ballpark as tanking. Tanking is choosing to lose. Rebuilding is giving young players experience for the future with the mindset of trying to win. Its not the same. Functioning teams never strive to lose. The confusing part is the tanking crowd now wants to make trades after a single game....lol. So giving up on developing the rookies and giving away draft picks during a rebuild season. Kinda counterproductive to the whole process.
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