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  1. We could have used a 1st on shitty tackles like other teams have. That would be fabulous. Most teams are looking for good lineman and missing too. Everyone loves Matsko but maybe he just isnt good. Evidence suggests that.
  2. I've got no issue or judging his diet. It's his life and body and he can and should opt for healthier diet that can have positive effects on the shoulder inflammation. He can dress and act how he likes, though the emo style hes adopted almost seems like a wall. Not a fan of that but that's his life.
  3. How could you miss it? It was discussed for several minutes on air.
  4. I'm sure he's not happy at all. I hope he's ordering a cut down on all the produced hype media being put out and telling his team to focus on playing football.
  5. Not sure how you watched the game and didnt see him.
  6. He doesn't look hurt .He looks rusty and inaccurate and in a slump.
  7. Sean McVay couldn't make Cam accurate right now.
  8. time for us to get over it as well....this is a Panthers forum during the season
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