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  1. It's been 10 days. Rhule was hired 20 days ago. There are approximately 30 days in a month.
  2. Caldwell had a winning record in Detroit. The best winning percentage for a Lions coach since the 50s. Your definition of sucks sucks
  3. Norwell should have been extended before his last season on UDFA contract. It could have been done at a reasonable rate that he was clearly worth. Parting ways with Norman is one thing. Shitting the draft bed in a panic reaction is another.
  4. It sucks. Though I'll save my outrage for something that matters. Say bootlicker a few more times.
  5. Both starting corners and a safety were below 6'0 this season . One starting safety was 6'0
  6. Just upset they cant sell them to fans from the Northeast and Midwest anymore
  7. No, not in any way since 2017. The years he was there. They were top third in sacks every year. One year the best in this category. They were below average but not the bottom in rush yds per attempt.
  8. Hes trying to figure out what to base his next 3 years of whining on.
  9. We could have been worse without him for sure. I'm hopeful Snow Ives up to Rhules billing and can get a defense together that plays better overall.
  10. I'm going to be optimistic that we can have a defense that doesn't require a HOF level middle linebacker to barely make it work.
  11. Well, we hired an OC who is specifically known for having brought a pro offense to college and an old school defensive coordinator who said we wint win because of scheme but because of toughness. Rhule's calling card is old school defense coupled with power run game, full backs, and TEs.
  12. I'm concerned Rhule doesnt have the connections to get many experienced NFL coaches. This is going a bit slow.
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