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  1. Butler wasnt a need and didnt turn out to be the best. He was just a bad pick. If he had been a quality player and started after his first year then it would have been a good pick regardless of not being an immediate starter. If a guy is depth in year one before being a 10 year starter you have succeeded.
  2. There is a conundrum there. If they need to be a starter chances are it's a position of need. And drafting best player might not mean they are better than who you have there. I dont think self imposed draft mantras are very helpful.
  3. P, PK, LS Other than that it's not worth the energy to be upset
  4. Moo Daeng

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    That was a blatantly bad no call. Any coach would be unhappy. The Saints being a hated rival doesn't mean I want the NFL to have bad officiating.
  5. You might as well lock this as nothing productive will ever come out of it. Just these creepers showing out.
  6. And driven by what people think about football teams. That's disturbing as well.
  7. Addison and Irvin woukd be a good start at OLB https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2010/5/6/1460598/examining-lb-job-responsibilities This does a good job defining what you want your linebackers to provide in two varieties of the 3-4. The other inside linebacker is where we have the gap.
  8. Moo Daeng

    Hybrid defensive fronts.

    Sapp is a hall of fame 4-3 DT who was not a decent 3-4 DE. Fit does matter. In typical huddle fashion things get exaggerated due to being repeated over and over. Poe wasnt as terrible as the echoes will lead you to believe.
  9. Kuechly is the very last player I'm concerned about in the 3-4. No reason he will have any trouble.
  10. Hes got some issues and no problem with me for moving on but any receiver with 800 yards and 8 TDs doesnt completely suck.
  11. Addison would seem logical at OLB. Hes prototypical size for it.
  12. You left off "arguably" which makes the statement true
  13. Moo Daeng

    Kalil Household..

    Getting upset over the past doesn't change anything. What are you trying to get out of this ?
  14. Moo Daeng

    This the best DL class ever

    It wouldn't take much to be on Clowney's level. He's a good player, nothing more. His production is not that hard to match.