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  1. SingleMalt

    I have questions

    Pie for your passion
  2. SingleMalt

    Players only meeting has happened

    any players only meeting should include jugs guns and tackling dummies
  3. stupid thread, post.......really stretching it now arent we
  4. The coaching staffs gift for today is......I'm not Tepper they would not be on the plane if I was.
  5. youre so full of sh!t......leave your politics at home
  6. SingleMalt

    5 minutes left, down 38 points....

    Im proud of the starters taking an ass whopping and still fighting guess you never played
  7. SingleMalt

    DJ vs Suggs

    somebody had to be standing there..... great design
  8. dont need the best.......just consistent and disciplined.
  9. Brees, Cam havent beaten any of these teams by themselves........useless stat
  10. Thomas got some work too do on his route running
  11. SingleMalt

    North Korea Summit

    Trump will win in the end........ and it wont require bags of money like it has in the past.
  12. SingleMalt

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    How come Mueller didnt ask the question everyone want the answer to..... What were you thinking while the ho's was pissing on the bed ??