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  1. I am also getting the feeling this is our statement game for 2018. Less like the Thanksgiving Dallas game, and more like the game in Seattle from 2015. Most people have us losing this one, but I think we dominate at Heinz tomorrow. Panthers - 35 Steelers - 21
  2. Calling it now: Fitztragic makes an appearance
  3. Isaac

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    Not in the First half with an Un-concussed Kuechly. After he went down, Wentz prison raped us. So maybe Kuechly will be ready for Vengeance? A homer can hope
  4. I think we will get up big by Third quarter 24 - 10, but 4th quarter Ron settles in and we allow the game to end at 27-20, with garbage time Odell TD on Giants last drive, which pads his stats so people continue to question Panthers CBs.
  5. I had a friend in Physical Therapy who did a research paper on this, and he found an obvious correlation between Turf fields and ACL/Meniscus tears and injuries. Its been a while, so I can't exactly remember why it causes them according to his research. Had something to do with how the turf rebounds energy opposed to grass and earth absorbing it.
  6. How is Eric Reid void of class? Please explain, troll
  7. Is Bull a Russian Trump Bot?
  8. Isaac

    What Bengals fans are saying

    We usually lose in Atlanta. For past three years now, we struggle defensively against NO and ATL. Other than them, our defense usually controls the game. We held plenty of opponents to low scores last year, and we held Dallas to 1 score this year. AJ is scary, yes, but I think the defense might surprise this week.
  9. With Shula Exodus, I would love to finally see something beside a failed run play up the gut for the first play of the season, but I am sure it will be something similar. A pass, even for 7 or 8 yards, to start the season would be great.
  10. Isaac

    Midfield Logo promo video

    Lombardi in Charlotte confirmed
  11. This is huge. Gives us room to sign a vet out of the cuts, possibly a o lineman or safety?
  12. Isaac

    Skip Bayless at it again

    Well fug. We now have the Skip Bayless curse. Every team he pulls for loses.