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  1. Well we do have about 9274761 free agents after this season so we can really go many different positions. This is depressing we are even talking about it being that we are two games in.
  2. I get it but it is the starting QB. I just don’t understand celebrating an injury to Brees. It’s not like we are competing in the championship game/super bowl if you cannot beat a team like them with Brees.
  3. We should not be happy about an injury. It’s classless, and again if you cannot beat a team at full strength you are not a Super Bowl contending team.
  4. It does not matter what head coach or coordinator you bring in, you aren’t winning games if Cam does not “run anymore” or is not “able to throw the deep ball to save his life”. It is so easy for a good team to stop you like this. Cam does not have the quickest release and you cannot be one dimensional on offense. The Falcons game last night is a good example of how you can beat a team when they are game planning against the run and short/middle of the field passes.
  5. You hate to see anyone get hurt, but this could make a big impact on the division. The injury bug has hit the Saints and Falcons hard. https://saintsreport.com/threads/drew-brees-statement-regarding-his-hand.414133/
  6. Great.....another Cam being ruined by management thread.
  7. I actually hope the Bills do well being that they are in the AFC.
  8. What an accomplishment. We aren’t as bad as the dolphins but have the same record. It sucks.
  9. We all know how improved a team becomes when they get rid of Kelvin Benjamin.
  10. As I am bored out of my mind watching teams other than my amazing Panthers, I came across the last video cam put out (although it is over a month old), and it was Interesting re watching his comments on his health while going into training camp this year and to start the season (He mentioned the challenges physically, as well as the mental side being depressed at the end of last season). I still love Cam and hope everything turns around this season, but we will all have to wait and see. You never know the mental challenges athletes go through along with the physical. It is worth the 10 minutes.
  11. I’ll watch the divisional games. I’m never giving up until we are mathematically eliminated.....then the depression will really kick in.
  12. Fantasy football, and continue to watch the panthers. It’s not over until we are eliminated from the playoffs, and we have many games to play before that happens.
  13. Walmart must be sold out of tissues after Thursday. I wonder if some of you are even fans, jumping right into making fun of Cam. I have seen enough of that throughout his entire career......none of you are original.
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