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  1. We will absolutely sign another safety before training camp but yet again I ask why the hate for Gaulden? He had a red shirt year as a third round pick. You all act like he blew a game that cost us the playoffs. Do you not think the young man has the ability to Improve on his rookie season while learning a new position? Did he fug your wife? It will be a great thing if he steps up and improves enough to become a starter.
  2. Rookie camp for sure. Cam will show kickball on his YouTube vids
  3. I love how Pep came back and really put everything into the team on and off the field.
  4. Awesome for the team and Pep. Hopefully they send Burns to visit his office soon for tips. Tepper continues to make great moves for our team.
  5. 80 tackles and 3.5 sacks all while not starting other than the first 4 games, and playing a huge amount of time in a role that captain couldn’t hold down. He is so athletic we used him in the large buffalo role, but he was above average when getting the chance to start. That’s why they had to let TD go.
  6. You made a statement that he is not working on his footwork and implied that he is more interested in looking chiseled. Thats dumb. If you don’t think that Cam Newton has been working on his game this offseason like he does every offseason, I can’t help you dude. Cam is one of the hardest working qbs in the league. Is he a perfect QB? No, almost everyone has areas where they can improve, but to imply that he chooses to not work on mechanics....that’s laughable.
  7. I agree Bradberry, but I feel like many are down on Shaq when he has been above average and could bring a huge contract after this year. He just turned 25 a few days ago, and when he has been allowed to play just linebacker (not nickel) without TD he has played very well. This was from Rivera after Shaq had 13 tackles against the win against the Ravens this year:
  8. It will be interesting to see what happens if Shaq plays lights out now that TD is gone and he does not have to play in the Buffalo package. I really think that put him in a bad position most of last year. Both could cost a lot this offseason if they have a big year.
  9. Both are in the final year under contract. If you had to choose one to sign to a long term deal which one would you pick? On one hand Shaq has been above average, and has an excellent opportunity to shine beside Luke now that TD is gone. He brings a ton of speed to our LB group, and he seems to do well when he is not forced to play big buffalo packages all the time. Without him, our linebacker situation is rough. James B has also been above average even when ask to cover the teams best receiver week in and week out. Without him our CB situation is also rough. What would you do if you were Hurney 2.0?
  10. Me too. I almost wasted a lot of money on it and changed my mind last minute.
  11. Exactly. This was a big deal for Tepper, going away from Richardson’s old views on allowing events at the stadium
  12. Check out the comments. People are flipping out and trying to get it trending. It is a total mess https://www.facebook.com/events/2005501223087105/?ti=ia
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