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  1. Huge upgrade over Allen and already knows the majority of the offense. We have many young fast weapons, and we are one Guard away from having an extremely respectable offense. Plus anyone with half a brain realizes that we signed him to a really decent contract to the team, that we can easily move on if things don’t work out. Really nothing that you can hate about this signing if you believe we could be in the running to compete a year from now. Our defense is a year away from being competitive at a minimum, so if he performs like a starting QB with the weapons we have, we could compete next year easily with one more offseason to infuse draft picks and vets through FA. Building that defense and our system being in place a full season will do wonders for our team.
  2. I think they wait one year minimum to decide on drafting a QB. We have so many other needs, and I believe they wait to see what Teddy/PJ/Grier can do for us before making that decision. With one guard we will have a very solid offense, and if TB performs well, we could compete next season after two full off seasons to rebuild our defense.
  3. I’d rather them just eat it all now with the rest of our massive dead cap
  4. I’m holding judgements on Teddy. I expect a much more solid offense next year with a young innovative coach, and a QB in Teddy who won’t turn the ball over (which is what killed us at the end of last season on offense, Allen’s fumbles and INTs made my mind explode.). He has also proven that he can effectively operate and win with the offense we are setting up. We have a lot more skilled position players than last year, and we are one guard away from having a solid line. Next season I think we will see the offense grow, hopefully see playmakers emerge from our group other than CMC, and if things don’t work out, we are not in cap hell because of the contract. The defense is a year away, but if we just get solid QB play and he doesn’t turn the ball over like Allen, I think we can compete on offense.
  5. Super Bowl year, playoffs against the Seahawks. When Luke picked it off and ran it back for a TD, the stadium exploded.
  6. The two biggest holes on the team currently is by far CB and DT. Not only do we not have depth, but we only have one starter period at both positions, one being over 30 coming off a season on IR, and the other still developing who was benched at the end of last season. I know the draft is coming up soon, but we must sign a free agent at both positions. With that being said who do you want, and who do you see as the most realistic target? Personally, I would love to have Cockrell back. Not only is he good depth for us, but also able to play safety if needed. See the top available free agents below:
  7. Kinlaw is an athletic freak who definitely needs developing, Brown was absolutely dominate throughout the season and showed a lot more on tape but didn’t put up as good combine numbers. I have no doubt Brown is a better prospect, but I wouldn’t be upset if we traded back to get extra picks and end up with Kinlaw. At #7 I would be thrilled with Brown, Okudah, or Simmons. One of the three should be available.
  8. If we trade back I would love Kinlaw. If we stay at #7 and we pick Kinlaw over Brown I will be furious...but I’m just a sucker fan so it really doesn’t matter.
  9. I don’t think anyone takes Kinlaw over Brown. Huge difference in production and impact when you watch the games. I remember the year experts were debating if we should pick Cam or Blaine Gabbert (with multiple picking Gabbert as the safer bet). No one can deny Kinlaw is an athletic freak at the position, but the tape does not lie. Kinlaw would be a perfect selection if we traded back.
  10. Okudah would be a great pick and I would be thrilled if we got him as well, but make no mistake about it Brown is not just a run stuffing DT. He is an elite DT which is at the same value to me as an elite CB (who actually have the highest bust rate of 1st round picks), he blows up plays constantly including passing plays, and fills our number one need on the team (how many time did you cringe last year watching backup running backs break 20 yard gains on us)
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