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  1. I forgot about that also. He was a man who could not be stopped today. Dude is only 23 and is still working on bulking up.
  2. 148 total yards for Moore 3 sacks for Burns which could have been 5
  3. I expected this team to win 3 games all year with the talent we have. Quit overreacting. We get another offseason to add pieces and for the rookies to grow and we will be fine. I don’t even have the energy to post yet again all the things working against his team that happened last offseason.
  4. Whitehead on that play was cringeworthy. He didn’t notice where Jones was at until he was 5 yards behind him.
  5. Do you see him back next season? I wouldn’t think so if I was our coach. I can’t remember any DE in recent memory wanting to go on IR with this many games to go because of a finger injury. The only reason I would accept this as a coach is if it’s a firework accident like JPP.
  6. Damn...my bad. They referenced it as live on tv as current and I didn’t read fully for that snap shot
  7. Mail in voting counts are coming in much later. Vegas odds show Biden with a 61 percent chance to win the 270
  8. Both sides get paid huge now. I’m sure switching to LT is the last thing in his mind. He’s getting mega money this offseason if it’s from us or another team (it better be from us)
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