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  1. The guy still has two void years on that terrible contract which makes it even worse. Thank god we have a cap expert in the building now.
  2. They paid a 2nd for Sanu half a season. That’s a steal for a 4th lol
  3. Hell no. Shaq should be moved to mlb at this point and give the joker role to chin who never leaves the field. He can play olb, move to safety in three safety looks and cover the slot WR if need be. Whitehead should be depth only.
  4. Risers: Brown looked great while being double teamed all game Burns Anderson Chinn The panthers have another RB capable of running the ball Swole leg Slye Fallers: Whitehead (terrible) Boston Our inner O line
  5. He was double teamed all game and got good pressure without KK (what other DT’s do we even have on the team btw). The one play that unfortunately was a flag against us he literally threw the guard into Brady, which was a very bad looking incompletion because of that pressure
  6. The fact that Brown was double teamed all game and still got a ton of pressure was fantastic to see.
  7. That second pick was a little behind but Moore didn’t make the CB open his hips and was falling on the catch. He needs to step it up and fight for the football and work on his route
  8. They are dominating the line this second half. Brown is taking on double teams and still pushing on Tom every pass. They are going to keep getting better over the next 3 years together.
  9. Meanwhile Burns and brown just blew up the line multiple times. These are the young players that you let play, develop, then build your team around when the rookie contract is up. Burns just started the second game of his second season. He will add another 10 pound of muscle by next season.
  10. Brown will get the penalties cleaned up. He is destroying the G right now
  11. Moore has to step up this year and prove that he can be that guy.
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