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  1. The info and link below has a great article from Panthers.com with good video breakdown of Jermaine Carter, on his potential, and how he ended his rookie year on a high note. He could potentially take Shaq’s old spot being that Shaq will start with TD our of the picture. If Carter becomes a solid player, Marty Hurney officially had an outstanding draft last year (feelings aside). I can’t wait to see how Carter does next year. “Carter was a tackling machine at the University of Maryland, leading the Terrapins in tackles for three consecutive seasons. It appears the Panthers got a steal in the draft when they selected him in the fifth round.” “He’s a three-down player. You don’t have to take him off the field,” Russ said. “His play speed stands out to me, and he has very, very good natural instincts and a very high football IQ.” “He can retain information. He can pick up information. And he also can take that to the football field. Sometimes with rookies there’s a disconnect at some point in that supply chain, but he connects the dots very well and he works hard at it.” Russ also likes Carter’s toughness and physicality, and both noted that he has some pass-rush ability that he didn’t get the chance to show as a rookie. At Maryland, Carter recorded 9.5 sacks. As for the physical part of the equation, the self-described “football junkie” has decided to hang around Charlotte for his winter workouts. https://www.panthers.com/news/can-jermaine-carter-seize-the-opportunity
  2. Very true. We are in a good position this year with the two third round draft picks that we have to get four solid players....we are going to need every one to step up with as many holes as we have to fill.
  3. WarPanthers89

    A bunch of dicks (Panthers related)

    The quality of threads posted over the last week are incredible. It is going to be a long offseason.
  4. WarPanthers89

    Colts fire O-Line coach

    The players? Yes but Matsko? Absolutely not. Having a revolving door at tackle and still having the most rushing yards per attempt and 6th best for sacks is a product of his good coaching. We do not need a new O line coach. Tepper was just bragging about him yesterday and was the only assistant on the team who he praised.
  5. You continue to say Cam isn’t hurt, and that the owner of the team, coaches, Cam himself, players on the team, players on other teams are all making up a lie about it........you have to get some help.
  6. How long have you been addicted to shrooms?
  8. WarPanthers89

    Bill Voth calls fake news on David Newton

    He can just choose to not do interviews because a dope reporter will take his words out of context and get headline news. It’s a shame because he really opened up and gave a ton of interesting information on his plans for upgrades for the team, his thoughts on the season, players, coaches, etc. His interview today was 10x what we have received from Jerry Richardson over the last decade. Anyone remember how many interviews good ole JR did over the last few years????
  9. Yeah Cam, Rivera, Tepper, teams we play, reporters all got together and decided to lie about Cams shoulder issues and how it got progressively worse throughout the year. They even benched Cam the last two games because they didn’t want him to be embarrassed being that he wasn’t playing well, being that his shoulder was messed up. Seems legit.
  10. WarPanthers89

    Bill Voth calls fake news on David Newton

    I don’t know about that, you would have to show me examples but he is absolutely right for calling out David Newton for this
  11. WarPanthers89

    Bill Voth calls fake news on David Newton

    Lol the fight continues......
  12. WarPanthers89

    Bill Voth calls fake news on David Newton

    Sad and true, but it ruins his credibility when he gets called out.