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  1. Who could he be talking about? I would assume it is Samuel. It’s pathetic that we have CMC getting so much attention and no one else can win one on one matchups to take advantage.
  2. I have no doubt he will get a job after us. I can see him ending up like John Fox did, but he’s not taking us to a championship. It is time to move on and get a fresh start.
  3. It’s insane that he covered Jones as well as he did today(Luke is the man), but he should have never ben in that position. The fact that it happened before is one key reasons why the Falcons and Saints have owned us the last 4 seasons.
  4. His time is over. Good coach, but we need a change. Today was unacceptable against a division rival who has won two games all year.
  5. LOL!! Rivera has got to go. The division has figured him out a while ago. From Person with the Athletic:
  6. Why is it so hard for some people to admit that he is a good backup?
  7. Prediction: We win but make the falcons third string RB look like CMC. Mick Mixon gets rated below 50 by PFF for his announcing performance for the 10th straight game this season.
  8. This is with Washington being able to step back and focus on the D line....oof
  9. Mick Mixon is supporting his family and paying taxes. I respect that part of him.
  10. I disagree. He has made more of an impact than what shows up in stats by calling out plays and making it easier on his teammates. Speaking of stats, with terrible coaching and missed assignments across the defense, he still has 2 interceptions and is sixth in total tackles (the 5 above him have all played an extra game). We are just disappointed because the defense as a whole started to suck and teams can exploit so many areas while planning to attack areas away from Luke.
  11. Even with terrible coaching he is 6th in the NFL in tackles. The 5 above him have played one more game than he has.
  12. Luke has made great plays this year and has been called out multiple weeks for diagnosing plays which kept us in games. Team game plan around him, and our overall defensive performance had been a joke with the amount of talent that we have across the board. Washington as been demoted from calling plays and our run D has gotten much worse. We need a coaching change.
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