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  1. CMC puts them to shame. No way he gets shutdown like that. He would kill them with his versatility
  2. Mikey818

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    Cmc likely would have led the nfl in scrimmage yards if he played the final game but only picked as second alternate lol This behind weak o line unlike zeke gurley and Kamara
  3. Just read that Kamara was replacing gurley lol Si cmc stays home?
  4. Gurley is overrated Rams line was opening huge holes all year. He averaged 3 ypc two years ago
  5. Rams have an elite offensive line Cmc would run wild behind that line. Gurley sucked two years ago before that line got better
  6. Mikey818

    Luke, CMC make all-pro

    Agreed cause cam couldn’t get him the ball deep due to his issue
  7. A generational player maybe best back in nfl very soon
  8. It used to be that people thought African Americans couldn’t play qb or mlb but that’s changed so I think the idea that whites can’t play rb or corner should change also
  9. Yes Christian himself was a top CB in high school running 4.4 with hops. He and many other white guys could play Corner in college and nfl but don’t get the opportunity. Many top white athletes from high school never get a college offer due to skin color. Most recruiting agencies like rivals won’t consider a white corner or rb.
  10. Well I think he was fifth in voting behind gurley Saquon Elliot and Kamara. But he has more scrimmage yards than 4 of those guys, the best rush avg, and by far the most receiving catch’s and yards. So just like his heisman snub he was snubbed lol
  11. How did gurley do in his second year behind a weak line? 3.2 per carry lol
  12. How many rb can catch 100% of 106 catchable balls while getting over 1000 rushing at 5 ypc behind a bad line?
  13. Cmc played better than gurley Check the number of runs over 20 yards. Cmc has many more than gurley all behind a much worse off line than rams
  14. So cap would have the stats if he got the same targets and carries? Are you some kinda clown?
  15. Cmc is just as good as those backs