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  1. Well nfl linebackers are much faster than the Iowa st opponents. With his lack of speed he shouldn’t go higher than the fourth round
  2. Yes I watched many Stanford games when cmc and Live we’re together and I can tell you that if u added his speed to cmc Moore and Samuel then you would drive defenses crazy. Love set youth world records for the sprints. He ran a 10.7 100 meters at the age of 14.
  3. Bryce Love would be that when he’s healthy Fastest back by far in draft
  4. Similar to cap but Bryce love would be an added speed dimension when added to cmc Samuel and our other wideouts The defenses wouldn’t be able to handle all that speed
  5. If we could land Bryce Love in the 4th round it could be an absolute steal! He backed up cmc for 2 years at Stanford and would be the fastest back in the nfl if he recovers well from his acl injury
  6. An example of his lack of knowledge when he suggested that Carolina was a perfect landing spot for Laveon Bell while Max correctly pointed out that we already had cmc.
  7. Stephen A is an idiotic blowhard who knows nothing about football and any other sport except basketball
  8. I’m in Phoenix and yes Keim is bad. If they pick a 5 10 qb after taking Rosen the whole staff sb canned Wasn’t flutie too small at 5 10??
  9. Jonathan Stewart called cmc and Barkley the 2 best backs in football
  10. CMC puts them to shame. No way he gets shutdown like that. He would kill them with his versatility
  11. Cmc likely would have led the nfl in scrimmage yards if he played the final game but only picked as second alternate lol This behind weak o line unlike zeke gurley and Kamara
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