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  1. Mikey818

    Sunday Games Thread

    Ballage outruns vikings corners He ran against cmc in Colorado sprint championships Both guys went under 11 seconds in 100 meters
  2. Mikey818


    Is cam really our best player on offense or is it 22?
  3. Mikey818

    Panthers vs aints

    If you just look at the numbers for each team we are close to them in yardage differential. In fact our yardage differential is much better than 2017 even tho our record is worse. We are doing great in rushing and have almost 400 total more yards than our opponents and average 5.2 per rush much better than Aints. The main difference this year is we are losing all the close games. Last year we won the close games
  4. Mikey818

    Panthers vs aints

    If our qb doesn’t throw a pick it will be close
  5. Mikey818

    Saturday Games Thread...

    Who would you rather have? Baker or cam?
  6. Mikey818

    Panthers vs aints

    Projects to 1140 rushing 106 catches for 863 and 2003 scrimmage yards Much better than gurley and Elliot in their second year and Fournette of course .
  7. Mikey818

    Panthers vs aints

    He just has to use cmc Dj and Curtis and play smart
  8. Mikey818

    Saturday Games Thread...

    Haven’t seen Cam throw a ball that far in a couple years Don’t think he can
  9. Luke deserves one more than Cam Hes the best at his position Cam isn’t
  10. I feel sorry for cmc. He is playing lights out but the rest of the team isn’t. Imagine having a rb with over 1000 rushing over 100 catches a 5.2 avg and near 1000” receiving yet we get a losing record ?
  11. Mikey818


    We’ve had two big issues this year A poor defense and a qb with a weak shoulder who has struggled at crunch time.
  12. Cam should try to earn his huge paycheck instead of throwing picks and singing karaoke It’s do or die time
  13. Mikey818

    The real reason why we are a bad team

    Cam is still living off his mvp season also He’s certainly not an mvp this year having missed key throws at the end of games consistently ie redskins game lions game bucs game browns game etc