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  1. welcome to my personal hell baby! remember when you realize what you've done, that you decided to walk in the door
  2. i haven't been reading articles. there are multiple informed posters who have been talking about it in a few threads over the last week or so - so i'm assuming its correct.
  3. so last night i heard aikman say that jacksonville has instituted a policy that the best player plays despite where they were drafted. aikman went on to talk about how lower round draft picks get set up for failure on purpose, or thru the team actively trying to make their upper picks succeed. wtf? they had to institute a policy? i can't get my head around how normal it is for teams/gm's/coaches so actively trying to pat themselves on the back trying to make their picks succeed rather than playing the best players.
  4. no it doesn't. herbert was gone when we picked. it says nothing at all about that. coach wanted to trade down. hurney wanted brown. its the opposite of what you got out of it
  5. hmmm, if it takes little and brown busting to get rid of marty would i be ok with that?
  6. our 1-15 team never mailed it in. coach has already done 2 rebuilds. we're gonna be fine. it would be different if rhule was on the hot seat i agree, but that's just not the situation we're in. the players know if they mail it in there's a good chance they're gone from the league
  7. have you gone to ride kanuga? i haven't been yet but i hear its super super fun. there's a onewheel (not a unicycle) race there coming up i'll probably be at. i think its $30/day to ride the park or $50/mo.
  8. i mean there could be something better to indicate the post was hilarious, but i def like giving folks something who make me for real laugh to let them know it was appreciated
  9. yeah but have you seen how davis runs? he does that thing with his feet and legs where they're like alternating in motion propelling him in a direction. i mean its crazy. and he has shoes on too. god this joke started off bad and then just died half way thru.
  10. i couldn't agree more. i like how davis runs too.
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