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  1. if cam can't make it through the season behind this line we're gonna need a qb who can get the ball out in 2.8 seconds or they're not gonna last either - just like last year.
  2. to be fair i think the reason there is drama there is because of our o-line and cam coming off a scope. unlike the past it appears we have some areas shored up, and are left with a single issue that could completely derail the season - not multiple issues that will keep us from going far in the playoffs.
  3. not sure if cam going down will save rivera at this point or not. he's gonna need some sort of excuse again to keep his job. addressing it at this point has probably more to do with what ron and marty decide gives them the best chance to be back next year - if cam gets hurt. and if cam gets hurt, like last year, those boys won't last a game before they go down too.
  4. i don't understand how its so difficult for some of y'all to understand fanatics gonna fanatic. its what we do. you act surprised and start clutching pearls every time it happens. oh lord let me get to my fainting couch
  5. if tepper didn't fire them last year why would he fire them this year? he has to know ron's inability to sit cam in meaningless games shortened his career. he's not stupid i don't think.
  6. well donald may not be a murderer, but i have no reason to believe he's not the terminator. and yeah, big bad aaron donald. pretty sure he scares the crap outta norv. he can wreck everything. gonna be a lot of 1 and 2 receiver routes and that's it. we can't just go 4 or 5 wide to spread them out and risk cam for the year. we're going to have to completely gameplan around donald. we haven't lost yet, but with paradis in his 1st year with us this is a daunting task. and win, lose, or draw, if we try and spread them out it very well could cost us the year. i think there are some pretty high stakes in this game for us. bellicheat just gave them a blueprint.
  7. raz

    Gov Cooper

    but not by john. i'm not arguing anything other than no one who wrote a word of the bible ever met jesus. that's an indisputable fact. now whether jesus existed or not, or if there is a god or not, is another question. there are also multiple historical references to alexander the great. there are no roman or hebrew records of jesus. there aren't any historical references to jesus at all, anywhere but in the bible. it was such a problem for the church they had his name forged into some roman records from the time and have been caught, and the forgeries (3) proven. i'm not a christian, but was raised catholic. yes jesus said to leave the church to his brother james, an ascetic, and paul took it. that's the story anyway - not that i believe any of it.
  8. bellichek just gave the rams their gameplan, and they have the personnel to pull it off. i know cam needs to play if he can, but damn
  9. the only thing they suffered was having to be on the field a few more plays during a meaningless preseason drive. and it looks like they need the practice anyway
  10. raz

    Gov Cooper

    yo man, paul never met jesus. he had a 'vision' and stole the church. NO ONE WHO WROTE A WORD OF THE BIBLE EVER MET JESUS. NOT 1 PERSON. LOOK IT UP
  11. raz

    Gov Cooper

    hey, hey with the satanist stuff bro. not cool. satanists believe in neither god nor the devil and are humanitarians. christians are the ones supporting concentration camps, cruelty to the poor, treating immigrants with disdain and cruelty, who want unwanted children in the world but won't help them..... its not the atheist satanists doing it
  12. please please please no more pictures of your tv old man
  13. i didn't know that. that is hilarious. i do have to admit i would really think it was awesome if i had a girlfriend give me a blowjob cake.
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