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  1. this has made me believe in time travel, and men giving birth, or something. that has to be their child
  2. he needs to be the star of the next superman movie
  3. looking at the new cba sticking points makes it seem like the OL situation is only going to get worse too
  4. the question is who the fug would want cam on a rebuilding team with a new coach and new o coordinator running a verbose offense. a guy that has a hard time getting the plays called and getting to the line of scrimmage doesn't really fit. who wants a qb that is probably good for 7-8 wins while playing with a bunch of guys doing on the job training while we take a couple years trying to get better draft picks than that? cam makes 0 sense for this team, and this team makes 0 sense for cam
  5. you know that mole has gained sentience and warns drew of incoming rushers.
  6. tepper doesn't care about the seats being filled this year. nfl is revenue sharing. he has a vision. his vision is to build a consistent winner. this may take 3-5 years. why is this his vision, and why doesn't he share the vision to try and make a run with cam for a couple years - like a few of you? i'll tell you. he wants a new stadium/complex/mini city with lots of businesses. all those businesses at the new stadium, that will be filled with shoppers, diners, drinkers... take 1 guess what he doesn't have to do with the money he makes off of it? he doesn't have to share the revenue with the nfl or the players. this is a move right out of kraft's playbook. wake up. he doesn't give a crap about cam's legacy or cobbling a team together so cam's narrative won't be what it is becoming. he cares about building a winner and making money long term. guess who won't give a crap about what happens with cam in carolina if he succeeds in 5 years? all of us won't give a crap.
  7. i like him. jesus definitely touched him on the head once
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