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  1. the whataboutism started so fast i felt like i was being bombarded with facebook talking points. it was a married couple and they started saying the exact same things immediately. are there FB talking points? it really seemed scripted
  2. the part that's hard for me to understand is i have some well meaning friends and they know what FB is. they know its a data collection device also designed to alter brain chemistry, ends up making people depressed... and when i ask why they are still on it - the whataboutism starts. well whatabout walmart? are you still going to walmart? and i start realizing that their identity is tied up in FB and asking them why felt like an attack on how they sustain their identity - so it seems like its not only about a self image projected to the world, but an internal self image also. its really strange.
  3. who is y'all? and who is mad cam found a new home? i haven't seen one person say that. i've seen people say they wish it wasn't the patriots because they cheated in 'the '03 superbowl against us. i've seen a lot of people jumping up and down like him going to NE personally validates them. he signed a 1 year $1.05 million contract that could pay as much as 6.45 million with incentives and roster bonuses. that's pitiful money for an nfl qb. its pitiful. i don't get how that would make anyone feel validated. the league doesn't value him like you do. i hope he turns it around and kills it. i hope he fits in in NE. i'm glad he's not here anymore. oh, and boston is super racist. you'll have lots of fun with their fans. i don't get why you think anyone who is glad he's gone is a racist.
  4. i mean if you think fans here are racist you're going to be shocked when/if you enter the pats fandom.
  5. i've never seen one person that actually is a badass act like that.
  6. i mean the 'commitment' video was about just that wasn't it? he's great in the community, he's a good qb, he's made a lot of mistakes with social media as far as his career goes, and he's still acting like a giant toddler. its going to be interesting to see how he and new england adapt to each other, to see if bill and the culture there can get thru to him, or if they give him the same leeway we did, or if there's some kind of merging. i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make it out of camp and i wouldn't be surprised if they win the sb with him. its gonna be interesting to see though.
  7. i've got 5-10 years in me to find out what kind of owner he is. i have 0 indicators at this point either way.
  8. i think you should get a vacation for this, maybe permanent
  9. disparaging teddy, who had nothing to do with any of this, was lame. teddy is an innocent bystander in all of this. besides that whatever motivation he can get out anything, good for him. hope it works out in NE for him.
  10. raz


    rivera: we've always been at war with east asia
  11. fogging and realizing my glasses are now at the very end of my nose bump on the mask - like the old librarian looking down their nose at you. i'm hoping they don't just slip off at the store and my next step costs me $400
  12. no it hasn't been established. i don't remember that dude talking about himself in 3rd person before either. that was one weird rant. actually a little concerned
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