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  1. it doesn't matter. daley and little both suck (at this point).
  2. the nfl absolutely destroyed the evidence last time and wouldn't let us know how widespread it was. why wouldn't they just do it again? specially now that they're partnered with gambling. this throws all kinds of new wrenches into the sports betting arena and i'm guessing it'll be minimized as a mistake and one off. is it possible to sue over financial losses that happened legally when one team is found out to have been cheating?
  3. you're just pushing a narrative. you actually have no way of knowing what the dr said. you weren't there. you know the message the team put out.
  4. i now understand how my anger at cam for hiding his injury got me lumped in with these nuts. good gravy
  5. you have no idea what dr anderson said. i have his # because he did surgery on me. guess what he won't tell me - the advice he gave cam. the team can put out anything they want to and doc can't say a word about it.
  6. and g'man is probably fired after the season along with his guy shurmer, that's the word anyway. we'll see
  7. also you can say marty hurney is the greatest talent evaluater in the history of the universe. any talent, not just football.
  8. jfc bellicheat will do anything to win. he doesn't care if you're a 1 win team or a playoff team. they need to get the death penalty (football, not life) for this. the tapes don't need to be destroyed this time like last time. the nfl covered up how bad it was last time
  9. i'm not trying to slight olsen. he was awesome. he did completely align himself with rivera. if rivera would have been a better coach with better assistants it would have been beautiful. i'm not saying its the wrong thing to do, because that's what you need. you need players to be extensions of the coach. problem is when the coach isn't a really good coach. if ron's shortcomings were obvious to us - i gotta believe they were obvious to the team too. so now you've got greg carrying water for a guy who routinely got outcoached. i'm guessing his extension after all the injury issues had a lot to do with him being a rivera guy, and not his ability to play anymore. he was a ron favorite, he took that role on too. i think the writing has been on the wall. who is gonna follow the boss's guys when everyone knows the boss is on his way out? foxy had his guys too.
  10. not olsen. he's one of ron's fav's. nobody is listening to a guy the org overpaid and maybe shouldn't even have been on the field the last few years. he's been an extension of the bad coaching and poor assistants. not luke, not cam. i don't think we have any actual leaders. poor leadership has flowed from the top down.
  11. i was listening to one of the radio talk shows and there were 2 men on top of a building near where the cowboys practice filming the week before that game. they haven't stopped. i hope this screws mcd out of a coaching job
  12. no one knows if any specialist advised against surgery or not. you only know what you were told the dr said. how many times do i have to explain this. the dr can not refute or confirm what was said publicly.
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