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  1. somebody grab my pearls, gasp, i just have never
  2. i love the clickbait titles of the videos. greg never said anything about being worried about cams future or that the team should stick with allen. we sure could use his diplomacy skills to mod some of our discussions
  3. just wait til he finds one with horse teeth.
  4. 6 first rounders, 4 firsts if they also ban elway from the league
  5. i think its actually rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock
  6. thanks for posting that man. what a great thing to watch with coffee
  7. i mean cam would really whoop kyle in a tug of war. i can't really see any scenario, except putting cam on ice and giving kyle good footing, where kyle could beat cam in this situation. cam is just so big. i don't think its a fair way to settle anything. maybe beer pong, or rock, paper, scissors, spock.
  8. so you take a little dirt, and you mix it up with water and you've got mud. see that guy over there, he's got mud all over him. - john madden
  9. am i confused? i think you've thrown that word out quite a bit. you also referenced it in your last post insinuating i have other issues with cam if i agree cam is or has been dealing with any mental issues thru this. and in many posts you use it or insinuate it like a reverse dog whistle. if i have you confused with someone i apologize. i don't feel like looking thru your posts. i'm gonna make some chili instead. but i'm pretty positive you're one of the guys or gals throwing out the word racist and making racist references. life f-150 crew or any number of other ones.
  10. screw that dude person. he'd try to make a tug of war happen.
  11. i can certainly tell you that throwing that word around haphazardly because someone doesn't agree with you is stupid. it lessens both its meaning and power. and yeah i think extended periods of pain lead to depression. i've lived it. i've seen it. andrew luck spelled it out pretty succinctly. that's not racist. that's a real life issue that cuts across all boundaries. if you've never experienced it i really hope you never have to. and its also not an opinion. that cam has had to deal with some depression from pain and injury is an opinion, and i would guess its correct, having lived it. i'm not staking my life or anything on being correct about that opinion, just that its likely. i can only hope he is out of pain and able to throw pain free from here on out whether its in carolina or somewhere else.
  12. yeah but none of y'all are taking into consideration that cam had torrey smith to start the season. cam would have been nothing without the 5 million dollar man making those 2 important catches over 6 games. nuttin i tell ya. the real reason the season went downhill was benching torrey. do y'all even football man. i've forgotten more about torrey smith that any of y'all even remember.
  13. the worst to me are the guys who did their best to be fiscally responsible and got real bad advice on financial advisers who robbed them blind. this is the saddest frikkin thing and a few years in a federal pen is no where near justice. i would support the death penalty in these cases, but you know how it is with white collar crime. go to the pen, get better at it
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