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  1. study some biology so you can understand how veganism is disastrous to the planet at this point in history
  2. man sterling said cam needs to improve. he's obviously racist
  3. ewww. slut shaming? really, in 2019? its a thing mostly propagated by women. its also stupid. consenting adults get to do what they want. thieves? yes they were thieves.
  4. you guys using 'thot' sound so cool and edgy
  5. i saw a documentary that said fentanyl was supposed to be a breakthrough cancer pain drug that 1400 people in the country - only - would qualify for at any given time. so there's 1400 people living in the US in that specific type of pain on any given day. day before release stocks went up 3000%. things that make you go hmmmmmmm. the pharmaceutical company was given access to people in the hospitals records and called those patients to recommend fentanyl for their pain, like they were working with the dr. and when you say 'we' created this problem, no we didn't. the govt did. one of its branches with 3 letters has been flooding this country with drugs since at least the early 60's, and probably longer if i felt like looking up info.
  6. ok. i'm officially old. i would call that the 'gay george of the jungle' look.
  7. have y'all tried rubbing some dirt on it?
  8. i'm getting hyped to. why not. there's plenty of time to get out the pitchforks later. '03 tempered my levels, '15 seemed like deja vu and i haven't been nearly as excited about the regular season since then, but i think i've healed and am really excited to see some things we've all been wanting to see. also i remember the year we got adam meadows and all our o-line went down in camp - including him. so, literally this is the best time for hope and excitement. it can end so fast. enjoy it
  9. raz

    To Fix Or Buy New

    let us know how the solder goes.
  10. 3rd round pick, turners like him, he's making the roster. its just how it is. don't make me bring up eric shelton. yes i know 2nd round pick but its the same deal
  11. raz

    To Fix Or Buy New

    have you checked the refrigerant, tried to add some and seen what the pressure in the ac system is? they sell those cans for about $40.
  12. this is such good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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