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  1. i think its the adrenaline. i love good adrenaline. if there was a drug better than adrenaline i'd do it. when its too cold and/or rainy to sup whitewater or onewheel (not a unicycle) i find myself wanting to play maybe twice a year. find something to do active that gives you adrenaline. you won't miss games at all.
  2. raz

    Panthers full schedule

    you can tell what the league thinks we're gonna be
  3. better pocket passer and decision maker in my favor. that about does it. his touch is 1000 times better also. he could rush for that much but he makes it so he doesn't have to with a worse line. he's better. in every way. as a qb. sorry. i hate it too. but he is. cam is a mid-grade smoke. sorry. upper mid grade, but still... s
  4. yeah, he's head and shoulders above cam. i'm ungrateful because of that? are you having a bad day bro? doesn't mean i don't like cam, but i'm kinda realistic at this point about how good he can be.
  5. no way. cam isn't as good as russell. rusell has every bit the arm and he actually has incredible touch. he's every bit the runner as cam also. he's better than cam in every way as a qb. and i can't stand him at all. he's so fake. cam deserves to be about the 10th to 12th highest paid qb, but that's not how it works.
  6. he got them clip on dreads. and no, dreads don't take a lot of upkeep once you have them, or in his case, have them installed.
  7. raz

    Cam will be turning 30 this year.

    man, he's no generational talent. that's ridiculous. tom brady is a generational talent. michael jordan, lebron... cam is not that. 3 winning seasons. 1 mvp. that's not even close to generational. he's a top 10, top 12 qb in the league. he's our qb, i love it when he's playing well and he sure makes us hard to stop, but come on. and more people with inside sources . why do you think he's gone vegan? its about the shoulder. its an issue. we'll see if it holds up. we'll see if we can put a decent line in front of him opening day. there's been years we looked good there on paper, and had all the decent ones go down in camp. we're gonna see. i do think this year is gonna define the future of the whole lot, rr, mh, and cam
  8. no, no he couldn't. and that's a soft science, which means he had to have a certain # of hours of hard science which he's completely devoid of information in. and i doubt he could talk much about social science either. granted i only had thru the 300 level sociology classes because i was a hard science major. and to add when my sister was at stanford there were football players in the sociology program who couldn't read.
  9. raz

    CBD Oil

    i wanted to add bull, that if you're interested in cbd oil for pain or inflammation, anxiety... i would go to or call the extension office in your county and talk to who heads up the hemp for farmers and ask that person to direct you to a farm. you could go to a shop and buy a big bottle of oil that only has 50mg of cbd for $40 when you could get something from a farmer or related business where you could get 700mg or so from a gram of concentrate for the same price and melt it in oil yourself. a normal dose would be 5-10mg. so, if you bought a gram (1000mg) of 70% cbd rosin there would be 700mg of cbd. so for $40 or so you could make 70 to 140 gummies, or use a dropper.
  10. raz

    CBD Oil

    hello mr bull. some people really get help from it and some people don't. i have a friend that works for the extension office in the next county over that goes around teaching farmers about it. what ohyo said is bs. natural anxiety aids are a big deal. anxiety meds over time make changes in the brains chemistry, as does untreated anxiety and/or depression. so if folks are dealing with either they need some help. there is a ratio of thc to cbd of 1:1 that seems to be the magic ratio for anxiety. this can be taken in gummy form or vaped. this needs to be made thru the use of concentrates as there isn't a plant that produces this ratio. there is also a lot of end of life comfort that cbd brings to cancer patients with eating difficulties. it also has anti-inflammatory qualities, and completely controls certain seizure disorders. there's a lot more, and evidently the business is a bit like the wild wild west right now. if you're interested in trying it for pain, or insomnia, or anything like that i'd find a local farmer who is producing it, and who is growing organically and producing the concentrated form without the use of solvents, in other words cbd rosin. you could also smoke some of the high cbd strains that are legal, and are meant to be smoked. they look just the same as the regular weed but have barely any thc. again, if you're interested in this, find a farmer you trust. in the shop it costs more than weed on the street.
  11. wow so much butt hurt because i said cam isn't real smart. i don't think he is. not at all, and his lack of any sort of scientific knowledge is frightening. he wen't to college. i guess athletes don't have to learn much. if that bothers anyone its funny. i do like him as our qb, for now, and i hate that he's been stuck with rr his whole career. i don't think ron is very bright either.
  12. so they did a study to show that too much fap is bad. turns out for a male 27 times a month or more to release is excellent for your prostate. he's really not smart about much, but he's got a great heart
  13. raz

    Watch this...

    can't be immune to cognitive dissonance. it was all good until the last part
  14. good baller, great guy, fuggin idiot in real life