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  1. from talking to friends in the healthcare industry here i don't think that's the case. people are being advised to not get tested, and to not go to the hospital if they can still breathe.
  2. i see no kung fu in your plot. it needs a lot more kung fu before i'm watching it
  3. nick foles. that's the argument. how'd that work out for jacksonville? this is the funniest post i've seen in a while. not 4corners calling adam schein ' eyes too close, jizz hair' funny, but still funny
  4. they just locked my stepmoms senior living place down. no more activities. residents can't leave their rooms. she's at a place in asheville and the recommendations came down from local health authorities. not sure if city or county
  5. i'll yawn and put my hand on my face and think - oh god, not again. and then i'll look and see we could have gotten that player in the 4th
  6. in all honesty we have no idea what that surgeon told cam. its illegal for the surgeon to tell us. we only know what we were told, and i doubt that was the truth.
  7. i don't think the org did anything wrong at all. cam thought the late surgery would guarantee him a spot in all likelihood, and get him out of ota's and lots of training camp. hopefully he has a rejuvenated career somewhere else - i really don't care though, and hopefully we can find someone a little more mature and responsible to play qb for us
  8. so cam was informed by the team in a timely manner before anything could legally be done. that's what i figured. the rest is just people with hurt feelings
  9. is it gonna be racist when robbie anderson finds coronavirus and nuts in its eye. hell no its not, he's gonna save us all
  10. it is frikkin nuts when you realize you've met one. like, oh, wow, that is a real thing
  11. how did they do that?. bus cook knew. he asked to let cam's camp control the trade narrative. nobody got the rug ripped out. only thing is cam or bus didn't get to announce it.
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