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  1. just remember the trumpers. when its over we're gonna carve maga on their foreheads like the bear jew so no one forgets
  2. cowturd. he has a guest on, a smart one, and spends the whole time going over his stupid ideas over and over and over until the guest relents and says 'its possible', and then their time is up.
  3. panthers55, cam was 80%? not even close. maybe 40% rivera is an idiot. he can't help it. he was born stupid and then took a pounding on his head. when he really needed to take a look at himself and his coaching, he chose his wife to do that with, not, you know, a better coach.
  4. please please please get this done. i want to lick all the salty tears from 'i'm pretending its not about racism' crowd. and kap was hated because he broke hearts on 3rd down. that's why i hated him anyway. just like how people hate cam for doing that to them.
  5. raz

    What a lousy strategy

    rivera admits fault all the time. not his, but still.
  6. raz

    What a lousy strategy

    does this feel like making an award, giving it to yourself, and then telling everybody about it. seems like that's what's going on here. and you're probably wrong. we'll see though.
  7. raz

    What a lousy strategy

    who says rr isn't leading the way for other coaches? this one followed him right off the cliff. but i bet he won't do it again. rr?
  8. you are so strange. i don't think you need me to have these conversations as they're imaginary
  9. teenagers? i've blocked the tween years out from my ex's darghter. holy god that was the worst.
  10. have you forgotten mike minter? yes we do. we need a clock cleaner. and now we need a free safety and we're looking pretty good.
  11. he's a clock cleaner. can't wait to see him do his job.