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  1. yeah but your stance isn't the issue. you're reframing the situation and changing it into 'you're either with me or against me and i don't care which' because you're in your feelings. the situation is. it isn't hypothetical. it isn't a stance. its not feelings. its actual. he isn't dead and you're not killing him. so your stance is 100% irrelevant. it doesn't matter at all. it has no value in this situation. that's the point
  2. i also want to add that there is recent research suggesting that the virus is airborne. it is apparently travelling too far thru ductwork for it to be water droplets only.
  3. i'm happy for him. i don't ever want to see him on a field again. he did more than enough for us. f you ron
  4. well because the antibodies seem to disappear quickly and then people can become re-infected. there are also slight mutations in the virus causing slightly different versions. through something called 'enhancement' your immune system can be primed to get torn apart by the virus the 2nd time you get it. it would be awesome if it was a one and done virus, but it just isn't that type.
  5. so you're saying corn is the best. i can def get down with that corn
  6. if its buttercream frosting then yes, that is as good as gravy
  7. considering all the harrowing medical issues that family has faced, they're really an amazing story, its hard to believe this is her take. really hard. and imagine if all that stimulus money that went to fake businesses, banks, and on and on, what if that went to small businesses and people? the stimulus package was so corrupt the current administration has kept people from seeing it. i think less than half went to people, and more than half went businesses and org's that didn't even need it. if you don't know anything about this look it up.
  8. and run around not giving a crap about anyone but yourself and infecting everyone you can because of your freedumb
  9. idk where to put this but kyler murphy just got squarshed.
  10. maybe more teddy 2 gloves, teddy 2 twigs, teddy 2 yards... oh wait, i got it, one time, in band camp, we had this quarterback named dameyune craig, who never got a shot, but all he does is win threads. or i just seen cam newtron bomb throw a ball over that there mountain because he doesn't have any wide catchers threads. but seriously cmc hurt his shoulder gayin off with his neighbor.
  11. f yeah i got wings biatches! i'll totally be flying around and possibly pooping on situations
  12. i really love good mac n cheese, but yeah gravy is the right answer. without gravy there's no point in having a celebration of anything. really good gravy is what makes family tolerable, well, and alcohol. (if you come from an awesome family, well good for you)
  13. i'm fine with a first half second half thing. why not?
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