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  1. nah, dukesuckgounc is funny, is sanjay still doing the youtube thing? that was priceless. and the threads get like 10 pages somehow even though everyone hates them.
  2. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    and you're old lady has just gone..... i can't believe it. man i saw a great dweezil show on halloween up here in the mtns. next time he's coming i'll let you know. come on up. drinks on me.
  3. you like beating women, nflpa is there for you. you accidently get drunk and kill someone, nflpa is there for you. stand up for what you believe in, that's an abandoning by the nflpa
  4. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    wait a minute. you know zappa? now i'm really confused. you've just literally blown my mind. something we can agree on has emerged from the dungeon of despair.
  5. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    would be neat. i have 0 markers for bipolar. 0. however being a panther fan will do that to you.
  6. raz

    Tepper meets the press

    well he has to sign the checks so we'll see
  7. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    i never accused him of anything. i made a statement as delusional as yours, for your benefit. i hope you saw that he said he doesn't know the football side, and didn't work on the football side, at all, in pitt, and that he is no football expert. just like i said. and yes i will leave him out of it, but not you. people are saying you're in nambla. really fine people. they call me just to tell me about you.
  8. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    he publicly held ron accountable like ron likes to do to others (even when its his fault). he made me hopeful again
  9. i'd guess antonio knows more about cams shoulder than just about anyone seeing as how close they are. if cam can throw deep we would have the best o in the league with him. if he can't, no use. also it would be a win now move and i don't know if we're ready this year for a run.
  10. you know, richard rodgers may be a good fit as assistant special teams coach. chase be like, richard you make sure these fellows get enough water.
  11. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    i also liked that he explicitly stated what some of us have been saying. he doesn't know football any better than the rest of us. he sees what we see. he was only involved on the business side in pitt. thank god we can put that to rest.
  12. raz

    David tepper speaks.

    i loved it. i appreciate the heck out of him finally doing a sit down, and while he did say ron was a good coach he was explicit about not wasting time or timeouts. not 5 seconds, not 10 seconds. that was actually a tongue whipping in the way successful people do it. i'm feeling a lot better about him now. thanks mr tepper. no more bad jokes.
  13. raz

    i'm going to throw up and puke

    it looks like he's crying.
  14. he's not management. he's the owner. this is football. what's he done? does whomever think that because he was a minority owner he really knows football? he hires management for a product i'm not sure he knows real well, besides $ and prestige. he's leaving a mediocre situation in place. that's what he's done. why should we be patient? its his responsibility now.