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  1. LifeTopix Personal Organizer iPhone App Review

    Being the iPhone App Review guy has it’s challenges from time to time. One of those is the fact that with more popularity of the site there are more apps asking for reviews. More apps to review equals more time trying out apps and writing up reviews. This equals alot of TIME! Time that I don’t always have to give. That being said I was recently asked to review an app called LifeTopix. I had never heard of this app before the request but I was intrigued when i I downloaded it from the app store. Basically picture every personal organizer type application you have in your life and put them all together into one app the organizes everything and you have LifeTopix! It’s the “Swiss Army Knife” of iPhone personal organizer apps. This app is huge! It organizes everything!!! But rather than me explain the functionality to you I decided to let their promo video do it for me. It really does it best! So check this out and then come back for the review:

    See what i mean? It’s a beast!! So I played with this app quite a bit in the last few days and it really does all that it says it does. Each category seemlessly working together with the next to form a nice consistent and congruent interface.

    I had a task over the weekend to work on some shelves in my garage. I put together a shopping list with details, scheduled time to work on it, and even added store information for each item i needed to buy for the shelves. It handled all my information very nicely and was fairly easy to use as well. If you’ve every used any kind of iPhone organizer or even an iPhone Food planner app you can use this. It has that same search for an item, find it, and add it to your list kind of feel to it. It was all very simple.

    All in all I really liked the LifeTopix app. I think possibly a video tutorial or maybe a tutorial within the app would be helpful to people as well. But other than that it’s a great organizer application and you can tell the people who put it together had a great attention to detail and really wanted this to be the end all be all of personal organizers on the iphone. I’d say for a good chunk of the people out there they may have succeeded in that task.

    My only knock is some people may find it a little too daunting to try to organize everything in their life in one app. They may just feel like there’s too many options plus it makes things a little more complicated. But otherwise this app is rock solid and gets the job done that it sets out to do!