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  1. No matter what I say it's going to labeled as "bullshit" from the left. I should have taken redacted advise and not post here. He told me that it's a waste of time and it isn't like you're going to change anyone's mind. He was definitely right. So you guys have it, you win. All I'm going to say is if you're waiting for Trump to be impeached, then you're going to be waiting a long time. It's a Friday, go out and get some vitamin D. Be safe, have a good weekend, and go Panthers. Bye!
  2. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    The difference between Trump and Obama, is Obama had the media on his side. They cover Trump's lie, while covered up Obama's.
  3. We are, so what's your point?
  4. It is fact so at this point, we just have to agree to disagree.
  5. I couldn't care less what Paul Ryan has "outlined." Everything I just said came from Congress themselves. He's obstructing and that's a fact. Prove that I'm wrong here.
  6. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    I was a kid when it happened, so I honestly don't know all the details about the ordeal. Water under the bridge at this point.
  7. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    Grabbing women by the pussy - Taken out of context, was said before he was running for President. He was referring that since he has money, women just let him grab them, which is true. Even Will Smith came out recently saying that he got all the sex he could want. Women are attracted to money. Have you not had locker room talk with your guy friends? Meeting with an enemy of the state behind close doors - All Presidents have Lying to the American public on a daily basis - All politician's lie. "If you like you doctor, you can keep your doctor." Mocking individuals with physical disabilities - Been debunked Leering at a 14-year old girl on an escalator while saying, "I'll date her someday." - Saw the video, she wasn't leered, and he was clearly joking. Separating children from their parents, deporting those parents, caging the children and then forcing them to pay for the kids as well as the chaperones transportation back to their country - A law that was already in the books, Trump's administration just added to zero tolerance to it. Obama did the same thing, even Obama's ex-DHS secretary admitted to it.
  8. Rosenstein is obstructing. When you've been asked for 9 months to hand over documents and records for an investigation and still have't done so, even after being subpoenaed, then you're obstructing. Mueller is just getting desperate. This will once again lead to nothing. You can disagree with me, call me blind or I'm being "overworked" to see the what's going on, but this is my opinion, I'm entitled to one.
  9. So we're looking for evidence of obstruction by Trump, but Rosenstein is actually obstructing a congressional investigation and looking to be impeached and the left calls foul on that. Don't see the irony here?
  10. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    What do you consider unethical?
  11. This tells me that Mueller may very well have absolutely no evidence and is grasping at straws. If Mueller had anything, anything at all, he wouldn't be wasting his time going through Trump's tweets. We'll still have to see what comes from the Cohen situation, though.
  12. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    I like Trump and obviously voted for him, but if he did something unethical, illegal or anything that helped him gain his Presidency via Russian officials, then he would have to be impeached.
  13. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    I was just about to say while reading this comment that Cohen's testimony is worthless unless it can collaborated. So I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes from this.
  14. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    I never said I was "super important" because I'm not. I'm just your average Joe. I do, however, have a busy schedule. Sorry that upsets you. And I did contribute to the thread, I'm not rushing to find talking points from a "far" right news site. I posted a link from CNN that mentioned Cohen doesn't have any evidence to support his claim and I added my own opinion on the story. Was that not enough? Am I suppose to spend half the night going back-and-forth with complete strangers on the subject that leads to nowhere? Now, before I went to bed last night, I saw the thread about a Russian lawyer meeting with Donald Trump Jr. Evidently, that story has already been reported in the past. It seems the leftist media is starting to recycle some old news. Not sure why, though. https://www.businessinsider.com/ap-russian-lawyer-questions-why-mueller-hasnt-contacted-her-2018-4?
  15. Deadly

    Poo about to hit the fan?

    Well, you guys have fun with this. Another busy day for me tomorrow. I'll argue with you all afterwards. Have a good night.