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  1. And we no longer have Luke "The Huggy Bear" Kuechly to shut him down.
  2. You have my vote if you can also get rid of the steel plates. Of course, that would cause the collapse of the worldwide steel industry...
  3. Ya, a certain RN I live with said they had a lot of weird CV stuff (I think? I'm not a medical person!) where people would show up thinking they were having a heart attack or stroke or something and then just magically be OK. Apparently one of the ways CV presents? Her unit was actually shut down for the past few weeks as they cleared things out for the peak but she has been called in the last couple of days so seems like the pace might be picking up. Make sure and go out at 7 and make some noise, yo?
  4. Well, Teddy had a pretty intense history. I can't remember, did we sign him before the NFL moratorium?
  5. This is the most intriguing possibility for me. It comes with a big side-helping of "FU Tepper!" I can see Cam taking a lesser deal for some intangibles like this. Not sure about his agent though!
  6. Honest question. If this is true, how are we signing all these free agents? Without "proper physicals?"
  7. I'm assuming Panthers get their 19m back no matter when they cut him, as long as it's before actual games start. So, there is no reason to rush cutting him if there is any chance of salvaging a pick. Other than dragging out the drama. Or if they get in a cap pinch. Is this correct?
  8. Do we save any cap at all by releasing him? If not, then yeah, there is no reason to release him until we need the roster spot or get a trade done.
  9. Naw, this has been a good one for finding new users to ignore. Very convenient!
  10. Looks like one thing they tried was a "stop-gap" approach using antibodies from plasma from recovered patients. I'm O-negative so everybody's going to be coming after my plasma if I catch it. Time to redouble the social distancing! https://www.globalhealthnow.org/2020-03/covid-19s-stop-gap-solution-until-vaccines-and-antivirals-are-ready
  11. I was wondering about that. I hadn't actually looked.
  12. Oh, I would assume that every red-blooded capitalist in the country is trying to figure out how to convert over to Covid-19 supplies ASAP. Free markets are gonna free-market, after all. And I hope you bought stock in paper mills cause they are going to kill it. At least until everyone figures out they don't need an entire spare room dedicated to TP storage.
  13. I don't necessarily disagree, but it seems like that would be a really risky move. Especially with Carolina fans who are all pretty fresh off the bandwagon compared to some other franchises! And all of whom still have that backup team they grew up with. One of whom now has our former coaching staff. heh.
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