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  1. Excellent news. With how injured our guys are we're going to need any help we can get. Don't care how ugly Sunday is, as long as the day ends with the Panthers sitting at 3-2 I'll be happy.
  2. If Burns and Reid play we will be good.. Just want to see Jackson back soon too, really need him.
  3. Cut my life to pieces Big vern is my last resort
  4. An injury to a player who will not be named in fear of jinxing it.
  5. Been saying it since pre-season, this guy is the real deal. Only missed kick so far was blocked IIRC. Leading scorer in the NFL currently. GOAT.
  6. Luke always #1, Bradberry and Super Mario are not far behind. Shaq too.
  7. At least we got Moton on the right, should be okay with Williams at guard. And that secondary isn't too hot either... Never forget the end of the Saints game week 1 or whatever it was. Gross. Yep one of the best left tackles in the league, if he can't go it will be huge for us. Texans already struggle protecting Watson... If we can get after him and prevent Nuk from busting some crazy sh*t on us we might steal a W.
  8. It's a midfoot sprain, not a broken leg. He's not going to sit out the last 12 games just because we're 0-4 if he's healthy. Unless the injury is a lot more severe than we know now, he's certainly not done as a Panther.
  9. Being "super happy" that any player got hurt is really scummy (besides some very rare exceptions, Brees not being one of them). Keep that to yourself lol.
  10. Wasn't even gripping a ball trying to get back in it looks like. Could be serious but they might just be playing it safe... Hope it's the latter, fug injuries.
  11. A win in any shape or form, lmao. Just give me something, don't even care if it's against the Cardinals at this point. That, or like 5 straight losses so we can get a top 5 pick.
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