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  1. Everything to lose, not much to gain from playing either. Good call.
  2. He was in there way too long, idk what the Falcons were doing.
  3. Saints gave him 3/16 or something only to cut him within a year lol. Him on the Bills was news to me too.
  4. Lol I forgot Star went to Buffalo too... Panthers North connection is really something else.
  5. I mean it's only a 1 year deal and they had cap to burn this summer. I still think he's a bum but he's only 25, it's not that much of an overpay. This season should be interesting.
  6. uhhh. 27th most accurate kicker on XPs? He was 24th in 2017, 25th in 2016, and 17th in 2015. FG% is a little better (13th last year, 1st in 2017, 25th in 2016, 20th in 2015). The stats aren't that great. Gano is pretty average besides that one great year in 2017 (minus the missed kick in New Orleans). NYG game winner last season was pretty badass though. He's definitely not trash, he's just making a lot of money. Slye would almost certainly be a downgrade, but he's not making very much at all (less than half a million IIRC). The question is if that downgrade is worth 4-5 million dollars in cap. Gano is the safe option and I'd be shocked if we dumped him... Also this... We know what Gano is, but Slye is completely unproven. Going to take a hell of a lot more pre-season FG's before I'd be cool giving him the starting job, esp. if he was bad in college.
  7. Eh he'll be fine, needs to get some snaps. Somebody will inevitably get hurt anyway, I doubt he rides the bench the whole year.
  8. Gano's dead cap is 5.5 million this year, and like 3 million the next. It's a poo contract, especially considering he's not even that reliable, but he cannot be cut. Trade him to the Bears lol.
  9. As much time as possible should go to Grier/Allen/Heiny imo. If Cam plays a few series in the pre-season it will hopefully be just quick dump offs with a lot of protection. Preferably not Thursday though considering it's the Bears.
  10. How dare he... celebrate a woman getting a chance to coach?
  11. I keep trashing him on Twitter, hope he replies. Reminds me of KD a little with how obsessed he is with social media and haters or whatever.
  12. Opportunity. Jets don't have anybody else half decent to play center, Ryan will actually get some action in NY. Guess he just had the itch to keep playing ball.
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