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  1. CMC coming for that franchise rushing record.... Enjoy it while it lasts Stew (but also I love you).
  2. If you think Grier is a better prospect than Rosen you were dropped on your head as a kid, no other possibility. Whew whew cbs dot com draft canceled whew whew. Rosen was drafted what, tenth? Let's see where Grier falls.
  3. Lol what is this bullshit? Third rounder? Absolutely not. Rosen is on his rookie deal and was drafted LAST YEAR. Also, I don't want Rosen at all. He's a starting caliber quarterback, we need a backup. God, I'm sick of all these dumb fans acting like we need a new starting QB. Cam Newton. Cam Newton. Cam Newton.
  4. If we want Dillard we're going to have to trade up. I wouldn't mind it that much but... 8 is a little high, no?
  5. Wtf just found this thread, why is it in the Panthers sub forum? Anyway, I'm fuging hype.
  6. Question: How has there been 0 posts in this sub-forum since we've been playing playoff hockey? Let's get hype boys. GAME SEVEN. I honestly am prepared for a loss but at least having a chance is better than nothing. Road team is 0-6 in the series. But hey, we got the first lead change of the series tonight, and might have Svech or/and Ferland back for game 7. Hopefully Marty didn't re-injure himself too hard tonight. Let's go Canes!
  7. Below Stafford is a joke. 0-3 in the playoffs. Get that poo out of here. At least Cam's above Luck.
  8. No I do not think Mike will want to pay the luxury tax. I'd be cool giving him a five year max at $188 million total to be honest. I think that's fair for both sides. If he's up for the super max I don't think I'd be willing to go that high. Marvin and MKG, and Biz are tradable because they are expiring. Also Mitch is the GM, not Mike, I'm sure he's the one who can handle this stuff.
  9. Makes me look bad? You know who really made themselves look bad? Him, for starters. How does that make me look bad. Not my fault Batum's play has been nowhere near the level of a 26 million dollar man. I'm very aware of the luxury tax and NBA salary rules and I'm not insinuating that we play Kemba the super-max.... I was actually insinuating that we actually don't get reeled into a John Wall type scenario in a post above. He is not worth the super-max and he won't get it imo. I'm saying we should attempt to pay him a reasonable amount of money instead of letting him walk. I know we're not going to pay the luxury tax, nor should we. Also why are you assuming we re-sign Lamb. That's a no if Kemba stays. I understand how the luxury tax works, you don't have to explain it to me. Adding up money to get to absurd luxury tax levels doesn't change my mind. The scenario where Mitch works it out you ask? Well, we've got 50 million in expiring contracts this season, which gives us a LOT more wiggle room to make some financial magic happen than we could last year. I'm thinking some sort of Marvin/MKG trade or even Biz could happen, even this summer if we need to shed the money before signing Walker.
  10. You only believe this because currently like 75% of our salary cap goes to useless pieces of garbage. Even with Kemba on a max, once we get off a lot of those bad contracts we'll have plenty room to build around Kemba and the Avengers. I believe we can work it out. Also Harden was traded, and OKC is a totally different situation. If we drafted 3 MVP's I think we'd be doing better than we are now.
  11. I said why wouldn't they. You don't just let that kind of talent walk. Why not re-sign him, do what we can with the young guys next year, and then what, like 40 million come off the books via Marvin, MKG, and Biz. If we really need to, it would be pretty easy to trade some of our expirings next year to get more talent around Kemba. The next year Batum will be expiring which is when we're finally out of the dark. You guys don't realize how hard it is to get an all-star, esp. in a small market. The first part about not being able to bring in other players is crazy. Who are we going to bring in who has more of an impact than Kemba? He is the heartbeat of the team. Without him, we are nothing. As I said above, you guys overestimate how long it takes to get some of our space back. About 40 million expire next summer, and Batum will only become easier and easier to move as time goes on. I may remind you that we kicked absolute butt at the end of the season with like that huge portion of our salary cap sitting. So many talented young guys on cheap contracts! Let's keep developing them, keep Kemba, and get ready to shed salary. It will be easier next year, much more options with so many expirings. I understand not wanting to end up with a John Wall contract, but to not offer him anything would be stupid.
  12. LET'S GO BOYS. What a game!!! 1 SOG allowed in the second! Absolute domination! First playoff win since 2009! This is a great night!
  13. fug Orpik dirty motherfuger somebody should do him like he did our boy Erik Cole. Let's get them tonight, cannot go down 3-0.
  14. I'm unreasonably interested in this. I think Rainbow might be right, could be some litigation involved. How is anything not out about this yet?
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