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  1. All good, let them stay at home. Need to stay on course for 5-11.
  2. Ron is done, things not sounding good for him in the slightest. I'd say the home blowout loss to the Falcons was the final nail in the coffin, but I'd expect Tepper to just let Ron ride the rest of the season out. Wonder what will happen to Hurney.. I'd imagine he'd get the boot too, but I don't think he's been particularly awful in this second stint. Might as well just clean house though.
  3. tbh I'm honestly a little bit relieved we're not in the playoff hunt this year with the way we've been hit with injuries... Poe going down with KK already out for the year is a death blow to our defense, and GVR was one of our few semi competent lineman. If a couple of bounces had gone our way this year we could have been sitting at 7-4, but this just isn't looking like our year no matter what. Still would have liked to beat New Orleans but the silver lining in yesterday's loss is draft position. Might as well start early as we can. Going to be hard to squeeze out many more wins if both Poe and GVR are seriously injured. Hope they are okay.
  4. Slye sucked some ass but there's no reason we couldn't punch it in from within the 5 with how many chances we had.
  5. Great speculation lol. This place really is something else.
  6. Cardinals are awful, nothing on offense and can't stop Saints on D
  7. Matt Ryan hurt too? Jeez, season has been awful for them
  8. Excellent news. With how injured our guys are we're going to need any help we can get. Don't care how ugly Sunday is, as long as the day ends with the Panthers sitting at 3-2 I'll be happy.
  9. If Burns and Reid play we will be good.. Just want to see Jackson back soon too, really need him.
  10. Cut my life to pieces Big vern is my last resort
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