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  1. 36? 52? Monk? It doesn't take that much to move up 2-3 places. I would love Sekou if he fell or if we moved up even. Might be shocked to see how high he goes on draft night though, really hard to tell.
  2. Not very high on him. I guess he'd be okay.. but if we're going for a Gonzaga guy I'd prefer it to be Clarke just for that athleticism. Also, Rui's defensive instincts leave a lot to be desired. Think I'd take Little over Rui too. Should be interesting to see where he falls.
  3. I bought 19 after not playing for a while and was really pissed. Gameplay is just so bad, 10+ year old games still play better to this day. Wouldn't recommend buying 20.
  4. Fine draft. Might see Hayes fall a little lower, maybe to 10. Looks like Little could be our guy, just don't know how I feel about it.
  5. "For now, the plan is to execute the trade on July 6, right after the moratorium ends on the start of free agency — and while both sides are open to moving the date, it’s unlikely that will change. July 6 is the soonest the trade can be legally completed, and would require the Lakers to trade the draft rights of the No. 4 pick, rather than the player’s contract. It would also leave the Lakers without enough salary cap space to sign another free agent to a maximum contract. If Davis declines to waive his $4-million trade kicker, it would leave the Lakers with a little more than $23 million in salary cap space."
  6. Fuock Baron Davis, what a traitor.
  7. link? FO's isn't that dumb, and besides, it wouldn't take future first rounders to move up only a few spots to take Hayes or Sekou. Not like we'd have to get all the way to 5 or 6 to grab either of those. By the way, both would be really good picks imo, would love to see us take either at 12. Same. That's a really good sell, especially since Kemba said he'd at least meet with other teams. I'm really hoping LA doesn't make out on that extra 5 million in cap from the trade because if they can only offer like 104 million over 4 years, even just 190 million over 5 years from the Hornets would probably be enough to keep him.
  8. Parker saved a few games for us, I'm glad we got him for a year. One of the best backup guards we've had in a while. Nice we got 5 million more in cap now though.
  9. As someone who lives in Raleigh... This is very nice. A lot of very cool info, thanks for sharing.
  10. He would be a great pick, love how much size he has. Him and Monk playing together would work out really well. I agree with you that Hayes will probably be gone, but if he's there he's probably the pick, and that would be really exciting. We need a big man badly, and he would definitely be it. If Clarke is there I think we take a good look at him, and same for Sekou. At least 2 of these 3, if not all of them will likely be gone though. In that case, NAW and PJ Washington seem to be safe options. Also plenty more guys I'm forgetting/can't list. A little less safer/more reachy options include Little (really don't want to have to go this route) and Goga. Fernando and Rui would be reaches and I'd be pretty pised. If it's Bol Bol, Cam Johnson, or Herro, I'm going to flip a poo.
  11. Absolutely. Also watching all these old game highlights makes me sad.. I miss Hornets basketball and Eric and Dell :(
  12. Not a free agent but Chris Paul is somebody who we might consider if we end up keeping Kemba. Proof he could be available: Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is reportedly hellbent in improving his roster, showing an “aggressive desire” to do so by being willing to involve players and potential draft picks, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Before you tell me I'm idiot for wanting to take on 3 years/120ish million and a 34 year old Chris Paul, I want to say that the Rockets are certainly aware of how close to being a negative asset CP3 is.. He's not going to fetch some huge trade package. Without further delay, I present to you a trade that pair up Kemba and CP3 and get rid of Batum in the process. I wish Paul's deal was one year shorter so that we'd just be trading 2 years of Batum + Zeller at about $40 million per total for 2 years of Paul at that price. The extra year is bad, and we wouldn't want to give up any picks in this kind of deal. Parker says he prefers to play for a competitive team if he doesn't retire, this suits that desire. Zeller is injury prone too, and Batum sucks. Nene and Hartenstein are just to make the money even. Kind of just expect our FO to be in to this sort of thing.. I think it was actually reported we were talking to the Rox, but it was Kyler so unreliable. Another target that actually makes sense for our longer term outlook is Capela, Rockets are listening to offers to him.. After he looked like crap in the semis against GSW, I feel like they wouldn't be opposed to moving on from him, and we really need a center. He's a decent young guy on a long term deal that isn't even that steep, would be thrilled if we got our hands on him. As for FA, we're pretty much capped out. Even if Kemba walks I don't think we should go pay anybody too much money.
  13. From what I've heard Fernando is more 20's quality than 12th pick. Would prefer Goga.
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