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  1. I love how both of the scenarios are swept by Saints lol. I kind of feel the same way even though it's terribly pessimistic. We're pretty much unstoppable at home so I think we should have a real chance on MNF but I don't know if we're going to be able to stop their offense anyway. 10-6 or 9-7.
  2. archer4364

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    Donte Jackson is more overrated than Bradberry.
  3. God, within like 5-10 minutes I went from cautiously optimistic thinking we might have a chance to win this in the fourth to just accepting that this game ended before it started. What a nightmare.
  4. archer4364

    PFF's top grades vs Tampa

    Why Cam and CMC so low?
  5. It's going to be a really tough game but I don't think we lose badly. Win or lose, I think it'll be very close.
  6. archer4364

    Kevin Love

    Why would we pay the luxury tax to be the 4th or 5th best team in the East? Kevin Love isn't going to make us contenders against Toronto, Milwaukee, and Boston. There's no reason to mortgage our future by trading away picks and taking on Love's contract. Honestly, I really like what I've seen from Borrego and I think this team could be good without significantly altering the roster. Guys like Parker, Monk, and Batum need to be somewhat consistent (like in the last Heat game), but I think our outlook is solid.
  7. archer4364

    Kevin Love

    Do you watch these games? Zeller is such a good player. About Love, I wouldn't take him for free. 30 million per year until he's 34? Why would we do this? He is worth nowhere near that. You guys are crazy.
  8. archer4364

    PSA from Ron Rivera

    Vote, just not for Mark Harris.
  9. archer4364

    Aints' Davenport Injured

    Yes, I watched that game as well. I'm just saying that the toughest 3 of the Saints next 6 are at home, all I'm saying man.
  10. archer4364

    Aints' Davenport Injured

    Mostly agree but that defense is not "great." Secondary is balls. I still think they win vs. Rams though. I'm going to guess 12-4 or 13-3. We will beat them if our defensive line gets pressure and helps out the secondary. Not having Worley will help too.
  11. archer4364

    Aints' Davenport Injured

    I'm aware. I just meant that they've already got @Atlanta out of the way early in the season.
  12. archer4364

    Aints' Davenport Injured

    Damn I had forgotten that they're playing the Eagles, Falcons, AND Rams at home. What a draw. At least we get to host Seattle.
  13. We're at home so I'm not tooooo worried but I'm still a little bit scared. Last game against Tampa wasn't a fun one. Evans will kill Bradberry and I'm sure Jackson will get past Reid/Adams at least a few times. Just gotta hope Fitz doesn't land another huge TD pass like he has been doing. Donte Jackson is young but he's got the speed, maybe he can make some big plays for us. If we're making the playoffs this is a must win.
  14. archer4364

    Fitz to start for the Bucs

    God you just wait until he throws for a few 75+ yard bombs against us. Better hope we get pressure or this won't be a blow out.