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  1. The UK believes Iran is responsible as well https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-tanker-britain-usa/uk-blames-iran-for-oil-tanker-attacks-government-source-idUSKCN1TE39Z?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews
  2. Dipshit? What the fug is your problem? It's just a question. Don't know why this section is full of uptight little twats all the time. Just have a conversation without name calling every post. I said a cashier, which is like the easiest job ever. I've never worked as a machinist, but I have worked in manufacturing so I'll use that to compare. A lot of people get paid around $15 assembling heavy parts or operating a press brake today. This is much more difficult and physically demanding, hot, uncomfortable, real back breaking labor. I'd much rather be standing at a cashier in the AC if I'm getting paid the same. You could say there's bigger chance for advancement in manufacturing. Possibly, maybe, but most aren't. But if you can't even agree that being a McDonald's cashier is extremely easier and less demanding than manual labor, I would just have to agree to disagree with you.
  3. What's a living wage? What happens when a McDonald's cashier is paid the same a skilled machinist? Why would I do more difficult jobs for the same pay as a McDonald's worker? Do we raise the machinist's wage too? How would this work?
  4. I know that's become a big meme on here, but not every question asked is sealioning. I genuinely want to know all the reasons the Dems could put on the table for impeachment. I even gave one that I thought was a possibility, emoluments clause. But thanks for the the two others for actually answering. Forgot about the secret clearance stuff. That might be a big one.
  5. What are all the exact reasons Dems could impeach him for? Emoluments clause?
  6. He looks better than usual. His hair usually looks like a nest and doesn't look orange in that pic.
  7. There is a difference between gravitational and magnetic forces and the origin of existence though. They are observable phenomenon in our natural world and studied upon scientifically. We can't do that with the origin of existence. Let's say the Big Bang is legit scientific consensus. OK so what made it possible for the big bang to happen? Well there was some quantum poo before it that we don't understand yet. And how and why did those exist? etc. etc. Why is there anything instead of nothing? This question can't be ignored by simply saying oh we haven't discovered the scientific reason yet. The "i have no idea, we just don't know enough yet" stance doesn't make sense to me because it's not a scientific question, it's a philosophical one.
  8. No disrespect taken at all. I also don't know for sure whether the universe is eternal or it was created. However one can use deductive reasoning to come to a certain conclusion or belief. By supernatural, I am just meaning unexplainble by natural laws. So my use of it here was that something always existing infinitely is unexplainable to natural laws and science. But our world is bound by natural law so that doesn't make sense for something to be eternal. The only alternative explanation is that there is something separate from our world. Something that exists outside our universe and not bound by natural laws. That's what I mean by supernatural.
  9. Well it's not God or nothing. Naturalists do have reasonable arguments against creationism, though I can't remember off the top of my head. I used to watch debates between the two but it's been awhile.
  10. It's a philosophical question of whether the universe has always existed or it was created. Both explanations are supernatural so neither is going to ever have scientific evidence to prove it true. The reason I believe there is a creator is that it makes sense that a supernatural existence requires a supernatural origin. That being a creator or God. A creator exists outside of our natural world and therefore not bound by natural laws thereby has the power to create the universe. The alternative is believing that the universe has always existed. But if we exist in a universe bound by natural law, how does something exist for infinity? I'm sure there are good arguments from the naturalist's side but at this point creationism makes the most sense to me.
  11. Why don't you follow Islam since it is the final culmination of Abrahamic religion? It's final message.
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