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  1. Honestly this is how I see it, both sides do bad stuff and unless it's actually found criminal, I don't care. Hillary maybe possibly compromised national security by using private email. This is bad but I'm sure everyone does it. Hillary just gave this public attention. Trump team benefited from opposition research and Trump paid mistresses to not talk about affairs. I don't care. Everyone does it. It just so happens it was Russians doing dirty work. That's bad. Russia has an agenda to influence American politics and we need to address it. Idk how. But apparently the Mueller report clears Trump team of anything criminal regarding conspiracy with Russia to influence the election. Did Trump try to obstruct the investigation? I think he did. Not because he's guilty of conspiracy (proven by Mueller report) but because he's a narcissist and wants to stop anything bad said against him. So kind of in the same way I don't care about Hillary's emails, I don't care about Trump's attempt at obstruction. And I use obstruction in the non-legal term. And attempting to obstruct justice is not the same as obstruction of justice (from what I've read recently, I could be very wrong)
  2. Why? Because I'm not just some troll posting memes and I'm actually genuine? Oh wait you just call me a troll anyway because I don't share the same opinions as your hugbox. I'd vote for Biden over Trump btw
  3. So what I'm getting at is the Report was more bad for Trump Team then they thought and not as bad as the #MuellerTime #Resistance expected it to be But was a win, politically, for Trump Team since no one is in trouble for conspiracy
  4. Cliffs of Mueller report?
  5. Bernie has less support now than he did in 2016. Most of what he had going for him was that he's not Hillary. Not this election.
  6. So Barr said during the hearing that he's not responsible for any redactions. It's Mueller who will be redacting Grand Jury materials, prosecutors with ongoing related cases, and the US Intelligence to protect intel. Barr isn't redacting anything himself. Dems are asking Barr to go to a judge to override Mueller, prosecutors in ongoing investigations, and the US IC and Barr is refusing. Weird
  7. I don't have a firm stance either way, but the universe was either created or it has always existed. Both are supernatural explanations.
  8. But you want them to be released right? I am beholden to no man and demand transparency. I want to know where Trump gets his money from. It's important especially considering the circumstances.
  9. Didn't the killer admit to shooting nipsey on a live app?
  10. Biden and Bernie are the top 2 in every poll by a large margin
  11. Anyway for the sake of argument, who cares. Let's say Trump never released anything and we didn't see his 2005 tax returns and Bernie released one year of tax returns. Great. Trump looks like he's hiding something and the W&M committee should be able to force them over. Bernie should voluntarily release a decade's worth of tax returns like he said he would since he is calling out Trump for it. He's being reluctant about it so it looks like he's hiding something too. I'm reading that Bernie is saying he will release his tax returns on the 15th of this month. We'll see.
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