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  1. Why do you say that? He debates with those "race realism" people directly. That guy who says hwhite people I forget his name.
  2. Giuffre says Trump "didn't partake in any sex with any of us"
  3. Why were people changing the shooter's political affiliation from Democrat to Republican after the shooting
  4. Since people were bringing up political affiliations of the other shooter. This one was a registered Democrat, btw.
  5. There is no country better than the USA. I know I'm gonna get trolled for this but WE ARE a melting pot compared to other every other country. Compare immigrants to European countries to immigrants here. They assimilate much better here whereas in countries like Sweden immigrants have to make their own segregated communities. There is so much to be proud of from a leftist perspective of our country. More on topic, mass shootings, while being in high amount in the USA COMPARED to other countries, is still not a common occurrence. It's like a thunder strike. I understand the emotional trauma from a mass shooting but that's exactly that. It's emotional. If we're worried about guns killing people we'd focus on handguns. Let's ban rifles and even if it prevents mass shootings it doesn't make a dent in death by gun.
  6. Impeachment would be incredibly stupid and Pelosi is right When the Senate exonerates Trump it's a Trump win
  7. Marquis

    Mueller TV Time

    But isn't that a valid criticism? Even if, for the sake of argument, Russia is pushing that narrative that wouldn't make it not a valid criticism.
  8. Marquis

    Mueller TV Time

    Curious what crimes you're talking about with Hillary? Benghazi? Her emails? The attacks on her were overblown as well.
  9. Marquis

    Mueller TV Time

    Mueller clarifies previous statements = Barr obviously called Mueller and told him to change his statement
  10. Marquis

    Mueller TV Time

    Swing and a miss
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