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  1. You're conflating universal healthcare with medicare for all You can have universal healthcare without nationalizing all it's control to whichever party happens to be in power.
  2. Well you said it wouldn't be banned but virtually useless. That's not what m4a proposes. The point of Bernie's m4a is that it can't work unless there are no private insurers in order to have the necessary risk pool. So it has to ban private insurers. That's not a partisan frame that's what it is or it won't work and Bernie says so. And his supplemental insurance is only for cosmetics. Not healthcare.
  3. Bernie's M4A bans private health insurance though
  4. From my understanding Canada's healthcare isn't nationalized. And I know Britain's isn't. So I don't think you can compare these to a Bernie M4A system where private health insurance is banned and literally everything except things like cosmetic surgery is controlled by the government. I could be wrong. Concern trolling? Is that the new meme after sealioning?
  5. If healthcare was nationalized, wouldn't the GOP have control over it when they control gov? Seems dangerous
  6. You want to win over swing voters though "who are sometimes republicans" I don't get it
  7. Ok the only candidate you want to win is Bernie fair enough, but what's the point of writing in Bernie in the general if he didn't win the nomination? Symbolism? To trigger libs? Surely you'd prefer your vote to be for Trump's opponent whoever it is. Or do you not mind Trump?
  8. The average voter doesn't care about the math. If you run on raising those peoples' taxes you are going to lose.
  9. Saw something like Klobuchar ranks first when it comes to passing bills. Do you expect Bernie to executive order everything in? Or are you in the start from the extreme and you'll get the best result when making deals camp?
  10. Socialists posting boomer-tier memes. Horseshoe theory.
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