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  1. Because she is on the swim team where they change in an open locker room
  2. Yep Schiff is wrong/lying about the right to whistleblower anonymity. That said, the 6th amendment doesn't apply to these hearings, so the whistleblower is not obligated to testify and out himself.
  3. She asked Sondland if he might have been speaking in code to instruct him like what Cohen said, but Sondland said he can't judge that and all his conversations with Trump have been direct.
  4. "Reasonable people could come to different conclusions, correct?" Sondland: "Correct" Like I said this is all a very thin line, but according to this circlejerk fest it's all a done deal.
  5. It's a direct quote from Sondland's testimony though
  6. Those aren't talking points. He wrote down his direct quote.
  7. Then keep my name out of your mouth
  8. 1. Why are you putting my name in quotes? 2. Trumpers just called me a leftist shill today for explaining to them that quid pro quo, extortion, and bribery are all describing the same thing and aren't different allegations, so no.
  9. I was called a leftist shill on a pro-Trump board today
  10. But a lot of the crimes they are going after seem like a very thin line and set a bad precedent for the future where every president will face this kind of partisan criminalization opposition.
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