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  1. Ok well I was at the game. Cam new KZ was coming and again KZ was pure wrong. If KZ was laying on top of him, taunting him then yes by all means. Push him away. SMITH targeted and maliciously went after him. Like a coward in my opinion. Anybody can cheap shot somebody from 15 yards away and not know your coming. Tge one who truly protected his team mate was Ricardo Allen. He played on top of KZ to protect him. Not maliciously trying to hurt someone else. So those of you who think this is right, what Smith did. I'm sorry you feel that way.
  2. Smith should have been ejected as well. Along with Takk McKinley
  3. I am a falcon fan and I don't defend what KZ did, but come on. Cam hammed it up as well. He was not hit as hard as he made it out. Again what should have happened, happened. He got ejected and I'm sure a heavy fine is coming. They barely touched facemasks.