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  1. Is there actually an outcome in that game where you're already willing to give up the entire season? Even if we lose 30-0, we'll be 0-1 for the season, 15 games to go, having lost to last year's NFC champion. I'm not throwing in the towel after week 1, no matter what happens.
  2. It literally took less than two minutes for this to age poorly. Let's use this as an example of why not to overreact to the preseason
  3. Recall that if you evaluated our first 3 picks in the 2017 draft at the end of that season you'd have: 1. McCaffrey who couldn't even wrestle the starting rb spot from a past-his-prime JStew and was pegged as someone who was unsuited to being a 3 down back. 2. Samuel who barely saw the field and when he did, looked like a gimmicky player without an NFL position. 3. Moton who despite our line not exactly lighting the world on fire, didn't sniff the field as a 2nd round pick. And that was at the END of their rookie year. We've played 2 PRESEASON games. Are you kidding me?
  4. Interesting take... so our absolute ceiling is equaling our record from last year when we had a one-armed Cam for half the year, an O-line that was objectively worse, and Samuel and Moore mostly riding the bench when Cam was actually healthy?
  5. You're both wrong for different reasons although I'll give you credit for being more right. What you're not factoring in is the dead cap for cutting Gano. If we cut Gano this year, our cap hit for our kickers collectively for the next 2 years would be as follows: 2019: $3,032,500 ($2,537,500 Gano + $495,000 Slye) 2020: $3,570,000 ($3,075,000 Gano + $495,000 Slye) Alternatively, if we kept Gano and traded (or cut) Slye, it would be: 2019: $3,687,500 (savings of $655,000) 2020: $4,537,500 (savings of $967,500) 2021 is where we would see a huge savings, but that's also the time where we would save almost $4 million by cutting Gano, so the chances of him playing out that year on that contract seem low unless Gano plays at an all-pro level the next 2 years, in which case he's earned it. It would make the most sense to plan to replace him in 2021 rather than cut him for a relative unknown now just to save $1.5 million total over the next 2 years.
  6. In related news, Chicago just cut one of their 2 kickers and it doesn't seem like they are exuding confidence in the leg of Eddie Pineiro. If he starts missing kicks in the next 2 games in particular, I think they're going to be scouring for an alternative. I'd be surprised, particularly after Slye made that 50+ yarder against them, if Chicago didn't at least see if we'd be willing to take a conditional late round pick for him.
  7. I think we should definitely keep Gano unless his injury is more serious but I'll gladly acknowledge that Slye has been impressive. If he's able to keep it up the rest of the preseason and we could actually get out of Gano's contract rather than being stuck paying him either way, I think you'd have a legitimate argument about making the switch. I hope Slye keeps it up and we land a 5th round pick out of it.
  8. Yeah but it's the preseason. The entire preseason is giving the spotlight to people who are more likely than not to never see it during the regular season. If he wants to let Washington call plays, to me it's no different than letting Allen start against their first team defense. He's giving him a risk-free trial to see if he's learned anything and where his deficiencies still are. Like Luke, I don't think Rivera needs the practice in the preseason. Obviously if it happens during the regular season, then that's completely different, but there's no indication that's going to be the case. So until then, I'm not going to worry about it.
  9. The $1.925 million is how much extra would be added to our salary cap if we cut Gano pre-June 1st (which can't happen since it's well after June 1st obviously). As a post-June 1st cut, we would save about 1 million in our cap this year but add $3.1 million of a dead cap next year. Still, we have already paid Gano most of that money so cutting him is basically giving him that money for free. Unless we are convinced that Slye gives us a better chance to win, it doesn't really help us to cut Gano.
  10. Would actually be a relief. Help alleviate the fact that our D has looked this bad. It would make sense if Rivera still wants Washington to eventually learn to call plays he would let him practice in meaningless preseason games. I assume when the regular season starts, it'll be back to Rivera. Too little margin of error for him this year.
  11. Except Gano has 5.6 million in guaranteed money, so we're going to pay him that whether he's on the roster or not. When you add in Slye's salary, it's even more expensive to cut Gano than to keep him.
  12. It's not my river to cry; me and Cox aren't acquainted. But unless you and he like to get high together, not sure how you can assume what his motives for marijuana use are. I was even careful in my post to say that there's a possibility he uses marijuana for the pain, but who the hell knows. Maybe he's been using it since he was 12 years old and just enjoys it. Maybe he'd never touched it before, but then he confided in someone at training camp that his aches and pains are getting worse and he doesn't think he'll make it another month and they told him marijuana works wonders and gave him the weed to try, which is why it was in his car in the first place. Point is, we don't know, so why don't you dial down the judgment a notch or two? But sure, it's a free country so no one's stopping you from sitting on your high horse if you prefer that.
  13. Not a huge fan of the argument that you chose to play football (or whatever field) so you should happily accept all the consequences. How many jobs do you think Cox qualifies for that even remotely approach the benefits of professional football? He's just going to step away due to the pain of playing football and jump into his back up job of... best buy associate? The fact that he might want to do something to mitigate both the short and long-term consequences of the job shouldn't be disregarded. It's like the argument that if you don't like parts of this country then leave. Why the hell does everything have to be take it or leave it? I'm not saying he should be smoking marijuana but I am sympathetic to the possibility that he could have taken it because he's desperate to find a means to cope with the demands of the job.
  14. Sapp's argument is silly though. You can't expect a defensive tackle to single handedly lead a team to the super bowl. Let's take JJ Watt. From 2013 to 2015 he was first team all-pro every year and won defensive player of the year 2 of the 3 years (and came in 6th the other year). How many playoff games did Houston win in that stretch? Zero. What was their record during that span? 20-28. And just to really drive it home, in 2016 when Watt only played 3 games all season due to injury, Houston won a playoff game that year. I'm sure Sapp will warn the hall of fame committee before they make Watt a unanimous first year selection when his time comes.
  15. Yeah but by the time we go to the podium for the first time at pick 32, the elite left tackles will have been long gone. Right or wrong, the Panthers felt like Little was a first round talent at one of the most premium positions in football that was a legitimate team need. Generally speaking, when you're deciding between drafting a comparable guard or tackle, you pick the tackle. It's a lot easier to find a quality guard later in the draft. Heck Daley may turn into one, although he seems pretty raw right now.
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