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  1. Do you even remember the year you're quoting? Cam was out literally two games against the worst team in the NFL, the 2-14 Tampa Bay Bucs, and we squeaked out 2 wins by a combined 8 points. We made the playoffs with a historically awful 7-8-1 record for a division champ (literally half a game better than last year) and beat an Arizona team at home that was on their 3rd or 4th string qb and had gone 2-4 in their last 6 games, including winless since Finley took over as qb. But sure, tell us more about the tremendous adversity we overcame that year with Cam's injury.
  2. Don't take this the wrong way cause I like McCoy a lot, but I would take Aaron Donald plus any DT in the league over McCoy and Short. Donald and Suh even in a statistical down year is not even close. Now if you said Donald plus my grandma, hmmm... I mean she'd be a liability; she's had a hip replacement and lives in a nursing home. Yeah, I'd still take Donald.
  3. Really hard to complain about this one. If his game doesn't translate to our scheme and he's an underwhelming starter, he gets $8 million, which would be a modest overpay but an easy gamble for a 6 time probowler (and less than we're giving Poe at that). If he puts up pro-bowl level production, he gets $10 million, which would be a bargain in that scenario.
  4. At 32, I anticipate he won't break the bank. If he has another solid year, maybe he takes the Peppers role as a solid rotational guy with a 3 years, 20 million contract (that turns into effectively a 2 year 14 million deal with an easy opt out after year 2). He definitely outplayed his current contract. Hopefully his last 8 games were an aberration and not the start of his decline. We'll see after this year. If he does decline, hopefully Burns, Miller and Haynes are ready to step up.
  5. What's the asking price? The deeper it gets into training camp without a contract, the higher the chances of him being open to a 1 year contract near vet minimum to prove he's healthy again (somewhat akin to Reid last year although for very different reasons obviously). Not many teams left who have a serious need at safety. I like it for a couple reasons. It's minimal risk and covers the only major hole left on our roster. It still gives us a chance to build up Gaulden and our other young guys since Berry will need to be worked in slowly and spelled for several plays as he builds his stamina (not to mention his injury potential). Again this is all at the right price. And I see Berry more likely to take a favorable contract than Boston since he has more to prove and has made plenty of money already.
  6. For all the people complaining again and again about Torrey's 5 million, the sensible ones of us knew the only logical outcomes were cut or pay cut. I think it's a solid move. Probably could have waited until deeper into training cap or early preseason maybe, just in case we get some unexpected premier play from the end of depth chart wrs on the roster but hard to complain too much about $2 million (let's be real, Smith isn't hitting any incentive bonuses unless they're something really minimal like making the active roster in x number of games). We also haven't confirmed if his entire $2 million base salary is guaranteed. Typically base salaries aren't guaranteed. Hard to think there aren't some guarantees to entice him to take the cut but it's not inconceivable there could be little to no guarantees and Smith was just told he would be cut outright if he didn't agree to the pay cut.
  7. Do intelligent Panthers fans actually think Allen is going to be handed the backup qb job even though it took Heineke getting injured for him to see the field and we just invested a 3rd round pick on a QB that the organization seems weirdly obsessed about it? I think his performance against the Saints is a plus but I can't imagine even Allen's biggest supporters are thinking there isn't going to be competition for the backup job. If you do, identify yourselves so we can make sure this post informed at least one huddler
  8. Yeah it sounds like we could afford him. The thing that makes me wary of a deal is that we could go one of two ways: 1. Sign a 1 year deal for $11-12 million with no long term risk if his age catches up to him or he starts wearing down from his injuries. This only makes sense if we think we are a DT away from super bowl contention this year because then we lose him next year and still don't have a succession plan after we invariably cut Poe and get rid of Butler. 2. We give him a 3 year, 30 million deal, but then if he starts showing his age or perhaps isn't as effective in our system, we're saddled with a decent sized contract for at least a couple years. Now suddenly we're paying 3 defensive tackles way more than they're worth while having holes to fill elsewhere in the roster. I was hoping he was looking at something in the 7-8 million range, in which case I'd say go for it. Once $11 million was leaked as the going price, I'm thinking we should bow out of this one and go for a more affordable option like Bailey if we still think we need to shore up the position.
  9. It's not horrible to discuss. I think it's a good topic. My original post was criticizing stbugs for ridiculing people who are holding out hope that Gaulden might put it together this year. I have no problem with a healthy debate. It's still probably too early to say for sure we made the wrong decision. Sure it's looking that way but as others have said, Gaulden has had a steep learning curve. Let's at least give him another year before we conclude that it was a big mistake not trading up for Reid over Gaulden. Gaulden might prove to be a serviceable starter, or heck, Reid might make an all-pro team while Gaulden gets benched for Colin Jones and then we really f'ed up. I just think we have to give mid-round picks a couple years before we finalize the verdict. You're probably right, but I think if you're a Panthers fan, you're also hoping that you're wrong.
  10. I do disagree with the way the organization disregards safety; I'm just saying that it's wishful thinking based on that to think we would actually trade up for one. I think most of us were pulling for Justin Reid to land with us. It's just hard to know when we should have pulled the trigger on a trade. What would we have had top give up? Ian Thomas? If he turns into the heir apparent of Olsen and Gaulden turns into a serviceable starter, we're probably better off not making that trade.
  11. Is it really a crime to hope a player we invested a decent draft pick in actually has the chance to be good? I at least think it's not worth your ridicule. I also think if we're ready to write off every player after one year, we're going to miss out on some potential talent. It took Josh Norman at least a couple years to look like a potential starter and we know how that turned out. You have to have a bit of patience with picks after the first 2 rounds. It's also easy to criticize in hindsight the decision not to trade up for Justin Reid. 17 picks up in the third isn't exactly a minor jump and we have no way of predicting where exactly he was destined to go. Right or wrong, the team has never invested much in the safety position so I wouldn't expect them to trade up for one. Gotta imagine if he fell to 89, he would've been the pick.
  12. I like McCoy and he fills a need but if the asking price is $11 million per year, seems like we're priced out of this bidding war. Plus we'd be paying for his post-prime years.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me at all despite Barnwell saying now we should lock up Bradberry for $12-13 million per year, he gives us a D+ for handing him a 4 year, $42 million contract
  14. He already pointed out that an athlete's pro day time isn't as accurate. You want a bone for making the same point and acting like you are teaching him something? For someone who wasn't invited to the combine, the pro day is the only 40 we have. How many people clock a 4.25 at their pro day? I would bet very few. Does it mean absolutely nothing? Even if he's closer to a 4.4, that's a damn good time for a wr. Would put him in the top 10% for a wr easily. Also, what's the point in criticizing a training camp body? He'll be lucky to make the team. Does it make you feel like a big man to belittle any potential he might have?
  15. Are all of our draft picks from the last 2 years predicted to be on the 53? Godwin seems like he's destined for the practice squad unless he flashes in the preseason. Also think we might stick with 5 wide receivers; either Godwin goes to ps or Smith gets cut without a replacement. And I think if the choice is Haynes or Obada, I'd rather keep Obada (although I suspect they will make room for both). Obada has at least shown something. I think it's too early to give up on Haynes, but with us taking Burns and Miller, seems like we are flush with 3-4 olb types now. Maybe Miller or Haynes starts on the practice squad, depending on who shows more in practice/preseason. Also think we might go with 8 olinemen (although could see 9 give Williams injury history). Who could we stash in the practice squad other than Daley? If no one, maybe he starts there and gets called up once someone gets injured.
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