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  1. No need for anyone to respond to him. We don't know the extent of KatsAzz's life experiences that drove him to be racist but it's clear that nothing we say at this point could possibly give him a change of heart. Because if George Floyd's videotaped murder is not enough to start caring that there's a problem, nothing we say could possibly change that. Do you think in Nazi Germany, people thought "Best way to eliminate the Nazi party is to help convince Hitler that Jewish people are actually good people. Then he'll see the error of his ways!" Nah, if you made it to this point in your life and think black people don't deserve our attention because they aren't "willing to work hard, obey the law of the land and be decent family men/women" you've been poisoned far too much to recover from that mindset. And that applies to tens of millions of Americans sadly. We need to focus our energies on the people who might actually care.
  2. I'd probably put him closer to 20 but it's not egregious. They're also giving him a much better chance at being above average than bottom 5 suggesting he's got a decent floor. But the real question is, what are the odds he outperforms Brees? With Brees alienating his teammates with his recent interview and at risk of finally showing his age, while Bridgewater appears to be on the rise and poised to succeed in Brady's scheme, honestly it wouldn't completely shock me if he put up better numbers. I'm not saying I would take a bet on it if the odds were equal but I find it far more plausible than their list would suggest, having Brees at 3 and Teddy at 24.
  3. If I said I was racist, would that hurt your feelings less? I admitted everyone has to overcome racist tendencies, me included. I have no problem admitting that whatsoever. Do you actually have a problem with the content of my post or does the word racist just strike that much of a nerve? If you're not deeply troubled by Brees' position that's a problem. If it helps you cope with my point by changing the word racist to "someone who thinks black lives are less important" sure go ahead. It gets the same point across.
  4. The bottom line is, and I'm sorry if this offends anyone's sensibilities, but if at this point you're still trying to argue that kneeling offends you, you are racist. Full stop. A few people have alluded to the point without coming out and saying it outright when discussing the fact that clearly Drew Brees doesn't care. And not bothering to care when members of a race are getting senselessly killed is inherently racist. People act like racism only applies if you walk around openly calling black people "stupid n*ers". In all honesty racism is so deeply rooted in just about every culture that everyone has to overcome at least a bit of racist leanings but what Brees is exhibiting is a serious, troubling degree of racism. He made the conscious decision in this climate after the whole world has been deeply disturbed by a murder of a black man on video by a policeman, to publicly say that he condemns a form of non-violent protest of this very issue because he thinks its more important that he not potentially offend his dead grandfather. That the lives and ongoing threat to black people take less priority. Just unbelievable. I would be surprised if this doesn't have a very real ripple effect on the Saints team. I'd have trouble playing with Brees after this and I'm not black.
  5. Short is guaranteed about $18 million on his remaining contract. His 2020 cap hit is $20 million. We don't have the depth to man our defensive line without replacing him, so unless you think you can get similar production by signing someone with a cap hit of $2 million or less, the math doesn't add up. You do get some cap savings this year at the expense of cap space next year but unless you think we need that cap space now, there's not a huge benefit. I'd honestly be ok with cutting Short if there is a cheap serviceable veteran available to take his spot but who would that be at this point? I guess the team thinks its worth seeing if Short can regain his form with a year to get healthy and a younger and hopefully better defensive line around him.
  6. Not true. They've both been starters essentially their entire careers, starting 60+ games each over 5 years. Last year in a combined 29 starts, they committed 4 penalties and gave up 3 sacks combined. Van Roten and Turner, in only 24 starts, committed 5 penalties and gave up 7 sacks combined. Whether you've heard of these people or not, the Panthers made an effort to address the line for 2020. As others have said, with how many holes we had to patch, I think it was a reasonable effort. But there's a ton needed to do for 2021.
  7. We did hire a new offensive line coach, traded for a left tackle, and signed 2 offensive guards that started all their games in 2019, not to mention have 2 lineman coming off their rookie year who they are hoping can take a leap forward. Conversely we lost arguably our top 2 CBs and replaced them with a 4th round pick and nothing else. We went from Bradberry and Cockerill to an unproven day 3 rookie and Corn Elder. Until we sign someone else, that worries me more than our offensive line.
  8. Pretty ironic that the first word in the 2nd half of this meme is "knowing" since its riddled with ignorance. You could easily change the bottom line to make it more accurate though. I'd try one of the following: "Because I'm the worst kind of tremendously selfish asshole who would rather risk killing other people by infecting them with the coronavirus than take the mildest inconvenience of having a mask on my face" Or "Because I'm so willfully ignorant I still haven't figured out wearing a mask is to protect other people and not to protect myself" Pick your favorite.
  9. The story also doesn't make sense because why would Dak ask for a specific number in the last year of the contract, where most of that money is going to be unguaranteed? Usually salary figures are meaningless in the final year of longer contracts because teams will either cut the player or extend them before they get to that point. There's gotta be at least a degree of fabrication in this story.
  10. Hey guess what? I doubt a single person on here gives a f*ck if you go out and get COVID and die. Sad but true. So trust me when I say we're not out to tell you you shouldn't go to the game or run around in public without a mask cause we're so worried about your health. What we care about is if you go out with your half ass attitude, pick up COVID, infect a half dozen people who in turn infect a half dozen people and so on, to include our grandparents, parents, and close friends, and one or more of those people die. Cause guess what? No matter how much people want to stay home, they have to go out at some point for life essentials. Maybe someone will get groceries for their elderly mom, but even then that person might pick up COVID from you and give it to her. I take care of immunosuppressed transplant patients. They have to get blood draws upwards of 3 times per week to monitor immunosuppression drug levels, blood counts and kidney function from the half dozen or so new medications they have to take to keep their body from destroying their new organ. Not only are they the most vulnerable, but they don't have the choice to stay home. Because they could die from COVID, but they could also die from overwhelming sepsis or kidney failure by not checking their labs. I'm not against opening the country SAFELY. In North Carolina, the plan makes sense to me. Open in stages, stress proven measures to limit the spread like wearing a mask and washing hands regularly, make sure we don't blow up with cases with each step, and then move to the next step if things are stable. It's our best chance to return to some semblance of life before a vaccine is available. Opening up the country immediately and saying every man for himself is not only selfish and stupid, it's going to have even more dramatic effects long term on the economy. If millions of people either die or go into bankruptcy from hospital bills, that's a lot less money in circulation. But of course people who are in favor of that are either willfully ignorant, unintelligent or both.
  11. There are too many wrong things in this post that I don't know where to start. You don't think we can infer the benefit of social distancing? How about comparing the outcomes in a place like New York with California, who enacted social distancing at an earlier point within the viruses course? Or in Italy, where hospitals were being so overrun they had to let people die because they couldn't take care of them? Sure it's not a perfect control, but if you want to be willfully ignorant to support your point, well I can't stop you. As far as the only people that suffered were those with health conditions, that's not true. Is the only outcome that qualifies as suffering death? Because plenty of young, completely healthy people are spending time in ICUs on the ventilator and maybe most of them survive, but being essentially on life support for a week, with a $200,000 hospital bill to boot amounts to a touch of suffering, am I right? And it's not just old sick people dying either. A good friend of mine lost his otherwise healthy 29 year old sister last week to the virus. Our hospital has had multiple people in their 40s, early 50s die who didn't have major underlying health problems. It sucks. Finally, where the hell did you get 0.02% for the death rate. That's laughably so far off. Oh wait, I know where you got it. That's roughly the percentage of people in the US who have died of the virus so far (and that's with stay at home orders and still being early in the virus course). So unless I missed something and the entire population of the US has already tested positive for the coronavirus, you're wrong. Even the most conservative estimates accounting for patients that never got tested have it at least 0.5%, with most closer to 1% (I guess unless your source is Alex Jones or something).
  12. Your choice of contagious illnesses is quite odd. It's clear you're not in the medical profession. HIV? Are you familiar with how HIV is transmitted? It's not a contagious illness. It requires a large inoculum of blood exposure. The highest risk is with receptive anal sex and even then the risk is about 1% per exposure. So you'd have to get anally penetrated by 100 HIV+ men during the game on average to contract it. But sure, let's compare that to a highly contagious respiratory illness. As far as the flu goes, it at least has a vaccine, a proven effective treatment, is at most half as contagious and has a death rate ten times lower than COVID-19. Probably worth worrying about a little more, huh?
  13. I don't root against Gettleman but I do highlight his shortcomings when his contingent of super fans on here repeatedly suggest he's a flawless gm and firing him was a colossal mistake. It doesn't hurt me if he succeeds in New York. He could win GM of the year or get fired and it wouldn't really impact my day much either way. I don't feel much different about Ron. He's not a Panther anymore and whether he fails or succeeds in Washington doesn't effect the Panthers success. If anything he's more likeable than Gettleman so I lean towards wishing him well but honestly have minimal investment one way or the other.
  14. Well I guess we disagree then. I looked through about 8 different 2010 mock drafts and every single one had Clausen in the first round, as early as 9. In what world is taking a consensus first round pick at 48 a reach? I think most people consider a reach to be a player drafted several rounds earlier than they were projected. What is your definition? Clausen at the time was much more of a steal than a reach. Obviously he didn't pan out but again, that would play more to the bust label in my opinion. Your point about later drafted qbs not qualifying as busts makes sense; I'm not sure I'd use that justification for Clausen because he came in with a lot of hype and was expected to be a viable starter with a first round grade, but I think it's a good point for Grier.
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