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  1. "Bridgewater can't elevate his team to victory despite bad play unlike Watson, who has elevated his team to a 1-6 record!" Poll 1000 people before the season started and ask them which team has more talent, Houston or Carolina. What do you think they would say? I'm not going to say Bridgewater is more talented than Watson. What I will say is your argument is clearly flawed.
  2. Interesting chart but it seems arbitrary how they decided where on the graph is considered elite. I'd say Tannehill looks far more impressive on there than the 3 he boxed. 50% higher expected points added per play than the next highest person and only slightly less accurate than his "elite" group.
  3. Wow, that's some incredible run blocking; knocks down 2 Saints defenders that could have made a play. Assuming Okung is healthy, we need to use Little more as a 6th lineman in obvious power run packages if he can pull stuff like this off consistently.
  4. I guess we can stop saying that the Panthers haven't beaten any teams worth a damn. We pretty handily beat a Cardinals team whose only other loss was due to a last second fg after a late game collapse.
  5. Metcalf as a WR makes an unbelievable effort on defense to close a huge gap and save a td. Meanwhile, Tre Boston will basically let up and stop trying as soon as the defender gets 2 steps ahead of him.
  6. Who to hire? The guy with a track record of inheriting rosters overmatched in talent and leading them rapidly to competence then contention. Or the guy with a supremely talented team who routinely underachieved under him. Tough call. We lucked into that decision.
  7. Bradberry has been excellent per all reports and one of the best free agent signings this offseason. But we're still the 7th ranked passing defense despite multiple injuries in our backfield and having played 3 of the top 8 passing offenses in our first 6 games (plus respectable passing teams in Tampa and Arizona). With as many other positions as we have that could use upgrades, we probably have better ways to use that $15 million. But can't hate on the guy.
  8. Except he did just that. Got a full grip on it, corraled it into his chest and only then did it strangely pop out of his hand. Watch it again. It's odd to make that kind of play and seemingly do the hard part only to slip out at the last second. Again I'm not mad at Moore. He made a hell of an effort. But at that point he absolutely could have completed the catch.
  9. I don't get this kind of hyperbole. DJ himself nearly came down with the throw. I watched the replay about 10 times and honestly not entirely sure how he lost control of the ball. It was well in his hands and then just popped out. I'm not blaming him; it was a great effort to even give himself that chance. But to say it was impossible to catch when Moore honestly should have come down with it after the effort he made to get a hand on it is just silly.
  10. Nonsense, paying Shaq didn't stop us from paying Bradberry. Ask the Saints how hard it would be to make that math work. We weren't that cash strapped and you can easily work the numbers to push the cap hit to the future even if you are. He wanted more than we thought he was worth, right or wrong. He's doing well in New York but our pass defense is also doing pretty good considering who we have and the injuries we have. I think it worked out ok for everyone.
  11. Just curious, why does Teddy have to prove he can single handedly will our team to wins by himself before some people will accept him as our QB? Why is that the criteria for keeping him? How many QBs in the league can you even say that for? Mahomes and Russell Wilson? If that? Certainly not Deshaun Watson or Dak Prescott who have led their teams, who have more talent than the Panthers, to less wins (or equal if you want to give Dak the win against the Giants even though he was losing when he got injured) COMBINED than we have. Or is it he's not allowed to have a subpar game against a good defense? How many Packers fans are hoping to tank for Trevor while Aaron Rodgers is 14-32 for 155 yards, 2 interceptions including a pick 6 and zero touchdowns? Why do we have to argue that Bridgewater is those things instead of just arguing that he's doing an admirable job and does enough to keep us in any game we play? And for $21 million per year, that's good enough that the savings compared to Watson or Mahomes gives us the money to shore up our offensive line or defense. And is competent enough to let us get a blue chip defensive prospect in the draft instead of being desperate for the 5th ranked QB who will have half the hype of Sam Darnold or Blake Bortles coming in? That's my position. And today's game believe it or not, didn't change that
  12. The mental gymnastics some people go through to poo on their own qb is baffling. Let's find the 1 or 2 statistics out of a couple dozen where Bridgewater isn't top 10 in the NFL to prove he's mediocre. If you don't think he's the best qb in the league, fine. But he's proven to be remarkably solid, easily better than advertised and on a damn cheap salary for a starting qb who just got a new contract in 2020. How you can actively argue with the goal of bringing him down is beyond me. You could look at Mccaffrey's stats last year and say he was 28th in success rate and 37th in average rushing yards after contact. What a frickin bum! Gus Edwards and Benny Snell were head and shoulders above him in both categories. Probably should try to trade them straight up or maybe even throw in our 1st round pick.
  13. The Chargers are doing what many hoped the Panthers would do: stay scrappy and competitive but ultimately come up just short. It's almost like we exorcized that demon against them and it proceeded to possess them.
  14. Chinn would be excelling on special teams next to Brian Burns while the two of them see less than a third of defensive snaps.
  15. Dak's 500 yards per game was the only thing keeping Dallas competitive. Feel bad for him. Dalton is a solid backup but the NFC East just became even more pitiful.
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