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  1. The NFC as a whole seems to lack a juggernaut. Every team that's in the mix seems mortal. Look at last week: Seattle was down most of the week against the Browns before coming back in the final minutes and have squeaked out wins against mediocre competition all year (including Cincy and a mostly Roethlisberger-less Pitt). Green Bay was just gifted another win at home against Detroit and their offense has seemed pedestrian even with Rodgers. New Orleans seems to be a consensus top 2 team but that offense isn't scaring you with Bridgewater, flanking their TB win with 2 wins scoring a combined 25 points against average defenses. If Brees comes back 100%, that team will be scary though. At least with San Francisco, they have handily beaten every team on their schedule, including demolishing the Browns and Rams, 2 teams with high expectations and a lot of talent, the past 2 weeks. Their only close win was against Pittsburgh where they were -3 in turnover differential and had 5 turnovers in all, 3 of them in the redzone. I wouldn't say San Francisco is overrated unless you consider them to be an unstoppable force, which I don't think is a prevailing opinion. They are appropriately viewed as a surprising elite team that can be beaten on any given week, hopefully starting with week 8.
  2. There's a lot of interesting takes on the 49ers in Bill Barnwell's most recent article looking at the teams who have improved their playoff odds the most (link below). Just wanted to highlight an excerpt that caught my eye the most: In his return from a torn ACL, Garoppolo still looks unsteady under pressure; he ranks 12th in the league in passer rating without pressure, but he is just 28th when teams do get pressure San Francisco is also down both starting offensive tackles. Can't wait to watch Burns, Addison, McCoy and the gang feast. I'm feeling better about our chances. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27858870/nfl-playoff-risers-barnwell-six-surprising-teams-next
  3. I definitely agree with the point that regardless of who plays qb, a bad game won't really tell us much or be an indictment against them. San Francisco's pass defense has been lights out this year. They just made Jared Goff look like Jimmy Clausen. Where I disagree is that a great game by Allen should really elevate his standing. If he goes on the road and leads this team to a victory against the current number 1 team in the conference and the top ranked passing defense and actually has a great game, I don't know how anyone can continue to say he's not a bona fide starter (which remains a too popular opinion here)
  4. I'm cool with giving DeAndrew White a chance. Is it crazy to say I might rather have Torrey Smith right now over the million or so we saved by cutting him? I'd feel less nervous if any of our top three had to miss a game or two. Would you consider seeing if he wants to come out of retirement for vet min?
  5. Good analysis. Seems like Allen's tendency to go for the safe/checkdown throw has been a double edged sword. Certainly has helped lead to the zero interceptions but limits our big play ability. You could certainly argue that as a general trend that tendency may be better for the team. If you're going down the field regularly there's a higher likelihood for both interceptions and incompletions, likely resulting in shorter possessions for the offense and thus less rest for the defense. Our ability to dial up consistent pressure on defense is contingent on maintaining fresh legs. You saw it in the Tampa Bay game in the 4th quarter when our offense went more conservative and we had some 3 and outs, we struggled to generate pressure on Winston. Methodical drives built with high percentage short to mid range passes and running plays keeps the defense well rested and ultimately results in points on the board just like the homerun plays we're missing but with more time of possession and less risk.
  6. Is anyone going to be the least bit surprised when a major officiating game fixing scandal, the level of Tim Donaghy, is uncovered and this game is one of the ones that helped unearth it? That was as embarrassingly one-sided and egregious as I've seen in a long, long time.
  7. If he's not going to start practicing until the week after the bye, I don't think you start him against SF even if he's supposedly 100%. He needs at least a couple weeks to get his conditioning back and have several full practices where he really stresses that foot and makes sure it's really 100% healed. I want him doing 40 yard sprints, 3 days in a row, without a hint of pain or soreness. If he can do that, then unleash him. Until then, Allen should remain the starter.
  8. How many people had the game at Houston as a win with Kyle Allen in his 3rd career start and Donte Jackson out against Houston's potent receiving corps? I'm not preemptively calling any one of these games a loss. And if Cam comes back at even 90% of his preinjury form, it's going to be every one of those mf'ing teams that are going to chalk in the Panthers match up as a surefire L.
  9. Could consider playing the matchup. Cockrell seemed to show he was susceptible to speed against the Jags but is otherwise very reliable and minimizes mistakes. Line up Jackson against your receivers with elite speed and Cockrell against the rest, with whoever is left out getting plenty of reps in nickel schemes.
  10. Even if you don't love aspects of Rivera's coaching like his decision making or clock management, it's hard to envision that getting someone potentially better at those things is going to have a net positive effect when you factor in losing Rivera on defense.
  11. We were trying to do everything possible to give Tampa a chance to recover that fumble
  12. We had pressure on Winston on just about every play. Just have to finish the play and get a hand on him (but not his facemask).
  13. While Cam could feasibly be deemed healthy enough to play against San Francisco, that seems optimistic given he just got out of his boot. And given he reinjured his foot after supposedly being 100% and practicing for 2 weeks leading up to the Rams game, it would seem wise to be extra conservative this time. So I would say, whenever Cam appears healthy, hold him out an extra week as a precaution and then play him. I don't see that being any earlier than the Titans game.
  14. Well Little traveling to London should help quiet down the IR at minimum/possibly career-ending concussion crowd.
  15. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/159362-ron-and-norv-gotta-go/
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