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  1. What's the minimum amount of people required to screw up a play on defense? On Offense? On Special Teams? It's always going to be zero if the guys outside the lines are following incorrect live-game probabilities. The ball does roll on it's own unpredictable manner/path. Prior to it's movements (the ball), people make decisions that affect the outcomes of this irregular prism.
  2. KR/PR game errors, Same Guy fails to signal fair-catch on second to last Punt of the game with two Buc's right on top of him. (who made that call to keep that guys in there?) Ron has too many chiefs and he is not making the calls that we were able to make the past couple of years when the fire was getting hot. He seems lost and Norv has a unique approach to each game. I loved how we started the game against Seattle, diverse motion/run/RPO attack and then we out that back on the shelf not to be used until... (Tampa was using third string CB's and we torched those guys for how many TD's? ) Ron better take charge or he may be out of town soon.
  3. Clock management, time outs (2 on the last two plays prior to missing on 4th down), Pass interference gave the Buc's +70 yards on their last TD drive. We were lucky they fumbled going into the endzone by Barber. Where was our running philosophy with 5:58 left in the 4th qtr, nothing but passes and pressure by J P-P (he abused Clarke (who recognized that and helped out in Pass pro?))We're just not that good and we play to our opponents level week in and week out. I know its the NFL and that each team is stocked with quality athletes, but we have yet to smoke an opponent for four quarters ( in one game that is). Blown games by analytics>> (as seen by the Carolina Analytics staff: Washington, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa Bay) Beat CLEVELAND, GIVE A DAMN!
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    Video: Ron Rivera on why he went for two

    Eat the clock at the end. Great pass for the last Touchdown and nice catch by DJ. Due to the efforts of Gano on the day I understand the reasoning based upon Graham's performance. But, live to play the next play. Probability-wise, how many times has Graham missed three consecutive kicks in a game, or two consecutive P.A.T.'s? Great last stop by the Defense, and solid 2-3 minute drive by the Offense.