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  1. This is what you get when you emplpy Cam newton. A fan base that is in love and blinded by some big play runs once a game? Well, carolina fans you dont have to be a genius to realize our qb is not very good at throwing the football when you need a throw and even worse at putting games away. Some qbs like stafford, luck, wilson just get the job done no matter what. Our guy is too busy worrying about what romper he will wear before and after his losses. Lets package newton up for two first round picks to tampa bay and then enjoy romping him two times a year while we find an accurate qb who knows how to FINISH.
  2. Harry


    Or you can stay pushing for a wildcard followed by an embarrassing exit every other year? just think after we don't make the playoffs this year...it will be 2020 until the next playoffs....removing the panthers from their last playoff win in 2015....two words...CLEAN HOUSE/
  3. Well, we have now lost 3 games this season because we have a QB that can not make throws that JV football qbs make 10 out of 10 times. This city is so starved for a superstar that we have ignored what is right in our faces. only 32 people in the entire world start in the NFL at the QB position.....32 total...and we have a guy who cant make a throw most ten year olds make everytime? This guy was polarizing when he came out due to his running the ball but as I notice every year he is now trying to be a pocket passer? Dude....we didnt draft you first overall to become a pocket passer...here we are in year 8 and hes still missing wide open lay up throws with the game on the line. How long do we have to watch this crap? Seriously, this guy was decent when the panthers had a top 3 D but those days are longggg gone. Our lbs look Old and slow, Shaq thompson is a clear first round bust. Good qbs use Shaq as a pon in their gameplan just watch every motion he falls for and they run the ball or throw it right where he was supposed to stay home. JOKE. Every year they promote from within to take over BIG job as D coordinator and this time it bit them right in the butt. Ron Riveria is a guy who after 8 seasons has still not had a winning season back to back. David Tepper if your reading this CLEAN HOUSE TODAY. No point in waiting anymore with the Rams Saints and Chiefs lighting up the headlines. Get a jump start on this today please sir we cannot compete this year anyways lets go ahead and clean house, trade the qb to oakland or miami where he belongs and he can work on his romper outfits since that seems to be the main focus of his week. Give me a guy who wears sweat pants, and goes right home and studys film all day and night not some D list celeb that hands out turkeys for kids all year and hanging on the auburn sidelines. Seriously, get rid of this clown and this small market city needs a wake up call on what a REAL qb looks like or MOVE THE TEAM then the charlotteans can talk about what went wrong with their ringless city. -Harrison