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  1. 1) safety demand is 1/5 of the demand for a good corner. No way Boston is a priority. He can be replaced and probably at half the cost he will ask for or we can take what he will ask for and get twice the player. next. With our DL play any safety looks like an All Pro 2) Bradberry may have been off his game this year but is a top 15 corner. If we do not resign who replaces him? He is the top priority along with a secondary coach that forces him to go for turnovers. New contract will help that. You gotta pay to play and CB is a position you don't get on the cheap. 3) McCoy is a helluva guy, not a helluva player. but as others stated earlier he has to go. Run D with him in the game this year was atrocious.
  2. I donated $500 to a local campaign got a ticket. lawyer cost $1000 but because politician referred me she only charged $500 lesson? politicians always win.
  3. Catfish, The TV Show has been on for 8 seasons. But I don't judge, I binge watch Below Decks
  4. Reid just signed 3 year extension last year and played well. Why would we want to move on?
  5. Boston has signed last minute for three straight years because he and his agent(s) have severely over-priced his services. I doubt that trend will end, he will want to get paid. I'm ok with him signing a fat skins contract myself. He hits well but seems to lose his man pretty consistently when isolated in coverage. Does Irvin fit in the new defensive scheme? His price may be more reasonable but definitely not a priority. This was a historically bad defense with Luke Kuechly playing. We won't lose much by replacing most of it.
  6. excited about the Moorehead comments below and his RPO game
  7. Makes sense of the delay (if there was one) in the announcements of coordinators until after Championship game.
  8. Did we have that much to lose? Exactly how many "league favors" have we cashed in on? Besides, according to old logic we were already screwed for taking off the NFL logo.
  9. In all fairness, what do people expect? *If healthy .... Cam is our guy. How many ways can you say that? Sometimes there is no conspiracy, no deep state. Sometimes you just have to wait on information.
  10. The more I think about it, how the hell did you know it was from a NORTH Korean film? LOL. The extent of huddler knowledge is astounding. Once focused outside of football.
  11. I will pass it on to google reverse image with a note to thank giphy! But thanks for giving me the curiosity to dig a little!
  12. oops. forgot the Sword Of Rayzor that sees no gray!
  13. exactly. seemed to fit the thread. dude on the rock asks to be taken out, some unknown weird forum monster leaps out and destroys the mod sword Just..... In .... Time.... Huddle Parable.
  14. on the off chance that any vegans are reading the huddle, only 3 MorningStar products are vegan. The rest are vegetarian.
  15. Not sure if this has been posted yet but here is his tweet to his Baylor players....
  16. They flew to his home en masse to beat his trip to NYC, paid him top dollar, 7 year contract, full control of his staff, owner gushing over the hire and then pulled him aside and said oh yeah, when asked about Cam be totally non-committal .... sounds legit.
  17. no more "missed opportunities" Rhule Threads for Everybody!
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