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  1. Glorious morning! It was 8 threads of scrolling before I came across a thread about AB or a stupid big cat thread’. Must be something going on today! Speaking of which when will threads non-panther related be moved to other forum?
  2. at least this tweet has the blue check. Would love to see AB go to NE and do a FB live video from the locker room
  3. OK, I can't delete the topic without my mod powers so gonna try to make lemonade out of lemons. What are some super-relevant news items on NFL Opening Day Eve that we are missing out because of this diva? This one shocked me.....
  4. Forget the below ever happened, I'm trying to. Scroll down to post 4 for "real" OP
  5. Hypothetically say it is for Cam. Already threads/articles about how he is underpaid by appx $10M/year. If you are going to redo his contract wouldn't it make sense to spread it into as many years as possible? Including this one?
  6. Far from an expert on this, just asking. But if the extension you are signing the player to is for the express purpose of putting some of that money into this year's cap wouldn't you have to free up $ in this year's cap space?
  7. Or posters here could all join pick watch, set up account, make picks and we let that site do all the work. Actually I hope I suck, otherwise I'll be tempted to look up my old bookie.
  8. Who was the poster that kept a running spreadsheet of Huddler picks? Anyway, more power to him, he put a lot of work in! But if anyone wants to go onto NFLpickwatch.com and make their picks every week post up here and I will update the OP with those playing along. You can also pick playoff teams (spoiler; we beat the chiefs in the SB) Once you get your picks made post your screen name on the site here. I'd be willing to chip in a friendly wager ($20?) with a winner get all "Huddle Prognosticator" payout if any are interested. Also an easy way to see how you stack up against the media. As I recall there were some damn good pickers here. NFL Pick Watch RenoCarolina
  9. I think those that follow the bouncing ball and are not married to major markets know what is up. GMFB had one host picking us to win the division and another to get a wild card. On pickwatch we are currently only being picked to win outright by 31% but a lot of picks not in yet. Not only would a win this week prove the work and changes from last year have us on the right track, it will also open eyes around the NFL.
  10. Watch out for fake punts/kicks. Not only is Hecker VERY good at it their coach loves to call them.
  11. Cam is going to wear out his arm if they ask him to throw for 400+ Every Damn Game!
  12. Great to know, I have two couples I know travelling but not with Riot. I will send them this info. Is the Pub Crawl private or open?
  13. Just a smart ass comment. Ron seems to prefer having starters return kicks so with all other “return specialists” cut the only way Godwin does not earn the job is to have a “starter” take it and make him expendable.
  14. Why? What is benefit to team of not designating return? No cap savings I am aware of? If they designate return he can replace Slye if that experiment goes badly or trade him. If he can't go he moves to IR then.
  15. https://twitter.com/JourdanRodrigue/status/1167526779088703491?s=20
  16. Great, you found the one way he does not make the team.
  17. Waiting for the Fourth Annual "Let's Pick Up S Iloka" thread....
  18. Finally a colt qb I can root for against AFC teams
  19. gotcha, thought they were stuck on the first two then I saw they continued the list under the picture of Heinicke #scrollingdown4thewin
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